Responsive Tables

man, it’s turned out to be a pretty busy day here… and after having lunch with some of my work mates, all i feel like doing right now is curling up somewhere and sleeping for a bit… anywho, was messing around with something earlier and ended up just looking around online and found this:

which is perfect for what i need.

figured i’d just go ahead and post it real quick before i forget, since i have a feeling this might come in handy again at some point.


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Google Design Minutes

google has started a new series of videos titled Google Design Minutes — here’s a few they posted with some of the lead designers over at google talking about the challenges behind the projects they’re working on.

Search: The beauty of speed

Maps: Putting the user front and center

Glass: Make it simple

i’ve really liked the direction that google as been going in over the past couple years on the design front, so it’s interesting to see and hear some of the people behind it all.

Google Street View Now Lets You Go Back In Time


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Pied Piper

Fake Startup Landing Page From HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Is Better Than Many Real Startup Landing Pages

to be honest, it really does look better than most real start-up pages doesn’t it?

love that it comes on right after Game of Thrones… another show that cracks me up?


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Responsive Man

just stumbled across this and kinda weirded me out a little.


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Site of the Day

i’m sure we all see stuff all the time that catches our attention, or has us going “damn, that’s pretty neat”… here’s an animation vid called “alphabetic” that thought was cool — kind of reminded me of an old pixar short film.

i always liked the original, more minimal/streamlined UI when the PS3 first came out… but this PS Vita UI concept video really shows what sony could be doing — would also look damn fine on the PS4, in my opinion.

here’s a site that i just stumbled across… usually not a big fan of the whole parallax/scrolling craze, but this is actually pretty damn slick.

those damn swiss designers.

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Please Stop, Twitter

Twitter redesign looks a lot like Facebook

Rumored in February and official today, Twitter’s profile pages are undergoing a fundamental redesign.

The Twitter blog has announced the changes this morning, noting that they’re only effective for a select group of users for now, but will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks. If you really can’t wait, you can sign up for a new account and the new look will be your default starting position.

Visuals have been growing increasingly important for Twitter and the new design pushes them even further to the fore, with larger background images and more prominent profile pictures. There’s an unmissable similarity to Facebook’s profile pages, with the user’s photos and friends both being tucked into a tile layout on the lower left.

my first thought was that twitter is quickly starting to look like an airplane cockpit… man, they really need to just stop chasing after facebook and do their own thing — hell, it probably should be the other way around really.



Comic Neue

well that’s something i probably never would’ve thought of in a thousand years — creating a newer alternative to the mostly detested comic sans font — Comic Neue.

just reminded me of one of my all-time favorite co-worker “hacks” — your work mate leaves is unlocked computer open, and you slide over and quickly change the base system font to comic sans.

then watch the sparks fly.

works everytime, mang. *g*

p.s. sucks if you get an opportunity, only to find out that they removed the damn font from their system… course, if you’re really determined, you can always copy the font over and re-install it. heh.

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Old School HTML

just saw this is some source code… hey young people, this is what web dev used to look like.

i’m almost surprised the <TD></TD> tags aren’t all in uppercase, as well.

i cried a little inside seeing this.

p.s. speaking of webdev, as anybody tried out macaw?


Foo.Casper Theme

i managed to get ghost up and running locally on my imac, and have to say that i really kind of liked the default “casper” theme — really simple, clean, and focused around blog’n… hard to complain about that, mang.

so i took a WP port of the casper theme and tweaked it a bit to my liking, and few hours later… voila!

still getting a handle on these wordpress themes, child-themes, and various built in functions… but i’m slowly getting there.

this feels pretty simple and clean to me.


Quick Update

okay guys, been getting lots of good feedback since yesterday.

thanks again, i’m always open to hearing what you guys think and usually try to take it all into account — i decided that the initial screen probably needed to go… that’s really the one thing i was wondering about, and turns out my gut was right (as some of you mentioned) — so removed the initial section with the “forgetfoo” and menu icons, so that it now just simply displays the blog entries right away when you pull up my site… definitely a lot quicker and easily available.

listen to the users.
another thing i kept hearing yesterday was that peeps prefered using the Up/Down arrow keys to toggle() between blog posts — just seems more intiuitive, and that’s definitely a UX issue in my book… so i went ahead and changed that as well.

now you can either use the Up/Down arrow keys, or the “j” and “k” keys much like facebook and google.

i haven’t even looked at the media queries yet… want to keep this around for a day or two, get some feedback, and see — if i keep it around, i’ll make some changes and tweak a few things as needed.

