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RIP Tommy Ramone

RIP Tommy Ramone: your band captured the sound in my head

i’ve been pretty behind of late, still catching up after being off the past week and only occasionally getting online or checking email/twitter feed on my phone — really tried to cut back and it felt pretty damn good to unplug (for the most part) for a bit… i really need to start doing that more often, i think.

anywho, i can’t believe i missed the fact that tommy ramone passed away… fuck man, totally bummed me out just now.

i’m going to listen to the ramones all day today.




  1. This totally bummed me out too. Hit Spotify and been jamming all week. Good tunes for sure :-). RIP Tommy indeed. Now I gotta see if Netflix streams Rock n Roll High School!!!


  2. that’d be awesome if netflix (or amazon) had it… definitely would queue that up when i get home, mang! :D

    still can’t believe i totally missed this…. fuck man.

    the passing of a legend, dude :*(


  3. Watched it on Netflix last…still dumb as ever. So in other words: still holds up :-D. Classic movie….


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