Reid: People Are Stupid

Harry Reid: People Aren’t Educated on How to Use the Internet

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) said the fault of struggling to sign up on the Obamacare exchanges didn’t lie with the faulty website, but with the people who weren’t “educated on how to use the Internet.”

Explaining the reasoning behind the latest Obamacare delay, Reid said too many people just didn’t know to use their computer properly and needed more time. Apparently, it had nothing to do with the well-documented failings of the website that have embarrassed the White House for months.

umm, yeah… it’s not the website that’s broken, people are just too damn stupid on how to use the internet — reid, you’re an idiot.

A brief history of Obamacare delays

Did anyone really doubt that the final Obamacare enrollment deadline would slip, too?

It’s not like the Obama administration is setting a new precedent with its latest move — giving customers more time to enroll after next Monday’s deadline if they’re already in line.

In reality, the administration is just continuing a long pattern of delays. They’re all designed to show flexibility and help the law work better, but they also fuel a public perception that Obamacare deadlines never really mean anything.

speaking of Obamacare, after already handing out thousands of exemptions (including federal workers, no less), i wonder why he couldn’t hand one out to Hobby Lobby? curious to see what the Supreme Court says on that one.

Obamacare penalizes the ‘wrong’ insurance 18 times more than no insurance.

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SOTU Drinking Game

wish i’d seen this yesterday, but oh well… sounds like a fun State of the Union drinking game, though if you played it and followed it to the letter – you might end up in the effin hospital.

  • Every time he says “folks,” drink.
  • Every time he says “fair share,” drink.
  • Every time he says “extraordinary,” drink.
  • Every time he brags about working tirelessly, drink.
  • When he frets about lack of compromise, drink.
  • If he says, “Bring me a bill, and I’ll sign it,” drink.
  • When he brings up the middle class, the people he’s ruining, drink.
  • Every time he says, “It’s the right thing to do,” drink.
  • Every time he cites someone that his policies have helped, drink.
  • If she’s in the audience, drink some more.
  • Every time he says, “I never said it would be easy,” drink.
  • If he says that after mentioning ObamaCare, drink again.
  • If he says ObamaCare’s rough start was worth it, drink.
  • And every time he reminds us that running a country is really hard, say, “Yeah, we can tell,” and drink.
  • Finally, each time you feel like you’re being screwed, drink.

And if you still buy anything from this gas bag, then you deserve the world’s worst hangover, and enjoy it, ’cause you built that.


Avoid America, Obama

Aides Advise Obama To Avoid Any Mention Of America During State Of The Union Speech

WASHINGTON — Ahead of Tuesday night’s highly anticipated State of the Union address, top White House aides reportedly sat down with President Barack Obama and advised him to maintain a positive and optimistic tone throughout the speech by avoiding any mention of the United States of America.

We feel it’s best to steer clear of topics that may cast the administration in an unfavorable light, so we urged the president to gently skirt the issue of America and any related subjects for the duration of his address,” said White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, adding that they hoped to deny Republican opponents of any ammunition for their rebuttal by instructing Obama to refrain from talking about the U.S., any one of the 50 states, or the American populace at all.

“The country has been a really thorny issue for the president, so given the importance of this occasion and the number of people watching, we recommended that the president just stay away from using any loaded terms that might stir up negative associations with listeners, such as ‘the United States,’ ‘our nation,’ or ‘my fellow Americans.’” White House sources later confirmed that Obama’s State of the Union speech is estimated at seven minutes long and will focus largely on The Rolling Stones’ widely popular 1972 album Exile On Main St.

i didn’t bother watching Obama’s SOTU last night, but from what little i’ve read this morning it seems like it was pretty weaksauce… some disappointed libs, and lots of conservatives rolling their eyes… so basically nothing new, move along.. move along.


Panic Hard, America.

Dem: I Haven’t Seen This Much Panic Since 9/11

this video sums it up nicely.



Don’t Look @ Rushmore

You are no longer allowed to look at Mount Rushmore.

Dirty political tricks are finally starting to affect normal people, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Because Republicans won’t pass a bill to fund the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration decided to “make life as difficult for people as we can” and has barricaded public monuments, national parks, views of Mount Rushmore (you can’t even pull over to the side of the road to take a picture of it – see picture below), and more recently attempted to block access to the ocean in Florida. That doesn’t much sound like the “hope and change” we were sold on. To me, it sounds like politics as usual – maybe worse than we’ve ever seen before.

For years, the American people have lost more and more freedom and prosperity to a type of tyrannistic government that looks very similar to the government that America was founded to escape from in the first place, but it hasn’t really affected the average, every day person… until now.

Now, the Obama administration has even decided to block access to public property that isn’t actually funded by the government.

“You do have to wonder about the wisdom of an organization that would use staff they don’t have the money to pay to evict visitors from a park site that operates without costing them any money.”

