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The Expanse, Season Finale

The Expanse’s EP on the Stellar Second Season and Last Night’s Explosive Finale

So much happened in last night’s season two finale of The Expanse—not all of it clear—we had no choice but to get some answers. We talked to executive producer Naren Shankar about how the second season of the acclaimed scifi series was planned, how it was made, and where it’s going in season three. Oh, and also, why humanity might not be quite as horrible as Naomi’s big speech implies.

If you missed the season finale, “Caliban’s War”—named for the second book in James S.A. Corey’s book series—here’s what you need to know: Avasarala, Cotyar, and Bobbie are pinned down by Mao’s forces. Meanwhile, a Protomolecule hybrid, in classic zombie fashion, has invaded the Roci and is trying to get to the ship’s power source.

While Bobbie manages to escape in an attempt to get her power armor and come back for Avasarala and Cotyar, the Roci crew fails to repel the hybrid, leaving Holden trapped in the hold with it. Prax figures out that they can use a nuke—and its radiation—to lure the hybrid off the ship and into the Roci’s engines to be burned up. Prax hesitates for a bit before throwing the nuke, but he does and they’re saved.

Avasarala decides to give herself up, and just as Mao’s men prepare to execute her, Bobbie arrives in her suit to save them. Meanwhile, back on the Roci, Naomi tells Holden that no matter how technology changes, humans don’t. They took tribalism to the stars and found new ways to hate and fight each other. So instead of destroying the Protomolecule sample like Holden told her to, she gave it to Fred Johnson. At the same time, the Arboghast moves towards the Eros crater, when it is surrounded by the Protomolecule and torn apart.

Ready? Let’s begin.

i totally didn’t realize that last night’s episode of ‘The Expanse’ was the season finale… damnit… now what the hell am i gonna watch, much less look forward to, wednesday nights?!? at least they’ve confirmed a season 3 in 2018.

#SadPanda  #Sniff

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More Expanse, Please

not only is it the mid-week hump, but it also means that today is Expanse Day — and by that, i mean i’ll be looking forward to watching a new episode of The Expanse later tonight.

there’s not much that i actually watch on a weekly basis, but this show is one of the few of ’em… this clip was from a couple episodes back, but thought it really was one of the best space battles i’ve seen in a regular tv show.

good stuff, mang.

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The Expanse, Cancelled? Noooooo!!!!!!!!

Only You Can Stop ‘The Expanse’ From Becoming the Next Canceled Sci-Fi Classic

SYFY’S EPIC SPACE show The Expanse is a smash hit among science fiction fans, drawing praise from websites like io9 and Ars Technica and from celebrities like Adam Savage. Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy host David Barr Kirtley also loves the show.

“This is my favorite show on TV,” Kirtley says in Episode 248 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “This is the most serious science fiction TV show—in terms of what hardcore science fiction fans would want in a TV show—that I’ve seen in a long time, possibly ever.”

But while the show is widely praised in many corners, it has yet to attract a wider audience. John J. Joex, who tracks the ratings of various shows over at Cancelled Sci Fi, says that The Expanse looks like a show headed for cancellation.

“The ratings started out decent and then really dropped off,” he says. “And I know this is an expensive series to produce, so I was really getting kind of nervous about it.”

Syfy recently renewed The Expanse for a third season, but a fourth season seems unlikely if the ratings don’t improve. Science fiction editor John Joseph Adams watches every episode of The Expanse, and he’s annoyed that he isn’t being counted by the Nielsen ratings.

“It’s pretty frustrating to hear that all of the viewing that I’ve done, none of that counts for anything as far as the networks are concerned,” he says.

holy shit, i really really hope they’re not actually thinking about cancelling the show… didn’t even know the ratings were “low”, which surprises the hell outta me because it’s soooooooo fucking good! it’s one of the few tv shows that i actually watch and really dig.

fuck man.

#depressed  #wtf

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‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 New Trailer

‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 New Trailer: Humankind Faces Off Against Flesh-Eating Beasts

Funimation has released another trailer for Season 2 of the manga series, ‘Attack on Titan,’ in which giant beasts attack the city of Shinganshina and threaten to wipe out humankind. Here’s the official description of the series from IMDb.

