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Today For Lunch

this is why i normally don’t mind too much driving up to the office on tuesdays… catered lunches, FTW! :)

sure the commute still sucks donkey balls… like this morning i left the house around 8am, and didn’t pull into the work parking lot until 10:25am.

yeah, seriously.

…but at least i got some good food to look forward to, right?

#thumbsup  #ilovemobi

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Sweet Yeezy Slippers

one of the guys i work with posted a pic of these awesome “yeezy” style slippers on slack, and holy shit i need to find out where he got them cuz they’re freak’n awesome!

he’s a big shoe nut, and seems to be wearing a different pair every time i see him… i think he mentioned having half a room dedicated to his shoe collection, which stuck in my mind since that’s just kinda nuts… but i’ve heard that some guys are just really, really into their shoes.

…me? think i got like 3 or 4 pairs.

PS. think a pair of these would be an awesome christmas gift for jayden :)

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Personal Video Game

My Sexy Titan

been playing a lot of Destiny 2 of late, and went on my first “strike” with jayden last night… i was joking around about being a striking virgin, but i guess i popped that cherry.

the grinding for gear and weapons to raise your power level is definitely a thing in this game… kind of addicting, but can also be a bit aggravating… i mean, i’ve been stuck at around 265 or so for the past two days and i’m not sure what i’m supposed to be doing to get past this hump.

it’s just cool to hop online and play some games with jayden… i mean, anime is great and all, but it’s definitely more fun to run around and blow shit up together.


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Personal WTF?

Milk or Cereal First?!

i heard the craziest thing yesterday… was listening to a podcast, and these guys were discussing / asking whether you put in the milk or the cereal first?

ummm, yeah… what the shit?!??

this one guys said he always puts in the milk first…

…and everybody else was freak’n out, and rightfully so… because seriously, i don’t think i’ve ever really thought about it, probably since it just seems sooooooo wrong to put the milk in the bowl first, and then the cereal.

that’s just cray-cray, mang.

#blink  #wtf

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Personal Sports

First Time Playing Golf

went out yesterday and played 9-holes of golf for the first time… i’ve had a buddy talking and bugging me about it for at least the past year or so, and i finally broke down and said, “okay sure, let’s do this mang”

i’ve never really liked golf, and i guess i’ve had this weird bias against it pretty much my entire life… probably because i still remember going out with my dad when i was a kid and playing “caddy” for him, and how much it really really sucked…

so yeah, i popped my golf cherry yesterday.

…and yes, i sucked at it… everything i’ve heard about it was pretty much dead on, and it’s definitely a lot harder than it looks… and apparently i’m doing all sorts of things wrong, because i woke up this morning sore as all hell — seriously, my left shoulder hurts like i must’ve been smacking it with the golf club or something… my wrist hurts, my back is sore, and even my damn fingrers/thumb is sore.

fuck me.

was it fun? sure, though i’m not exactly sure if it’s my thing… i can see how people would get wrapped up in it, and can see the appeal… i mean, i managed to hit the golf ball with a driver over this crazy little pond and felt like i just won the world series or something. lol

anybody into golf?

Personal Work

Today’s Lunch

getting into work and seeing that indian food was on the lunch calendar for today… almost made that 2 and a half hour drive into work this morning worth it.

who am i kidding, it was totally worth it mang! :)

#emmmmmmmmm  #tastyyyyyyy


Eclipse Was Pretty Cool

well, i went out armed with my special cardboard “eclipse” shades and saw it today… seems like the internets kinda exploded over it, which is always pretty damn cool in my book.

i tried to take a photo of it, but holy shit the sun was bright! seriously, even with half the sun covered it was still too bright with the naked eye… and even with my phone, all i could see was a gigantic bright thing… lol

did snap this shot which i thought was cool, since some clouds rolled in and it was nuts to see the sun’s rays spreading out behind it… can’t see it with just a photo, but you could see the rays moving with the naked eye which was pretty sweet.

anywho, hope ya got to see it!

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Online/Web Personal TV

Vue You Later

i got an email a couple weeks back about how my Playstation Vue subscription was going up from $35 to $45 a month… sure, it’s only 10 bucks but i wasn’t overly happy about it, especially since i’m already another $15/mo for HBO and was thinking of adding the Sports package ($10/mo) — which starts to add up, since now i’m looking at $70 a month for Vue/Sports/HBO… and that’s not including Amazon/Netflix/Crunchyroll y’know?

then yesterday i saw this post on engadget about a deal going on with Directv Now and thought “hmmmmm, interesting”…

since i had some running around to do, i decided to stop by the AT&T store near me and asked them about the promotion, getting more info etc… long story short, i ended up signing up for it — had to prepay $105 for the next 3 months, and since i’m an AT&T subscriber with my phone, they upgraded my plan to the “unlimited” one and saved me another $4/mo… also found that i was eligible for another promotion they have going for AT&T users, where for a limited time you can get the $35 Diretv Now package for only $10 a month — so they gave me that as well, so after 3 months i’ll only pay the extra $10 a month on my phone bill for it.

oh, and i also walked out of the store with a brand new Apple TV (32gb)…!

soooooo…. net net… my phone bill dropped by 4 bucks, and in three months it’ll increase by $6 for Directv Now.

pretty sweet, huh?


