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Today’s Lunch

getting into work and seeing that indian food was on the lunch calendar for today… almost made that 2 and a half hour drive into work this morning worth it.

who am i kidding, it was totally worth it mang! :)

#emmmmmmmmm  #tastyyyyyyy

Design Online/Web Work

My Co-Worker Behnaz Featured on CNN

Behnaz Babazadeh’s candy burqas challenge cultural stereotypes

(CNN)The image of a veiled woman has become one of the most politically charged images of our time. The head-to-toe burqa, with a slit only for the eyes, is the most controversial of all the modes of veiling from a non-Muslim point of view.

“The Edible Burka” by Afghan-American photographer Behnaz Babazadeh plays on people’s fears — of otherness, of political correctness — to create an unforgettable work that led to a TED talk on her unique cross-cultural practice.

Arriving in the US from Afghanistan (via Iran) as a very young child, Babazadeh remembers the reaction to her desire to wear pretty fabric around her face, as was her custom. It wasn’t considered necessary in her new life.
Then, as a teenager in the aftermath of 9/11, her desire to understand the mores of a country many Americans had scarcely heard of, propelled her towards a creative practice.

An academically trained designer, Babazadeh turned to photography to document her elaborate experimentation. It has become the evidence of her inquiry.

While she was still studying, she heard about a woman in the UK known as Latex Lady, a BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism) submissive who had burqas custom-made in latex as her preferred form of restrictive clothing. Her view of the burqa was as a utilitarian garment that could help her live her daily life; a view diametrically opposed to the usual Western perception of the Taliban’s sartorial preference.

Babazadeh made a film inspired by this attitude — “Burkaphilia” — and also began a series of conversations with her grandmother, through which she came to understand how her culture’s outlawing of intimacy of any kind before marriage left women and men with no idea how to behave on their wedding night.

Babazadeh’s creative response was to further explore the idea of the burqa as a fetish object. The desire to create an edible burqa grew from a personal need to create an East-West dialogue, akin to the one taking place in her own mind.

somebody posted this link in slack this morning at work, and i was pretty amazed… how crazy awesome, right? i mean, i’ve been working with behnaz for the past few years… knew about her continuing thing with the burqa’s, and remember how nervous she was about the TED talk — but damn, still pretty awesome.

congrats behnaz! you go gurl :)

#ThumbsUp  #GoBehnaz


What’s For Lunch Today?

i’m only driving into the office once a day now, so on tuesdays one of the things i look forward to or find myself wondering is, “what’s for lunch today?”

so today we got Roti’s catered in for lunch… good stuff, though i’m still not 100% sure it’s worth that two hour drive in traffic… but then again, it certainly could be worse.

#thumbsup  #freefood  #yummy


Hackathon, EP24

yup, that’s right… i’m smack dab in the middle of another addthis hackathon — where we work on a project (or projects) over a 24hr period, and then present what we hacked on to everybody the following day.

so we kicked it off at 10am this morning, then have presentations tomorrow around noon… so yeah, loooooong freak’n day.

PS. helping (re)design a web/mobile app for the denver chapter of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


Design Personal Work

The Artechouse

speaking of our little fieldtrip yesterday, here’s a few quick snaps…

we usually bounce outta the office and head into DC to checkout some art exhibit or whatever, every couple months or so, which i think is pretty cool.


Online/Web Work

Today’s Lunch

one of the reasons i usually don’t mind driving up to work is the catered lunches…

…like boobies, it never really gets old :)


