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Batman Ninja

whoa… okay, i just geeked out pretty hard.

holy shit that looks awesome!

/adds mental reminder

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‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 New Trailer

‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 New Trailer: Humankind Faces Off Against Flesh-Eating Beasts

Funimation has released another trailer for Season 2 of the manga series, ‘Attack on Titan,’ in which giant beasts attack the city of Shinganshina and threaten to wipe out humankind. Here’s the official description of the series from IMDb.

After his hometown is destroyed and his mother is killed, young Eren Jaegar vows to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid Titans that have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Protecting what’s left of humanity are three walls — Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sheena — and after breaking through the first wall in season one, it appears that the second wall will also be breached in season two.

speaking of trailers, i was super stoked to see the first one for season two of ‘Attack on Titan’, which i’ve been eagerly awaiting for what feels like forever… loved the first season and thought it was pretty kickass, so can’t wait for this one to finally get here.

i usually like to chill and binge watch my anime, but this one might be a weekly tune-in show for me… damn you jayden for getting me hooked on some of these anime shows!



Fullmetal Alchemist Movie

The Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist’s Debut Trailer

i’ve known about them making a Ghost in the Shell movie for awhile, but didn’t know that there’s a live-action Fullmetal Alchemist movie also coming out… usually these movies can be pretty damn bad — did anybody watch the live-action Attack on Titan movie? didn’t think so, and if you did then you know just how bad these movies can be… g’damn that was awefoo.

if nothing else, i’m sure my son will be curious enough to watch it, especially since he’s big into anime.

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One Punch Man Cosplay

Check Out Our Anime Expo One Punch Man Cosplay Gallery

man, i really loved watching the first season of One Punch Man earlier this year… of course, jayden turned me onto it, and it quickly became a weekly thing… can’t effin wait for season two, mang.



Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt

‘Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt’ Is Finally Bringing Its Mecha and Jazz to the West

Remember that wild looking Gundam anime that had the smoothest jazz soundtrack around? Well, good news—it’s coming to the U.S., and you can watch the first seven minutes of the English dub right here, right now.

A four-episode adaptation of the Yasuo Ohtagaki manga, set in the same timeframe as the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime, Thunderbolt focuses on the rivalry between Federation mobile suit pilot Io Fleming and the Zeon principality’s top sniper, Daryl Lorenz, in a region of space littered with debris from the simmering conflict between the two sides.

Oh, and fabulous space jazz. It’s about that, too.

i’ve listened to that soundtrack a few times while working… and no, i’m really not embarrassed to admit that at all either… but still, not as good as some cowboy bepop sountrack action.


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‘Akira’ Animator Dies @ 57

How Akira sent shockwaves through pop culture and forever changed it…

One of Studio Ghibli’s best animators, Makiko Futaki, likely won’t be remembered for her very best work – one that’s influenced everyone from MJ to Kanye West

Ask anyone – Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1998 film Akira is largely considered the most important animation of all time. OF ALL TIME, Kanye West will tell you. It served as a visual ammo for his video for “Stronger”, some of its signature graphics recreated exactly as they appeared in the film.

One of Akira’s key animators, Makiko Futaki, sadly passed away last week at age 57 due to illness. She was the lead animator at Studio Ghibli before her death, a consequential contributor there, synonymous with films like Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbour Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle. She loved birds. Her specialty was drawing birds and nature, her hand noticeably behind the tree on steroids in Totoro and the geese taken down by a rogue gust of wind in Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Before that was Akira – the cyberpunk thriller about a military project set in 2019 neo-Tokyo. It was not a work for which she can be solely attributed. In fact, she was only one of 68 key animators. Akira won’t even be the work for which she’s primarily remembered. However, by nearly every measure, it was the masterpiece that put a chokehold on pop culture’s psyche.

sad to hear the news… if i’d known i probably would’ve fired up ‘Akira’ over the long weekend — still don’t know if jayden has watched it, which still strikes me as kinda weird seeing as how he’s all into anime.


