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The Defenders, Today!

i dunno about you guys, but i’ve been looking forward to the release of The Defenders for quite awhile now — and it’s out today on Netflix ;)

so yeah, guess what i’ll be doing this weekend?

PS. just hope it’s better than Iron Fist, mang!

#BingeWatch  #ThumbsUp

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Vue You Later

i got an email a couple weeks back about how my Playstation Vue subscription was going up from $35 to $45 a month… sure, it’s only 10 bucks but i wasn’t overly happy about it, especially since i’m already another $15/mo for HBO and was thinking of adding the Sports package ($10/mo) — which starts to add up, since now i’m looking at $70 a month for Vue/Sports/HBO… and that’s not including Amazon/Netflix/Crunchyroll y’know?

then yesterday i saw this post on engadget about a deal going on with Directv Now and thought “hmmmmm, interesting”…

since i had some running around to do, i decided to stop by the AT&T store near me and asked them about the promotion, getting more info etc… long story short, i ended up signing up for it — had to prepay $105 for the next 3 months, and since i’m an AT&T subscriber with my phone, they upgraded my plan to the “unlimited” one and saved me another $4/mo… also found that i was eligible for another promotion they have going for AT&T users, where for a limited time you can get the $35 Diretv Now package for only $10 a month — so they gave me that as well, so after 3 months i’ll only pay the extra $10 a month on my phone bill for it.

oh, and i also walked out of the store with a brand new Apple TV (32gb)…!

soooooo…. net net… my phone bill dropped by 4 bucks, and in three months it’ll increase by $6 for Directv Now.

pretty sweet, huh?


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Game of Thrones: Eastwatch

On Game of Thrones, the Cracks Are Beginning to Show

If Game of Thrones started its sprint to the season seven finish line in “Stormborn,” then “Eastwatch” is the episode where the show stumbled, fell down, and scrambled madly in an attempt to maintain its top speed. It was often sloppy and it was frequently shoddy, but man did it still move the story along as quick as it possibly could, no matter what the cost.

And there were costs. There were several interesting things in the episode that it would have been wonderful if the show could have explored in more depth, as it has in the past. Daenerys has listened Tyrion, Varys, and even Jon Snow’s pitches to lead the world and make it a better place for all people (i.e. peasants). Daenerys’ plan to do this is to take all the Lannister prisoners from the battle, and ask them if they want to bend the knee and help make the world a better, kinder place for everyone with her or if they want to die horribly. (Sam Tarly’s horrible father and reasonable-seeming brother Dickon choose dying horribly.)

After failing to convince his Queen that a more merciful, less deadly approach may be called for, Tyrion—already shaken by the sheer destructive power of the dragons, seen while he walks through the ashes of the battlefield—heads straight for the wine, and even Varys takes a drink, as they contemplate Dany’s “join me or die” approach. They don’t think she’s a new Mad King, but the fact they feel the need to bring it up at all is telling. But they have hope Dany can be advised to become a more merciful, less murder-y queen—but they’re a hell of a lot less sure than they were before they left Essos. Is Daenerys really the savior the people of Westeros need? Continue…

shit man, i didn’t think it was that bad… sure, i’d like more battles, especially with the dragons… but we still saw Drogon roast a couple guys, not to mention Daenerys being a badass… speaking of which, that scene with John Snow and the dragon? g’damn.

PS. feel like i might have to re-watch it.

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Daenerys Unleashed Hell

On Game of Thrones, Daenerys Unleashed Hell and It Was Glorious

Where to even begin? “The Spoils of Conquest” was the reason we watch Game of Thrones, one of those episodes that starts entertaining and ends with an epic spectacle it’s hard to believe you’re actually seeing. And all it took was Daenerys tossing clever men’s clever plans in the garbage, and then setting a record number of actors on fire.