Online/Web Work

Hirshhorn Infinity Mirrors

Infinity Mirror Room–Phalli’s Field

Kusama spent much of her time between 1962 and 1964 sewing thousands of stuffed fabric tubers and grafting them to furniture and found objects to create her Accumulation sculptures.She exhibited the works together in an attempt to create hallucinatory scenes of phallic surfaces but found the labor involved in making them physically and mentally taxing.In response to the labor intensity of this work, she started to utilize mirrors to achieve similar repetition. Infinity Mirror Room— Phalli’ s Field was perhaps the most important breakthrough for Kusama during this immensely fruitful period.The reflective surfaces allowed her vision to transcend the physical limitations of her own productivity.Furthermore, the mirrors created a participatory experience by casting the visitor as the subject of the work, a feature that the artist demonstrated through a provocative series of self – portraits in which she used her body to activate the space. This work first appeared in the exhibition Floor Show, held at Castellane Gallery, in New York, in 1965.

just found out that we’re — the design group here @ addthis — planning a little group outting to checkout these awesome “infinity mirror rooms” at the Hirshhorn Museum in DC… never been, so kinda excited to go check it out.



Office Party Tonight

we have our annual holiday office party tonight, so should be fun… always is, though i’m really just looking forward hanging out and having some really good food.

of course, i’ll have to keep the drinking to a minimum… not only because i have a long drive home, but also because it’s just prudent — some of the guys / girls really tend to go a little nuts, though.



Time For Hacking

well, just rolled into the office a bit ago and the hacking hath begun’th… peeps are pretty amped around here, and i’m a little excited… me and a couple guys are gonna put together a big ass / old school archade gaming cabinet… ordered everything last week, and we’re already putting a dent in it — should be pretty awesome when we’re done.

also helping a few other out with their projects, as i usually tend to do… gonna be a long one though, so probably wouldn’t expect too much in the way of blogging… probably won’t get home until around noon tomorrow, and then i’ll crash… hard.

p.s. i’m getting too old for this, mang.

#blink  #hack  #sigh


AddThis Design Summit

well folks, today i’ll be plugged and tuned into an all-day design summit here at the addthis virginia office… should be fun though, have lots of stuff we got que’d up and it’ll be great to finally meet in person some of the new hires from colorado & california… first time we’ve had the whole design crew together in person, oddly enough.

tomorrow we’re kicking off another 24-hour hackathon too… yeah, talk about a tough week, mang.

p.s. wishing i had a new macbook pro right now.

#sniff  #wimper

Online/Web Web Design Work

AddThis Refresh 2016

been jamming pretty hard the past couple weeks, but we finally rolled out this beast of a refresh on addthis.com this morning.

it’s definitely been awhile since we rolled out such a big update all at once… from the homepage redesign, to updating the rest of the top-level site pages (and most sub-pages), updating the academy theme, updating a crapload of support docs… and not readily visible unless you login, but we rolled out some big updates / changes in the dashboard — including a whole new tool configurator, which dovetailed nicely into this whole tool consolidation project we’ve been working on in parallel.

yeah, it really was a bit of a monster, but hot damn i’m pretty stoked that we finally got it out! feel like a lot of stress just got lifted, and kinda think i might take off a day or two… a long weekend at the beach certainly sounds pretty nice right about now ;)

p.s. nice job, team!

p.p.s. take the rest of the afternoon off. heh.

Humpday Work

In Meetings All Day, Literally

yup, that pretty much says it all… we got Oracle in the house, and have meetings scheduled for the entire day today, so needless to say — i’ll be MIA.

just thought i’d drop a quick note over a bagel and coffee before all the fun starts.

#braceyourself  #woohoo

Web Design Web Development Work

My Dashy Hackathon Project

not sure if i mentioned it, but we had another hackathon yesterday… and yeah, as usual, it kinda wiped me out being that it’s an all day / all night affair… ended up working on a couple things, one being pure design and the other was coding, but hot damn it all came out really nice! sorta proud of myself here, if you don’t mind my saying so… heh… can’t show some or most of it, but this is something i “cheated” on a bit by working on it before the hackathon — it’s an idea i’ve had rolling around for awhile now, and just wanted to get a static prototype up and running to show peeps what i’m talking about.

basically, it’s a native OSX app that loads up a web-app, much the same as Slack which we use at work everyday and i love it.

so here’s some screenies of the prototype, which i’m calling “AddThis Dashy” at the moment.

