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Dinner Last Night

speaking of food, i went ahead and cooked up a batch of bacon-wrapped pork tenderloins last night… it’s been too long since i cooked some up, that’s for damn sure!

used to make this probably once a week back when jayden was living here, but now that he’s moved out i think i’ve only made it once… and yeah, not sure what my arteries think about it, but sometimes you just gotta say “fuck it”, y’know?

soooooooo good.


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Dinner Last Night

nothing like picking up a few things at the store on the way home and cooking up something fresh for dinner… i tend to go with some kinda pasta most of the time — went with some sweet/hot sausage over fettuccine with a spicy cajun sauce.

never mad it before, but turned out pretty tasty ;)



It’s Lunch Time!

you really can’t go wrong with some delicious burgers on a beautifoo tuesday afternoon, now can ya?

just need a nice summer ale to wash it down.


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Happy Easter

for whatever reason, i almost completely forgot/missed the fact that today was easter… thank goodness somebody mentioned it yesterday and i had one of those “oh shit” moments, then ran out and got a bunch of easter eggs & various chocolates for my nieces.

so happy easter! hope everybody’s having a good time and enjoying this fucking hot summer weather we’re having right now… fired up the grill yesterday and cooked up some BBQ chicken (south carolina style, super yummy) and sweated my ass off.

hell, think i lost 5 pounds just cooking.

PS. speaking of hell, my allergies have been killing me.

#FuckPollen  #BBQ  #WorthIt

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Personal Schweeeet

Good Morning

got a call early yesterday morning that my dad was being taken to the ER… so half-awake, i threw on some clothes, dropped a quick message to let the peeps at work know, then ran out the door… spent most of the day there keeping him company until he was finally moved to a regular hospital room — man, what a day.

speaking of days, that’s one helluva nice view to wake up to doncha think?

emmmm… coffee…..


The Green In Spring

i spent a good 4-5 hours yesterday doing yard work… made a couple runs to home depot on saturday with my neighbor to pickup some black mulch (16 bags), then spent sunday de-weeding the front before dropping a nice layer of fresh mulch — think it looks pretty damn good :)

snapped this pic real quick, right before i broke out the lawnmower… cut it last weekend, and kinda crazy how fast it’s growing… can’t really complain though, since i’m just tickled to have some decently thick green grass actually growing.

it’s definitely spring, as my allergies can attest too… the tree in my front yard started blooming this past week or so, and i love it… too bad it only seems to last a week or two before all the pink petal things drop and cover half my yard.

oh well, enjoy it while you can, right?



Excited Over… Grass?!

yeah man, can’t believe how excited i am over… grass… but all that work back in the fall aerating both the front and back yards, and the herculean bullshit that was that thatching machine from hell i rented… then dropping something like $200 or so on fucking grass seed etc — well, spring has finally come and it’s actually starting to look pretty damn nice!

it was kinda sunny outside yesterday, so tried to take a quick snap… would be much better if i had a “before & after” shot, but guess i didn’t think that far ahead… either way, trust me, this looks a helluva lot better than it did before.

silly getting all excited over grass, but g’damn… just getting in some nice green grass can be a serious pain the ass.

hell, i’m actually kinda excited to go cut my grass for the first time, since it’s getting so tall… yeah i know, that’s something i honestly don’t think i’ve ever said before.


#blink  #chuckle

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Let’s Get Personal

oh man, my very first set of personalized license plates came in today! naturally i grabbed a philips screwdriver and put it on right away.

i think i’ve had the same plates on my car(s) for the past 15 years or so… i’ve often thought of getting personalized plates, but never really got around to it… then i found myself sitting in the fucking DMV for a couple hours a few weeks back and went ahead and ordered them while i was there, figure’n why the hell not.

i can’t help but crack a goofy smile everytime i walk up to my car now…

gotta luv it :)



Getting Pummeled Tonight

friend of mine tweeted this last night…

i’m a lot further south, so i’m really hoping i wake up in the morning and only see a couple inches of snow… though it sure looked like it was mostly freezing rain / sleet when i stepped out on my front porch last night to take a peek, and to be honest, i’d rather have snow than that shit.


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Dinner Last Night

speaking of food, i whipped up some hibachi style stir-fry with shrimp and yum yum sauce… first time making it, and have to say, it came out pretty damn delicious.

if this nice weather holds, i’m thinking it’d be great to breakin the grill a bit with some BBQ chicken or steaks… hmmmm.

PS. g’damn it’s gorgeous outside today!

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Food Porn

emmmm… oh yeah, i could totally go for some sushi right about now.

damnit, now i’m hungry.


