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Talib vs. Crabtree

one of the guys at work just sent this one over…

yeah, i got a chuckle… lol


Broncos ‘Embarassed’ Last Night

‘Embarrassed’ Broncos fume after mistakes pile up in Patriots’ rout

DENVER – Denver Broncos players didn’t hide their frustration Sunday night after a 41-16 loss to the Patriots, their fifth-consecutive loss.

“It’s embarrassing. I’m tired of being embarrassed,” defensive end Derek Wolfe told reporters.

The Broncos have surrendered 92 points in the past two games and now, at 3-6, find themselves not just fighting for a playoff spot, but also to save their season. Denver has not lost five straight games since 2010. Only one current Broncos, receiver Demaryius Thomas, was on that team.

“We have a good football team in us, but what we put out there is a bad football team, and what we put out there last week was a bad football team,” linebacker Von Miller said.

i really really wasn’t looking forward to last nights game… i knew it was probably gonna get pretty ugly, especially with how my broncos have been looking this season… but it was still hard to watch.

didn’t help that for some fucking reason NBC switched over to spanish on me, and i couldn’t figure out what the hell just happened or how to switch it back to english on the Playstation Vue — seriously, what the fuck?!

oh man, i was going nuts… ended up going over to my neighbors and watching the game… he has verizon and it was fine (and in english) for him… ugh… but i guess around mid 3rd quarter i just left and went back home… the game was over 5 minutes into the game, to be honest.

Martellus Bennett Sure Looks Like a Real Piece of Trash

#disgusted  #mumble  #sigh


Broncos Reach New Low

Denver Broncos reach new low in drubbing by Philadelphia Eagles

PHILADELPHIA — Ball security is job security.

That’s the saying, Brock Osweiler explained last week, and those were his marching orders as he took over as the Broncos’ starting quarterback for a second time. The Broncos hoped the small charge would create bigger change and “stabilize” an offense that desperately needed a jump-start.

But a single swap at quarterback couldn’t correct the Broncos’ long laundry list of problems, especially not against the NFL’s top team with an MVP candidate, Carson Wentz, at quarterback.

The Broncos again beat themselves Sunday, racking up 14 penalties and accruing mistake after mistake after mistake in all three phases while losing to the Eagles 51-23.

The loss was the Broncos’ fourth consecutive since the Week 5 bye, the longest losing streak since John Elway joined the front office in 2011, and it set them back to 3-5 in a season that seems long gone.

yeah, that was another hard game to watch… i wasn’t really expecing all that much, but still… damnit… guess i was kinda hoping that with Brock in there, maybe… just maybe… that would be the spark (hell, any spark) they needed to get roll’n.

oh well, season is already over if you ask me.

#sigh  #depressing


Losing To The Damn Chiefs

Siemian the last three weeks………

oh man, talk about something being hard to watch… like last night’s game between my broncos and the (fuck’n) chiefs… almost turned it off at half time, i was so disgusted… siemian looked aweful, guys dropping balls left and right, fumbles… hell, even the punt returner dropped the damn ball.

yeah, really hard to watch as a fan.

on the flipside, our defense still looks pretty awesome and are monsters out there for the most part… kept it from at least not being a total blowout, at the very least… started to look better the 2nd half of the game, but still wasn’t enough… at this point, i’m not sure what my broncos should do.

#sigh  &mutter  #disgusted


Let’s Go With The Chad

Chad Kelly dropping dimes after Denver Broncos practice

As Denver Broncos fans remain hopeful a quarterback option will emerge, Chad Kelly has yet to get his opportunity. He’s turning heads after practice…

One member of the Denver media is either playing a really mean joke on quarterback-starved Denver Broncos fans, or there’s been a Chad Kelly sighting.

Kelly is not practicing yet, as the Broncos have yet to ultimately decide what’s going to happen with their quarterback position this season, but he’s staying after practice to get some throwing in.

At least, that’s according to this report from Darren McKee…

yeah man, this is what i’m talking about… i mean, if you’re a broncos fan, you just can’t help but wonder if they shouldn’t just say “fuck it” and put Chad in… at this point, what do you have to lose?

i mean, seriously.