After his hometown is destroyed and his mother is killed, young Eren Jaegar vows to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid Titans that have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Protecting what’s left of humanity are three walls — Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sheena — and after breaking through the first wall in season one, it appears that the second wall will also be breached in season two.

speaking of trailers, i was super stoked to see the first one for season two of ‘Attack on Titan’, which i’ve been eagerly awaiting for what feels like forever… loved the first season and thought it was pretty kickass, so can’t wait for this one to finally get here.

i usually like to chill and binge watch my anime, but this one might be a weekly tune-in show for me… damn you jayden for getting me hooked on some of these anime shows!


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Stranger Things 2

not sure how the hell i missed this ‘Stranger Things 2’ trailer that apparently was shown during the Super Bowl… but i did, somehow.

still a ways off, sure… but i’m looking forward to it!

PS. still can’t get jayden to watch it. damnit.


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Iron Fist Ain’t So Bad

i completely forgot that ‘iron fist’ was released on netflix this weekend, until jayden mentioned it yesterday and i was like “oh shit, you’re right!” — so i fired it up and watched the first couple episodes, and i gotta say… i didn’t think it was that bad at all.

of course, i only watched the first 2 episodes before heading off to bed, but still… if it was really that bad, i’m sure i wouldn’t have wanted to keep watching it… sure was tempted to, but really didn’t feel like pulling a binge watching all-nighter going into monday morning… i’m not exactly 20 anymore, so fuck that… anywho, from what i’ve seen so far i thought it was actually pretty damn good… not sure i’d say better than dare devil, but still good.

anywho, just an initial impression…


‘Iron Fist’ Blames Trump

Finn Jones Blames Donald Trump for Bad ‘Iron Fist’ Reviews

“Iron Fist” star Finn Jones thinks part of the reason the latest Netflix Marvel show is getting panned is because of the American political climate — in particular, Donald Trump.

Speaking to Radio Times, Jones said part of the problem is that his “Iron Fist” character, Danny Rand, is a white billionaire. And as he sees it, the one of those currently holding the US presidency is making critics less receptive to Danny’s story.

“I think the world has changed a lot since we were filming that television show,” he said in the interview. “I’m playing a white American billionaire superhero, at a time when the white American billionaire archetype is public enemy number one, especially in the US.

“We filmed the show way before Trump’s election, and I think it’s very interesting to see how that perception, now that Trump’s in power, how it makes it very difficult to root for someone coming from white privilege, when that archetype is public enemy number one.”

so wait a second, he’s actually blaming all the negative reviews from practically everybody that’s watched the first 6 episodes on Trump?!? …seriously??

gimme a break, how about making a good show?

most of the people that’ve watched it loved Dare Devil and Luke Cage, which is telling you something… and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Trump.

i have my own issues with Trump, but this just seems like a lame excuse for making a crappy show.



First ‘Iron Fist’ Review, And It’s Pretty Bad

The Iron Fist TV Series Is Marvel and Netflix’s First Big Failure

There’s a critical concept with the Marvel Netflix shows often referred to as “the wall”—the moment where, about two-thirds of the way through their season, they slam the brakes on the pacing and stakes and preamble for a bit, mostly before pulling it together in the finale. Iron Fist starts by hitting that wall, and has enough problems that I don’t think it’ll ever get past it.

Netflix recently made the first six episodes of Iron Fist—the final entry in its quartet of shows before the long-awaited Defenders crossover this summer—available to press, and as a whole, they’re kind of a mess—far inferior to its earlier predecessors Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. They balance a dull lead character in Finn Jones’ Danny Rand with shockingly bland fight scenes, far more boardroom business action than should ever be in a comic book show, and a mild dash of poorly-handled representation of Asian cultures. Continue…

well shit, this really sounds like a crap show… my favorite of the bunch is still Dare Devil by far, and i just figured that was the bar to hit (or exceed) going forward… but man, really sounds like they fucked it all up with this new ‘Iron Fist’ show that’s coming out next week.

i’ll probably still check it out, or at the very least give it the “3 episode” run, but if it’s this bad after the first three episodes, then i’ll drop it.


