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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

another friday, another afternoon that just completely flew by… hot damn… gotta make this a quickie and roll outta here ;)

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.


Video Game

Star Wars: Battlefront II

sooooooo many games coming out this next year or so, especially after the whole E3 bonanza… but the one i keep coming back to, the one that i’m probably the most excited about? yeah man, the new Battlefront II game.

i mean seriously, how effin badass does this game look?!

was kinda disappointed with the first one… was great at first, and had a lot of fun playing it… but it kinda pettered out and didn’t feel overly long before i just stopped playing it at all — can’t even remember the last time i fired it up, to be honest.

hopefully that changes with this new one.

#HighHopes  #FeelTheForce

Online/Web Video

Islamophobia is Racism

man, i remember when jayden turned me onto this chick like a year ago and i’ve been subscribed to her channel ever since… she’s fucking awesome.

amen sister!

#nods  #chuckle

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News WTF?

Evergreen Shutsdown, Again

Evergreen State College suspends operations due to ‘potential disruptions’

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Evergreen State College in Olympia says it plans to suspend operations Thursday beginning at 3 p.m. Access to campus will be limited after 3:15 p.m., Zach Powers, a college spokesperson says. The decision was made “in light of potential disruption around planned demonstrations by off-campus organizations,” Powers says.

A conservative group, Patriot Prayer, plans a free speech rally at the campus at 5:30 p.m. A counter-demonstration by a group known as the Evergreen Anti-Fascist Community Defense Network is supposed to begin on campus at 3 p.m.

Troopers with the Washington State Patrol will be on campus working with Evergreen Police Services to ensure campus safety.

The college was shut down for three days in early June due to phoned in threats.

man, all the crazy shit that’s been going on at this Evergreen college is just fucking nuts.

#WTF  #gdamn  #crazyfuckers

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Can a Divided America Survive?

time for the friday morning ritual and see what victor hanson is writing about, so let’s see what he has for us this week — Can a Divided America Survive?

The United States is currently the world’s oldest democracy.

But America is no more immune from collapse than were some of history’s most stable and impressive consensual governments. Fifth-century Athens, Republican Rome, Renaissance Florence and Venice, and many of the elected governments of early 20th-century Western European states eventually destroyed themselves, went bankrupt, or were overrun by invaders.

The United States is dividing as rarely before. Half the country, mostly liberal America, is concentrated in 146 of the nation’s more than 3,000 counties — in an area that collectively represents less than 10 percent of the U.S. land mass. The other half, the conservative Red states of the interior of America, is geographically, culturally, economically, politically, and socially at odds with Blue-state America, which resides mostly on the two coasts.

The two Americas watch different news. They read very different books, listen to different music, and watch different television shows. Increasingly, they now live lives according to two widely different traditions.

Barack Obama was elected president after compiling the most left-wing voting record in the U.S. Senate. His antidote, Donald Trump, was elected largely on the premise that traditional Republicans were hardly conservative.

Red America and Blue America are spiraling into divisions approaching those of 1860, or of the nihilistic hippie/straight divide of 1968.

Currently, some 27 percent of all Californians were not born in the United States. More than 40 million foreign-born immigrants currently live in the U.S. — the highest number in the nation’s history.

Yet widely unchecked immigration comes at a time when the country has lost confidence in its prior successful adherence to melting-pot assimilation and integration. The ultimate result is a fragmenting of society into tribal cliques that vie for power, careers, and influence on the basis of ethnic solidarity rather than shared Americanness.

History is not very kind to multicultural chaos — as opposed to a multiracial society united by a single national culture. The fates of Rwanda, Iraq, and the former Yugoslavia should remind us of our present disastrous trajectory.

Either the United States will return to a shared single language and allegiance to a common and singular culture, or it will eventually descend into clannish violence. Continue…

good stuff as always… i’m still kinda in shock over that leftie nutjob going to the ballpark outside of DC and opening fire on a bunch of guys simply because they were Republicans — unbelievable.

anywho, time to lean back and enjoy my morning coffee and login into a couple meetings before lunch.


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Movies Online/Web

Get Lunch With Robert Downey Jr.

Get Lunch and Hang with Robert Downey Jr. on the Avengers Set

dude, how awesome would that be?!


