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Throwback Thursday

we have our annual christmas party tomorrow night, and this time around we’re doing an 80s themed party… the inspiration being ‘Stranger Things’, since everybody seems to be big fans of the show at work.

for some reason, this song popped up in my head.

#likeohmygawd  #chuckle  #grin


Throwback Thursday

Thriller – Michael Jackson (1930s Jazz Cover) ft. Wayne Brady

not exactly a throwback, but a sweet new cover of an older song…

dig it, mang ;)

Music Online/Web

Animoji Karaoke

oh man, my buddy ron just hit me with this and it’s by far the coolest thing i’ve seen online today.

aside from the gorgeous new screen on the new iPhone X, this is why i really want one…! can’t wait to get my animoji on :)



Monday Music

really been diggin the latest album from “Portugal. The Man”, and had to go back and check out some of their earlier stuff… and man, they have so much good music… here’s an oldie but goodie from them that’s been in heavy rotation for me of late.

speaking of oldies but goodies, heard this on the radio while driving around this weekend and g’damn…

love this freak’n song, and always have to crank it the hell up.

always gets me pumped up, mang.



Taylor Swift… Ready For It?

man, taylor swift sure is working it in her new music video…

the only reason i mention it is because i saw something on twitter about her being naked… haha… so ended up watching the video, and maybe it’s just me… but was totally getting a scarjo ‘ghost in the shell’ with some tron mixed in vibe.

PS. looks like she’s grown up nicely.


Eminem, Best Rapper Of All Time

Eminem Wins Greatest Rapper Of All Time

The inverted affirmative action rapper Eminem just won employee of the month indefinitely in Hip Hop. Rap was basically created to carry messages in a melodic form that touched on important issues related to the African American experience. But according to the internet, the best messenger for that job is missing some melanin. A man won Woman of the Year award and the best rapper isn’t even black. Proof that nothing is impossible. Except attempting to have a serious conversation about what makes someone the greatest rapper. Opinions are pretty relative. But that hasn’t stopped people on the internet insisting that their personal beliefs are facts.

Eminem just turned 45, and the internet celebrated by gifting the legendary wordsmith with the extremely controversial title: “The Greatest Rapper of All Time.”

Recently Eminem was thrown into the spotlight for his BET freestyle cypher aimed at taking down Donald Trump. Which almost would have worked if somehow the Commander in Chief could be relieved from a position as President after losing a rap battle. Fortunately, the leader of the free world doesn’t have to follow 8 Mile rules. Being the greatest rapper really doesn’t amount to much. But since he won at rap maybe he could switch musical genres. I always wondered what a country rendition of the song “Stan” would sound like. It’s everything the world needs right now.

best rapper of all time, huh? hmmm…


Monday Music

heard this song the other day and was like, “holy shit that was awesome” and had me scrambling to fire up shazam real quick… lol

when i saw the name of the band — republican hair — i literally LOL’d for real… i mean, republican hair for a band name? haha

#sogood  #chuckle


Monday Music

kinda feel like i’m having some serious deja-foo here… but damn, Beck is on a roll! wasn’t that long ago that he had some new sweet music, and then he turns around and drops another album (“colors”) this past friday.

been listening to it all morning and think it’s great.

hard to believe i’ve been listening to Beck for twenty years or so now… man, talk about feeling old… haha



Thursday Throwback

Del tha Funkee Homosapien – Press Rewind

just been in a hip-hop mood of late… think it started with listening to those Cowboy Bebop soundtracks on youtube while working last week.



Throwback Thursday

still feel’n pretty bummed about the passing of tom petty… feel like we’ve lost so many good ones over the past couple years, y’know?

so yeah, this one’s for you tom!

PS. always loved this song.


Monday Music

Alex Lahey – Every Day’s The Weekend

been hearing this one for the past couple weeks on alt nation while driving around in the mx-5, and i gotta say… it’s pretty damn catchy and keeps getting stuck in my head for whatever reason.

nice song to crank up on a sunny friday afternoon, mang ;)



Monday Music

A Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation

been kind of on this oldschool hip-hop kick of late… dunno why, but man… today’s music just sucks compared to hip-hop in the 80s/90s… and this song came up on my spotify radio and i was like “damn”.

good shit, mang.

#SlowNod  #ThumbsUp


Monday Music

Post Malone – Rockstar (ft. 21 Savage)

my son just hit me with this and i gotta say, it’s pretty damn chill…

i can dig it, mang.

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Throwback Thursday

heard this song for the first time in freak’n ages earlier today and it’s been stuck in my head every since…

no seriously, i can’t stop humming this song.

PS. serious throwback action, mang… lol


Monday Music

Dan Croll – Bad Boy

friend of mine hit me with this the other day, and after listening to it i couldn’t help but wonder if she was trying to tell me something?

umm, yeah… i’m such a “bad boy”.

PS. hey man, why you laughing?


Design Music Online/Web

Pantone For Prince

Prince Gets His Own Purple

Prince was multi-chromatic; a comedian who said as few words as possible, an androgynous sex symbol, a devout mischief-maker, an artist who fused disparate styles — soul and rhythm and blues and rock solos and reedy electronics — into one squarely his own, painted with a palette no one had even noticed.

Regardless, we call him The Purple One for good reason. And now, thanks to a deal between his increasingly license-happy estate and the Pantone Color Institute, he has his own, specific, kingly shade.

“While the spectrum of the color purple will still be used in respect to the ‘Purple One,’ Love Symbol #2 will be the official color across the brand he left behind,” a statement reads. The color was inspired by the hue of a piano he’d planned to take on tour, before passing away on April 21, 2016.

think that’s great… man, can’t believe it’s been over a year since he passed.



Monday Music

having just dropped that post about the shitty sad state of affairs that were on display down in charlottesville over the weekend, this song popped in my head for some reason…

haven’t heard, much less thought of, this song in ages… hell, i might’ve been a teenager the last time i sat down and listened to this one… it really is strange how our minds work sometimes, i swear.

#blink  #curious


Monday Music

i’ve been chill’n and listening to this pretty much all day…

gotta luv it.

#SoGood  #SuperChill  #BebopMang


Arcade Fire Fidget Spinner

Arcade Fire releases latest album on ultra-expensive USB fidget spinner

Anthemic Canadian ensemble Arcade Fire just released its latest album, Everything Now. Perhaps in an attempt to capitalize on the current cultural zeitgeist, the band has released the album on a USB-enabled fidget spinner, in addition to the usual vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital editions.

The limited edition format was flogged for $109 on the band’s official website, which is undeniably pricey, but well within the realms of what you’d expect for a limited edition trinket.

In comparison, the CD version goes for $14, and the old-school vinyl record costs $18.

love me some Arcade Fire, but damn… but i guess if you’re really a hardcore fan and really, really want a limited edition USB spinner with their album on it — then it’s totally worth the $109.

#damn  #expensive


More Monday Music

Arcade Fire – Everything Now (Official Video)

been hearing this one a lot lately, and damned if i don’t feel the sudden impulse to crank this badboy up whenever i hear it… gotta love Arcade Fire, what a great band.

not sure how the hell we got on the subject, but a friend of mine was going on and on about this song by rihanna… said she wasn’t a big fan, but damned if it wasn’t an awesome performance, and after streaming it through my tv/speakers last night i gotta say… she was right, cuz i’m not much of a fan either but that was a great performance.

Vangelis – Blade Runner Soundtrack (Remastered 2017)