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Access Error… Doh!

i’ve been off for the past two weeks, so haven’t really been around… and even though that’s the case, i usually would’ve at least thrown up a blog post or two wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years — speaking of which, i hope everybody had a good one ;)

anywho, for some reason i suddenly haven’t been able to access my site here for the past couple week at home… not sure why, but i kinda assumed it was either down or something else was going on… but then today i roll into the office and was able to bring it up just fine.

hmmm… what the hell?

no idea what the dealio is, or why i suddenly can’t access it from my home iMac like i’ve been doing for years now… wonder what changed? is it some oracle vpn / proxy thing blocking access to my site? not sure, but that’s the only thing that readily jumps to mind… and i’m not even really sure how to go about checking if that’s the case, and if so, what to do about removing it.


#hmmmmmm  #wtf

Site Related Web Design


not sure what it was exactly, but the other day i pulled up my site and it just felt a little… old… not like super dated or anything, but i just suddenly felt a little bored with it — it usually happens this way, and when it does, i’ll usually start thinking about it until something or a design idea just “clicks” in my head.

…and that’s exactly what happened a couple days back.

yup, so here’s the new blog design i whipped up.

this past thursday i started looking around on some of the popular wordpress theme sites, figuring that it’d be a helluva lot easier to find one that i liked and tweak it out… but after an hour or two of looking around, i just didn’t see anything that really grabbed me and i finally got to that “okay, fuck it” point… so then i grabbed my trusty paper and pencil to sketch some ideas out — might sound old school, but i’ll be damned if it’s not easier and faster to sketch it out with paper than firing up Sketch or Photoshop… i usually only go that after i got a good idea on paper, and really only if i / when i need them.

it’s been a couple years now i guess, and i’ll be honest… i’m really no closer to really getting and understanding all the ins-and-outs of WordPress… seriously man, i just grab either my last theme or one of the free stock ones that come with WP and roll up my sleeves… and start editing / modifying / tweaking it out until i beat it into what i want.

…and that’s exactly what i’ve been doing for the past 2 days.

anywho, figured it was time for a change around here and this is what i came up with… still probably needs some edits and various tweaks — it’s my personal blog, so i never really quite seem to cover all the bases or find every little “bug” since i’m usually moving pretty fast and just want to get all the main parts of the blog theme done.

hope ya dig!

Site Related Web Design


it’s been awhile since i threw up a new theme around here, so what the hell… figure i’ll go ahead and give this one a shot and try it out — downloaded it awhile back and kinda forgot all about it… but stumbled across it locally on my iMac at home and was like “hmmmm…”

spent a few hours tweaking some things around more to my liking and Bam!

after playing around and looking at it for a bit yesterday, i have to say that i’m starting to swing back towards the larger font/images again… it just looks good, mang.

dunno what it is, but i’ve never really liked mesing around with these WP themes… editing, messing around with sub-themes, or creating new ones from scratch… it’s just not a lot of fun, which is why i don’t do it as often as i might otherwise… hmm, whatever… enjoy!


Site Related Web Design


i got the urge for a bit of a change around here, which is a pretty normal thing for me — many of you regulars that still visit after all these years and this slightly new domain can attest to, i’m sure — so figured i’d try out a new theme, since i’m now running with wordpress and all… snagged a theme, then spent the last couple days modifying and tweak’n it out a bit.

this theme’s a little more modern, with the “timeline” style that facebook (and others) have made popular — so figured i’d give it a try around here… digging it so far, but most of all i’m starting to like the different blog formats such as image, video, quote, etc… think i’ll start using those more.

still would like to get some slick ajax-commenting going on around here — same as on Google+, for example — but figure i’ll eventually find or figure something out.

oh, and i finally added back the about and babesNSFW pages. *g*

anywho, let me know what you think mang.

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Foo On Lockdown

welcome to the all new forgetfoo.me

if it’s not one thing, then it’s another… first the webserver died, then we spent the next week or so trying to recover it, get an export of the old database imported into MySQL, then export it out of there into a WP friendly format so we could turn around and import it… got all that working, along with creating my first WP theme — and then i turn around and try to update the Name Servers on the domain only to find out that a “legal lock” has been placed on it.

dude, seriously… what the fuck.

after the last two weeks of messing around with this – major props once again to ron and brad for all their help – i was seriously tempted to just call it quits today, being april fools and all.

on a last ditch attempt to keep it around, i went ahead and registered “forgetfoo.me” this afternoon and everything should now be redirecting here… hopefully this works since forgetfoo.com wasn’t resolving for everybody… it’d come up for some, and not at all for others. ugh.

so that’s where i’m at for the moment.

p.s. might be awhile before i get forgetfoo.com back.

