Iron Robben vs. Messi

hopefully the Netherlands vs. Argentina game today is better than yesterday’s brazil blowout… have a feeling it’ll be pretty good, and curious to see the dive happy robben playing on the other side of messi and his quick feet.

so who do you think will win?

Ann Coulter Is Right?

Ann Coulter Is Right to Fear the World Cup

Last week, Ann Coulter penned a column explaining why soccer is un-American. First, it’s collectivist. (“Individual achievement is not a big factor…blame is dispersed.”) Second, it’s effeminate. (“It’s a sport in which athletic talent finds so little expression that girls can play with boys.”) Third, it’s culturally elitist. (“The same people trying to push soccer on Americans are the ones demanding that we love HBO’s “Girls,” light-rail, Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton.”) Fourth, and most importantly, “It’s foreign…Soccer is like the metric system, which liberals also adore because it’s European.”

well, i tend to lean more conservative and i think this is bullshit.

World Cup: USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard sets World Cup record with 16 saves vs. Belgium

Of all that was said about Tim Howard’s performance against Belgium, “best ever” pretty much sums it up.

In his 104th cap, Howard single-handedly kept the USMNT in the match until the end of their memorable 2-1 loss with a World-Cup record 16 saves. It’s the most in the tournament since 1966, when they started keeping records. [...]

The most recorded saves previous to Howard was 13 and came in 1978, by Peru’s Ramon Quiroga.

even though we lost in overtime yesterday against belgium, Tim Howard was fucking extraordinary — without a doubt, he kept us in that game and at least gave the guys a chance… i’m still a little bummed out, but at the same time i think they did better than almost everybody expected going into the thing.

also surprised by how much support there’s been for the US team in the world cup this time around… just feels like more people got excited and were watching than i remember from past world cups, which i think is pretty cool.

still a lot of soccer haters around here, though. *chuckle*

Someone changed the Wikipedia entry for U.S. Secretary of Defense to ‘Tim Howard’

i don’t know about you guys, but i’m eagerly awaiting the USA vs. Belgium game today… i’m half-heartedly watching the Argentina vs. Switzerland game in a WatchESPN window here while working, but damned if all i can think about is the next game.

is everybody else watching the games while at work too? i wonder if productivity around the globe has decreased across the board this past week or two. hmmm…

on a related note, Waffle House is boycotting Belgian waffles for #USMNT

The World Cup Goes Flat

Redesigning The World Cup 2014 Brazil

From a football perspective this is a great World Cup, but from a designers perspective it’s not that great. Please let us explain: The World Cup of 2014 in Brazil is at it’s peak, and so far we have simply been spoiled with great goals and surprising outcomes. But when it comes to the visual way of games appearing on our TV screens, we can’t hide the fact that we’re disappointed in the outcome.

To begin with, we’ve all seen the World Cup 2014 brazil’s unpleasant logo. To quote designer Felix Sockwell, “the fingers are frog-shaped, and the gradients are ham-fisted”. In addition to that, the bevel is making it look smudgy and quite old school. continue…

i’m loving the more modern “flat” design to the world cup broadcast elements… almost makes you wonder why they didn’t roll with something like this to begin with, especially given the enormous popularity and viewership around the world.

good stuff.

Arjen Robben has apologised for diving during the first half of Netherlands’ 2-1 win against Mexico at the 2014 World Cup.

well at least he came out and apologized after the game… i think he dived around the penalty box at least 3 times in that game against mexico, and finally sold it with a near oscar-winning performance to the ref — so kudos to him, i guess.

speaking of flopping around and taking dives, anybody see that brazil game?!? g’lord man.

Bad Tweet: Dutch airline angers Mexico soccer fans

The Great Escape

i just got a chuckle when i saw this photo being RT’d on twitter just now… oh, and also thought it was cool to see Obama chilling out on Air Force One watching the worldcup game.

Obama watching the USA vs. Germany game on Air Force One (2014)


Worldcup @ Work

some of the guys at work chill’n after lunch and watching the US v. Germany world cup match up on the wall.

Worldcup at work 001

tied 0-0 at the half…

update: well, even though we lost the game to germany 1-0, looks like we’ll still be going forward to the next round thanks to portugal scoring a pair of goals against ghana… hell, i’m happy to take it — nobody thought we’d get out of this “group of death” afterall.