I suppose I should say this: The episode wasn’t great just because it featured (what surely has to be) the season’s epic battle, although man, it literally made me gasp multiple times. By sticking to basically three locations—Dragonstone, Winterfell, and the march of the Lannister army—“The Spoils of Conquest” felt far more focused than the rest of season seven, even as the episode, moment after moment, churned out more things we’ve been waiting forever to see, and things we didn’t realize how badly we wanted to see. Continue…

oh man, where to start? don’t really want to drop a bunch of spoilers in case you haven’t watched it yet, but damn… last night’s episode was the first one this season that really kicked some ass… the last few were good, and mostly just setting things up i guess, but then Daenerys finally kinda goes “fuck this shit” and goes on the attack with her dragons, and a horde of blood thirsty dothraki.

fuck yeah! about damn time, right?!

also, that sword “practice” between Arya and Brienne was pretty awesome… though i couldn’t help but wonder what was going through Littlefingers mind while he stood up on the rampart watching down on it… hmmm.

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Try’n Out Terrarium

was having some issues with Kodi/Exodus on my Fire TV the other night, so started to google around and after clicking around for a bit, ended up giving Terrarium TV a spin.

aside from liking the UI a little better, so far it seems like i’ve been having better luck finding 1080/HD streams… just to test, i re-watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, then ended up spending the next two hours of my life watching Rick & Morty — hard to resist, sooooo good (lol)

another streaming app i downloaded/installed was Mobdrop App, which has a crapload of live TV stations… not quite as slick on the UI front, but looks like a standard android app… clicked around and tried out a few tv stations and everything worked and they came right up, though i did notice that it seemed like a couple of them were kinda low quality — totally watchable, but not awesome that’s for sure.

PS. why pay $35 a month for PS Vue when you can watch it for free?


Game of Thrones, The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Game of Thrones Finally Gave Us the Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Ice and Fire finally met in Dragonstone, and it was just as wonderful and powerful and awkward as I’d hoped it would be. Meanwhile, Cersei is already kicking Daenerys’ forces’ collective asses, while settling a lot of scores in some pretty brutal ways. Also, another (semi-happy) Stark reunion, and a sad goodbye to the show’s thorniest character.

as usual, i was looking forward to another episode of Game of Thrones, and it didn’t disappoint… i swear, feel like i say this every week, but seriously… for a show that’s a solid hour long, it passes by in a flash… i mean, the ending with the ancient old lady from High Garden?! Cersie’s revenge on the desert snakes?

…and yes, the moment we’ve all been looking forward to for years now — the first time that John Snow and Daenery’s meet.

oh, and king of the north’s reaction when he first see’s the dragons was kinda priceless, too :)


PS. followed by Ballers, Insecure, then Last Week Tonight? shiiiit… sunday nights alone is worth HBO.

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Game of Thrones: SE7, EP2

On Game of Thrones, Everyone’s Coming Together but Everything’s Falling Apart

It’s begun. I believe we’re going to look at last night’s episode, “Stormborn,” as the place where the final act of Game of Thrones truly started—where the ball was first set in motion, where the characters took their first true steps toward the conflict that will engulf all of Westeros. And for some of those players, their game is already over.

Spoiler Warning

Like last week’s premiere, “Stormborn” wasn’t much for themes or artistry. But unlike the premiere, the episode wasn’t worried about catching people up as much as it was devoted to getting things done, bringing characters together, wrapping up loose ends, checking off some boxes, and generally getting things started as the series’ end game begins.

That meant most of the characters have started getting stuff done, too. First and foremost, Daenerys and Tyrion have formed their plan to take the Throne—have Dorne and Highgarden lay siege to King’s Landing, minimizing casualties, while the Unsullied attack the ancestral home of the Lannisters, Casterly Rock, and cut off Cersei’s gold (and much of her power). Melisandre comes to Dragonstone and tells Daenerys about Jon Snow, the Prince(ss) That Was Promised, and the Long Night within minutes of her arrival; Dany and Tyrion send a summons to Jon almost instantly so they can all discuss the impending threat of the White Walkers, and, after a quick discussion with his lords, he and Davos immediately head out to meet the Targaryen Queen, and hopefully gain an ally—an ally with both dragon-glass and three fire-breathing dragons, the weakness of both the Walkers and their wights, respectively. Ellaria, the Sand Snakes, Yara, and Theon head out with their fleets to begin the attack. In the Citadel, Sam is already trying to use a forbidden procedure to cure Jorah, a storyline that would have played out over at least four episodes had it been done two seasons ago. Continue…

another sweet episode last night… and once again, found myself rewatching it again later after the new season premier of “Ballers” — another HBO show i dig… but back to Game of Thrones, there’s really only two things that stand out for me…

first, Nymeria!!! and second, seeing Missandei get fully naked… i mean, sweet lord almighty! g’damn she has one helluva body ;)