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Last Night’s Dinner

even though i don’t cook as often as i used to, i still enjoy hitting the grocery store and picking up some fresh veggies/meat for a meal every now and then… i mean, i like pizza and subs as much as the next guy, but sometimes ya just gotta switch it up y’know?

getting everything cut up and ready…

start with the mushrooms / onions, then layer in the yellow squash, leaving the spinach for last…

grab some bowls…

…and dig in! g’damn it was good too.




One Sweet Loadup

a buddy gave me a tip yesterday about BJs having these new boxes of “not your fathers root beer”, so i literally jumped in the car and drove over…

…and yup, after a bit of searching and walking around, i found ’em… fuck yeah! seriously man, felt like a little kid or something… went ahead and snagged two cases, and i’ll have to swing back over in another couple weeks to see if they still have them — since i’m curious if they’ll be keeping it in stock or not.

sure hope so ;)

#NotYourFathersRootBeer  #delicious


Trying To Quit, Again.

speaking of drugs and all that, i’m once again trying to quit smoking… i’ve tried several times, but always seem to start back up… and after 20 years, it’s a real bitch, and really is one of my biggest regrets.

so over the weekend i stopped at a local vape shop and picked up a new vaping mod… ended up going with this one since i kinda liked how heavy / solid it felt in my hand, but mostly because the sides light up and looks like the side profile of Optimus Prime — seriously, the geek in my just couldn’t resist ;)

it’s been two days now and i’ve been vaping like a mofo, and have only had a handfoo of cigs…

so yeah, off to a good start, and hopefully i can stick with it and basically retrain my brain over the next few weeks or months.

i don’t do drugs, but do enjoy having the occasional (not your father’s root) beer… so smoking has probably been my one vice, but i really do wanna quit.

it’s just sooooo fuck’n hard…

#sigh  #vape  #smoke


Food Porn

oh man, seriously?! this is what you get when you combine two totally awesome things — s’mores and brownies.

fuck me.

#delicious  #yummy

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Online/Web Personal Video

Jeffe: The Vlogging Virgin

my buddy jeff just hit me up with his very first vlog that he filmed, edited, and posted up to youtube.

nicely done, buddy!

5 hours of editing for 5 minutes?! shit, although i can totally believe it… still sounds pretty crazy mang.


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Verizon vs. Netgear Nighthawk X4S

verizon came out this past thursday to hook me up with gigabit, which is awesome… then i ordered a new router — NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S — to replace the one that verizon gave me so i could return it and save myself an additional $15-20 a month.

i got it saturday afternoon, and then went about trying to set it up… for some reason it just wasn’t seeing the internet at all, and after awhile i broke down and called verizon tech support… ended up hard rebooting the netgear router half a dozen times, swapped out the ethernet cables a few times, and verizon checked the line… released the IP a couple times, and finally rebooted the FiOS box on the outside of my house — still wasn’t able to see or connect to the internet. g’damnit.

so i talked to my buddy ron, and after remoting into my macbook and messing around with it for 20 minutes or so… he figured out what the problem was, and had me up and running on my new nighthawk router.

fucking sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!

thanks again buddy, you rock dude!



Poke Me, Please

oh man, i was super stoked yesterday afternoon when i happened to run across a new Poke Bowl restaurant that just opened this past week.

naturally i swung back around and dropped in to order me a poke bowl to-go… pretty damn good, and totally see stopping by at least once a week to grab a bowl.

do love me some poke bowls, mang ;)

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Online/Web Personal

I’m Officially Cable Free

well guys, i’ve officially now “cut the cable”… after the verizon fios was setup yesterday afternoon, i ended up spending quite a bit a time messing around with the router since i couldn’t seem to get my amazon fire tv to work unless i went in and enabled 2.4Ghz mode, instead of just having the 5Ghz enabled like i wanted… my buddy ron helped me out and got it working, which was a relief (thanks dude!)

it’s funny, but i had this really weird feeling when i disconnected the cable boxes from my livingroom/bedroom… i mean, it’s probably the first time in at least the last 20 years that i haven’t had cable — so yeah, kind of a weird feel’n mang… but a good one… to be honest, i’m sorta feeling like i’m channeling my inner “millennial” right now or something. lol

on the flipside, have to say i’m pretty impressed with this verizon gigabit so far… i ran ethernet cables from both the PS4/XB1 in the living room to the router, and when i checked the network on the PS4 it said it was pulling down around 457Mbs… i was like “OMG, FUCK YEAH!!!!” when i saw that :)

between Playstation Vue, Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, and Crunchyroll i think i’m pretty set as far as having enough shit to stream and watch… figure it’ll take me a little while to just get used to it, but sometimes change is good y’know?