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Video Game

Dunkey’s E3 2017

jayden just messaged me this and had me cracking up…

speaking of E3, here’s the honest game trailer:

lots of people seem to be wondering why we even have or need an E3 anymore… since all the gaming companies and studios can just as easily announce new games / consoles on their own — personally, i like having a couple days where they show off all the stuff coming out the upcoming year… gives me an idea of what’s around the corner, what i’m interested in, etc.

so yeah, kinda hoping E3 doesn’t go away.

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Online/Web Video Game

My Next Monitor?

Samsung just unveiled the widest computer monitor you can buy — here’s how it looks in person

i’ve been joking for years about waiting and wanting a big ‘ole “fiddy” instead of having two 24″ monitors on my desk… well, that was before i switched over to the 27″ iMac and never looked back, but still… once i saw this monster it all came back.

i mean, g’damn… look at this thing!

PS. comes with one helluva pricetag too. ouch.

#lust  #crazy

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News Political WTF?

Republicans Targeted, Shot Down

Scalise critical, shooter ID’d as James Hodgkinson

A gunman believed to be a supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sprayed a hail of bullets at a GOP baseball practice Wednesday morning, critically wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and injuring four others before U.S. Capitol Police took down the rifle-wielding assailant.

Scalise was in critical condition Wednesday afternoon, MedStar Washington Hospital tweeted. He had surgery after being shot in the hip and was initially said to be stable.

The shooter, who had a violent history including arrests for battery, resisting arrest and drunken driving, was identified as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson, of Illinois, Fox News confirmed. President Trump said Hodgkinson died from injuries sustained when he was shot by police.

“I have just been informed that the alleged shooter at the Republican baseball practice is someone who apparently volunteered on my presidential campaign,” Sanders said in a statement. “I am sickened by this despicable act. Let me be as clear as I can be. Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms.”

i didn’t even hear about this until last night and was kinda shocked to find out that some left-wing nutjob went to a friendly baseball game, armed with a rifle/guns and went in shooting — because they were republicans.


i mean, what the flying fuck?! i know it’s been pretty bad and all the political shit has been getting nasty & devisive, but g’damn… not sure i’ve ever heard of people being gunned down because they were Republicans.

List of threats against GOP & Trump from Hollywood…

  • Kathy Griffin ‘Beheads’ Trump in Graphic Photo
  • Madonna – “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”
  • Snoop Dogg “Shoots” Trump in the Head in Music Video
  • Robert De Niro: “I’d Like to Punch Him in the Face”
  • Joss Whedon: “I Want a Rhino to F*ck Paul Ryan to Death”
  • Shakespeare in the Park Stabs ‘Trump’ to Death in Performance of ‘Julius Caesar
  • Rapper YG Threatens Trump with “F*ck Donald Trump” Song
  • Marilyn Manson Kills ‘Trump’ in Music Video

Trump ‘assassination’ play to continue despite mounting controversy…
Gutfeld: The blame game of today’s shooting…

#wtf  #gdamn  #depressing

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Happy Hump Day

man, i’ve just been completely slammed today… barely been able to poke my head up for air, just rolling from one thing to the next most of the day… next thing i know, it’s almost 4 o’clock and i’m like “huh? wtf, really?!” — both good and bad i suppose… could always be worse, that’s for damn sure! anywho, think it’s time for a quick booty break mang.

happy hump day!

Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

if i get around to it, i ususually will post a handfoo of random funbag pics…

…but not today because… well, it’s just been that kinda day to be honest.

#sigh  #whew

Video Game

Sony Games @ E3 2017

Everything Sony Showed At E3 2017

Sony just wrapped their E3 2017 press conference, where Insomniac’s Spider-Man almost managed to distract from the fact that they didn’t announce Bloodborne 2. Not a ton of new stuff for Sony, but they did keep with the current trend of showing games that are coming within the next year or so. Let’s break it all down.

Shadow Of The Colossus Is Getting Remade For PS4.

The New God Of War Gets Up Close And Personal

Spider-Man Mixes Stealth, Action, And… QTEs?

We Got A Closer Look At Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting an expansion.

We Got A Longer Look At Days Gone.