The Biggest Fake? Brazil.

Brazil Has Faked The Most Injuries At The 2014 World Cup

Taking a dive or faking an injury isn’t something unique to soccer. There are phantom high sticks and elbows in hockey and basketball, NFL players who fake cramps and just this week Matt Carpenter got away with pretending he was hit by a pitch. But soccer is the sport most notorious for players writhing in pain, and this year’s World Cup has done little to erase that reputation. According to one report, no team at the tournament has faked more such injuries than the home nation, Brazil.

The Wall Street Journal followed the tournament’s first 32 games and recorded, and timed, every instance of a player appearing to be injured before subsequently returning to the game (the study omitted the nine players who left the game after being injured). The count may include some players who were legitimately hurt but still capable of returning to action, but with 293 instances to work with that grey area is likely quite small. Not to mention that the WSJ report found “injuries” suffered by winning teams – in other words, those with the incentive to drain the clock – resulted in four times as much wasted time.

Through their first two games, Brazilian players have gone down 17 times before returning to play. That Brazil leads the list shouldn’t be much of a surprise for anyone watching the World Cup. The team’s players could hardly keep their feet in the tournament’s opening game against Croatia, a match in which Brazil took a late lead thanks to a controversial dive by Fred. The subsequent penalty kick was put in by phenom striker Neymar, who has long drawn plenty of ire for his acting abilities.

i remember watching the brazil game the other day and tweeting that they were rather “theatrical”… sure as shit not surprised by this at all, cuz those guys were flopping on the ground left and right — which really is the biggest reason most americans can’t stand soccer, i think… totally understandable, too.

the US v. Germany game is starting up now… hell yeah! c’mon guys, you can do this.

p.s. Damn! Colombia may have the hottest fans ever

Luis Suarez: The Racist Cannibal

Luis Suárez Just Bit Someone Again!

Uruguay were playing Italy in an atrocious, atrocious World Cup match that saw Mario Balotelli knee a guy in the head and Claudio Marchisio sent off for trying to break someone else’s leg. But shit didn’t get real until the 79th minute.

This was the last game of Group D’s group stage. If Italy won or drew, they would advance to the knockout stage of the tournament, and with just 11 minutes left to play, it looked like the famously staunch Italian defense would hold on. That’s when Suárez appeared to haul off and bite Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in the shoulder.

There was mass confusion at first. This was due to the fact that Luis Suárez had already bitten people twice before, once at Dutch club Ajax, and once with English side Liverpool. He’d also been been twice suspended for it. Still, no one believed it possible, as an athlete or human, to bite three people in just over three years with the whole world watching.

(He also has been suspended for being racist.)

personally, i think FIFA should ban him for life.

“Look, there’s no rule in soccer against biting your opponent. There’s not even a rule against eating your opponent. The only rule in soccer is that you can’t use your hands.”
Luis Suarez

oh, and snickers should totally hire suarez for a spot — “hey, it’s easy to get hungry out there on the field! satisfy your craving with a snickers bar.”

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Pokes Fun at World Cup

Ways The U.S. Can Advance

Every Way The U.S. Can Advance In The World Cup

The World Cup’s group stage is coming down to the wire: With one game to go, there are a few ways the United States can keeps its championship hopes alive. Here are all the potential scenarios that would result in our boys advancing to the round of 16.

1. U.S. wins or draws against Germany: The U.S. team moves forward to the knockout round if they beat Germany or tie with them.

2. Ghana and Portugal draw: If the teams end their match in a tie, then the U.S. and Germany advance and both Portugal and Ghana are eliminated.

3. U.S. loses to Germany, Ghana beats Portugal by 2 goals, Ghana remembers true meaning of sportsmanship: This scenario requires Ghana to realize that the U.S. men’s team worked really hard for this and then selflessly offer up their spot.

4. U.S. loses to Germany but the U.S. team writes “Germany” over “United States” on their jerseys: The U.S. team moves forward and once the first elimination game with “Germany” is played, FIFA will be too embarrassed to say anything about it.

