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Malaysia Airliner Shot Down Over Ukraine

Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 295 people reported shot down near Ukraine-Russia border

A Malaysia Airlines passenger plane was reportedly shot down near the Ukraine-Russia border Thursday killing all 295 people on board, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior ministry said.

Both government officials and pro-Russia separatists fighting in the region denied responsibility.

An aide quoted by Interfax said the total number of dead in the crash was more than 300 and includes 23 U.S. citizens, while an Associated Press reporter at the scene reported seeing at least 22 bodies.

In brief comments made in Delaware Thursday afternoon, President Obama called the crash a “terrible tragedy.” He added the White House was aware of reports of American fatalities and was working to determine whether there were U.S. citizens on board flight MH17.

damn man, that’s just fucking horrible.

p.s. malaysia just can’t catch a break…



  1. Not the 1st time Ukrainians shot down a passenger plane, a few years back they hit a plane from Israel by “mistake”


  2. Have you seen the tweet by one of the passengers where he said,”If this goes missing this is what it looked/looks like.” Not kidding, pretty creepy mang.


  3. @djmac: didn’t see the tweet, but damn that does sound creepy as hell.

    @george: no shit? totally missed that one… gonna go google it.


  4. Several lower flying aircraft have been shoot down in recent day, and it appears the Russian backed/support/supplied militants are trigger happy, as a result this murder has happen!

    Putin is behind this.

    The tweet is of the wrong aircraft check the REG. 9M-MRC in tweet, aircraft down is 9M-MRD.


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