thanks again for the feedback!



as often seems to happen, i got an idea in my head and ended up spending half the weekend playing around and coding up a new blog design or “refresh”… started messing around with it on friday, then late into night on saturday… and then again this morning since it was cold and snowing — here’s a quick snap of my desktop while i was working on it.

the idea was simple.
can i bring in the old “blog nav” that i used to have around here for a looooong time — i’m sure many of you guys remember it — while keeping the blog comments next to the posts? with the larger screens and higher resolution nowadays, seems i should have enough real-estate to to have both the blog navigation and comments… of course, i’m working on my 27″ iMac at home so i might be a little off on that score.

that’s why i spent a nice chunk of time getting this to work on both my iphone and ipad mini… i’m sure it’s not perfect, and will be a work in progress (as usual).

funny, but as soon as i added in the blog nav i got a smile on my polish mug — totally forgot how much i missed it!

arrow keys.
i also scripted in some keycodes for the arrow keys, so you can use the left/right arrow keys to navigate between blog posts… and use the up/down arrow keys to scroll back up… if this becomes a problem, just let me know and i can remove it.

i find it a lot easier and faster using the arrow keys, though.

anywho, hope you guys dig!


Let’s Rollback.

it seemed pretty clear that almost everybody preferred or missed the comments being right next to the blog posts, but i still wanted to try it out and give it at least a week.

in the end, and whatever the design or element, if you’re users — that would be you guys — are saying they really prefer one thing over another, then chances are they’re right and you should just roll with it… my gut was saying the same thing, but i just needed to give it a shot and get it out of my system… but in the end, i think you guys are right.

so i’m rolling back.

decided to ditch the multi-color blog posts though in favor of alternating lightgrey and white backgrounds — some might find it a little “boring”, but i just find it nice and clean… and it’s hard to beat that.

damn you canada!

on a sidenote, it was a tough weekend for the US hockey teams over there in sochi… the women’s team lost the gold to canada, and the men’s team got their asses handed to them by finland. ugh.


Designing AddThis Pro

i meant to do this yesterday but just kept getting sidetracked somewhere along the way — happens pretty damn often, to be honest — but my buddy jeff posted a nice blog post about designing AddThis Pro.

Throughout the design and development process for our latest product, AddThis Pro, we made some bold design decisions based on user feedback, and I wanted to share some of the thinking behind them.

When we started our research, we went back to our roots. We asked bloggers and website owners what they expected with a product called “AddThis Pro.” Their answer was simple: they wanted a faster way to install their tools, easy-to-digest analytics, and modern design aesthetics across the board.

Our Design Vision

One of the most important elements of our design process is that we wanted our users to feel like our product was thoughtful, beautiful, mobile, fast, and forward-leaning. With each new iteration of AddThis tools, we strive to subtract clutter. Rather than be distracted by an interface, we want our users to get back to what they love most: blogging, sharing, curating, building communities, and making the web a better place.

we were all pretty stoked to get Pro out there, especially after spending the last few months talking to so many users/publishers and getting a lot of great feedback along the way… at the moment, we’re in a feedback/optimize/tweak mode. heh.

p.s. if you guys sign up and have any suggestions or thoughts, feel free to hit me up mang.

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i’ve been thinking on it quite a bit this past week, and decided to go ahead and try out this original design i put together… there’s just something about that i really dig and to be honest, i just like it better.

i’m still getting my iMac all setup here, and there’s probably more tweaking that needs to be done to really tune and/or optimize it, but that’ll come especially if i decide to keep it around for awhile.

the downside with this design is the comments, but after playing around with it for the last couple days, i really don’t think that having them one-click away is really all that bad… i added the last comment in, which i think helps, and if you want to read the comments and chime in, it’s simple enough to do – still better than most blogs where you click the blog post, then scroll all the way down to the comments section… enter your comment, reload the page, etc… nahmean?

anywho, i really wanted to go ahead and try it out.

as always, your thoughts & feedback is appreciated.


AddThis Pro.

well, we just finally flipped the switch and released AddThis Pro to production this morning — in case you’re wondering, this is what i’ve been working on at work for the past month or two.

the homepage has been refreshed and looks pretty spiffy, removing all the other stuff that centered all around the new Pro offering… and here’s the new Dashboard:

the new dash is a huge improvement and a big step in the right direction, IMHO… this is where you can activate or enable the different sharing layers on your site from a central location with a single click, as well as “boost” recommended links… oh, and also get your share related analytics and metrics, of course.

anywho, check it out if you got a minute.