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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

wow, i totally got sidetracked pretty hard today… talk about losing all sense of time, g’lord… oh well, better late than never right? ;)

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

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Remembering Stalingrad

Remembering Stalingrad 75 Years Later

Seventy-five years ago this month, the Soviet Red Army surrounded — and would soon destroy — a huge invading German army at Stalingrad on the Volga River. Nearly 300,000 of Germany’s best soldiers would never return home. The epic 1942–43 battle for the city saw the complete annihilation of the attacking German 6th Army. It marked the turning point of World War II.

Before Stalingrad, Adolf Hitler regularly boasted on German radio as his victorious forces pressed their offensives worldwide. After Stalingrad, Hitler went quiet, brooding in his various bunkers for the rest of the war.

During the horrific Battle of Stalingrad, which lasted more than five months, Russian, American, and British forces also went on the offensive against the Axis powers in the Caucasus, in Morocco and Algeria, and on the island of Guadalcanal in the Pacific.

Yet just weeks before the Battle of Stalingrad began, the Allies had been near defeat. They had lost most of European Russia. Much of Western Europe was under Nazi control. Axis armies occupied large swaths of North Africa. The Japanese controlled most of the Pacific and Asia, from Manchuria to Wake Island.

Stalingrad was part of a renewed German effort in 1942 to drive southward toward the Caucasus Mountains, to capture the huge Soviet oil fields. The Germans might have pulled it off had Hitler not divided his forces and sent his best army northward to Stalingrad to cut the Volga River traffic and take Stalin’s eponymous frontier city.

By the time two Red Army pincers trapped the Germans at Stalingrad in November, Russia had already suffered some 6 million combat casualties during the first 16 months of Germany’s invasion. By German calculations, Russia should have already submitted, just like all of the Third Reich’s prior European enemies except Britain. Continue…

oh yeah, these are the types of posts by victor hanson that got me hooked… always did like his more historical leaning articles, especially ones around WWII — almost feel like picking up the new Call of Duty… almost…

happy veterans day!

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Throwback Thursday

Thriller – Michael Jackson (1930s Jazz Cover) ft. Wayne Brady

not exactly a throwback, but a sweet new cover of an older song…

dig it, mang ;)

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Happy Hump Day

think it’s about time for my favorite post of the week… yeah man, you know what i’m talking about… uh huh, time for that mid-week booty break ;)

happy hump day!

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Thor: Ragnarok’s Biggest WTF Questions

Thor: Ragnarok’s 5 Biggest WTF Questions

oh man, i absolutely loved this movie! did you guys go see it this past weekend or what..?!

definitely had a more fun / guardians of the galaxy vibe than the previous two — which is a good thing if you ask me… didn’t like the other Thor movies, which is a shame cuz i loved reading his comics as a kid… both Thor and Hulk were among my personal favs… and wolverine, but who doesn’t like him?!

i mean, c’mon.

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Honest Trailers: Spider-Man Homecoming

i thought i already posted this, but scrolled down real quick and didn’t see it… i probably thought about it and posted it in my head, which happens from time-2-time… hey man, it happens.

just reminded me that i never picked this one up… think i was on the fence about whether to get it on regular bluray or 4k, and ended up never getting around to it…. hmmm, oh well… maybe they’ll have it on sale this coming black friday on amazon or something.

PS. adds mental reminder to self.

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John Wick Killstreaks

it was raining pretty much all day yesterday — not to mention it was also pretty damn cold, and my drive home last night was kinda brutal… lots of rain, along with a few car accidents, and bam! hello 3.5 hour drive back home… geeesh… so i grabbed some food and sat down and ended up watching John Wick 2 again, and g’damn i love that movie.

sooooooo fucking good.

haven’t really read anything about it, but i’m really hoping they come out with another one… keep that john wick killstreak going, dude!