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Nice ‘Iron Fist’ Intro

Everything You Need to Know About Marvel’s Iron Fist Before His Netflix TV Debut

In less than a month, martial arts superhero Danny Rand is heading to Netflix for his own TV show—and he’s being heralded as “the fourth Defender” as much as he is by his actual hero name, the immortal Iron Fist. He’s had a long history in Marvel Comics, both on his own and as a partner in crime-fighting. So here’s what you need to know about Iron Fist before his show premieres on March 17. Continue…

to be honest, i really don’t know much about Iron Fist and never really collected or read his comics as a kid growing up… so i found this post about him to be pretty interesting — enough so that i read the whole thing, and continued down through the comments as well.

sounds pretty cool and looking forward to checking out the show in a few weeks when it comes out on netflix… my favorite so far has been Daredevil, especially the first season… think it’d be pretty sick to see both of them team up.

#HellYeah  #IronFist

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The Expanse, A Producer’s Recap

The Expanse’s Executive Producer Tells Us Everything That Made Last Night’s Big Moment Work

there’s always half a dozen recap posts and articles the next day after a show airs, which is usually always fun to read through… i tend to hit them pretty regularly on shows i really dig, like Game of Thrones… but there’s some good geeky stuff here from the producer of the show, with a few subtle hints at things to come.

i went back and re-watched the latest episode last night, and g’damn it was great! the best episode so far, i think. heh.

Miller: “I’m gonna take my pet nuke for a walk.”


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‘Firefly’ Reboot?!

Fox is thinking real hard about a “Firefly” reboot, and this is the only thing that matters right now

With Fox rebooting some old favorites like Prison Break, 24, and The X-Files in the past few years could we see a Firefly reboot? Apparently, it’s not completely off the table. The cult show created by Joss Whedon ran for one season (and a movie) in 2002 but has an intense fanbase.

At the TCA Winter panels back in January, Fox Broadcasting President of Entertainment David Madden discussed the recent reboots of several FOX shows and threw out the idea that a reboot of Firefly was under consideration. But the show would only return if Joss Whedon was involved. Which honestly, we’re very happy to hear.

Fans have been trying to get Firefly back on the air ever since it went off the air. That passionate fanbase is what allowed for the 2005 film follow-up film Serenity. But even that wasn’t enough for fans. It’s been more than a decade but they’re still interested.

oh hell yeahhhhh! of course i’d love to see a proper Firefly reboot… who wouldn’t?! though i totally agree that it’ll only be worth a damn if they can somehow convince Joss Whedon to come back — otherwise, don’t even bother.

all that being said, you can’t help but wonder or say to yourself, “those dipshits should’ve never cancelled the show in the first place.”

uh huh.


The Expanse Is Back!

It’s Dystopian Sci-Fi Total War. Also, The Expanse Is Back

There’s an incomprehensible coldness to space. It’s frigid, yes, but it is also a place of profound emptiness, a void full of nothing but the awareness that the overwhelming majority of all existence is indifferent to humanity and its struggles. It can be easy to forget, here on this comfortable rock, how alone we are in the abyss, but that apathy is vital to understanding The Expanse.

Based on a series of novels by James S. A. Corey (pen name of writers Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), The Expanse is often positioned as the second coming of Battlestar Galactica. And while that comparison is often tied to the fact that it signals Syfy’s return to cultural prominence, it’s also true in that the show shares BSG’s political-allegory DNA. Like all sci-fi in the Star Trek tradition, The Expanse is about more than it’s about—and it wears the finery of a prescient, near-future dystopia well. It doesn’t set a stage, it begs you to look ahead. It wants you to ponder what the income inequality and political posturing of today might look like in 200 years. Continue…

oh man, oh man… feel like i’ve been eagerly awaiting this one forever, and i can’t wait to chill out on the couch later tonight and watch me some new Expanse — oh hell yeah.

i saw a tweet the other day about how “nobody is watching The Expanse” or something similar, and i almost couldn’t believe it… i mean, seriously? the show if fucking awesome, and without a doubt the best damn sci-fi show that’s been on television in over a decade… or whenever it was that BSG ended, which was quite awhile ago.

this is one bandwagon i’m happy to be on.