We Got Trevor’s Number

buddy of mine just sent this over to me…

ummm… yeah… holy shit.

personally, i think they should just go ahead and put in Chad Kelly… i’ve already seen enough of the other two at this point, so why not give him a chance? i mean, at this point, what the hell do you have to lose?



My Poor Broncos

so help me if Trevor Simian plays another down for the Broncos…

man, the past couple weeks have been rough to watch as a fan… i mean, seriously…

#sigh  #wtf


Humiliated By The Little Giants

Kiszla: The Broncos’ No. 1 problem is No. 13. Trevor Siemian is not the answer at quarterback.

After being humiliated by the Little Giants, the Broncos have big problems. And problem No. 1 is No. 13 in a Denver uniform. Can we please end this charade? Trevor Siemian is smart, brave, courteous and a good Boy Scout, but he is not the right answer at starting quarterback, if the Broncos want to be a serious championship contender.

After losing 23-10 to New York, Siemian blamed himself for the most stunning and embarrassing defeat suffered by the Broncos since they were blown out by Seattle in Super Bowl XLVIII.

“We hurt ourselves. We didn’t score in the red zone. I turned it over. It’s tough to win that way. You’re already playing a good team, you can’t play against yourself, as well,” Siemian said Sunday.

Everything Siemian mentioned was absolutely true, except that part about the Giants being anything except a big hot mess. How did the Broncos not only lose, but get trounced at home by a winless NFL team.

And where did Denver’s identity go? A stout run defense got crumpled like a can of Orange Crush under New York’s feet. For nearly a month now, the offensive game plan has been revolting. Nothing is certain for a team whose record dropped to 3-2. And everybody’s a suspect.

Where do the Broncos go from here? Everything we thought we knew about this team has been tossed a mile high in the air. Continue…

oh man, last night’s game was really hard to watch.

as a life long broncos fan, that was just rough.

i’m not even sure what to say or where to start… but personally, i’m leaning towards just putting Lynch in there and see if he improves over the rest of the season… and then they can take stock of what they have, their options, etc… and if both are shit, then say fuck it and go all out for Eli, Rivers, or Brees — to name a few.

#disgusted  #sigh

Op/Ed Sports

The Glass House of the NFL

time to peel back those eyelids over some strong friday morning coffee and see what victor hanson is writing about this week — The Glass House of the NFL

The league’s national significance is rapidly diminishing, due to hypocrisy and hyper-politicization in a once-loved American establishment.

The National Football League is a glass house that was cracking well before Donald Trump’s criticism of players who refuse to stand during the national anthem.

The NFL earned an estimated $14 billion last year. But 500-channel television, Internet live streaming, video games, and all sorts of other televised sports have combined to threaten the league’s monopoly on weekend entertainment — even before recent controversies.

It has become a fad for many players not to stand for the anthem. But it is also becoming a trend for irate fans not to watch the NFL at all.

Multimillionaire young players, mostly in their 20s, often cannot quite explain why they have become so furious at emblems of the country in which they are doing so well.

Their gripes at best seem episodic and are often without supporting data. Are they mad at supposedly inordinate police brutality toward black citizens, or racial disparity caused by bias, or the perceived vulgarity of President Donald Trump?

oh man… yeah, feel like we’ve been hip deep in this one for awhile now, and like it or not — sure does seem like we’ll continue to be talking about young multimillionaire football players taking the knee for the national anthem.

i wonder what the reaction would be like over in europe if the football soccer players took a knee during their national anthems? i mean, can you imagine the reaction in the UK? France? Italy? Germany?



Von Miller Takes A Knee

Broncos player takes a knee during national anthem – and loses endorsement over it

Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller took a knee during the national anthem Sunday, and lost an endorsement over it on Monday.

What did Von Miller do to protest Sunday?

Before the game with the Buffalo Bills Sunday, Von Miller took a knee with several other players to protest the comments from President Trump deriding demonstrations during the national anthem.

What endorsement did he lose?

