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Ordered My iPhone X

iPhone X availability slips into December

Phone X availability is constrained but not as bad as it could have been after months of rumors that stock would be severely limited. Apple stores in the US, UK, China, Japan and elsewhere show five to six weeks for delivery, while the Apple Store in Hong Kong simply says “no supply available.” If you want it faster, the only other option is to join a line at an Apple retail store or buy off eBay for a markup. Otherwise, the only people getting an iPhone X on November 3rd were shopping online at 3AM in their underpants.

i probably should’ve gotten up at 3am like i originally planned on doing to pre-order the new iPhone X… but i stopped at a local AT&T store the other day to double-check on whether i was eligible, and how much the payoff would be etc… went ahead and paid off the $150 owed on my iphone, and setup an appointment for 10am this morning… got up, drove over, and met with the same guy i talked to the other day… but when it was all done, he said i probably wouldn’t be getting it until sometime between december 4-18th… ummm… fuck… seriously?!?!

oh well, i’m not all that surprised or upset though… feel like this kinda stuff happens all the time with new iphones.

anybody else getting the new iPhone X?



  1. Nope, didn’t want to pay a premium and I’m very happy with the 8+


  2. I kinda struggled with the choice between the two, to be honest… i have the unlimited plan and can upgrade every year, and wouldn’t have cost me much to just snag an 8+ (not to mention no wait time)… but then i was at the store and said “fuck it”.

    #shrugs #sigh


  3. Just ordered mine last night. Should be shipped between Nov 17-24 (2-3 weeks). I don’t really need it—I’m actually really happy with my 7+… but I want to figure out how to design around the notch. I have a feeling that all apple products are going to be moving in that direction (with their iPads, etc).

    And yeh, these new phones are getting hella expensive. I’m probably going to sell off my current phone.


  4. Looked into it, shocked at the price especially in Canadian dollars!


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