Site Related

Disqus, Again.

i decided to give Disqus another try… not sure what the dealio is with it, since i went into the settings and clicked on the “export” button — still seems kind of messed up though.

maybe i just need to give it more time to sync up, since it does say something about it taking up to 24 hours for the import… thousands of bloggers use it, so not sure why it doesn’t seem in sync with the comments already here in WP.

i’m hoping that you’ll be able to easily drop a comment if you want, and i won’t have to keep going into the admin to “approve” comments all the time… kind of a pain in the ass, really.

update: i gave it a day, and the comment counts still aren’t updating — fuck it, must be something else… rolling back. again.


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Look Ma, He’s Back!

holy shit man, i’m finally back! yesssssssssssssssss.

needless to say, this past week has been pretty crappy as far as having the webserver tank’n hard, and then scrambling around trying to get a copy of the old database and figure out a way to get it imported into wordpress — the entire process has been a gigantic pain the ass, mang.

i still almost can’t believe i managed to squeeze out over 8 years on the old server, though… not to mention sticking around on coldfusion for the past decade… seriously, feel like i should get some kinda medal or something… very retro of me, or really stupid — take your pick. heh.

anwyho, here’s my first WP theme, which i created from scratch this past week… it’s a child-theme of twentyfourteen, with a lot of stuff i removed along the way since i just want it simple, basic, and clean — but still foostyle’n… the only thing i’m really missing right now is my old ajax-comments that i’ve had and been using on my old site for years. *sigh*

a special thanks!

i have to give a major shoutout to both ron & brad, who have helped me out so much this past week getting my site back online… ron had to physically get his hands on the old server, then recover the data/database from the drives, setup a new MS SQL database to import, then export it, and then import it into a new MySQL database… and brad wrote a slick PHP script to take the data from MySQL (port of my old db) and write it into XML files (WXR format) that i could then import back into wordpress.

seriously, what a colossal pain in the ass.

i’m gonna drink myself silly this weekend, mang.

Site Related

Refresh’n Babes

it’s been a loooooong time since i touched the babes page, hasn’t it?

i kinda had the idea in the back of my head when i started on this current design, but never really got around to it and figured that maybe one day when i had some time – yeah i know, we always say that don’t we?

let’s play.
anywho, as chance would have it, i found myself sitting around for a few hours on a saturday morning and instead of watching a movie, playing Halo/Tomb Raider, or going outside to cut the damn grass again (ugh) thought i’d sit down and fuck around with it a bit… it’s way past time i gave the babes page a quick refresh.

it’s been too long.
man, i haven’t touched this page in at least a year (more like two?), and it really needed a little love… the latest pics are all shown and resized a bit depending on your device viewport – on the desktop you can click on ’em and get a full-view image with the lightbox… on the iphone/ipad, tap on one and it’ll just go straight to the source image since i typically dislike lightboxes on mobile.

scroll’n, what?
i also wanted to add in some infinite scroll goodness, but i’m having some issues wrapping my head around it at the moment… seems like there’s not that many people that’ve implemented it using a simple cfdirectory tag with CF7 – i know, shocker.

maybe one day i’ll take another whack at it.

p.s. happy mother’s day!

update: played around with the header a bit, too.

Site Related

Server’s Got Issues

i’ve received a few emails and comments about it this past week, so i figured i’d go ahead and drop a quick post about it – to be honest, i just kinda figured it’d be a non-issue by now, but it looks it might take a few more days (or another week?) until the server issues are resolved.

if you haven’t noticed anything, then that’s awesome news… but it’s been pretty slow around here of late, and at times shit starts to time out… basically there’s another site on the server that isn’t playing very nice and is generally fucking things up.

not to worry though, my buddy ron is on the case and will hopefully have some good news shortly – so keep your fingers crossed… btw, seems to be especially bad between 11-2pm.


Site Related

Server Issues

as you might’ve noticed, the web server had a bad day yesterday, and was throwing fits like a spoiled little shit… things look to be back to normal now (i think) and we’re all good – we can all thank my good buddy ron for jump’n on it… you rock, mang!