#CableFreeBaby  #FuckYeah  #GigabitFTW

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Personal WTF?

These F*cking Trees

woke up a bit earlier than usual this morning so i could pickup my dad and drive him over for his weekly chemo appointment @ 8am… actually got up around 6:30am, which is hella early for me… anywho, i get back home armed with my Wawa coffee, still yawning and a bit bleary eyed, and just happened to notice something a bit weird or off in my back yard through the kitchen window.

apparently, at some point last night, a big ass tree limb broke off and fell, taking up half my back yard..! ummmmm… yeah… like WTF.

it was raining last night when i went to bed, and i’m pretty sure we didn’t have some hurricane or tornado rip through (i think)… doesn’t look like it was hit by lightning, least that i can tell… so i have no idea what the hell happened.

well that’s just fucking great.

now i’m gonna have to call around and see if i can’t get somebody over to cut up and remove this damn thing… not to mention maybe looking at that tree, since the last thing i want to deal with is a big ass tree falling on my damn house or crushing my beloved miata… g’damnit.

if it’s not one thing, it’s another…

#sigh  #mutter

Personal TV

Picked Up A 4K TCL For The Bedroom

after doing some quick research this past week or so, i went ahead and picked up this new TCL 55P605 from Best Buy, which got delivered yesterday afternoon… my son’s TV died on him a couple months ago and just told me about it last week, and since i’m cutting the cable i figured what the hell… i’ll go ahead and get a new tv for the bedroom and give him my “old” 2015 samsung (1080p).

TCL P-Series Roku TV review: the best budget 4K TV you can get

TCL’s P-Series is a remarkable win for budget-conscious consumers. You’re not “settling” or sacrificing much of anything in terms of specs or features with this TV. It’s got local-area dimming (a feature often reserved for pricier sets), 4K resolution, HDR, and intuitive, familiar software with easy access to all the popular streaming apps you’d need.

first time with a roku, and the setup was dead easy and only took a couple minutes… spent a little time playing around and tweaking the picture settings — movie mode, dropping the sharpness down to “0”, dialing back the backlighting a bit, playing with the colors… i like how it keeps/remembers the different settings per input… also like how easy it is to rename inputs and customize it with icons, etc… as far as picture quality goes, i have to say i’m pretty damn impressed, especially with a $600 budget 4K tv… the black levels are better than i expected, colors are pretty damn vibrant… and another reason i got this one was because it has really low input lag, which is awesome for gaming.

one of the first things i did was fire up YouTube and searched for “Iceland in 4K”, which i remember watching on a buddy’s new 4K tv a few months back and being kinda shocked at how awesome it looked in person… and holy shit, it looks fantastic!

so yeah, i’m pretty stoked at the moment.

#ThumbsUp  #FuckYeah

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Going Gigabit, Baby

on a less depressing note, i was talking to my neighbor the other day and he was telling me that he just switched over to FiOS Gigabit, and how awesome it was… also said that they had a promotion going on right now, and that it was only $70 a month — which ain’t bad! was kinda surprised at that, to be honest.

so i went ahead and gave verizon a call yesterday afternoon to ask them some questions about it, and 15 minutes later found myself signed up with a scheduled installation date of july 6th.

yup, that’s right… after thinking about cutting the cord for the past year or two, i’m finally doing it… after i get this gigabit installed and setup, i’ll be calling comcast and cancelling my service… dunno how much they’ll shaft me with their damn “cancellation fee”, but honestly i don’t care at this point… my comcast bill went from $160 a month up to $210 a few months back, and i’ve been seriously thinking about this ever since…. it’s $70 a month for the gigabit, with another $15 for verizon’s modem/router, so it’ll be $85 a month.

not too shabby, aye? :)

at some point, i might look into buying my own router/wifi so i don’t have to pay that $15 monthly rental charge… but i’ll have to do some research and figure out what my options are, how much it is, etc.

anywho, pretty excited mang.

#FuckYeah  #NeedForSpeed  #Gigabit


My Dad Started Chemotherapy Today

kind of a sad, and maybe a bit of an anxious day… got up a little earlier than usual so i could head over to my dad’s place and pick him up, and drive him over for his first chemotherapy treatment.

took him last week for a consult, where the doc went over all the options… his recommendations, explaining the whole process, and was super helpful in answering all our questions and concerns, etc… haven’t been through this, least not on a first-hand basis before, so it’s definitely been pretty damn nerve wracking and stressful — especially since there was all this confusion with his health insurance, where at first they said the chemotherapy wasn’t covered… spent the last week helping my dad out, making calls, following up, and even having to “fax” things (wtf?)… ugh, what a mess… but got it all sorted, and now he’s good to go as far as the insurance goes.

that was the most stressful thing over the past week or two, to be honest… because there’s just no way you can afford do this without medical insurance coverage.

anywho, just thought i’d drop a quick update.

#FuckCancer  #ChemoSucks  #SadPanda