PS. season 2 premiere’s tonight @ 10pm on syfy

#heh  #thumbsup


The Expanse’s Secret Weapon

The Expanse’s Secret Weapon? Actual Science

SEASON 2 OF The Expanse premieres February 1 on Syfy. The show features colorful characters, sharp dialogue, and complex political machinations, but what really sets it apart from other sci-fi TV is the realistic way that it handles gravity and orbital trajectories. Much of the credit for that goes to showrunner Naren Shankar, who holds a PhD in physics and engineering from Cornell.

“Most space battles are just re-hashes of World War II fighter battles in the Pacific,” Shankar says in Episode 240 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “And that’s fine, if they want to be that kind of a fantasy, but I find great beauty in the way the ships move in our show.”

That attention to detail is most evident in Episode 4, “CQB,” which is set aboard a damaged spacecraft whose engines are failing, resulting in an intermittent loss of the ship’s artificial gravity. The episode also features a memorably violent scene in which a room is perforated by railguns.

“I really wanted to do that scene on film, and I knew we could do it,” Shankar says. “Because I’d never read anything like that or seen anything close to it in a science fiction show.” Continue…

i can’t wait for The Expanse to get started up again!

seriously, i can’t think of another sci-fi tv show that i’ve liked or enjoyed as much since probably Battlestar Galactica — and that pretty much says it all, really.

i even went back and re-watched Season 1 from start to finish a week or two ago, and it was just as awesome sitting down and watching it all over again.

awesome show.

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‘The Martian’ Invades TV

The Author of The Martian Is Making an Astronaut TV Show

After the success of The Martian, both the book and the movie, it was evident author Andy Weir was going have some new opportunities. Now it seems one of those is on television.

CBS has just picked up a pilot, written and produced by Weir, called Mission Control. According to The Wrap, it “follows the next generation of NASA astronauts and scientists as they juggle both their personal and professional lives during a critical mission with no margin for error.”

Among the producers is Simon Kinberg, who produced The Martian as well as Star Wars Rebels, Deadpool, the X-Men films, and much more.

oh man, i absolutely loved The Martian and have probably watched it at least half a dozen times by now… so if they come out with a martian style/type TV show, then sign me up!

speaking of TV shows, there’s really not much that i’ve really been digging… and by that, i mean it’s got my interest enough to tune in every week to watch it… i’m kinda on the fence about ‘The Young Pope’ on HBO, since it’s not really what i expected i guess… will give it a couple more episodes, but i’m kinda “meh” about it at the moment… the only other show i’m really into at the moment is “Taboo” on FX — man, that show really is pretty damn good so far.

any shows you’re really into right now?


The Most Streamed Shows Based on State Might Surprise You

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Psyched For In 2017?

What are you psyched about seeing in 2017?

feel like this topic came up quite a bit over the past couple weeks, just talking among friends and family… so having thought on this one for a bit, here’s a few things i’m looking forward to:

  • Winds of Winter (maybe? pretty please?!)
  • Game of Thrones, Season 7
  • Star Wars, Episode VIII
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2
  • Valerian
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Wonder Woman
  • John Wick sequel
  • The Expanse, Season 2 (syfy)
  • Iron Fist / Defenders (netflix)
  • Star Trey Discovery (maybe?)
  • Mass Effect Andromeda

there’s probably another dozen or more that i’m missing, but these are the things i’m looking forward to watching this year… what are you guys looking forward to?

