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Personal WTF?

Holy Sh*t It’s Cold

holy fuckballs it’s cold today! seriously, i think it was 19 degrees outside this morning when i woke up… and with a little wind, man that cut right through ya… whoa… yeah, i’d say that old man winter is here alright.

had that all hands, all day meeting thing at work yesterday… and while it had some good stuff, and a few interesting moments, that’s a helluva long day to sit in a room with your co-workers… even with a couple breaks thrown in, that was pretty brutal… especially after lunch, where i was practically nodding off and fighting like hell just to stay awake.

oh well, least it’s over… and now i just got a couple more days until i’m off for the rest of the year (hell yeahhh!!!!!).

also, can’t wait until tomorrow :)


‘Tis The Season To Get Sick

haven’t been feeling well the last few days, and haven’t even turned on my computer in a couple days… not sure how or where it happened, but g’damn — hit me like a brick, mang :(

starting to feel a little better… i think…

ugh, i hate getting sick.


Got My iPhone X, Finally

i figured i’d just have to be patient and wait for another couple weeks for mine to ship out and arrive, since it gave me a target date of Dec 4-18th when i preordered… but was happily surprised to get an email late last week… and bam! here it is :)

i’ve only had it since yesterday, so still getting used to it… and i really mean that, since this is the first time in years that “getting used to it” means just that — the muscle memory for hitting the “home” button is real, mang… holy shit… yeah, gonna take me a bit to get used to all this swiping.

surprisingly, that top tab isn’t bothering me as much as i thought it would… and i don’t care what they say, it’s definitely smaller than my 7 Plus — not sure how i feel about that, to be honest.

anywho, i’m digging it.

now to get my animoji on..! ;)

Personal Schweeeet

Missing Summer

i dunno about you guys, but i’ve been missing summer quite a bit of late… probably because it’s been unseasonably cold this past week or two… hell man, it got down into the 20s the other night and i was freezing my nuts off.

supposed to warm up a little bit, but not much… ugh, oh well… ’tis the season for all the cute women to be hiding under sweaters and jackets once again i guess. damnit.

PS. really not looking forward to doing yard work this weekend… omg, you have no idea…

Online/Web Personal

Happy Halloween

just wanted to wish everybody a happy halloween :)

one of my favorite costumes i’ve seen so far in the office is one of the guys dressed up as a character from ‘Attack on Titans’ — how awesome is that? he said i was the only one around here that got / recognized it… haha

my son jayden and his girlfriends dressed up as Rick & Michonne from ‘The Walking Dead’ this year, which is pretty cool… kinda scary how well they pulled it off.

anybody dress up or see any really good ones so far?

PS. not sure i’m really looking forward to all the neighborhood kiddies again this year… was kinda rough last year, mostly because of all the damn teenagers.

PPS. left ;)

News Online/Web Personal

Ordered My iPhone X

iPhone X availability slips into December

Phone X availability is constrained but not as bad as it could have been after months of rumors that stock would be severely limited. Apple stores in the US, UK, China, Japan and elsewhere show five to six weeks for delivery, while the Apple Store in Hong Kong simply says “no supply available.” If you want it faster, the only other option is to join a line at an Apple retail store or buy off eBay for a markup. Otherwise, the only people getting an iPhone X on November 3rd were shopping online at 3AM in their underpants.

i probably should’ve gotten up at 3am like i originally planned on doing to pre-order the new iPhone X… but i stopped at a local AT&T store the other day to double-check on whether i was eligible, and how much the payoff would be etc… went ahead and paid off the $150 owed on my iphone, and setup an appointment for 10am this morning… got up, drove over, and met with the same guy i talked to the other day… but when it was all done, he said i probably wouldn’t be getting it until sometime between december 4-18th… ummm… fuck… seriously?!?!

oh well, i’m not all that surprised or upset though… feel like this kinda stuff happens all the time with new iphones.

anybody else getting the new iPhone X?


Today For Lunch

this is why i normally don’t mind too much driving up to the office on tuesdays… catered lunches, FTW! :)

sure the commute still sucks donkey balls… like this morning i left the house around 8am, and didn’t pull into the work parking lot until 10:25am.

yeah, seriously.

