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Google Earth Porn

The new Google Earth puts stunning Earth porn right in Chrome

Google Earth has been reborn.

Google unveiled a completely redesigned Google Earth and it does away with the single worst thing about the previous version of the software. Out now for desktop and Android, it no longer requires a separate download — it’s available directly in Chrome.

The redesign also comes with a few new features. For one, Google has integrated its Knowledge Graph, the technology that powers the bite-sized chunks of information that are surfaced directly in search. Likewise in Google Earth, this means every location you search for comes with a “Knowledge Card” of location informations so you can dive into for more details about a particular place.

man, google earth really has come a loooooong way since it was first introduced… i still remember the beta, and how buggy it was, but now it’s just pretty awesome — always was, really — and love how it works in chrome now.

nice work, google :)

Customize AI Sex Robot For $20/Year

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It’s Lunch Time!

you really can’t go wrong with some delicious burgers on a beautifoo tuesday afternoon, now can ya?

just need a nice summer ale to wash it down.


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Humor/Funny Online/Web

North Korea Successfully Nukes Scientist

North Korea Successfully Detonates Nuclear Scientist

PYONGYANG—Hailing it as a significant step forward for their ballistic weapons program just hours after suffering a failed missile launch, North Korean leaders announced Monday they had successfully detonated a nuclear scientist.

“It was with great satisfaction this morning that I witnessed the detonation of a 156-pound nuclear scientist,” Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un said in a recorded statement, which appears to corroborate U.S. intelligence reports that a 0.7-magnitude tremor and large explosion had been detected at a bunker outside the city of Kusong at 9:42 a.m. local time, marking the nation’s first detonation of a major scientist since the days following a catastrophic rocket malfunction in 2012.

“With this glorious achievement, our laboratories have begun to move much faster toward completing our goal of building an indomitable nuclear arsenal capable of annihilating all cowardly Western aggressors. We are prepared to detonate multiple scientists every month as a demonstration of our might and determination.” Intelligence analysts have reportedly warned top American officials to take Kim at his word, noting that the North Korean regime has already built up a stockpile of nuclear scientists’ family members it is prepared to detonate at a moment’s notice.

is it wrong that i got a chuckle from this?

PS. gotta luv the onion.

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Interstellar vs. The Martian

this past weekend, a buddy was talking about movies and said something along the lines of “watched Interstellar again… so fucking good… blah blah blah… better than The Martian…” — and that’s where my ears perked up a little, and thought about it for a moment… personally, i liked The Martian better.

loved the science and seeing beautifoo martian landscapes… matt damon was a much better character, and it definitely had a better soundtrack that’s for damn sure… also had some good one liners, like “gonna have to science the shit outta this” and “take that Neil Armstrong!”.

i dunno, what do you guys think?

Video Game

Star Wars Battlefront II

EA Officially Reveals Star Wars Battlefront II, Single-Player And All

i know this might sound like heresy in some corners, but i actually got a little more excited seeing this “reveal” tailer for Star Wars Battlefront II than The Last Jedi trailer from the other day… i dunno, maybe i should go back and re-watch it again for the dozenth time.

either way, looking forward to both.


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Monday Music

speaking of coachella, here’s one of my personal favs… Prince cover of Radiohead’s “creep” from 2008.

that guitar solo at the end…. g’damn.

#RIP  #shreds  #chills

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So Much Coachella

anybody else spend half the weekend walking around listening into the live stream of coachella on their phones?

just wondering if it was just me ;)

lots of good music, mang.

PS. was a little surprised they closed out with kendrick lamar.

Online/Web Personal

Happy Easter

for whatever reason, i almost completely forgot/missed the fact that today was easter… thank goodness somebody mentioned it yesterday and i had one of those “oh shit” moments, then ran out and got a bunch of easter eggs & various chocolates for my nieces.

so happy easter! hope everybody’s having a good time and enjoying this fucking hot summer weather we’re having right now… fired up the grill yesterday and cooked up some BBQ chicken (south carolina style, super yummy) and sweated my ass off.

hell, think i lost 5 pounds just cooking.

PS. speaking of hell, my allergies have been killing me.

#FuckPollen  #BBQ  #WorthIt

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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

it’s a beautifoo friday afternoon, and right now all i really want to do is chill out and watch Rogue One again… especially after watching that Last Jedi teaser earlier… the jury’s still out on the new fast & furious movie, so we’ll see… but one things for certain, i’m gonna fire up the grill this weekend damnit :)

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice… and may the Force be with you.



Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Official Teaser

holy shit! okay, i just had my own official nerdgasm.

and yes, i’ll probably have to watch this another dozen times or so… still don’t know who the “Jedi” in The Last Jedi refers to… though that last part with Luke saying that it’s time for the Jedi to end?

goosebumps, mang.

PS. shit, what a tease! i want more damnit. ugh.

PS. grey jedi’s anybody? hmmm.


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Web Design

Why Government Websites Suck So Much

Why government websites suck so much, according to Obama’s White House webmaster

Our interactions with government websites are often memorable for all the wrong reasons. Whether you’re trying to change your official address or applying for a local permit, you’re likely to see conflicting information, have to pinch-and-zoom a non-responsive design, or need a law degree to understand the five-paragraph disclaimer below a simple log-in form.

In a world where industry giants like Facebook run hundreds of user experience tests daily, why are our government websites so far behind the curve? I witnessed this problem first hand at the US Department of State and while running the White Houses’s digital technology initiatives under Obama. And I discovered that while change does not exactly happen overnight in these large bureaucracies, it is possible. And we, as frustrated citizens, should be demanding it.

The Trump administration is focused on upgrading a crumbling public infrastructure, proposing to invest $1 trillion over 10 years. Though not crumbling, our government’s digital infrastructure is weak and inferior. The systems through which we receive government services should be deemed as critical​ as our roads and bridges.

We must remember that our government is here to serve the people. Military jets should not fall out of the sky, filing taxes should not fail, and you should get your social-security benefits on time. Using internet services quickly and easily should be no different. Government websites exist to provide citizens with essential services and information, yet more often than not, it is difficult to find voter registration information or the form to pay your parking ticket.

As citizens, it can be hard to understand why our local governments are so slow to innovate. In my experience, I found that it has less to do with technical ability and skill and more to do with an environment of complacency. Innovation requires risk, and that’s a potential headache most governments want to avoid. Continue…

oh man, what a great fucking read!


(hat tip: jayden)

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Movies Online/Web

I ♥ Fast & Furious

I Love the Fast and Furious Movies, and I’m Not Ashamed

I’ll just come out and say it: Furious 7 is my favorite film so far this year, and I love the series it’s a part of. If that makes me a philistine, I couldn’t care less.

Evidently, moviegoers and film critics nationwide agree. Not only did Furious 7 have the largest-ever box-office opening weekend in April (and the ninth-largest ever, period), it’s expected to keep its place at the top this coming weekend and holds an 82 percent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie is incredibly fun. In this latest installment, we get to see street racer Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) & Co. parachute cars out of cargo planes, drive them mid-air through one Abu Dhabi skyscraper into another, and dodge the attacks of a rogue predator drone on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. I’ve never been in a screening where the audience has cheered and burst into applause throughout more than in Furious 7 — in addition to its electrifying action, it’s chock-full of priceless one-liners delivered by stars like Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at just the right moments, and in just deadpan enough a fashion that they don’t come off as too ridiculous. Continue…

i pulled up NRO as i typically do on friday mornings, but my eyes immediately focused on this one… not something you’d typically see on there, so of course i was curious… not only that, but i’ve been a fan of the movies — mostly since Fast Five, which i thought was surprisingly good.

haven’t actually gone to the theater to see one, but to be honest i’m kinda curious about this new one that out today in theaters… not sure if it’s worth it, but i might go.

anybody else going to see it in the theater this weekend?

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Video Game

Goodbye NES Classic

Nintendo Discontinues The NES Classic

Nintendo has abruptly decided to end North American production of the NES Classic, one of their most popular items in years, the company said today. […]

The NES Classic, an adorable miniature computer with an NES-styled shell that plays 30 different classic NES games, has been one of the most popular limited edition items in recent memory, leading to widespread supply shortages. Scalpers have made a fortune buying up NES Classics and marking up prices on eBay, and this decision will no doubt exacerbate that problem.

Given the widespread excitement, interest, and sales of the NES Classic, it only makes sense for Nintendo to stop selling it.

what the fuck..?!

why the hell would they stop making the damn thing, especially when there’s been so much hype and excitement over it… i tried like hell to get my grubby little paws on one over this past christmas, and still never managed to get one (or three)… ugh… whatevs.

nintendo, you suck.

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A Tribute To Carrie Fisher

Watch Star Wars Celebration’s Touching Tribute to Carrie Fisher and Cry All the Tears

Today, Star Wars Celebration kicked off in Orlando—but one very special member of the Star Wars cast, the dearly missed Carrie Fisher, could not be there to stand alongside her fellow actors. Instead, we have this beautiful tribute to a mother, a princess, a general, and a hero beloved by all.

