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New Captain America Is… Black!

Marvel is replacing Steve Rogers with the new, black Captain America

Marvel is making big changes this year. In a special segment of the Colbert Report this evening, the comics giant announced that Steve Rogers will pass his star-spangled shield on to Sam Wilson in the fall, making Wilson (otherwise known as the Falcon) the first black man to take on the official role of Captain America. This shift comes only a day after Marvel revealed plans to give the role of yet another founding Avenger, Thor, to a woman this fall, and follows with Marvel’s overall push for more diversity in its biggest titles.

That Colbert got to announce the change is altogether fitting; Cap’s shield has been on display on his show since early 2007, when Marvel “bequeathed” the shield to the host following Steve Rogers’ assumed death in the aftermath of the Civil War event series. Wilson will take up the mantle as a result of more recent events in Captain America continuity, however. In Captain America #21, Rogers fights his greatest foe yet in the Iron Nail, only to have the villain drain him of the super-soldier serum keeping him young and super strong. As a result, Cap is not only de-powered, but ages into an old man.

first Thor becomes a woman, and now Steve Roger’s has gone black? stop all the crazy talk!

that’s cool though, as long as they do it well/right then hopefully everybody won’t be confused — kinda doubt it though… i usually hate it when they switch actors playing a role in a good movie… almost too many to list off the top of my head.

p.s. almost wonder if there’ll be a captain american + obama meme… can see having some fun with that. heh.

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One Comment

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