…but at least i got some good food to look forward to, right?

#thumbsup  #ilovemobi


Sweet Yeezy Slippers

one of the guys i work with posted a pic of these awesome “yeezy” style slippers on slack, and holy shit i need to find out where he got them cuz they’re freak’n awesome!

he’s a big shoe nut, and seems to be wearing a different pair every time i see him… i think he mentioned having half a room dedicated to his shoe collection, which stuck in my mind since that’s just kinda nuts… but i’ve heard that some guys are just really, really into their shoes.

…me? think i got like 3 or 4 pairs.

PS. think a pair of these would be an awesome christmas gift for jayden :)

Personal Video Game

My Sexy Titan

been playing a lot of Destiny 2 of late, and went on my first “strike” with jayden last night… i was joking around about being a striking virgin, but i guess i popped that cherry.

the grinding for gear and weapons to raise your power level is definitely a thing in this game… kind of addicting, but can also be a bit aggravating… i mean, i’ve been stuck at around 265 or so for the past two days and i’m not sure what i’m supposed to be doing to get past this hump.

it’s just cool to hop online and play some games with jayden… i mean, anime is great and all, but it’s definitely more fun to run around and blow shit up together.


Personal WTF?

Milk or Cereal First?!

i heard the craziest thing yesterday… was listening to a podcast, and these guys were discussing / asking whether you put in the milk or the cereal first?

ummm, yeah… what the shit?!??

this one guys said he always puts in the milk first…

…and everybody else was freak’n out, and rightfully so… because seriously, i don’t think i’ve ever really thought about it, probably since it just seems sooooooo wrong to put the milk in the bowl first, and then the cereal.

that’s just cray-cray, mang.

#blink  #wtf

Personal Sports

First Time Playing Golf

went out yesterday and played 9-holes of golf for the first time… i’ve had a buddy talking and bugging me about it for at least the past year or so, and i finally broke down and said, “okay sure, let’s do this mang”

i’ve never really liked golf, and i guess i’ve had this weird bias against it pretty much my entire life… probably because i still remember going out with my dad when i was a kid and playing “caddy” for him, and how much it really really sucked…

so yeah, i popped my golf cherry yesterday.

…and yes, i sucked at it… everything i’ve heard about it was pretty much dead on, and it’s definitely a lot harder than it looks… and apparently i’m doing all sorts of things wrong, because i woke up this morning sore as all hell — seriously, my left shoulder hurts like i must’ve been smacking it with the golf club or something… my wrist hurts, my back is sore, and even my damn fingrers/thumb is sore.

fuck me.

was it fun? sure, though i’m not exactly sure if it’s my thing… i can see how people would get wrapped up in it, and can see the appeal… i mean, i managed to hit the golf ball with a driver over this crazy little pond and felt like i just won the world series or something. lol

anybody into golf?

Personal Work

Today’s Lunch

getting into work and seeing that indian food was on the lunch calendar for today… almost made that 2 and a half hour drive into work this morning worth it.

who am i kidding, it was totally worth it mang! :)

#emmmmmmmmm  #tastyyyyyyy


Eclipse Was Pretty Cool

well, i went out armed with my special cardboard “eclipse” shades and saw it today… seems like the internets kinda exploded over it, which is always pretty damn cool in my book.

i tried to take a photo of it, but holy shit the sun was bright! seriously, even with half the sun covered it was still too bright with the naked eye… and even with my phone, all i could see was a gigantic bright thing… lol

did snap this shot which i thought was cool, since some clouds rolled in and it was nuts to see the sun’s rays spreading out behind it… can’t see it with just a photo, but you could see the rays moving with the naked eye which was pretty sweet.

anywho, hope ya got to see it!