According to The Gazette in Colorado Springs, Miller lost an endorsement from Phil Long Dealerships, who has asked TV stations to stop airing ads including the star linebacker.

Did Von Miller explain why he protested?

Miller focused on Trump’s controversial comments when explaining why he protested after the game.

“Me and my teammates, we felt like it was,” he said, “President Trump’s speech was an assault on our most cherished right of freedom of speech, and collectively we had to do something for this game.”

“It’s not any other game, it’s not the past, not the future,” he continued, “at this moment in time, we felt like as a team we had to do something, we couldn’t just, y’know, let things go.”

“I have a huge respect for the military,” he explained, “and our protective services and everything, y’know I’ve been to Afghanistan, you know I’ve met real life superheroes, it wasn’t any disrespect to them, it was for my brothers that have been attacked for things that they do during the game.”

oh man… this past weekend was a pretty wild one, as far as football goes, what with so many players and teams taking a knee over some dipshit comments (again) from President Trump.

didn’t know or realize that Von Miller lost an endorsement over it, though.

#hmmmmmm  #damn


Denver Broncos Crush Cowboys, 42-17

Siemian, Broncos crush Elliott, Cowboys 42-17

DENVER (AP) — Aqib Talib’s 103-yard interception return for a touchdown with 53 seconds left was the final indignity for the Cowboys in the Denver Broncos’ 42-17 blowout of Dallas and its vaunted offense on Sunday.

It was Talib’s 10th pick-6, just two shy of Darren Woodson’s NFL record.

“No. 10,” relished Talib. “It’s just mind-boggling.”

Sort of like Denver’s defensive dominance of Dallas and its vaunted offense.

Ezekiel Elliott had the worst game of his career with nine carries for 8 yards, Dallas managed just 40 yards rushing and one first down on the ground. The Cowboys (1-1) went 3-for-14 on third downs and failed three times on fourth down, looking nothing like the team that dominated the Giants in their opener.

“I want to emphasize today, this is not what we’re about in my view,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “I feel strongly about that. On the other hand, this is what Denver is about.”

The only big blemish in Denver’s fifth straight 2-0 start was the apparently serious injury to their top draft pick, left tackle Garett Bolles, who left the stadium on crutches and with a boot on his left foot after getting hurt in the third quarter.

forget about those damn Emmy’s, more hurricanes on the way, or the latest Trump idiocy on twitter… the most important, news worthy thing for today is the fact that the Broncos kicked the Cowboys ass yesterday — and it was a beautifoo thing to watch :)

on the flipside, the injuries we’re sustaining only 2 games into the season is a bit worrisome… i mean, damn.

Broncos’ Bennie Fowler Collapses Twice After Hit To The Head

#GoBroncos!  #FuckingPatriots


Chiefs Upset Patriots, 42-27

Rookie runs into the record books…

There will be no 19-0 talk in New England this time. The pining for Patrick Mahomes at quarterback in Kansas City can be put on hold, too.

The Chiefs’ 42-27 victory in Foxborough to kick off the NFL season Thursday night was a gift to NFL fans looking for surprise in a top-heavy league. One fantastic performance by the Chiefs helped upend so many lazy storylines that built throughout the offseason. Let us count the ways:

1. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith knows the rap on him. He can’t throw deep. He pilots a station-to-station offense that is more efficient than exciting. One game doesn’t erase a career’s worth of evidence, but it’s hard to say this Chiefs offense is still boring under Smith. Coach Andy Reid pilots a creative offense which borrows liberally from the spread concepts Smith used to run in college. He wound up completing 28 of 35 passes for 368 yards and four touchdowns. It was the first time a Bill Belichick-coached team has ever given up two touchdown passes over 75 yards in the same game.

Smith benefited from a coverage bust and the incredible talent of his playmakers Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt, but that talent isn’t going anywhere. If the Chiefs can put up 42 points during a quiet night from tight end Travis Kelce, they are going to be difficult to stop.

