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Chicago Residents Go Off On Obama

Chicago-Southside Residents Go Off on Obama over Amnesty: “Worst President Ever Elected”


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Web Design

Design Trends We Love To Hate

The software design trends that we love to hate

One of the common UI elements ushered in by iOS 7 is the button that doesn’t look like a button at all (and Google is moving in that direction with the Android L release). Touch-oriented interfaces tend to be a little too subtle about how to navigate them to begin with, but iOS’s new favorite trick of making the thing you’re supposed to click into highlighted, or sometimes not-highlighted, text means I’m prodding at my screen a lot more often now with too little or too much to show for it. And because the OS isn’t consistent about how it identifies buttons, I can’t build a reflex in response to certain colors or fonts. I’m always experimentally clicking around and sometimes ruining things.

Daring Fireball highlighted this problem a while ago with the short-lived blog UX Critique, which pointed out that a number of UI elements in iOS 7 are buttons masquerading as text, and sometimes vice versa. The blog shows, for instance, a screen for editing an audio file where the world “Trim” appears twice, one is a button, one is a title, and the only difference between them is one’s text is just a hair thicker.

some good ones in there… such as bitching about the ALL CAPS menus, which gave me a chuckle.

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Decoding Teen Speak

What Your Teen Is Really Doing When She Says She’s Going To A Warehouse To Get All Holes Stuffed

In the age of tweeting, texting, and emoticons, sometimes it seems like teenagers are speaking an entirely different language. I recently heard my 16-year-old daughter Lindsey use the popular slang phrase, “I’m going to a warehouse to get all holes stuffed.” It seems impossible to decode, but I found out firsthand what it really means: Lindsey was going to a place of industry to have anonymous group sex.

I know it seems hard to decipher. You may be thinking, “Really? I was supposed to come to that conclusion just from that mumbo jumbo?”

what can i say…. “get all holes stuffed” caught my passing attention while flipping through my twitter feed.

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