*** knocks on wood ***

Site Related

Comments Fixed!

okay guys, i do believe that the FooComments here have been fixed… and man, what a gnarly bug it was indeed – special thanks goes out to our man bradley, who managed to figure it out the problem and save us all from comment overload.

basically, i had a $('.btn-spank').click(function(e) nested inside another one… so every time you clicked on the blue “comment” button to show the inline comment bubble, it’d start to chain the click events – which is why sometimes you’d get a single comment, then another time you’d get 2 or even 3/4 duplicates being posted. *facepalm*

g’damn, that one was driving me fucking nuts, too.

i added in a “spank” and “cancel” button earlier, in hopes that maybe it would help alleviate the problem since i thought it might be tied to the Ctrl+Enter to submit… guess not, but i think i’ll just leave it this way since it makes it easier on the iPad anyways.

p.s. thanks again bradley!

Site Related

My Site Sucks

i usually don’t pay much attention to site stats and whatnot, but earlier my buddy jeff and i were talking about some webshit – and according to compete.com, my site’s traffic has totally gone into the shitter over the last year. *blink*

not sure why or what the difference is… feel like i’ve been blogging pretty much the same way for quite awhile now, sure sometimes i blog more often but i doubt that’s the reason… is it the material? more babes? less? news? videos? …or maybe it’s this current blog design i slapped together awhile back?

hell man, i have no idea.

i’ve had my blog around for a long time now, so doubt i’ll drop it anytime soon… but seriously, kinda took me by surprise… how fucking depressing.

i need a guinness.

Site Related

Site For Sale?

i just received a rather interesting email from some guy wanting to buy my site.


I’m interested in purchasing your website.

I’m willing to offer $5000 for it, payable through PayPal or by wire transfer.

As soon as we’ve detailed information about the site and come to an agreement, I’ll be willing to go through with the sale immediately.

I expect to get this done within 2-4 days.

I apologize if my proposal isn’t appealing, not timely or doesn’t correspond to the site’s current revenue.

naturally, i just fired off a reply thanking him for the offer, but that i wasn’t interested in selling my site off just now… still, i guess it’s kind of flattering.

i’ve had this site for longer than my marriage lasted, and the day i lose it is gonna suck… then again, nothing lasts forever, right?

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My First Mac Post

well, it’s taken me a few days and evenings working through it, but i finally managed to get MarsEdit working against my custom little blog here… and i gotta tell ya, trying to debug a client making metaWeblog callbacks via XMLRPC isn’t fun – nope, it’s a pain in the ass.

First blog post from my mac with MarsEdit

naturally it’s not all roses, though… i’m not getting an error in w.bloggar on win7, and i’m not sure how to get it working across both clients – now i’m wondering if there might be a way for me to detect which client is making the XMLRPC calls and if so, serve up the appropriate XML back… but that’s for another night.

i’m almost giddy that after having not even looked at this code in years, i got the damn thing working. i’ll be damned.

Site Related

It’s All Ajax, Baby

normally i’d keep this on the “down low” and not blog about it, but what the hell… sure you’ve noticed all the fucking comment spam around here of late, and while i did try out a few things on the server-side… well, didn’t really seem to do much good and i didn’t quite get some of the 3rd party comment black lists integrated around here — remember, all this shit is hand coded and most of it goes back at least 5 years or more… yeah, think about that one for a moment.

Megan Fox gets a facial...

anywho, the comments seemed to be working a lot better back when i had them all ajax’d in, so nothing was really rendered on the page at load time… i do like this current comment setup and wanted to keep it, so i just added more ajax jquery code to get it all working… but you might noticed a bit of a delay in displaying the comments since it loads them in dynamically after page load.

the only downside is going back into this mess and making any changes to it 6 months from now… but oh well, figure i’ll let this run for a few days or more and see if it helps any with these g’damn comment spam bots. *spit*

Site Related

Fucking Spammers

as you may have noticed, i’ve been getting bombed with comment spam around here the last few days (weeks)… and it seems to be getting worse… i’ve added a few lines of CF code on the backend, but it doesn’t seem to be helping at all and i’m starting to get to the point of almost removing my damn comments.

fucking spammers

before i had my comments masked a little bit since it was all ajax driven, and only loaded it into the page when you clicked on a button to view it… but now with this design, it’s front and center, and on every blog post… making it an easy target for these fucking spammers. *spit*

not sure what to do just yet, but i’m getting to the point of doing something drastic around here — and if that means removing comments for awhile, oh well… it’ll totally suck, and i’d hate to do it, but if all else fails what’s a pollock to do, right? ugh.