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Game of Thrones, Season 7 Premiere

Game of Thrones Is Back, and Things Are About to Get Very, Very, Very Bad

After last year’s incredible, explosive, monumental season finale, last night’s quiet season seven premiere almost seems like a PG fantasy film… even despite it beginning with bit of mass murder. But watching it closely, you can see the new problems that will plague the characters this season, and will likely lead to their downfall—assuming an army of the dead doesn’t get them first.

“Dragonstone” won’t go down as one of the show’s grander season premieres, as it’s more interested about reestablishing where its main characters are before rushing into the game’s “final round,” as it were. It’s certainly understandable, and since we had to wait an extra four months before the new season began, it’s probably not the wrong choice, either. But it’s hard to think about the explosive (often literally) events of the season six finale and not find “Dragonstone” a bit too sedate and prologue-y.

Which is funny, because the actual prologue of the episode—one of the show’s few pre-credits scenes—is so full of death. Arya, now masquerading as Walder Frey himself, calls a feast and invites every single Frey involved in the Red Wedding. Once they’re all there, “Frey” raises a toast to them, and their accomplishments, and how they slaughtered the Starks, and by that point dozens and dozens of Freys are dying because they’ve all been poisoned.

So when I say the season seven premiere was quiet after another gig in Arya Stark’s Westerosi Murder Tour, it should tell you exactly how quiet things were. Jon and Sansa address the Stark bannermen. Bran and Meera are let through the Wall. Cersei and Jaime get ready for war. Sam empties chamberpots at Oldtown. Euron Greyjoy offers an alliance to Cersei, based primarily out of a shared desire to murder family members. And the Hound takes a good, long hard look into the Red Priest’s fire, and what he sees is ice and death. Continue…

oh man, almost forgot just how much i love this show… even after all these years of watching, i still can’t help but get pumped up just hearing that opening theme song — which i still think is one of my all time favorite tv show openings… i mean, the map… the animations… the theme song… all together it still kicks ass, and i’m really glad they never changed it.

can keep reading about the episode, though it’s obviously filled with spoilers if you didn’t watch the episode last night… i thought it kicked ass, and flew by wayyyyyy too damn quickly for my liking… especially after waiting so damn long, it almost felt like the whole episode was 10 minutes long or something… before i knew it, it was over and the ending credits were on, and i was like “shiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!”

PS. who else binge watched season 6 this past week? :)

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Game of Thrones: Winter Hits This Sunday

sweet baby jesus… after a looooooong wait, the new season of Game of Thrones is finally almost here! fuck yeah… can’t wait.

i went ahead and signed up for HBO yesterday, so i’m all ready to go… figure it’s worth a couple months of HBO just to get my GoT fix.

#FuckYeah  #WinterIsHere

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Castlevania’s Bloody Awesome

Netflix’s Castlevania Turns the Video Game Series Into a Bloody Great TV Show

Castlevania became a classic video game franchise on the strength of labyrinthine level design, endearingly stilted dialogue, and bombastic aesthetics. The Netflix series based on the Konami property doesn’t use those elements in exactly the same way but finds its own path to being a great adaptation of the games’ whip-cracking, demon-killing lore.

both me and jayden have been looking forward to this one ever since first hearing about it… so yeah, when it rolled out on netflix on friday, i was totally up to hunker down and watch me some kickass Castlevania anime :)

i know not everybody is into it, but if you’ve played the game (hard as shit, btw) and are into some anime — then i’m sure you’ll be loving it.

PS. had fun going to see the new Spidey with jayden friday night.


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10 Unanswered Questions for Game of Thrones

10 Questions We’re Worried Game of Thrones Is Never Going to Answer

Game of Thrones returns for season seven on July 16, and there are plenty of major questions fans have had for years that will likely be answered during its seven-week run. However, there are still some confounding moments that have fled north of the Wall, and we’re beginning to suspect their explanations might never return.