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Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

well i just wrapped up about four hours of back-2-back meetings, and… well, yeah… time for a little break, a starbucks run, and maybe a walk around the building while vaping my ‘lil polish ass off… but figured before i dip out for a bit, i’d go ahead and drop a quickie.

i’d really love a boobimoji app! ;)

#grin  #chuckle

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Music Online/Web

Animoji Karaoke

oh man, my buddy ron just hit me with this and it’s by far the coolest thing i’ve seen online today.

aside from the gorgeous new screen on the new iPhone X, this is why i really want one…! can’t wait to get my animoji on :)


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Broncos Reach New Low

Denver Broncos reach new low in drubbing by Philadelphia Eagles

PHILADELPHIA — Ball security is job security.

That’s the saying, Brock Osweiler explained last week, and those were his marching orders as he took over as the Broncos’ starting quarterback for a second time. The Broncos hoped the small charge would create bigger change and “stabilize” an offense that desperately needed a jump-start.

But a single swap at quarterback couldn’t correct the Broncos’ long laundry list of problems, especially not against the NFL’s top team with an MVP candidate, Carson Wentz, at quarterback.

The Broncos again beat themselves Sunday, racking up 14 penalties and accruing mistake after mistake after mistake in all three phases while losing to the Eagles 51-23.

The loss was the Broncos’ fourth consecutive since the Week 5 bye, the longest losing streak since John Elway joined the front office in 2011, and it set them back to 3-5 in a season that seems long gone.

yeah, that was another hard game to watch… i wasn’t really expecing all that much, but still… damnit… guess i was kinda hoping that with Brock in there, maybe… just maybe… that would be the spark (hell, any spark) they needed to get roll’n.

oh well, season is already over if you ask me.

#sigh  #depressing

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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

well gang, it’s about that time again… wrap things up, shutdown the ‘ole computer, and head on out to get this weekend started… feel like i’ve got a lot to do, but damn if i’m having a hard time getting motivated to do anything… ugh… it’s the thought of spending a couple hours doing yard work, mang… fuck… just never ends, i swear… anywho, here’s a quickie to munch on ;)

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.



Gonna See Thor?

anybody else excited to go see the new Thor movie this weekend?

only downside is it’s not playing at the “nice” theater here, the one with the bar and big comfy VIP seating… so yeah, totally sucks and i dunno what the deal is, since they really should have the latest marvel movie… almost tempted to say “fuck that”, but man i really wanna see it.


PS. first world problems, i know… i know….

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Who Gets to Have Nuclear Weapons?

Who Gets to Have Nuclear Weapons — and Why?

Given North Korea’s nuclear lunacy, what exactly are the rules, formal or implicit, about which nations may have nuclear weapons and which may not?

It is complicated.

In the free-for-all environment of the 1940s and 1950s, the original nuclear club included only those countries with the technological know-how, size, and money to build nukes. Those realities meant that up until the early 1960s, only Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States had nuclear capabilities.

Members of this small club did not worry that many other nations would make such weapons, because it seemed far too expensive and difficult for most.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States adhered to an unspoken rule that their losing Axis enemies of World War II — Germany, Italy, and Japan — should not have nuclear weapons. Despite their financial and scientific ability to obtain them, all three former Axis powers had too much recent historical baggage to be allowed weapons of mass destruction. That tacit agreement apparently still remains.

The Soviet Union and the United States also informally agreed during the Cold War that their own dependent allies that had the ability to go nuclear — including eastern-bloc nations, most Western European countries, Australia, and Canada — would not. Instead, they would depend on their superpower patrons for nuclear deterrence.

By the 1970s, realities had changed again. Large and/or scientifically sophisticated nations such as China (1964), Israel (1967), and India (1974) went nuclear. Often, such countries did so with the help of pro-Western or pro-Soviet patrons and sponsors. The rest of the world apparently shrugged, believing it was inevitable that such nations would obtain nuclear weapons. Continue…

yeah man, it really is a complicated mess… though i like how he broke it down so i can better wrap my head around it — especially on a friday morning when i’m still working on my first cup of coffee… damn.

#yawn  #strettttcccchhhhhhhhh

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Houes of Cards Cancelled?!