2. Hunt gained 246 yards from scrimmage, more than any player in NFL history since the 1970 merger. It’s tempting to call him a revelation, but the third-round rookie has consistently been touted by draftniks and analytics wonks as a future star. (Pro Football Focus ranked him No. 1 among all college running backs last season, and it’s easy to see why.) Despite fumbling on his first career snap, Hunt ran with decisiveness and aggression. He gained a lot of his 147 rushing yards after contact and showed the ability to make defenders miss in the hole.

man, didn’t expect that going into the first real game of the 2017 season…! i’m not a fan of either the Chiefs or the Patriots, though being a lifelong broncos fan i was secretly pulling for the Patriots to drop a smackdown on the Chiefs — hell, i fully expected it… especially after seeing how the Pats were playing in the first quarter.

…but damn!

i’m both nervous and looking forward to see the Broncos play monday night.



Seahawks New Logo!

Seahawks unveil a new alternate logo and Twitter can’t stop making fun of it

This is that the Seahawks’ current logo looks like:

The new logo shows what that same seahawk would look like from the front, and let’s just say, it’s not pretty.

oh man, are you fucking kidding me?!?

wow, that’s pretty bad.

#blink  #lol

Personal Sports

First Time Playing Golf

went out yesterday and played 9-holes of golf for the first time… i’ve had a buddy talking and bugging me about it for at least the past year or so, and i finally broke down and said, “okay sure, let’s do this mang”

i’ve never really liked golf, and i guess i’ve had this weird bias against it pretty much my entire life… probably because i still remember going out with my dad when i was a kid and playing “caddy” for him, and how much it really really sucked…

so yeah, i popped my golf cherry yesterday.

…and yes, i sucked at it… everything i’ve heard about it was pretty much dead on, and it’s definitely a lot harder than it looks… and apparently i’m doing all sorts of things wrong, because i woke up this morning sore as all hell — seriously, my left shoulder hurts like i must’ve been smacking it with the golf club or something… my wrist hurts, my back is sore, and even my damn fingrers/thumb is sore.

fuck me.

was it fun? sure, though i’m not exactly sure if it’s my thing… i can see how people would get wrapped up in it, and can see the appeal… i mean, i managed to hit the golf ball with a driver over this crazy little pond and felt like i just won the world series or something. lol

anybody into golf?


Why The Broncos Suck

Why Your Team Sucks 2017: Denver Broncos

Your 2016 record: 9-7. Ah see, now that’s the kind of Late Shanny-Era Broncos record I’m accustomed to. Nice hot 4-0 start, and then they turn jussssst shitty enough to miss the playoffs. Feels like everything is back in its proper order.

Gary Kubiak retired suddenly after last season due to health concerns. This is the same man that kept coaching after stroking out on the sideline, so he must have swallowed a grenade or something. Now, the seemingly obvious thing to do after Kubiak’s retirement would be to promote from within and maintain continuity for a team merely two years removed from a Super Bowl title. That’s…not what John Elway did.

Your quarterback: I guess it’s still Trevor Siemian, because Paxton Lynch is just Christian Hackenberg on a better team. No team got boned harder by Tony Romo’s retirement than the 2017 Broncos. I can’t believe a 37-year-old man with a decaying spine would turn down the chance to play on top of a mountain for a shady, unproven head coach. The mind reels, I tell you.

There are few things I hate more than seeing a stud defense forced to drag a limpdick offense through a full season, but that’s what’s about to happen all over again here. This will be one of the least watchable teams in football. The defense will be openly feuding with the offense and extra pissy by Week 2. It’s scary to think that the Broncos are out here relying on a nobody like Trevor Siemian to stay healthy so that they don’t have to trot out Lynch and have him be fully exposed for the flop that he is. Somewhere in Durango, there’s a dude rocking a Tebow jersey and keeping his fingers crossed.


oh man, brutal… but fun as hell to read, and i’m a broncos fan! haha

probably wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t true.


