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Minneapolis Cop Shooting

Officials: Australian woman shot after cops heard loud sound

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — An Australian woman who called 911 to report a possible assault was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer after the officer’s partner was startled by a loud sound near their squad car, the partner told investigators Tuesday.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said Justine Damond, 40, approached the driver’s side window of the squad car immediately after the driver had been startled by the sound. The officer in the passenger seat, Mohamed Noor, fired his weapon, hitting Damond through the open driver’s side window, the BCA said.

The BCA said its information was based on an interview with the officer driving the car, Officer Matthew Harrity. Harrity was interviewed Tuesday, but Noor declined to be interviewed. The BCA said his attorney did not indicate when, or if, Noor would talk to investigators, and under the law an interview can’t be compelled.

Messages left with Noor’s attorney were not immediately returned Tuesday.

Harrity and Noor are on paid administrative leave. Harrity has been with the Minneapolis police department for one year, and Noor has been with the department for nearly two.

some guys at work were talking about this yesterday and i had no idea at first what they were talking about… so googled up a quick link and read what happened, and… damn man, that’s pretty fucked up… so this lady calls the cops cuz she thinks some woman might be getting raped behind her house, they show up and as she walks out to the cops the guy in the passenger seat pulls out his gun and shoots the lady in the stomach?!??

what the fuck?

#WTF  #WhiteLivesMatter

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Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

another hot ass day in virginia, lots of meetings which is pretty normal for my tuesdays (and thursdays), but at least the catered lunch was good… and i’m thinking a round or two of foosball over a beer might be in order today.

save the ta-tas ;)


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Dissecting Latest Star Wars: Last Jedi Footage

All the Details and Secrets We Spotted in the Latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi Footage

D23 is upon us this weekend, and with it, a new behind-the-scenes glimpse at the next chapter in the Star Wars saga. But although the movie didn’t offer us a full trailer, what we did get was still jam-packed with little hints and clues as to what’s to come for Luke, Leia, Rey, Finn, and Poe.


oh man, talk about a shitload of image/gif dissecting and musings on every little tiny second of a movie trailer… g’damn… okay, i really do need to try to avoid these.

…and what’s this about Thanos throwing a damn planet?!?

RIP George Romero, the Man Behind the Modern Zombie

PS. curiosity’s a bitch.

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Online/Web TV

Game of Thrones, Season 7 Premiere

Game of Thrones Is Back, and Things Are About to Get Very, Very, Very Bad

After last year’s incredible, explosive, monumental season finale, last night’s quiet season seven premiere almost seems like a PG fantasy film… even despite it beginning with bit of mass murder. But watching it closely, you can see the new problems that will plague the characters this season, and will likely lead to their downfall—assuming an army of the dead doesn’t get them first.

“Dragonstone” won’t go down as one of the show’s grander season premieres, as it’s more interested about reestablishing where its main characters are before rushing into the game’s “final round,” as it were. It’s certainly understandable, and since we had to wait an extra four months before the new season began, it’s probably not the wrong choice, either. But it’s hard to think about the explosive (often literally) events of the season six finale and not find “Dragonstone” a bit too sedate and prologue-y.

Which is funny, because the actual prologue of the episode—one of the show’s few pre-credits scenes—is so full of death. Arya, now masquerading as Walder Frey himself, calls a feast and invites every single Frey involved in the Red Wedding. Once they’re all there, “Frey” raises a toast to them, and their accomplishments, and how they slaughtered the Starks, and by that point dozens and dozens of Freys are dying because they’ve all been poisoned.

So when I say the season seven premiere was quiet after another gig in Arya Stark’s Westerosi Murder Tour, it should tell you exactly how quiet things were. Jon and Sansa address the Stark bannermen. Bran and Meera are let through the Wall. Cersei and Jaime get ready for war. Sam empties chamberpots at Oldtown. Euron Greyjoy offers an alliance to Cersei, based primarily out of a shared desire to murder family members. And the Hound takes a good, long hard look into the Red Priest’s fire, and what he sees is ice and death. Continue…

oh man, almost forgot just how much i love this show… even after all these years of watching, i still can’t help but get pumped up just hearing that opening theme song — which i still think is one of my all time favorite tv show openings… i mean, the map… the animations… the theme song… all together it still kicks ass, and i’m really glad they never changed it.

can keep reading about the episode, though it’s obviously filled with spoilers if you didn’t watch the episode last night… i thought it kicked ass, and flew by wayyyyyy too damn quickly for my liking… especially after waiting so damn long, it almost felt like the whole episode was 10 minutes long or something… before i knew it, it was over and the ending credits were on, and i was like “shiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!”

PS. who else binge watched season 6 this past week? :)

Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

well gang, it’s about that time once again… time to wrap things up and bounce out a little early — so we can get a good spot at the local sports bar for happy hour :)

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.