This week we also saw the Affordable Care Act exchanges launch. Americans finally began to see first-hand that government healthcare plans are costing 2-4x more than their existing plans with less coverage, and people are pissed.

saw some of the news about this over the weekend and thought it was pretty damn shitty myself… police tape at the WWII memorial? mount rushmore, seriously?!? even some reports of fisherman being told they can’t fish in the ocean — what the hell does a partial federal govt. shutdown have to do with the ocean?



The U.S. Government Is Shutdown

8 Things To Know About A Government Shutdown

personally, i think this whole thing stinks… the republicans in the House started with a budget that removed the funding for obamacare, which was flat out rejected… then over the weekend and in a flurry of “ping-pong” today they sent over three more variations, such as delaying the individual mandate a year (like obama did for employers), and it’s all been turned down by harry reid – who drives me knucking futz – and it looks more and more like the democrats honestly, and truly do want a government shutdown… probably looking at some polls and deciding they’ll “win” some political points for it or some shit.

watching the news for a bit, it now seems like the republicans have come back and want all these damn exemptions to be rolled back, so that everybody – including congress, which they cut a nice little deal for themselves and staffers – to be held to the same rules of obamacare as everybody else… which sounds perfectly reasonable to me, i mean, why should congress exempt themselves from the very law they’re imposing on the rest of us? not to mention the other 1,200 exemptions obama’s handed out. unbelievable.

seriously, what the hell is wrong with all these politicians?!?

in related news…

p.s. i was hoping for a better game tonight, especially after hearing so much about the dolphins these past few weeks… haven’t seen them play, until tonight… the saints are looking damn good, though.


Cruz Makes A Stand

Cruz conjures Darth Vader 18 hours into Senate marathon

(CNN) – As he hit the 18-hour mark on the Senate floor Wednesday morning, Sen. Ted Cruz compared his anti-Obamacare effort to “Star Wars.” And he tried out his vocal impression of Darth Vader.

Referring to having heard someone use the phrase “rebellion against oppression,” Cruz said those words “conjured up to me the rebel alliance fighting against the empire. The empire being the Washington, D.C., establishment.”

“And indeed immediately on hearing that phrase I wondered if at some point we would see a tall gentleman in a mechanical breathing apparatus come forward and say in a deep voice, ‘Mike Lee, I am your father.’”

Sen. Mike Lee is one of several Republicans who have taken turns at the microphone, giving their colleague a break.

Cruz and a few others in the Republican caucus want to prevent the Senate from taking up the government funding bill passed last week by the GOP-controlled House of Representatives. The Democratic-controlled Senate plans to strip a provision that removed funding for Obamacare.

on the one hand i think it’s great that Cruz is taking a stand and literally talking on the senate floor for the past 18 hours (or however long) about obamacare… yet at the same time, i don’t really understand the point since they’ll be voting on it in the senate this afternoon anyways, so it’s not an actual filibuster or anything.

maybe i’m just a simple idiot missing something.

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Too Early?

my co-worker just sent this over to me, and my first thought was “WTF? Seriously?” followed by “seriously dude, it’s wayyyyyy too early”, and then finally “fuck me”.

wouldn’t surprise me if i started to see similar bumper stickers on some cars driving around the DC beltway. ugh.

i just lost my appetite.

(hat tip: jim)


What Would You Do With $52K?

Republicans ask: What would you do with your $52,000 share of national debt?

Fifty-two thousand dollars could, among other things, buy you NFL season tickets for nearly 67 years and groceries for seven years, and make for a hefty down payment on a house. So Republicans argue in a new infographic released by Speaker John Boehner’s office on Wednesday morning, part of their effort to highlight Democratic spending amid the growing national debt.

According to the chart, if the $16 trillion national debt were divided among every man, woman and child, each person would receive $52,000 – an amount Republicans are highlighting on Wednesday, the 1,400th day since the Democrat-controlled Senate passed a budget.

President Barack Obama has been publicly pressuring House Republicans to raise taxes on the nation’s wealthiest and some corporations as part of a budget deal. In the absence of a budget passed by Congress, federal agencies will face a sequester – across-the-board spending cuts – March 1.

Republicans issued a statement along with Wednesday’s graphic calling on Democrats to do their part to avoid the sequester.
“Republicans voted twice to replace the president’s sequester with smarter spending cuts and reforms. And – for the third year in a row – the House will pass a budget that promotes economic growth and addresses our debt crisis. Now we need Senate Democrats and President Obama to do the same,” Republicans state on Boehner’s website.

personally, i don’t understand why Obama doesn’t get everybody in a room and hammer it all out – it’s called being a leader, he should try it out.

i also don’t quite understand all this doom and gloom grandstanding about $85B in cuts a year, which seems really small compared to our growing $16 trillion in national debt… i mean, is this “sequester” really that bad?


Obama’s State of the Union

FACT CHECK: Overreaching in State of Union speech

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama did some cherry-picking Tuesday night in defense of his record on jobs and laid out a conditional path to citizenship for illegal immigrants that may be less onerous than he made it sound.