PS. of course, there’s always the redskins…


Atlanta’s New Sexy Stadium

Watch atlanta’s soon-to-be-open mercedes-benz stadium roof close in this time lapse…

The city of atlanta, and its football team the atlanta falcons are soon to open one of the world’s most spectacular venues: the mercedes-benz stadium. designed by HOK in collaboration with tvsdesign, goode van slyke architecture and stanley beaman & sears, the stadium will position itself as an iconic architectural landmark for the city. created with functionality and flexibility in mind, the structure has a capacity of 75,000 seats that can be expanded to 83,000. but its signature element is a retractable roof that provides a radical departure from kinetic roofs.

i’m actually looking forward to seeing this new kickass stadium when the falcons play this coming season… and being a broncos fan, i can’t help but wonder when are we gonna break ground and get started on a new sexy stadium? i know we will at some point, so i’ll just have to wait… and when we do, i’ll probably have to get some tickets and fly out to enjoy a game!

oh hell yeah.

The Falcons’ billion-dollar stadium will have a Chick-fil-A that’s almost never open



Broncos & Drew Brees

Denver Broncos Should Trade For Quarterback Drew Brees

If the Broncos had to play a real game tomorrow, Siemian would be the starting quarterback. Lynch is going to get one last chance, but it’s going to take a really stellar outing for him to secure the quarterback spot. Based on what Lynch has shown up to this point in his career it is far-fetched to think that the light is somehow going to come on and he’s all of a sudden going to look like a starting quarterback.

What is more likely is that the quarterbacks are going to be a lot more of the same Saturday night. If this is the case, John Elway has got to look elsewhere. This roster is Super Bowl “Ready” now. If the Broncos added a veteran that could play at a high level, the top-to-bottom talent on this roster will surpass New England. The guy to take them there? Drew Brees.

hmmm, now that certainly is an interesting option..! hadn’t even heard or thought of drew brees, since i just figured there was no way in hell that they Saints would let him go… but if that’s true, and we all know how Elway can roll… well shit, i can see him actually making some calls and making a deal happen if he really wanted to.

the way things are now, i’d be almost bouncing off the damn walls if this happened… holy shit, that’d be awesome… all we really need is a damn (good) quarterback, damnit.

#hmmmmmm  #interesting


Are You Ready?

two words i’ve been waiting months to hear…

it’s. gameday.



NFL Preseason 2017, The Biggest Concerns

The biggest concern for each NFL team headed into the 2017 preseason


If not for the Jets’ three-man crapapalooza, the Broncos’ quarterback battle would be the laughing stock of the league. Reports out of camp do not bode well for either incumbent starter Trevor Siemian and supposed QB of the future Paxton Lynch. Siemian doesn’t have the physical tools to be a starter in the league, and Lynch lacks everything else required to successfully play the quarterback position. It’s going to be another long year for an already over-taxed defense.

been following the broncos in the offseason here and there, and i gotta say… don’t really have a whole lot of warm ‘n fuzzies over our QB situation either… soooooo many changes as usual, but damn — you’d think they’d have this all figured out by now.

i watched the premier of ‘Hard Knocks’ on HBO last night, and even though i’m not a Bucs fan by any stretch of the imagination, it did get me all pumped up for this coming football season… oh man, seriously, bring it the fuck on already!

speaking of football, looking forward to chilling out and watching tonights game even if it’s just a preseason game between the Texans and Panthers.

PS. happy retirement, wilfork!


Humor/Funny Sports

The Strangest, Dumbest Minute Of Basketball

This Is The Strangest, Dumbest Minute Of Basketball We’ve Seen In A Long Time

To break things down:

  1. Russia (red) is supposed to score on the basket on the left; Spain (white), the basket on the right. 
  2. At the 1:17:40 mark, Russia brings the ball down the court and attempts to score on the correct hoop;
  3. A Russian player steps out of bounds while rebounding a missed shot, which should give Spain the ball;
  4. BUT! A Russian player goes to inbound the ball, and nobody seems to notice, including the referee, who gives her the ball;
  5. Presumably so perplexed by the mixup they can’t think straight, the Russians inbound the ball and… starts driving down the court the wrong way;
  6. A Russian player spots up and drains a three on her own hoop;
  7. Finally, everyone wakes up from whatever nap they were taking, and after much deliberation, Spain is awarded the three points. 

Yeah, we don’t know either.

#lol  #chuckle  #painfoo