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iPhone X Cost Breakdown

iPhone X Component Costs Estimated at $357.50

Apple’s new iPhone X costs $357.50 to make, according to estimates sourced from TechInsights and shared today by Reuters. At an estimated $357.50 to produce with a price tag of $999, the iPhone X has a gross margin of 64 percent, higher than the iPhone 8’s gross margin of 59 percent.

i can’t help but raise an eyebrow and feel a little nauseous whenever i see one of these cost breakdown posts, especially regarding the iPhone… i mean, the profit margin on these is fucking sick pretty crazy.

that being said, i should be getting my iPhone X this week and i can’t wait to get my hands on it… i know it’s really silly, but i just can’t wait to send my nieces some silly animoji’s :)



  1. And yet, I’m pretty sure this is only if you add up all the components, right? Design, Research & Development, Assembling, Marketing etc probably amounts to more than $360, right?

    At least I would hope so, cause the damn thing goes for 1,199€ over here, which is like $1,450 at the moment. You can get a damn MacBook for that price.


  2. Yeah, that’s just for the components…. add them all up, and the new iPhone X costs apple $357.50

    ….but sells for something like $1,400 retail.

    Even with R&D, and marketing… that’s still one helluva price hike!!!



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