Site Related

Share to ForgetFoo!

now this is pretty damn cool… we just just released a new feature on AddThis, called the Service Directory, that allows site owners and publishers to submit their service to us and get their sharing services listed in the AddThis menu… basically just opening it all up, which is pretty badass.

so naturally, i played around one day and created a quick “sharing page” or endpoint that allows you to easily share something you might see out in the wild and post it right to my little humble site here… we’ve been working on this for the last few weeks or so, and it’s totally tripping me out, man. here’s a quick walk-through of how it works:

Click on the “share” on GameTrailers, and bring up the “more” menu…

AddThis expanded menu on GameTrailers (1)

Filter the service listings by typing in the first few characters of “forgetfoo”

AddThis expanded menu on GameTrailers (2)

Click on “forgetfoo” and you land on my sharing page…

Share landing page on forgetfoo.com

Click on a shared link, and you see the sharing “FooBar”. heh.

Customized sharing 'FooBar' when you click a shared link on forgetfoo.com

the sharing FooBar is cool because it allows you to retweet the page, post it to facebook, email it, etc… oh, there’s also a bookmarlet on my share page that you can drag-n-drop to your browser Bookmarks Bar (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), which comes in damn handy.

check it out and lemme know what you think!

Site Related

I Got Hacked.

Hackedmy website was down this morning, so i pinged my buddy ron about it and he jumped right on it — thanks dude! …but it turned out to be a lot more than just the server getting hung up on something and needing a reboot.

when my site here came back online, first thing i noticed was this huge blank space at the top of the page… so naturally i went to view-source on the page, and that’s when i noticed some iframe at the top of the page right under the body tag — i sure as hell didn’t put that there, and nobody else would’ve… uh oh.

to add insult to injury, it looks like a whole bunch of pages had been modified adding in this stupid iframe to the pages, which really fucking blows… so i’ve been going through them and removing it from the pages, which sucks, but not more than the fact that these assholes broke in and ran some hack to do this in the first place — looks like they got in through my FTP account.


here’s a quick sampling of some of the IP addresses that were hitting the box and were banned this morning:

which all seems to be originating from “Asia Pacific Network Information Centre”.

yup, looks like the North Koreans are hacking sites again, least that was my first thought. *blink*

p.s. might want to run some anti-spyware/anti-virus software on your computer if you happened to have hit my site earlier this morning, just in case.

Site Related

FoO on iPhone

it’s not really a big deal or anything, but i was looking around on my site the other day for some code to re-use and found myself looking at one of the server-side “header” includes, and saw the snippet of code that’s responsible for the page redirect if “iphone” is sniffed on the HTTP Request …so i removed it, and re-coded a couple things while i was in there.

forgetfoo on the iphone (1)forgetfoo on the iphone (2)

i know that a few of you have mentioned it in the past… i’ve had an iphone for more than 6 months, and i’m just now getting around to it…. yeah, i suck.


Site Related

New Domain Name?

okay, here’s the deal… i talked with my dad earlier, since he’s the account holder for this domain here (“forgetfoo.com”), and he’s not sure what the hell is going on… there’s still a “legal lock” on the domain and we’re not able to get much of any info related to why that’s the case, and i can’t update the Name Servers since it’s locked down… the current DNS lookup is hacked together, which was an awesome job by my buddy ron, but i’m not sure how long that’ll last… server could hiccup and it come down again at any moment, really.

that’s the situation at the moment… so i’m thinking that in the meantime it might be prudent to go ahead and look into buying another domain and using that one for the time being — but man, i really suck and struggle at domain names… so here it is, any ideas on a new “foo” domain???

FoO Domain Names?

i know i’ve been here before, and it’s always been kind of hard to make a decision on these things… “foolicious”, “gotfoo”, and “fooza” are already taken it seems… i have another domain that i can use, though it doesn’t have “foo” in it anywhere… not a bad thing and i might resort to using it, just haven’t decided yet.

anywho, if you have any good ones or some ideas, i’d love to hear ’em! *seriously*

update: http://www.forgotfoo.com/ is now live and resolving. heh.