Again, these aren’t the big mysteries we’re pretty sure will be addressed before the finale episode, e.g. the real story of Lyanna Stark’s abduction by Rhaegar Targaryen, who is Azor Ahai, will we get the Cleganebowl, etc. These are just the ones that we think the show isn’t going to get around to telling us.

1) Why did the White Walkers ignore Sam?

2) Why has Tyrion never retaliated against Littlefinger for framing him for the attack on Bran?

3) How did Arya survive that stabbing?

4) Did the Warlocks just give up on getting revenge on Dany?

5) How did Melisandre stay young the first time her necklace came off?

6) Why didn’t the Night’s Watch mutineers try to burn Jon Snow’s body?

7) Where is Arya’s Dire Wolf Nymeria?

8) What was the opening credits astrolabe doing in the Citadel?

9) What makes Podrick a Sex God?

10) Why the hell did that one episode ended with a punk song?

oh man, these are some really good questions! seriously, has me thinking back not only on the tv episodes but also the books… hmmmm… and yeah, never did find out why they played that damn punk song instead of the usual ending theme song on that one episode mentioned.

10 more days, people…

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Godzilla Anime Trailer

Watch The Godzilla Anime’s First Trailer

Anime feature film Godzilla: Kaiju Wakusei (Godzilla: Monster Planet) is slated for a November release in Japan and internationally on Netflix after that. Here is the flick’s debut trailer.

i love that netflix hasn’t given up on new / original anime… really looking forward to binge’n on some Castelvania action this weekend… and i’m still really hoping that they come out with some new Knights of Sidonia.

PS. c’mon netflix, hook us up!

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Picked Up A 4K TCL For The Bedroom

after doing some quick research this past week or so, i went ahead and picked up this new TCL 55P605 from Best Buy, which got delivered yesterday afternoon… my son’s TV died on him a couple months ago and just told me about it last week, and since i’m cutting the cable i figured what the hell… i’ll go ahead and get a new tv for the bedroom and give him my “old” 2015 samsung (1080p).

TCL P-Series Roku TV review: the best budget 4K TV you can get

TCL’s P-Series is a remarkable win for budget-conscious consumers. You’re not “settling” or sacrificing much of anything in terms of specs or features with this TV. It’s got local-area dimming (a feature often reserved for pricier sets), 4K resolution, HDR, and intuitive, familiar software with easy access to all the popular streaming apps you’d need.

first time with a roku, and the setup was dead easy and only took a couple minutes… spent a little time playing around and tweaking the picture settings — movie mode, dropping the sharpness down to “0”, dialing back the backlighting a bit, playing with the colors… i like how it keeps/remembers the different settings per input… also like how easy it is to rename inputs and customize it with icons, etc… as far as picture quality goes, i have to say i’m pretty damn impressed, especially with a $600 budget 4K tv… the black levels are better than i expected, colors are pretty damn vibrant… and another reason i got this one was because it has really low input lag, which is awesome for gaming.

one of the first things i did was fire up YouTube and searched for “Iceland in 4K”, which i remember watching on a buddy’s new 4K tv a few months back and being kinda shocked at how awesome it looked in person… and holy shit, it looks fantastic!

so yeah, i’m pretty stoked at the moment.

#ThumbsUp  #FuckYeah

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Netflix: Death Note

Death Note | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

oh man, ‘Death Note’ is up there in the top 10 anime shows as far as i’m concerned… i remember really getting into it and watching the whole thing, then jayden started watching it with me and we ended up restarting it from the beginning together… i guess he was around 13 or 14 at the time? not sure, but it was some fun times mang.

not sure how i feel about this… has the basic story down, sure… but just seems so “western” for such a kickass japanese anime… here’s a little taste of the anime if you haven’t seen it:

Okay, here’s what happened here: This chick right here, Naomi Misora, has been trying to join the Kira investigation. Of coarse Light doesnt want anyone getting in his way, so he writes down something like “kills herself in a secret area no one knows about”. After the clock hits 40 seconds, there’s nothing she can do. The only thing she can do is walk to her inevitable death. This is the reason people hate Light so much.

