2014 Macbook Air Update

Apple’s MacBook Air is now faster and $100 cheaper

seems pretty damn incremental, as far as updates go… but i guess you get a small speed bump out of it, battery life looks to actually be even better (12 hours? nice), and it’s a $100 cheaper… so not too shabby, i suppose.

i was just hoping for the retina screens i remember reading about awhile back, but i guess they’re holding out until next year.



  1. This is just the beginning of them positioning for future releases. They’ve got a new retina macbook due out late summer. Not sure if it’ll have the Air name or what but expect a small screen, I’m betting on 11.8″ diagonal and super thin, even iPad thin. But if you want a MacBook Air retina today…they have one: 13″ retina MacBook Pro. Super thin & light. Great computer, great value. With the new Air pricing the spread is a little more but it’s like a couple hundred bucks to jump from an Air to Pro with almost no difference in weight.


  2. y’know, you’re probably right… it’s been awhile, but might have to checkout the 13″ rMBP again — guess the big diff really comes down to battery life, which is why most peeps like the Air so much. not sure if the rMBP’s real-world battery use comes as close?

    guess what it comes down to is i’d like the best of both worlds, if possible… the gorgeous retina screens and the long battery life of the Air. :/

    wonder if they’ll come out with that black “liquid metal” i remember seeing ages ago, too? hmmm…..


  3. You’re drooling fo0!


  4. yeah, guess i am kinda… lol


  5. Just FYI, I constantly get 12-15 hours a day in my Lenovo Helix (when connected to Keyboard). I’ve gone all day long sometimes without a power cord (though I skip the MKVs those days).


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