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The Secret Story of Luke’s Jedi Academy

The Secret Story of Luke’s Jedi Academy Will Be Dark As F*ck

The story of Luke Skywalker’s doomed Jedi school will find its way onto our screens very soon, and it’s going to be super bleak. […]

In the old “Legends” continuity, the early days of Skywalker’s Jedi school — then called a “Jedi Praxeum” — were riddled with conflict and death. In Kevin J. Anderson’s Jedi Academy Trilogy Luke loses at least one apprentice to the Dark Side: an angry young Jedi named Kyp Durron. Kyp betrays Luke, murders people, and steals a doomsday weapon called “The Sun Crusher” which doesn’t at all sound like “Starkiller Base.” As much as Kylo Ren seems inspired by Han and Leia’s non-canonical son evil son “Jacen Solo,” Kylo also has shades of Kyp Durron.

And yet, Kyo Ren/Ben Solo is way more evil than Jacen Solo and Kyp Durron put together: He’s killed tons of young Jedi, murdered innocents as a First Order bad guy, plus, um … killed his father!

oh man, i absolutely love the idea of them coming out with a new animated series like Clone Wars that dives into Luke Skywalker and the first jedi academy after the big fall… holy shit, that’d be awesome!

yeah, sign me up.


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‘Westworld’ Premiere Was Pretty Awesome

15 Questions We Have After the Westworld Premiere

After months of both hype and delays, it seemed like the Westworld TV series would have a hard time living up to the anticipation. The fact that it pulled it off is impressive, especially given how many questions the premiere raised. We may not know what’s going on yet, but we’re definitely going to keep watching to find out—and here are the questions we hope get answered by the finale. (Well, at least some of them.) Continue…

i think the Steelers were already up 15-0 when i switched over from the sunday night football game to HBO to watch the premiere of “Westworld”, which i’ve been looking forward to the past couple months now… got through half of “Luke Cage” on netflix over the weekend, and then this? hot damn, finally something worth watching on tv — other than football, of course — know what i mean? heh.

loved the first episode, and it really kinda hooked ya there at the end… my only complaint at the moment is the fact that i have to wait another week for the next episode.


Netflix’s U.S. Catalog Has Reportedly Shrunk By 50%

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8-Bit Stranger Things

Stranger Things is Reimagined as a Delightfully ’80s Video Game

One thing largely absent from Netflix’s summer sensation “Stranger Things” is much mention of video games, which is somewhat surprising given that the sci-fi horror series is set in 1983.

Fortunately, the CineFix team has fixed that with a nostalgic 8-Bit Cinema interpretation of what “Stranger Things” might have looked like as an ’80s RPG game — complete with a chiptune rendition of the show’s haunting theme music. WARNING: The video is chock-full of spoilers.

talk about some nostalgic awesomesauce, huh? :)


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Enough With The Origin Stories!

Why does the Star Trek franchise keep returning to its origins?

The latest news about CBS’ new Star Trek series Discovery says the show will be set ten years before the events of the original Star Trek adventures with Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. Like the JJ Abrams movie trilogy and the most recent Trek series Enterprise, Discovery will be a return to the origins of the franchise. This is a departure from the 1987-2001 period, when Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager drove the story forward into the 24th century. For the past 15 years, Trek has been stuck in the past of the franchise itself. What do we gain by endlessly returning to the origins of this interstellar tale?

yeah, i was a little miffed when i heard that the new Star Trek show was going to be on some “subscribe to CBS streaming app to watch” thing (bastards), but then after watching the “first look” that came out awhile ago and seeing that it apparently set before the first series with the immortal captain kirk & spock… well, to be honest, most of my interest level kinda went right out the window.

gettign pretty damn tired of all these “origin” stories… enough with it, seriously.

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Comic-Con Trailers 2016

oh man, there’s a whole slew of new trailers and geeky news from this years comic-con… been so busy of late i haven’t really paid too much attention, and just now got around to watching some of these — like this new ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer… and holy shit, actually looks pretty badass!

though i’m not sure why captain kirk is in it… what’s up with that? i mean, does Wonder Woman really need a love interest? c’mon man.

speaking of new trailers and DC, this new ‘Justice Leauge’ is also looking pretty slick.

maybe it’s just me, but i’m not really digging the Flash’s outfit… what’s wrong with the good ‘ole classic look? oh well, whatever… also kinda geek’d out about all the new marvel stuff coming to netflix, like ‘The Defenders’, ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Daredevil’, etc…

good stuff, mang.

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