Online/Web Personal TV

Vue You Later

i got an email a couple weeks back about how my Playstation Vue subscription was going up from $35 to $45 a month… sure, it’s only 10 bucks but i wasn’t overly happy about it, especially since i’m already another $15/mo for HBO and was thinking of adding the Sports package ($10/mo) — which starts to add up, since now i’m looking at $70 a month for Vue/Sports/HBO… and that’s not including Amazon/Netflix/Crunchyroll y’know?

then yesterday i saw this post on engadget about a deal going on with Directv Now and thought “hmmmmm, interesting”…

since i had some running around to do, i decided to stop by the AT&T store near me and asked them about the promotion, getting more info etc… long story short, i ended up signing up for it — had to prepay $105 for the next 3 months, and since i’m an AT&T subscriber with my phone, they upgraded my plan to the “unlimited” one and saved me another $4/mo… also found that i was eligible for another promotion they have going for AT&T users, where for a limited time you can get the $35 Diretv Now package for only $10 a month — so they gave me that as well, so after 3 months i’ll only pay the extra $10 a month on my phone bill for it.

oh, and i also walked out of the store with a brand new Apple TV (32gb)…!

soooooo…. net net… my phone bill dropped by 4 bucks, and in three months it’ll increase by $6 for Directv Now.

pretty sweet, huh?



Last Night’s Dinner

even though i don’t cook as often as i used to, i still enjoy hitting the grocery store and picking up some fresh veggies/meat for a meal every now and then… i mean, i like pizza and subs as much as the next guy, but sometimes ya just gotta switch it up y’know?

getting everything cut up and ready…

start with the mushrooms / onions, then layer in the yellow squash, leaving the spinach for last…

grab some bowls…

…and dig in! g’damn it was good too.




One Sweet Loadup

a buddy gave me a tip yesterday about BJs having these new boxes of “not your fathers root beer”, so i literally jumped in the car and drove over…

…and yup, after a bit of searching and walking around, i found ’em… fuck yeah! seriously man, felt like a little kid or something… went ahead and snagged two cases, and i’ll have to swing back over in another couple weeks to see if they still have them — since i’m curious if they’ll be keeping it in stock or not.

sure hope so ;)

#NotYourFathersRootBeer  #delicious


Trying To Quit, Again.

speaking of drugs and all that, i’m once again trying to quit smoking… i’ve tried several times, but always seem to start back up… and after 20 years, it’s a real bitch, and really is one of my biggest regrets.

so over the weekend i stopped at a local vape shop and picked up a new vaping mod… ended up going with this one since i kinda liked how heavy / solid it felt in my hand, but mostly because the sides light up and looks like the side profile of Optimus Prime — seriously, the geek in my just couldn’t resist ;)

it’s been two days now and i’ve been vaping like a mofo, and have only had a handfoo of cigs…

so yeah, off to a good start, and hopefully i can stick with it and basically retrain my brain over the next few weeks or months.

i don’t do drugs, but do enjoy having the occasional (not your father’s root) beer… so smoking has probably been my one vice, but i really do wanna quit.

it’s just sooooo fuck’n hard…

#sigh  #vape  #smoke


Food Porn

oh man, seriously?! this is what you get when you combine two totally awesome things — s’mores and brownies.

fuck me.

#delicious  #yummy

Online/Web Personal Video

Jeffe: The Vlogging Virgin

my buddy jeff just hit me up with his very first vlog that he filmed, edited, and posted up to youtube.

nicely done, buddy!

5 hours of editing for 5 minutes?! shit, although i can totally believe it… still sounds pretty crazy mang.


Online/Web Personal

Verizon vs. Netgear Nighthawk X4S

verizon came out this past thursday to hook me up with gigabit, which is awesome… then i ordered a new router — NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S — to replace the one that verizon gave me so i could return it and save myself an additional $15-20 a month.

i got it saturday afternoon, and then went about trying to set it up… for some reason it just wasn’t seeing the internet at all, and after awhile i broke down and called verizon tech support… ended up hard rebooting the netgear router half a dozen times, swapped out the ethernet cables a few times, and verizon checked the line… released the IP a couple times, and finally rebooted the FiOS box on the outside of my house — still wasn’t able to see or connect to the internet. g’damnit.

so i talked to my buddy ron, and after remoting into my macbook and messing around with it for 20 minutes or so… he figured out what the problem was, and had me up and running on my new nighthawk router.

fucking sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

thanks again buddy, you rock dude!