Dashy Login Screen

Dashy Dashboard

can’t see it in the screenshots, but the login screen has a looping video background of some of the guys at work… then i went ahead and designed / coded up a mockup dashboard that’s also responsive (naturally).

think it all worked out really nicely, and can’t believe i actually got this thing working! freak’n awesome… oh, and special thanks to my buddy Brad, who helped me get this whole thing working in the first place — you rock dude!

it’s a little basic at the moment, and i have a lot of ideas and features i want to add, but i’m stoked just to get the whole thing working so peeps could fire it up on their macs at work… only caveat being that it only works on El Capitan right now.

anywho, just thought i’d share ;)


Personal Work

New Morning Swag

it’s always nice to roll ino work in the morning to be greeted with some morning swag… since i had my phone out to snap a quick pic, here’s one of my work desk.

…and here’s one of this new shirt that greeted me.

“may the data be with you”

awesome, mang.

News Online/Web Work

Oracle Buys AddThis!

it’s been one helluva day! started this morning with an all-hands-on-deck meeting at work… was wondering what all the fuss was about, and pretty impressed in an offhand kinda way with all the secrecy, since nobody seemed to know what was going on — then our CEO, Rich Harris, comes right out and tells us that Oracle has acquired AddThis.

it’s still a little light on all the details, even though we’ve been having meetings and a big group lunch together to chill and discuss… but it’s all still kinda sinking in right now.

lots to think on, too.


Web Design Work

Design: Before & After

just finished up a particularly long site release @addthis, and about to head out to the office… if nothing else, think we need to have a little retrospective and talk about what the heck happened to the tail end of this sprint, cuz the last few days have been brutal… but i’m pretty damn happy we rallied the troops and got this badboy out the door!

aside from releasing a new share to slack service, which is pretty cool, we rolled out an updated dashboard that we’ve had in beta for the last week or two… lots of changes and tweaks going on here, mang.

Dashboard: Before

Dashboard: After

looking pretty slick, right? heh.

spent the last two days coding, testing, fixing various bugs across multiple browsers and OS’s, both desktop and mobile… still have a few outstanding tickets, but i’ll work through those and try to tighten it up a bit more this next week.

anywho… it’s 11:53am and i need a drink.

#stretch  #yawn  #guinness

Web Design Work

A FooGuide For Hackathon

my original idea for yesterday’s hackathon kinda fell through and wasn’t gonna happen, especially in a 24 hour period… so i helped a couple people out on their projects, and then decided to go ahead and get a new AddThis FooGuide (aka: Style Guide) a started since we were talking about it the other day at the office… i’ve worked on stye guides before, but they always seem rather short-lived if they’re not strictly enforced and everybody’s on the same page.

anywho… here’s some screenshots from my hackathon project, which i designed, styled, and coded up from scratch.

p.s. looks like i didn’t win the “UX” award — didn’t even know we had one, but i guess they just added or created it for this hackathon… either way, can you believe that shit? guess people don’t find style guides “sexy” – but i sure do!

oh well, whatevs.




yeah that’s right, today we kicked off yet another hackathon here at addthis, with me playing support for a couple projects that need some frontend coding / styling help… should be fun.



My Work Desk

my buddy and co-worker jeff snuck over and snapped a pick of my desk while i was away from it yesterday, and posted some nice shots of various work desks at the office.

he recently got a new camera and has been having a lot of fun with it…

as always, i do love me some nice B+W photos.

Web Design Work

AddThis Refresh

we just rolled out a new homepage design at addthis.com and i have to say, i think it’s looking pretty damn good — been working on these updates for the past week or two, so it feels great to finally get it out there live on the interwebs.

also redesigned the Features and Sign In pages while we were at it… spent the last month testing a crapload of different homepage’s, and took all the feedback/info and applied it to the new homepage design — think it all came out really well, too.

The Results of Our Own Home Page A/B Test