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Mobile Suit Gundamn Lingerie

Illustrator reimagines the anime robots of Mobile Suit Gundam as a line of sexy lingerie

gotta luv japan, lol


Add ‘Cowboy Bebop’ To The List

Cowboy Bebop: “You’re Gonna Carry That Weight”

What comes to mind when you think of science fiction space westerns? Firefly? Battlestar Galactica? Star Wars?

Add one more to the top of that list: the iconic Cowboy Bebop! One of the most classic anime of the 90s and all-time, this is a must-watch for any self-proclaimed anime fan for many reasons. Here’s a brief overview (without spoilers) to prepare anyone before they begin this wild ride.

Created in 1998, it’s obvious the animation is a little dated – and that’s a good thing, often adding to the unique atmosphere of the show. Especially considering the consistent quality and fluidity of the animation, one can sometimes forget this anime was created almost 20 years ago. Everything looks so crisp it’s easy to become absorbed in the universe Shinichiro Watanabe created.

For a show that largely revolves around music (many of the episode names reference music), an excellent choice was made in having Yoko Kanno as composer. She is behind some of the most memorable soundtracks in anime such as Wolf’s Rain and Ghost in the Shell and did not once disappoint with the music for this series.

two of my all-time favorite anime series would probably be ‘Cowboy Bebop’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell’ — definitely in my top five personal list… along with a few others, like ‘Robotech/Macross 7’.

at the moment, not really watching too much anime… though i am digging ‘Erased’ quite a bit — the last episode i watched left on such a cliffhanger that i wanted to smack somebody… aghhhhh.


To Love-Ru Darkness Itasha Car Barely Covers Panty Shots


How To Draw Anime Panties

New How to Draw Panties Manga Drawing Book Teaches Exactly That

Manga artists and character designers have released videos and hosted seminars to better novices’ art skills. There’s plenty of how-to books on the market for the same purpose, from questionable “pose books” to detail books teaching how to draw hands or men’s fashion.

Publisher Ichijinsha’s latest highly-specific entry is concerned with one intimate garment. The book is titled Pants no Kakikata (How to Draw Panties).

Surprisingly, the book covers a lot of variation from full bloomers to low-rise g-strings. Aspiring ecchi artist can learn how to perfectly shade underwear and master up-skirt pantyshots in their artwork.

oh japan… gotta luv it, mang.

…and no, i didn’t go ahead and order it.



50 Cosplays That Will Make You Believe Anime is Real


Microsoft Offers Free Anime

Microsoft offering free downloads of anime series for ‘Anime Month’

Microsoft has announced that it’s offering its American users one free month of download access to some of the various anime titles in its library, including Black Butler.

Black Butler, Fairy Tale, The Devil is a Part-Timer! and Steins;Gate are all currently available free of charge on the company’s site.

The company is also offering users access to the first three episodes of other series, including the popular Death Note, Inuyasha and Naruto Shippuden. The first two episodes of Naruto are also available.

Microsoft isn’t the only company promoting its anime library, either. Last week, Steam announced that it would be bringing anime like Naruto to its streaming service. Microsoft has officially dubbed February “Anime Month” in an effort to promote the service available through the site.

Currently, all episodes are only available in their English-dubbed formats. The promotion runs through the end of the month. Starting in March, customers will have to start paying for episode and season downloads.

man, all of those are good anime shows… of the list, i’d probably say that “Steins;Gate” is my favorite — that show was so fucking good.

(hat tip: jayden)


Creepy Japanese Startup

Creepy Japanese startup promises you a wakeup call from an underaged girl

A new Japanese startup is promising to provide wakeup calls from real schoolgirls. It’s not cute or cool or innovative. It’s disgusting, and it represents a lowering of the bar for the country’s nascent startup scene.

JKMorning – a play on joshi kosei, the Japanese word for schoolgirl – allows users to request individual wakeup calls or schedule them at a specific time for a set range of dates. It’s essentially a hotel wakeup call, but instead of the front desk staff, it’s an underaged girl you’ve never met before. No price plans are available, but the startup says it will accept PayPal.