A look at some of the claims in his State of the Union speech, a glance at the Republican counterargument and how they fit with the facts:

OBAMA: “After years of grueling recession, our businesses have created over 6 million new jobs.”

THE FACTS: That’s in the ballpark, as far as it goes. But Obama starts his count not when he took office, but from the point in his first term when job losses were the highest. In doing so, he ignores the 5 million or so jobs that were lost on his watch, up to that point.

Private sector jobs have grown by 6.1 million since February 2010. But since he became president, the gain is a more modest 1.9 million.

And when losses in public sector employment are added to the mix, his overall jobs record is a gain of 1.2 million.

well, i had no plans on actually sitting down and watching it, but jayden was taken to the ER yesterday and i spent the night at the hospital with him, so i found myself watching it in a waiting room since there was nothing else on at the moment… he’s doing okay, but is really fatigued, has had some erratic heartbeat, and his legs & arms have grown numb over the past couple days which is really concerning… lots of tests, and waiting to hear from the neurologist today.

man, what a day.


Obama vs. Reagan

well, curiosity got the better of me and i couldn’t help myself, so i tuned in to watch President Obama’s inauguration address… thought it was okay, but to be honest, wasn’t all that memorable… i can’t think of a single thing or line from his speech that i could repeat back to you, and i just watched it an hour ago.

and here’s reagan in his inauguration address 30 years ago.

if you listen to the two speeches, you can’t help but see the stark contrast between the two.

personally, i think we need another reagan.


Obama’s Inauguration

well, obama was officially sworn into office for a second term yesterday, but today he’ll do it again in front of everybody… i’m sure it’ll go a little more smoothly than it did the last time.

friend of mine got up at the butt crack of dawn and headed up to DC – probably around 6am or so – so he could hopefully get a decent spot on the mall… power to him, cuz there was no way i was doing it… which got me thinking that while i might not be a big fan of Obama and the gigantic mountain of debt he’s already incured, he is the president of the united states and this is a big day for our democracy.

i just hope he can somehow get past the politics and divisive attacks, and see the bigger picture… i still haven’t quite lost all hope for ‘em.


Four More Years

Barack Obama wins election for second term as president

President Barack Obama handily defeated Gov. Mitt Romney and won himself a second term Tuesday after a bitter and historically expensive race that was primarily fought in just a handful of battleground states. Obama beat Romney after nabbing almost every one of the 12 crucial battleground states.

In a sweeping victory speech early Wednesday morning, Obama thanked every American who voted, and vowed to work with leaders from both parties to tackle the country’s challenges.

“Our economy is recovering, a decade of war is ending, a long campaign is now over,” he told a crowd of cheering supporters in Chicago. “And whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to you, I have learned from you and you have made me a better president.” Obama added he has “never been more hopeful about America” as he returns to the White House. “We’re not as divided as our politics suggest,” Obama said. “We remain more than a collection of blue states and red states.”

man, i’m so fucking disappointed right now.

france, greece, and spain better move on over… because here we come, baby!

it’ll probably take a day or two for it to really sink in… four more years of Obama, Harry Reid, and all the other democrats… oh well, it’s a democracy and that’s the way it swung.

it’s 2am, i’m going to bed.


Romney vs. Obama

okay ladies and gentlemen, the day has finally come… so who do you think is going to win in today’s 2012 presidential election, who are you voting for – mitt romney or barack obama?

personally, i can’t believe i woke up early this morning… i jumped in the shower, peeled open my eyeballs, then headed out to get some coffee and then over to the elementary school around the corner from my house to vote… lines weren’t too bad – think i missed the initial morning rush of voters – and thanks to my iphone the time went by pretty fast.

so i’ve given my vote, and i’m sure it comes as no surprise to any of you guys who i voted for. heh.

really damn curious to see who wins.


Debate, Round 3

i’m sure that all of you were attentively tuned into the last of the Obama v. Romney debates lastnight… i was seriously on the fence between watching the debate or the football game – but curiosity got me, and i ended up watching it… so how do you think it went?

i thought that obama did really well and had a couple good lines in there, with “horses and boyonets” coming to mind… he was pretty agressive, and seeing obama stare’n at romney in the televised split-screen was kind of weird – looked like he wanted to punch romney half the time… so if you’re a big obama fan, then you probably loved that.

on the flipside, i thought romney held his own pretty well… he was even keeled and collected, made some good points, didn’t get into the weeds or resort to name calling… some of obama’s answers and remarks came off as rather childish and un-presidential, some might argue.

i thought obama came off really well on foreign affairs, but i don’t know that it really changed the dials much… why? because the number one issue on peoples minds is the economy, and on that i feel like more people feel that romney would be the better guy to have in office… but i guess we’ll all just have to wait and see how it shakes out two weeks from today, when we go and place our votes.