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Humor/Funny Video

Ryan Gosling… Papyrus!

Watch Ryan Gosling act out every graphic designer’s real angst about Papyrus font

It’s in menus, wedding invitations, shop signs church flyers and heavens, even in résumés. Since becoming a system font in Microsoft Office ’97, Papyrus, a cheesy calligraphic font inspired by Egyptian writing has been a blight in the visual landscape. Along with the reviled Comic Sans, Papyrus was for desktop publishing dabblers a casual alternative from the serious sans serif and serif fonts. It’s the stand-in font to convey “primitive,” “natural” or “ancient.”

Since 1982, Papyrus has made professional graphic designers cringe—especially when used with effects like drop shadows (yuck) or 3D embossing (gross). So loathed is the font created by American illustrator Chris Costello that several dedicated design blogs have emerged to lampoon it. For font sophisticates, the only good use of Papyrus is as a punchline for jokes, and arguably the most epic Papyrus parody was was aired this weekend, on Saturday Night Live.

Playing a brooding insomniac haunted by the memory of seeing Papyrus in James Cameron’s blockbuster film Avatar, Ryan Gosling brilliantly mirrors the levels of angst font sophisticates feel when they see Papyrus in the wild.

oh man, we were going on about this one yesterday in the designers slack channel at work… fucking awesome…

papyrus!!! it wasn’t enough…


News Video

Devastated Houston From Above

Surreal Footage Of The Devastating Houston Floods From Above

haven’t really posted much about it, since it just seems like i’ve been completely and totally inundated with news, various photo & video footage, tweets, emails and everything else for the past week… everytime i stop in Wawa to get my morning coffee i’m asked to donate… stop in Giant to pickup a few things, same thing… run through Wendy’s for a late night frosty on my way home last night, and i’m once again asked to donate money to hurricane harvey… hell, i even got an unsolicited text message about it, and was like “dude, really??!”

i get it, it’s bad… it sucks… i’ve already donated money, and am starting to feel kinda harassed by it all to be honest — i dunno, is it just me?

one cool thing was getting an email at work a few days back about how Oracle with match any donation given to the red cross… so i went ahead and sent in a $100, which Oracle will match which i thought was pretty fucking cool.

PS. sorry for the min-rant, just… well, damn.

Houston Dry Out Begins…

Humor/Funny Video

Corgi vs. Chicken

A Corgi And Chicken Square Off In The Least Brutal Fight You’ll Ever See

dunno why, but i got a chuckle from this one…

PS. corgi’s are fucking awesome.


Schweeeet Video

Beach Bunny Wedgie

Charlotte McKinney gives herself a wedgie on the beach…

the video of this busty babe is only 58 seconds long… but then again, that’s probably a good 30 seconds longer than i’d last with her.


Humor/Funny Sports Video

Peyton Manning @ ESPYS

Peyton Manning Opening Monologue at ESPYS 2017

i got a chuckle from this… i mean, who knew that peyton manning could be so funny?


Online/Web Personal Video

Jeffe: The Vlogging Virgin

my buddy jeff just hit me up with his very first vlog that he filmed, edited, and posted up to youtube.

nicely done, buddy!

5 hours of editing for 5 minutes?! shit, although i can totally believe it… still sounds pretty crazy mang.


Video WTF?

Scientology Gets Trolled

Two Trolls Reveal Scientology’s High-Level Secrets To New Converts

everynow and then i’ll stumble across one of these types of vids, and will watch out of simple curiosity or boredom… probably because i still think that scientology is just so scam weird… i mean, $158,000 to move up to the next level or what they call “the bridge”?!

fuck that.

Movies Video

New Blade Runner Trailer

BLADE RUNNER 2049 – “Time to Live” Featurette

feel like i’ve been slipping more than usual of late… hell, didn’t even know or see this until just now… but then again, maybe that’s a good thing because i’m already interested or curious enough to probably go see this in the theater… so i should probably try to avoid all the hype and trailers from now on.

#UhHuh  #YeahRight  #Gluck


Video Video Game

Visceral’s New Star Wars Game

Visceral’s NEW STAR WARS GAME – Story, Gameplay Details & More

at first i thought this was about Battlefront II, then realized this was a whole ‘nother game entirely… completely forgot about this one, but gotta say — hot damn, give it to me already will ya?! oh, and “project ragtag”? huh? hmmmm…

i’m soooooo ready to get sucked into a kickass star wars game right about now… i mean, seriously.


Movies Video

Rogue One Vader Virgin

Girl loses her mind to Rogue One Vader Scene

sent this over to my friend kelly since it totally reminded me of her when i finally got her to sit down and watch Rogue One with me the other night.

#Awesomesauce  #FeelTheForce

Online/Web Video

Islamophobia is Racism

man, i remember when jayden turned me onto this chick like a year ago and i’ve been subscribed to her channel ever since… she’s fucking awesome.

amen sister!

#nods  #chuckle

Movies Video

Captain America: Lego Civil War Mashup

Captain America: Civil War Gets A Mashed-Up Lego Retelling

almost everything’s a little better with a lego retelling, isn’t it?

#chuckle  #hmmmmmm


Sad Hibachi Chef

Heartbreaking: Hibachi Chef Tries To Make Meal On A Regular Table

i love watching hibachi chef’s do their thing over those large hot tables… even after all these years, still always feel like a kid watching them prepare the meal for ya — probably why this truly is a sad sight to see.


Video Video Game

Halo Movie, Please?

played some Halo for the first time in ages the other day, and watching some of the cutscenes just had me kinda wondering for the thousand’th time if they’ll ever get around to a movie.

case in point, here’s an oldie but goodie from Neill Blomkamp from 2009.

not to mention all the live action trailers over the years.

damnit microsoft! feel like the more time that goes by, the less likely it’ll actually ever happen… sigh… oh well.


Online/Web Video

Hobby Horsing?!

Hobby Horsing: New Female Sport

ummm, yeah… what the shit?!

PS. wonder how long before this becomes an official olympic sport…


Jimmy Kimmel v. United

Jimmy Kimmel on Passenger Dragged Off United Flight

got a chuckle from this, cuz he makes some damn good points… still can’t believe all that bullshit with those guys dragging the guy off that United Airlines flight.

“United Airlines… fuck you…”


Online/Web Video

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay REAL WORLD TEST

i’ve always kinda thought that Apple CarPlay just looked better, but damn… seeing both of them in action really hits home, i mean… what’s the point of it “looking better” if the shit doesn’t work? i’ve never had either CarPlay or Android Auto, so i didn’t really know… guess i just figured they were both on par by now.

go figure.

( ¬ _ ¬ )


Innuendo-Filled ‘Surf’ Video

NSFW: Literally Everything Is Sexual In This Amusing Innuendo-Filled Video

oh man….


Schweeeet Video


Emily Ratajkowski Works The Streets For DKNY

lucky new yorkers…


Online/Web Video

Ping Pong Trick Shots

oh man, i’d love to pull off some of these ping pong shots here at the office… that’d be awesome, haha

i’m easily amused.