The creepiest part is JKMorning’s assertion that the girls are, in fact, still in high school. In an email to Tech in Asia, a startup spokesperson explains that the plan is to verify potential “morning callers” using their student ID cards. If their ID photo matches their JKMorning profile photo, they’re verified. Girls can work from anywhere, the startup says.

Pre-registration is currently open, with no launch date specified. Judging by the national obsession with schoolgirls – real or otherwise – this startup could actually be onto something. I hope otherwise.

Look, I’m not saying that every grown man in Japan has pedophilic tendencies – a nonsensical notion – but after you’ve lived here long enough, you begin to wonder how society can tolerate what appears to be a widespread obsession with young girls in school uniforms. Enough that a startup’s entire business model can be built around their voice.

yeah, seriously… it’s obviously silly to paint an entire asian society as pedophilic, but after awhile you seriously have to start to wonder… hell man, just watch some japanese anime! i was just talking to jayden the other night about it, how every fucking anime show he recommends seems to be set in either middle school or high school… lots of fanservice, some of which is just downright uncomfortable (or fucked up) to watch.

speaking of anime, the only show i’m watching and really digging on right now is “One Punch Man” — which is effin awesome.

Saga of Chris Brown: Closet Otaku Continues…

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Food Wars!

Japanese Cooking Anime Is Nuts!

I’ll freely admit that I’ve never been a fan of anime. There are a couple of movies I’ve liked but most of them just give me a headache and make me feel like stabbing myself in the testicles. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with anime, per se. I mean, I think it’s a little weird for people to jerk it to cartoons of girls being raped by tentacle aliens, but the regular anime fans are alright.

The other type of show that has always perplexed me is programs in which people cook competitively. I’m watching it on TV and can neither taste nor smell the food. So, how the hell do I know if it’s good. I don’t care. Now, imagine that you combine the random weirdness and extreme images of anime with the structure of a competitive cooking show. That’s what Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma is all about. It is crazier than Charles Manson in Teletubby land.

Are there boobs? Well, it is anime after all. There is also extreme aprons and closeups of eggs being scrambled. It made my brain hot.

this is one of anime shows i started watching and i gotta say, it’s fucking hilarious… the effect this dude has on girls with the power of his cooking is downright… amazing.




SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

my son turned me onto this crazy full-tilt japanese anime the other day, probably more of a joke than anything… or maybe not, since i was totally shocked and laughing my ass off, and ended up watching like 4 episodes in a row… it’s not for everybody, that’s for damn sure, but holy shit.

this guy’s reaction says it all, mang.



‘Attack on Titan’ Trailer

speaking of movies, just saw this first live-action ‘Attack on Titan’ trailer that was released the other day… the anime show is hugely popular, though i wasn’t too sure about them making a full-length movie based on it.

i somehow doubt i’ll be seeing this in the local theaters around here, but you never know… something like this seems right up my alley. heh.

hell, the fact that they’re even making this is pretty awesome in my book.


The Future According to Anime

The Future According to Anime

While Western audiences constantly look to science fiction to get a feel for what the future might look like, anime is often overlooked when they pull out their crystal balls. This is a shame because the talented forces behind one of the world’s most popular artforms have an extremely distinctive outlook on what is to come.

From robot pocket cat children’s shows to battling it out on Mars with the Judeo-Christian god, Japan’s authors and artists have looked to the future with awe, hope, nuclear world wars, horrible space aliens, and giant, highly destructive mecha (that also make for very marketable toys). It’s often bleak, terrifying or just strange, but it’s always awesome. Here’s a timeline of what humanity has to look forward to, if the anime-masters are correct.

nice list of some good sci-fi/cyberpunk anime shows… though i still stand by Ghost in the Shell as one of my all-time favorites — even after all these years, it still stands tall.

hell, head and shoulders above most of the stuff i’ve seen since, to be honest.

was a little disappointed with the new “ARISE” reboot, though.

Best tattoo i’ve ever seen… lol