Destiny 2, Our Darkest Hour

i was shocked to hear about the newly remastered ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ that’s coming out… holy shit, that’s fucking awesome! can’t wait to play it again in all it’s beautifoo high-res glory.

also really looking forward to the new God of War, and of course — Spider-Man! :)


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Video Game

Xbox Games @ E3 2017

man, so many game trailers have been coming out of E3 it’s almost hard to keep track of it all… at the same time, just kinda feels like this year is a bit of a let down… maybe it’s just me, or perhaps i’m getting a little more jaded than i thought… that being said, there’s still some games coming out that i’m looking forward to.

Metro Exodus is coming out next year, looks good.

Cuphead is finally coming out on September 29.

Sea of Thieves looks great, finally coming out next year.

Anthem gameplay finally revealed at E3.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be an Xbox One ‘console launch exclusive.’

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is coming…

State Of Decay 2 Is Coming Spring 2018.

The Last Night looks good as hell.

The Artful Escape looks nifty, pink.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Code Vein sure does have anime vampires.

Crackdown 3, dropping mayhem on Nov 7, 2017

soooo many games, so little time ;)

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Video Game

The New Xbox One X

Xbox One X And Everything Else Microsoft Showed At E3 2017

been looking forward to E3 for the past week or two, and took a break from all the deck painting yesterday to chill out and embrace my inner couch potato to watch microsoft’s E3 presentation on twitch… been curious about the new scorpio xbox more than anything, and they literally jumped right to it in the very beginning which was cool — least they didn’t tease and have everybody waiting around for an hour or two until they “revealed” it… so i appreciated that.

i had a feeling that it might look very similar to the Xbox One S and i was right… looks super clean, simple, and sexy IMHO… hard to believe they actually made it smaller, even though it’s definitely a lot more powerful… and i’m sure gaming in 4K/HDR looks amazing… speaking of which, you’d be hard pressed to do that for $499 — that’s pretty incredible.

all that being said, i’m really kinda surprised they didn’t show any new game exclusive to the new XBX that’s geared to show it off… a kickass game in 4K/HDR/60fps that you can only play on the new xbox.

also think this is the first E3 that i can remember where there wasn’t a single mention of Halo… which after thinking about it, is probably a good thing… hopefully 343 is taking it’s time with Halo 6, especially the campaign/story because the last one was really sucked “meh”… so yeah, take your time on that.

anywho, what do you guys think?

PS. can’t wait to play Cupcake!!!

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Weekend Project: Back Deck

i’ve been thinking about cleaning and putting on a fresh coat of paint to my back deck for awhile now, and finally got around to it this past weekend… probably should’ve taken the plunge earlier, since it ended up being hot as shit and i pretty much sweated my balls off… but whatever, it’s all good… it’s been at least 5 years since i stained my back deck and it definitely needed a bit of a refresh.

here it is after pressure washing it.

starting with the top railing since it’s super easy and i was curious how this “chocolate brown” color looked.

i got up early and stared with the deck painting around 8am on saturday… pretty much spent the entire effin day working on it, and really wanted to at least finish up the railing… but alas, i still didn’t manage to get it all done… man, i forgot what a collosal pain in the ass it is! here’s a pic of where i was at yesterday afternoon.

i did manage to get at least one coat of deck paint down on the floor boards and it’s looking pretty good… still have some stairs and a little landing on the side to do, which shouldn’t take too long… but damned if i’m not sore and tired, and finding it really hard to work up any ambition towards going back out there and working on it.

i will, but g’damn it’s gonna be rough… especially with this mini-heat wave we seem to be having this week.

after i finish this up, i’d like to do the front porch.

#whew  #gdamn  #paintingsucks

Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

well gang, it’s roll’n up on that time again… it’s beautifoo outside and happy hour is calling, so think i’ll wrap things up here and bounce… but before i do, here’s another quickie to get the weekend started.

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.



TGIF Mofo’s

one of the guys posted this at work earlier, and being a dumbass i clicked on it… now i’ve had this effin song stuck in my head all day.

so yeah, click on it… watch and listen to the whole thing, i dare ya.

c’mon man, join the pain.

#chuckle  #wimper

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It’s the Hypocrisy, Stupid

time to kick back, sip on some delicious morning coffee, and see what victor is talking about this week — It’s the Hypocrisy, Stupid

Some concerned Democrats are worried that their party may have lost the key blue-wall states because of its elitism, manifested as disdain for Americans between the coasts.

