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‘Distracted Walking’ Outlawed?

City Looks To Outlaw ‘Distracted Walking’; Fines For Texting During Strolls…

STAMFORD, Conn. — Drivers aren’t the only ones who could be fined for texting or talking.

Now, there’s a proposal to keep pedestrians safe that could set off a national trend.

Crossing busy Broad Street in downtown Stamford can be a challenge, even if you’re not staring down at text messages on your cell phone.

“I see mothers pushing their babies, they’re texting and I’m like how do y’all do all this at this intersection? That scares me,” Dawn Thompson said.

“There been many times where I looked down on my phone and then notice that there’s a car coming right at me, and I feel like a moron whenever that happens,” Nicole Neurohr said. Texting or even talking on an electronic device may soon be illegal in Stamford if a proposal to outlaw ‘distracted walking’ is approved.

“They’re oblivious to cars,” Stamford City representative, John Zelinsky said.

Zelinsky said the Pedestrian Safety Ordinance is modeled after one approved in Honolulu late last month, and would carry a $30 fine if police catch you in the act.

at first blush, sure does seem rather silly to be going after people who are talking/using their phones while walking… is it a thing? sure, we all do it… but i might actually lose my shit if some cop stopped me while walking down the sidewalk and gave me a damn ticket — i mean, are you fucking kidding me?!

now dipshits driving down the road while using their phones is a whole ‘nother thing… i swear, it’s gotten worse… i probably lose my shit at least once or twice a week due to some distracted driver swerving around on the road, only to pass them and see that they’re using (or playing a fucking game?!) on their phones. grrrrr…

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  1. I live in Stamford! Funny that this is making national news!
    I doubt it will ever pass.


  2. Holy shit…. you live there?!? hahaha

    Man, well dunno if it’ll pass or not… but if it does, better not walk around while looking at your phone!

    Still kinda boggles my mind.


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