Dumbest Cop Ever

The World’s Dumbest Cop Pulled Over a Porn Star, Guess What Happened Next

When hearing this story for the first time, we thought that it had to be fake, no one could be that stupid! But yes, this cop, was in fact very stupid.

James Randy Moss, served 4 years of probation for his idiotic and hilarious actions, after stopping Justis Ellen Richert, who’s known in the “industry” as Barbie Cummings. [...]

Cummings said she told the trooper about her job and sat beside him in the front seat of his cruiser as he checked her Web site from his state-issued laptop. She said he ended up tossing the pills into the bushes, then said yes when she offered him oral sex.

Cummings said the trooper shot photos and video of the act with his cell phone and sent her copies. He then asked her to put them on her blog so he could brag to his buddies on the force.

And, he still wrote her a ticket.

so the cop pulled her over, got a blowjob and filmed it (dumbass)… and still gave her a fucking ticket? WTF?!

(hat tip: annie)