House Of Cards Cancelled Because Kevin Spacey Loves Budding Boys

Kevin Spacey deserves an Oscar for finally finding the courage to live out the rest of his days as a gay man when the hard part of his career is over. Outstanding performance. Revealing your personal sexual preference behind door number one is in no way deflecting at all. He’s not attempting to hide behind the gay rainbow for protection from pedophilia accusations. There’s no way the public can be convinced you’re a certified kid diddler if you were fighting homosexual tendencies all along. These feelings and urges just happened to manifest themselves in the form of drunk dry humping some 14-year-old alone in a room watching TV. Unfortunately for Spacey western civilization has been desensitized to individuals who choose to come out of the closet. Public outcry won’t be over you enjoying the occasional penis in your mouth. But most of society will be upset when you come out of the “I like to take advantage of kids” closet. That’s why Netflix bet against the house. House of Cards won’t be renewed for another season. Congratulations, your affinity for the underaged cost a lot of actors their jobs.

damn man… i’ve loved that show for the past few years now, too.

damn you, kevin spacey.

Donald Trump Jr. Socialist Halloween In Penis Huggers

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Hidden Chamber Found @ Great Pyramid

Stunned Scientists Detect Suspected Hidden Chamber Within Great Pyramid of Giza

Though they were constructed nearly 5,000 years ago, the Great Pyramids of Egypt are still packed with secrets. Using a technique that leverages the power of cosmic rays, scientists have confirmed the presence of a large empty space within Khufu’s pyramid—a void that’s signaling the presence of a possible hidden chamber.

whoa… as much time as people have spent looking and scanning the great pyramids, it’s pretty amazing that at this point you’d hear something like this… simply incredible, kinda blows my mind.

those ancient egyptians were amazing.

#wow  #unbelievable

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Happy Hump Day

had to get up super early for a site release this morning, and work is just starting to wind down a bit… whew, what a day so far! time to run out and get some lunch because i just realized i haven’t eaten anything and i’m starving — but it is humpday, and i think my blog here needs something more… scenic… to look at, don’t you?

happy hump day! ;)

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Happy Halloween

just wanted to wish everybody a happy halloween :)

one of my favorite costumes i’ve seen so far in the office is one of the guys dressed up as a character from ‘Attack on Titans’ — how awesome is that? he said i was the only one around here that got / recognized it… haha

my son jayden and his girlfriends dressed up as Rick & Michonne from ‘The Walking Dead’ this year, which is pretty cool… kinda scary how well they pulled it off.

anybody dress up or see any really good ones so far?

PS. not sure i’m really looking forward to all the neighborhood kiddies again this year… was kinda rough last year, mostly because of all the damn teenagers.

PPS. left ;)


Losing To The Damn Chiefs

Siemian the last three weeks………

oh man, talk about something being hard to watch… like last night’s game between my broncos and the (fuck’n) chiefs… almost turned it off at half time, i was so disgusted… siemian looked aweful, guys dropping balls left and right, fumbles… hell, even the punt returner dropped the damn ball.

yeah, really hard to watch as a fan.

on the flipside, our defense still looks pretty awesome and are monsters out there for the most part… kept it from at least not being a total blowout, at the very least… started to look better the 2nd half of the game, but still wasn’t enough… at this point, i’m not sure what my broncos should do.

#sigh  &mutter  #disgusted

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Monday Music

really been diggin the latest album from “Portugal. The Man”, and had to go back and check out some of their earlier stuff… and man, they have so much good music… here’s an oldie but goodie from them that’s been in heavy rotation for me of late.

speaking of oldies but goodies, heard this on the radio while driving around this weekend and g’damn…

love this freak’n song, and always have to crank it the hell up.

always gets me pumped up, mang.


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Genius Halloween Costumes

10+ Genius Halloween Costume Ideas That Took Dressing Up To Another Level

man, i love this time of the year… the weather starts to turn to the cooler side, break’n out the hoodies, and always look forward to going out to some halloween parties… aside from all the fuck’n leaves around my house, it’s great.

funny enough, i remember dressing up as steve jobs one year and nobody got it — ummm, yeah… go figure.

PS. anybody go to any cool halloween parties over the weekend? :)

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