1. So sorry to see USA leave the cup, it was a wonderful game and both teams deserved to go in the next leg, much more than Holland or Brasil.


  2. shit….!!!!! those last 10-15 minutes of overtime in that game nearly gave me a damn heart attack… sooooo close to tie’n it back up in overtime! shit shit shit… why didn’t they play like that the whole time?!?!??

    oh well, g’bye worldcup… it was fun while it lasted… until next time.

    {{{ sniff }}}


  3. The belgians were always going to win, just glad i’m supporting them.


  4. they were definitely the heavy favorites in that game… no doubt about that.

    least we gave them a good run for it, especially there at the end… heh.

    {{{ g’damnit }}}


  5. It was a great game to watch… but can’t agree to deserving them the next round above Holland…. Brazil maybe…. but not the Orange league. What would a tournament be without those supports?


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