Perhaps emblematic of their worry is the strange metamorphosis of Hillary Clinton’s two presidential campaigns. In 2008, as Bill Clinton 2.0, she drank boilermakers, bragged about bowling and shooting, boasted about her resonance with the “white” working class, and clobbered Obama on his Pennsylvania clingers speech.

But after Obama’s win — and his assumed new formula of registering record numbers of minority voters and seeing them often vote in a bloc on the basis of racial solidarity — Clinton thought she too could follow this new pathway to Democratic victories. So she made the understandable political contortions.

This time around, Clinton was bent on out-Obaming Obama’s “clingers” with her own “deplorables” and “irredeemables.” Her campaign was based on pandering to identity-politics groups — while she had cashed in on Wall Street in what can be fairly called a payola scheme with Bill to enrich the Clinton Foundation and thus indirectly themselves. The result was both a cultural and economic affront to what used to be the bedrock of the Democratic party.

Americans neither hate nor envy meritocratic elites. Here in one of the poorer areas of the nation in rural southwestern Fresno County, the poor admire the skilled surgeons who operate on their children. Most of the new agri-barons are up-by-their-bootstraps ethnics: Basques, Punjabis, and descendants of the Okie diaspora and the 1960s waves of immigrants from Mexico who may now farm more than 2,000 or 3,000 acres of orchards and vineyards and on paper be worth $10 or $15 million, though they dress in old clothes and drive run-down pickups. They are looked upon as success stories worthy of emulation because most talk and act like the people who work for and with them.

So perhaps what drives proverbially average Americans crazy is not the success and money of others, but the condescension and hypocrisy of what a particular elite says contrasted with how it lives: The disconnect recalls the Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, the televangelist who on Sunday mornings three decades ago used to break into tears as he loudly condemned the sins of the flesh, while he privately indulged his worldly appetites.

Elites, whose lifestyles lead them to burn lots of carbon, rail about the Paris accords to those who get by burning lots less. What is galling is to see how little the elites’ green rhetoric is backed up by their green behavior. Could Hollywood celebrities at least for a year swear off the use of their private jets that emit more carbon emissions in a year than entire small towns in Ohio? Continue…

another good one from victor hanson, and well said… and yeah, i’d have to agree about how galling the whole hypocrisy thing goes… but to be fair, that’s really neither a liberal or conservative thing since they all are hypocrites to some degree IMHO.

i definitely need another espresso doubleshot.

PS. Victor Gold, R.I.P.

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Random Sexiness

after a quick lunch and lots of meetings, think it’s time to dip out for a few, stretch, and go for a walk to starbucks for a mid-afternoon espresso doubleshot… been trying to cut back on all the caffeine of late, but sometimes you just gotta say “fuck it” and roll, y’know?

sexy bitches ;)

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Video Game

The Story Behind Mass Effect: Andromeda

The Story Behind Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Troubled Five-Year Development

In 2012, as work on Mass Effect 3 came to a close, a small group of top BioWare employees huddled to talk about the next entry in their epic sci-fi franchise. Their goal, they decided, was to make a game about exploration—one that would dig into the untapped potential of the first three games. Instead of visiting just a few planets, they said, what if you could explore hundreds?

Five years later, it’s hard to find anyone who’s ecstatic with the results. Mass Effect: Andromeda, released in March 2017, disappointed even the biggest fans of BioWare’s longrunning series. Although some people enjoyed the game, it was widely pilloried, with critics slamming its uneven writing, frequent bugs, and meme-worthy animations (our own review was just lukewarm). The PS4 version of Andromeda has a 70% on Metacritic, lower than any BioWare game to date, including the ill-advised Sonic Chronicles.

Almost immediately, fans asked how this happened. Why was Andromeda so much worse than its predecessors? How could the revered RPG studio release such an underwhelming game? And, even if the problems were a little exaggerated by the internet’s strange passion for hating BioWare, how could Andromeda ship with so many animation issues? Continue…

a little bit on the gaming geek side, but thought it was pretty cool to read through what exactly happened behind the scenes on the 5-year development cycle for ME:Andromeda and what the hell happened… good stuff, especially if you’re a fan of the series.

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