Fireworks by Drone

not sure about the choice of music to accompany this one, but there’s a few amazing shots in there… and never seen fireworks from an aerial drone’s point of view before.


  1. Did you read: American Apparel Apologizes for Using Challenger Disaster Photo Instead of Fireworks

  2. holy shit…. man, what fucking tools!


  3. No content, man….. where’s the vid?

  4. NM… had to go to the home page to see it. The link from FB was bunk.

  5. hmmm…. yeah, not sure how or why vids aren’t showing up for ya ‘n shit… view-source? facebook?


  6. Pretty sure I know which one this is. Suggest you go check at and look for the “Disney Fireworks” in Anaheim on the map. That’ll let you watch it.

  7. Music is awesome FoO. Come on man.

  8. Awesome! and I agree with DougieOh! Con te Partiro is a classic piece! I think this was performed by Andrea Boccelli? it was also used on a Soprano’s episode, kind of makes a guy want to visit Italy

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