PS. yeah, i’ll definitely check it out.

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Inhumans Trailer

Marvel’s Inhumans – Official Trailer 1

i never read or collected the Inhuman comics, so i have no real bias here… my first impression after just watching it was that it looked okay, and about what i expected from a tv show… and one coming to ABC no less, so keep that in mind… but man, the internet sure is tearing this trailer a new asshole.

lots of pissed off fans, apparently.



Get Psyched for Game of Thrones, Season 7

Get Psyched for Game of Thrones Season 7 All Over Again with Epic Trailer Mashup

The next season of Game of Thrones is looking more like a movie franchise than a season of television. With fewer episodes and longer runtimes, including a record 81-minute season finale, it promises to be a groundbreaking cinematic experience on the small screen. If you want proof, all you have to do is watch this three-minute trailer mashup that looks like it belongs in a movie theater.

YouTuber Sebastian Hughes has combined all the trailers and promos for Game of Thrones season 7 into one (mostly) seamless trailer, throwing together related scenes and stories to give us even further insight into where these characters are and where they’re going.

It’s hard not to watch something like this and marvel at the fact that it’s not actually a feature film, but rather a television series. It shows how far television has come as a medium that it can produce something this big and beautiful. You can check out the trailer mashup below. Game of Thrones returns July 16.

hot damn, my excitement and anticipation meter is already kinda off the charts… but after watching this trailer mashup, i’m soooooo fucking ready for some new Game of Thrones action!

PS. really wish it was on netflix though, so i could binge it.

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Game of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer

The New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here, and Everyone Is Doomed

Our first good look at the next season of Game of Thrones is finally here, and it’s not just winter that’s coming to the Seven Kingdoms—it’s all-out war.

The new trailer sets up a dire time for Cersei and Jamie—surrounded on all sides by enemies old and new—Daenerys’ invasion, and Jon Snow’s rise to leading the North against oncoming deadly threat of the White Walkers.

Game of Thrones returns July 16.

oh man, how the hell did i possibly miss this one yesterday?!

was just kinda hunkered down and busy all day, but man… looks fucking awesome! just watched it 4-5 times, soaking it in and dissecting it a bit… fun reading through the comments too, since there’s always a lot of people that catch and totally geek out on the very smallest of details.

two more months… finally… can’t wait.

Game of Thrones Bloopers & Funny Moments

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Will Winter Ever Come?

new season of Game of Thrones in 55 days! not that anybody’s counting or anything…

PS. i’m assuming this is some fan art, because i saw this and just kinda stared at it for a good long moment… ummm, the dragon?! am i missing something? fuck man.

New Game of Thrones Season Seven Photos…

#GoTS7  #WaitingSucks

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The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery

The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Is Here to Boldly Go to Beautiful New Worlds

okay, i almost hate to say it after all the jibes and jokes about this show being delayed over and over… not to mention the whole CBS streaming bullshit — but damnit, it actually looks pretty awesome!

well, shit.

PS. what the hell did they do to the klingons?!

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‘The Witcher’ Coming To Netflix

The Witcher Is Getting A Netflix Series

The Witcher series is being turned into an English language Netflix drama by CG visual effects company Platige Image S.A.

The Witcher series was spawned by Polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski and has spawned highly successful (and wonderful) video games.

“I’m thrilled that Netflix will be doing an adaptation of my stories, staying true to the source material and the themes that I have spent over thirty years writing,” said Sapkowski, who will service as a creative consultant, in an official release. “I’m excited about our efforts together, as well as the team assembled to shepherd these characters to life.”

The show will be executive produced by Sean Daniel (The Mummy franchise) and Jason Brown (The Expanse). The Oscar nominated visual effects studio Platige Image S.A. is doing the show, but the official release doesn’t specifically state if it’s CG animated or live-action—or a mix of the two. No stills have been release yet, either.

wow, that’s fucking awesome! well to be honest it could either be really effin awesome, or it could turn out to be kinda crappy and a serious letdown — here’s to hoping it’s a whole buttload of the former, though :)

PS. the witcher 3 is fucking bananas, and if you’re into it, then you know it can easily eat up a couple hundred hours of your life.

#chuckle  #heh

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