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Trying To Quit, Again.

speaking of drugs and all that, i’m once again trying to quit smoking… i’ve tried several times, but always seem to start back up… and after 20 years, it’s a real bitch, and really is one of my biggest regrets.

so over the weekend i stopped at a local vape shop and picked up a new vaping mod… ended up going with this one since i kinda liked how heavy / solid it felt in my hand, but mostly because the sides light up and looks like the side profile of Optimus Prime — seriously, the geek in my just couldn’t resist ;)

it’s been two days now and i’ve been vaping like a mofo, and have only had a handfoo of cigs…

so yeah, off to a good start, and hopefully i can stick with it and basically retrain my brain over the next few weeks or months.

i don’t do drugs, but do enjoy having the occasional (not your father’s root) beer… so smoking has probably been my one vice, but i really do wanna quit.

it’s just sooooo fuck’n hard…

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  1. You can do it dude.
    It’s super hard. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done.
    Try the patches. Don’t do the gum (just as addictive). Give it a good 1.5 months for the cravings to subside. Even after that, cravings can be strong at times.

    Just give it time, don’t smoke, and it all goes away.


  2. Just as inspiration for you, I did the exact same thing as you are now… I vaped with 6mg, for about two weeks, dropped to 3mg, and then mixed ups some to create 1mg. Took me about 6 weeks total. You will get there. Just don’t quit quitting!


  3. 13+ years smoke free for me, if you REALLY want to quit, you will! good Luck Mang!


  4. @jeff: thanks dude!

    @brad: awesome, actually been wondering if i should try picking up some of those nicoderm patches… might really help with these g’damn nicotine cravings i get… i’ll vape like a motherfucker for a good 10-15 minutes, then turn around and 20 minutes later really really want a cig…. sigh… soooo tough.

    @michael: sweet man, that’s what i’m on now… got a 120ml of 6mb juice, and been cranking through it pretty fast… not sure, but might need to get myself another bottle… then try to get down to 3mg… went from a pack a day, to only 4 cigs yesterday.

    @harb!: damn buddy, 13 years? that’s awesome… seriously though, if so many can do it, then g’damnit i know i can too.


  5. yeah, it might have been a bit easier for me… I was only having 5-6 a day when I wanted to quit. So you definitely will need to “change” the formula for dropping – but you can get there, i promise. :)


  6. I quit like 6 years ago, don’t miss it at all. I was already in the right state of mind to quit, but Allen Carr’s book “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking” really helped making sense of what I thought about cigarettes already. I usually hate self help books, but that one did help me :)


  7. I used to smoke about 25-30 cigarets per day for 15 years and then one day I quit smoking instantly. I didn’t use nicotine patches, didn’t use nicotine gum, didn’t have this all nicotine withdrawal symptoms etc.
    If you really want to quit try this. Go to the hospital, visit somebody who is terminally ill with lung cancer. Look into their eyes and If that is who you want to become one day then enjoy smoking.


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