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Supermassive Black Hole

The Largest Black Hole In the Known Universe

This is galaxy cluster Abell 2029, located 1.07 billion light-years distant, or some 20 times farther away than the Virgo Cluster. At the center of this lies the largest known galaxy in the Universe: IC 1101. This is a galaxy that extends for 2 million light-years away from its central core in its largest direction, many times the size of Messier 87 and with the largest known mass of any galaxy in the Universe. In fact, it extends for nearly twice the distance separating the Milky Way from Andromeda! Including dark matter, it comes in with 100 trillion Solar Masses, or nearly the mass of the entire Virgo Cluster combined. (If you do a google image search for the size of this galaxy, you will find some terribly wild exaggerations of this galaxy; beware.)

But what about its black hole?

another one i just stumbled across, and found myself reading through the whole thing… i’ve read up on black holes quite a few times over the years, but still find the whole subject pretty fascinating — didn’t know about the IC 1101 galaxy, or just how effin immense it is… g’lord.

Humor/Funny Sports

Everyday Football Fouls

In the past month, viewers would have witnessed plenty of moments during the World Cup where players fell to the ground at the slightest touch, often clutching various body parts or bearing anguished expressions. Whether in the hopes of getting an opponent carded or being awarded a free kick, these antics keep alive the tradition of theatrical acting on the pitch. ‘Everyday Football Fouls’ imagines what it would be like if they were acted out in real life.


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Online/Web Web Design

Breach Browser

Breach – A browser for the HTML5 era.

only just stumbled across this one, but hot damn that’s cool… open-source, free, hackable, js/node browser? loving the whole idea behind it… definitely worth checking out.

p.s. some initial surprise at the 54MB download.


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Chicago Residents Go Off On Obama

Chicago-Southside Residents Go Off on Obama over Amnesty: “Worst President Ever Elected”


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Web Design

Design Trends We Love To Hate

The software design trends that we love to hate

One of the common UI elements ushered in by iOS 7 is the button that doesn’t look like a button at all (and Google is moving in that direction with the Android L release). Touch-oriented interfaces tend to be a little too subtle about how to navigate them to begin with, but iOS’s new favorite trick of making the thing you’re supposed to click into highlighted, or sometimes not-highlighted, text means I’m prodding at my screen a lot more often now with too little or too much to show for it. And because the OS isn’t consistent about how it identifies buttons, I can’t build a reflex in response to certain colors or fonts. I’m always experimentally clicking around and sometimes ruining things.

Daring Fireball highlighted this problem a while ago with the short-lived blog UX Critique, which pointed out that a number of UI elements in iOS 7 are buttons masquerading as text, and sometimes vice versa. The blog shows, for instance, a screen for editing an audio file where the world “Trim” appears twice, one is a button, one is a title, and the only difference between them is one’s text is just a hair thicker.

some good ones in there… such as bitching about the ALL CAPS menus, which gave me a chuckle.

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Decoding Teen Speak

What Your Teen Is Really Doing When She Says She’s Going To A Warehouse To Get All Holes Stuffed

In the age of tweeting, texting, and emoticons, sometimes it seems like teenagers are speaking an entirely different language. I recently heard my 16-year-old daughter Lindsey use the popular slang phrase, “I’m going to a warehouse to get all holes stuffed.” It seems impossible to decode, but I found out firsthand what it really means: Lindsey was going to a place of industry to have anonymous group sex.

I know it seems hard to decipher. You may be thinking, “Really? I was supposed to come to that conclusion just from that mumbo jumbo?”

what can i say…. “get all holes stuffed” caught my passing attention while flipping through my twitter feed.

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