5. Ghana beats Portugal, Portugal beats Ghana: The presence of two contradictory realities coexisting in the same timeline would cause a disintegration of the linear progression of time as we know it, creating an infinite plurality of realities in which the United States both wins and loses the World Cup.

6. U.S. loses to Germany by 46 goals, Ghana and Portugal draw: Believe it or not, the U.S. would advance if this happens.

7. U.S. loses to Germany, but Germany’s grandpa dies: It’s a long shot, but if Germany’s grandpa dies suddenly and they have to miss the game in order to go to the funeral, then according to FIFA rules, the U.S. will advance to the next round uncontested.

8. U.S. loses to Germany, but then Germany is disqualified because upon review of the game, referees notice Germany was using their hands the whole time: Touching the ball with your hands is a clear violation of the rules of the game, and if the refs discover Germany was using it to their advantage to beat the U.S., the win would be voided and the U.S. would advance.

9. Ghana beats Portugal with enough goals to win tiebreaker, U.S. loses to Germany, U.S. runs out onto the field celebrating to Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’: While the U.S. would technically be eliminated in this scenario, the fact that they are celebrating while listening to ‘We Are The Champions’ might be enough to confuse FIFA officials, who could assume that they must have made a mistake in thinking that the U.S. team lost and thus let them advance.

10: During the U.S. vs. Germany match, the German team abruptly evaporates into an acrid vapor: This would be great for the U.S. team.

yup, that nicely sums up our options for advancing to the next round.

Portugal’s Last-Second Draw Is Most-Watched Soccer Game in U.S.

Portugal Ties USA In Last Seconds… Shit.

2014 FIFA World Cup: USA can’t hold on, draws Portugal 2-2

Considering the way this match started it’s hard to be upset about the United States coming away with a point. The problem is the way the game ended.

Portugal got on the board early thanks to some incredibly shaky defense from Geoff Cameron led to a wide open shot for Portugal’s Nani only five minutes in, but the Americans didn’t back down. Instead they responded just how you would want them to, outplaying Portugal for large portions of the game, even if they couldn’t find the back of the net.

But they would.

In the second half the United States, facing a Portugal team that had never lost a World Cup match after scoring first, scored twice to take a 2-1 lead. It looked as if the United States was going to get the three points and clinch advancement, making the final match against Germany pointless.

But then Ronaldo, who was quiet most of the night and missed a few key chances, did not waste his last chance.

In the final seconds Ronaldo made his way up the right side and let go of a beautiful cross that found Varela in the box. Varela dove, got his head on the ball, and put it past Tim Howard to tie the game 2-2. It was the last play of the game.

oh man, fuck me… i’m still in shock over that goal in the final seconds of the game… unfuckingreal… i mean, seriously?!?! fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

helluva game though, and even though it kinda feels like a loss, the US team played one hell of a game against portugal — especially in what probably felt like an amazonian hellhole… first water break in the world cup? shit, about time.

not to sound off the conspiracy bells here or anything, but i’m pretty sure they originally added 4 minutes of added time at the end and then it somehow “adjusted” to 5 minutes — never noticed that happen before… is that normal?

p.s. i need a stiff drink after that game. geeesh.

World Cup: Crazy Sex Rules

World Cup: The Crazy Rules Some Teams Have About Pre-Game Sex

When you’re competing in the world’s most-watched sporting event, you don’t take any chances with your body. So while experts may disagree about whether having sex before a game can affect a player’s performance, many teams at this year’s World Cup have implemented sex bans.

“There will be no sex in Brazil. They can find another solution, they can even masturbate if they want. I am not interested what the other coaches do, this is not a holiday trip, we are there to play football at the World Cup,” Safet Susic, the coach of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s national soccer team told reporters of his team’s ban in April.

On Tuesday, Quartz broke down the sex rules for the World Cup teams. To sum up:

Sex is permitted on these teams: Germany, Spain, the United States, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Uruguay and England

Sex is banned on these teams: Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile and Mexico

And the rules are complicated on these teams: France (you can have sex but not all night), Brazil (you can have sex, but not “acrobatic” sex), Costa Rica (can’t have sex until the second round) and Nigeria (can sleep with wives but not girlfriends)

The rules for the remaining teams are unknown.

no “acrobatic” sex for brazil? well shit on me.

The “official” world cup condom tastes like a…