Played at the end of this year’s 40th anniversary panel, the tribute, accompanied by messages from George Lucas, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, and Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd, the special video concluded with a heartwrenching live performance of “Leia’s Theme,” conducted by John Williams.

it’s been almost a year now(?), and… well, damn.



U.S. Drops MOAB In Afghanistan

U.S. drops ‘MOAB,’ a ‘Mother of All Bombs,’ in Afghanistan

The U.S. Air Force has deployed a so-called GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, known as the “Mother of All Bombs,” in Afghanistan, according to reports citing military personnel. The bombing was confirmed by White House spokesman Sean Spicer in his daily press briefing.

The more-than-20,000-pound bomb, referred to as a bunker buster, was dropped Thursday by an MC-130 aircraft, operated by an Air Force special unit, NBC reported.

Sources told the news organization that the mission targeted an ISIS tunnel network and personnel in the Achin district of Nangarhar Province, near the border with Pakistan.

MOAB is the largest nonnuclear bomb and is valued primarily for its ability to penetrate deep into Earth’s surface. According to an article from the Global Research Centre for Research on Globalization, such bombs are able to drill through 200 feet of reinforced concrete.

holy shit man! the largest non-nuclear bomb in the world, with a 1 mile blast radius?!


saw a tweet scroll by with something like “are we headed to WWIII?” and clicked the link… damn man, that’s some crazy shit… then again, on the flipside, maybe we should’ve been dropping these damn things on those crazy cave systems in afghanistan all along, and flush all those Taliban/Al-Qaeda/ISIS terrorists out.

China flaunts military might on state TV…

PS. just thought of that scene in the first Iron Man movie, with Tony Stark giving that weapons demo… lol

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Watch Porn

love me some watches, and went through a “watch” phase where i stared to buy and kinda collect them… probably got a couple dozen watches, though to be honest all i really wear nowadays is my apple watch.

sexy bitches ;)

Online/Web Schweeeet

Japanese Zodiac Lingerie

Japanese Artist Turns Your Zodiac Sign Into Sultry Real-Life Lingerie

If you’re not one to take time off to look up and appreciate the sky, perhaps this anime artist’s lingerie collection may convert you into a stargazer.

Japanese illustrator ‘papao_pao’ reimagined the 12 zodiac signs as a mystical lingerie collection—and to bring the fantasies of star-struck fans to life, lingerie manufacturer Izumi has turned the sketches into actual undergarments.

Based on the illustrator’s ’12 Signs of the Zodiac’ Twitter series, the lingerie pieces intricately feature astrological elements such as the colors of signs and the symbols that represent them. They’re split into four categories: fire, earth, water, and air. Currently, Izumi has released a piece from each group.

niiiiiiiiiice :)

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Unemployed Video Gamers

Are Video Games Keeping You Unemployed?

Video games keep getting more complex and visually appealing, so it’s no wonder more people are drawn to them nowadays. But this new era of compelling digital entertainment could have a dark side for unemployed young men.

It might sound like something an old man shouts from his rocking chair, but kids these days appear to be more interested in escapism than diving into the job market. A preliminary report from economists at Princeton, the University of Rochester and the University of Chicago, suggests a strong link between electronic leisure activities and unemployment rates for men in their 20s.

According to their data, the employment rate for young men without a college education has dropped considerably since 2000, and a lot of these unemployed men aren’t married and live with their parents or other family members. No work and no responsibility means they have more time for leisure activities, and gaming takes up 75% of that time. In fact, the report suggests that up to 1/3 of the decline in work hours done by men in this group can be attributed to the increased use of technology for entertainment. Essentially, a lot of young, non-college educated men are living in their parents’ basement playing video games all day. But why? Continue…

this just reminded of an article i read awhile back — maybe a year or two? i dunno — about how younger guys in their late teens and twenties not being all that interested in sex… that video games was near top of the list of girlfriends complaints, since they felt they were competing with a game for attention, etc… that between online porn and video games, girls were feeling pretty shafted.

dunno, found it both surprising and understandable in a way… though to be honest, i’m not sure why you can’t have both.

…but that’s just me ;)


Happy Hump Day

feel like i’m coming up on that mid-afternoon post-lunch need a nap slump… time to step away from the computer, stretch, and take a booty break… and maybe a starbucks doubleshot run.

happy hump day!

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Humor/Funny Movies

Honest Trailers: Rogue One

Honest Trailers – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

man, i love these honest trailers and have been looking forward to seeing what they came up with for Rogue One… good stuff! though that last bit with “Suicide Squad – An Unnecessary Star Wars Story” was a bit harsh… i mean… damn.


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