Online/Web TV

Game of Thrones: Winter Hits This Sunday

sweet baby jesus… after a looooooong wait, the new season of Game of Thrones is finally almost here! fuck yeah… can’t wait.

i went ahead and signed up for HBO yesterday, so i’m all ready to go… figure it’s worth a couple months of HBO just to get my GoT fix.

#FuckYeah  #WinterIsHere

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Video Game

Destiny 2: New Sentinel Titan Subclass

Destiny 2: Creating the Sentinel Titan Subclass

when i first heard that the new Titan in Destiny 2 would have a Captain American type shield, i thought it was kinda lame… until i watched this video.

if i pick-up Destiny 2, and i’m seriously thinking about it even though i felt kinda burned when the first Destiny came out… i might have to go with this new Titan class, because that looks pretty badass.

PS. Destiny 2 beta starts up next week.

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Babe of the Day

elizabeth hurley, posting a snap of herself out in the garden in a bikini…

crazy to think that she’s in her 50’s.

i mean… wow.

#blink  #babe

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Food Porn

oh man, seriously?! this is what you get when you combine two totally awesome things — s’mores and brownies.

fuck me.

#delicious  #yummy

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The NK Conundrum

West Can Neither Live with nor Take Out North Korean Nukes

North Korea recently test-launched a long-range missile capable of reaching Alaska.

When North Korea eventually builds a missile capable of reaching the U.S. mainland, it will double down on its well-known shakedown of feigning indifference to American deterrence while promising to take out Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle unless massive aid is delivered to Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-un rightly assumes that wealthy Western nations would prefer to pay bribe money than suffer the loss of a city — and that they have plenty of cash for such concessions. He is right that the medicine of taking out Kim’s missiles is considered by Western strategists to be even worse than the disease of living with a lunatic regime that has nukes.

No wonder that the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations had few answers to North Korea’s serial lying and deceit about its nuclear intentions. Sanctions were eventually dropped or watered down, either on reports of the mass starvation of innocent North Korean civilians or on false promises of better North Korean behavior.

China publicly promised to help rein in its unhinged client while privately doing nothing. Apparently, Beijing found a rabid North Korean government useful in bothering rivals such as the Japanese and South Koreans while keeping the U.S. off balance in Asia and the Pacific. The dynamic economies and pacifism of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan were taken for granted by China as easy targets for coercion and blackmail.

Russia is never any help. Under President Vladimir Putin, Russian foreign policy is reductive: Whatever causes the United States and its allies a major headache is by definition welcomed.

There seems to be zero chance of a North Korean coup or a Chinese intervention to remove Kim. The brainwashed North Korean population is cut off from global news and knows nothing other than three generations of Kim family dictators. The military junta that surrounds Kim is likely as aggressive as its leader. These functionaries see his survival as the only guarantee of their own privilege and influence.

A preemptory strike might not get all of North Korea’s nuclear missiles and could prompt a conventional response that would wreck nearby Seoul — a scenario about which North Korea openly brags.

Pyongyang believes that only the Israelis are wild enough to preempt and bomb neighboring nuclear facilities, as they did in 1981 against Iraq and again in 2007 against Syria. And yet Israel attacked only because neither Iraq nor Syria had created deterrence by possession of a single deliverable nuclear weapon.

What are the bad choices for the Western alliance in defanging North Korea before it miscalculates and sends a missile that prompts a war?

man, i swear… north korea is like this crazy itch that just won’t go away, isn’t it? normally it’d be kinda insane to think that they’d actually shoot off some nukes — but then again, they’re kinda crazy so you can’t really discount the possibility either.

most of the time i just feel like most of this crap will never end…

#sigh  #ugh

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Online/Web Schweeeet

Random Sexiness

so much sexiness, so little time…….

sexy bitches ;)

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Humor/Funny Sports Video

Peyton Manning @ ESPYS

Peyton Manning Opening Monologue at ESPYS 2017

i got a chuckle from this… i mean, who knew that peyton manning could be so funny?


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Fate of the Furious

was having a beer over at my neighbors last night — damn he makes some mean fucking ribs! — and movies came up, so asked him if he’d seen the lastest Fast & Furious movie… of course he had, a couple times in matter of fact, and gave me a “copy” to watch.

so that’s what i did when i got back home, and i gotta say that i was genuinely kinda surprised… probably because i really wasn’t expecting all that much, but i thought it was actually better than the last one… though Dom’s acting kinda gets on my nerves at times, and Roman seemed more of a clown than usual… and though i’m a fan of Charlize Theron, she just looked a little weird to me… like she just had plastic surgery or something, i dunno.

anywho, definitely a fun popcorn movie :)

PS. just can’t take these things too damn seriously.

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Happy Hump Day

time for a quick mid-week booty break, i believe…

happy hump day :)

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Fast & Furious In Space?!

Here’s How the Fast & Furious Franchise Could Get To Space

The heroes of The Fast and the Furious series have taken on the Yakuza, hordes of self-driving cars, and a goddamn submarine. Given that each Fast & Furious movie has gotten increasingly more insane, there’s only one way the franchise’s next installment is going to be able to top its predecessors: by blasting off.

To put it bluntly, Fast & Furious is going to have to go to outer space if it wants to continue in the tradition of upping the ante, in terms of both stakes and stunts. Not only does director F. Gary Gray know this on some level, but he’s totally down to make it happen. During a recent interview with Screen Rant, Gray said that given how unbelievable some of the franchise’s previous eight films have been, getting the Crew into space isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

i never did get around to seeing the new Fast & Furious movie… not sure why, since i enjoyed the last couple of ’em… well, i liked Fast 5 and 6, but was mostly kinda “bleh” with the last one… so yeah, figure i’ll eventually either redbox it or just wait for it to come on FX or soemthing.

PS. anybody go to the theater to see it?

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Online/Web Personal Video

Jeffe: The Vlogging Virgin

my buddy jeff just hit me up with his very first vlog that he filmed, edited, and posted up to youtube.

nicely done, buddy!

5 hours of editing for 5 minutes?! shit, although i can totally believe it… still sounds pretty crazy mang.



Internet’s Fucked. Again.


FCC chairman Ajit Pai is fond of saying that “the internet was not broken in 2015” when he argues for repeal of our nation’s net neutrality rules. This is particularly funny to me, because in 2014 I literally wrote an article called “The internet is fucked.

Why was it fucked? Because the free and open internet was in danger of becoming tightly controlled by giant telecom corporations that were already doing things like blocking apps and services from phones and excusing their own services from data caps. Because the lack of competition in the internet access market let these companies act like predatory monopolies. And because our government lacked the will or clarity to just say what everyone already knows: internet access is a utility.

Most of these things are still true, even after the Obama-era FCC under Chairman Tom Wheeler reclassified internet access as a Title II telecommunications service and imposed strict net neutrality rules on wired and wireless internet providers. And most of these things will get even worse when Pai pushes through his plan to rescind Title II and those rules, despite widespread public outcry. Continue…

man, it just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?


Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

feel like i’m about to drop into a post-lunch coma here… probably a good time to step outside for a quick walk or something, but with it being so damn hot outside of late it’s just not as appealing as it normally is… hmmmm… either way, think it’s time for a quick break.

yup, some things are worth fight’n for ;)


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Introducing Gifmock

Gifmock is a simple desktop application that helps you create high quality GIFs from your mockups.

I got introduced to the whole remote thing about a year and a half ago—that’s when I joined InVision by way of an acquihire. While remote work has a lot of benefits, it also comes with its challenges—communication being the main struggle. Living in Australia while the rest of your team is spread across America and Europe doesn’t make it any easier.

In order to get my ideas across, I had to learn to communicate better, asynchronously and more often. I tried a lot of different things: video calls, screen recordings, Slack messages, Basecamp, emails, the list goes on. Video calls are awesome but require people to be online at the same time. Screen recordings are great but require people to actually watch your video. And Slack messages are good but often get missed…

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s when I started adding GIFs to various documents and Slack messages I was sharing with my team. Not one of those funny meme GIFs, but GIFs showing interactions in my designs. It turned out to be an effective way to communicate something interactive quickly—without requiring all the unnecessary overhead of video and documentation. You must be straight to the point when communicating with others—animated GIFs can help you do exactly that.

Problem was, creating those GIFs was extremely time consuming. I would design my states in Sketch and export those so I could open them in Photoshop. From there, I would overlay them on top of each other and turn visibility on and off via the timeline. And to make things worse, every time I would make a change in my design, I had to go through this whole cumbersome process all over again. Not ideal, right?

That’s when I decided to build a tool that would make it easy to create animated GIFs. Gifmock was born.

the internet has long been a bit GIF crazy, and i feel like it’s been around for as long as i can remember… between porn, kittens, and Gifs, it doesn’t feel like we’ve really progressed all that far sometimes y’know? :)

anywho, thought this was pretty cool.

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Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2017: the best deals…

Prime Day 2017 has arrived, and Amazon is opening the floodgates to unleash a wave of deals upon the world. Festivities kick off right now, July 10th at 9PM EST / 6PM PST, and will run for 30 hours until 2:59AM EST (July 12th) / 11:59PM PST (July 11th) on Amazon’s website.

Amazon tends to run two kinds of deals on Prime Day: regular discounts, which will appear throughout the day and function as regular discounted Amazon purchases; and Lightning Deals, which will only be available at specific times (check that page frequently) and for specific amounts of product before ending. We here at The Verge are doing our best to filter the wheat from the chaff for you here, and highlight the best deals as we find them.

i’m sure there’s some pretty good deals out there, but i just can’t get that into it… i did just head over and pulled up some 4K blurays to see if they had some crazy awesome “deals” on ’em, but it looks like the same prices as i saw the other day so i’m guess that’s kind of a bust.

so yeah, if you’re excited about it and shopping for deals on amazon today… g’luck!

PS. damn you amazon.

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