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Sexy Red Carbon Fiber

i don’t really have any plans to go crazy on the car accessories or pimp it out too much, but i just had to order these sexy red carbon fiber round vent covers when i saw them.

oh hell yeahhhhhhhhh…

…me likey!

#ThumbsUp  #Schweeeet


Operation Chili Tonight

got all the basic ingredients ready, mixed up, and slow cook’n…

had to run back out to the store to pickup some shredded cheese, sour cream, and of course… cornbread :)

also cut up and deseeded some jalapeños for a little extra kick, so will see how it turns out later tonight.

#thumbsup  #hungry

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Update: My Dad

haven’t been around the house much the last few days or so… hell, this is the first time i’ve turned on my computer here in the past 5 days i think… but just wanted to drop a quick note to say that my dad’s gone through 2 neck/back surgeries in the past 3-4 days and that they went well — at least, that’s what the doctors told us.

he’s in ICU recovering at the hospital and will be staying there for the next few days, while they keep a close eye on him… from there, it’ll probably be rehab and then physical therapy for the next few months… tried to tell him going into this that it’ll be rough, and that he needs to steel himself because it really is going to be one helluva battle recovering from this.

having the surgeon describe everything that they were doing was kinda incredible… made me think of Peyton Manning getting those surgeries done on his neck… fusing & cementing spinal vertebrae’s, then going back in and putting in metal rods to help strengthen his mid-back spinal column.

i was joking around and started calling my dad ‘The Wolverine’, though hard to say if he really appreciated that or not… then again, he’s in so much pain right now it’s really hard to watch and see him like this… speaking of which, my little sister whipped out her phone like she was gonna take a photo of him and my first reaction was wanting to smack her phone outta her hand.

just didn’t seem right, y’know?


anywho, just wanted to drop a note and update… and thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers! told my dad, and he even smiled a little… which is a great sign in and of itself.

Personal WTF?

A Sad & Depressing Valentine’s Evening

i spent lastnight at the hospital with my dad… he went to a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon, and from there was rushed over to mary washington hospital… as soon as my sister told me about it, i jumped in the car and drove down.

my dad’s been going to his doctor(s) a lot lately, trying to find out what was going on with his neck… it’s been bowing down further and further the last couple months to the point where his chin is now almost on his chest… so they’re going to do some neck surgery to try and fix that, which is why he was later transferred up to george washington hospital late last night.

while i was there, he also had a lawyer come by, because he wanted to update his Will… intellectually i understood why he might want to go ahead and do that, but lemme tell ya… really kinda hit me in the gut.

on top of all this, they then tell me that my dad has bone cancer.


both my sisters were there at the hospital by this point, and they both started crying… his wife broke down pretty hard… and i was trying like hell to keep my shit together and be strong for everybody else — wasn’t easy.

not sure if he’s getting the neck surgery done today or what, i’m still waiting to hear what exactly is going on… but i’ll be going up to visit and spend time with my dad either way, since the last thing i want is for him to be sitting up there in a room all by himself right before something like this… took the next few days off, and by boss was totally understanding, which i appreciated.

sorry man, i usually don’t drop personal stuff like this… but damn, after losing my mom a few years back… and now this?!?

so yeah, rough night… and to be honest, it’ll probably get a lot rougher over the next couple weeks… so say a prayer, mang.

#shock  #surreal  #sad  #depressed

Personal Schweeeet

My New MX-5 RF

yeah, i got myself into a little bit of trouble the other day… went to a mazda dealership with a buddy who wanted to check out new Mazda 6, and they had this sexy little beast in the showroom — 3 hours later, i was driving home in my new 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF ;)

i’ve had it for a little over a week now, and i have to say… i’m fucking loving it! seriously man, this car is sooooo me… absolutely love the styling, and the fact that i just press a button and the roof automatically folds back into the car (only takes 13 seconds) is simply badass — it’s like a little transformer car, and believe me, it just never gets old… feel like a little kid every time i do it. haha

the weather’s been pretty nice this past week, but still a bit on the chilly side… so looking forward to the spring/summer when it’s nice and sunny outside, and i can zip around town with the top down.

yeah, i’m loving it.

PS. this is my second mazda… zoom zoom.

#ThumbsUp  #GoofySmile  #FuckYeah


Merry Christmas!!!

just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a very Happy Ho-Ho!

after the craziness of the last few days, i’m seriously looking forward to just chill’n out… eat some leftovers, and watch some football later today.

hope everybody has an awesome time hanging out with family & friends!

merry christmas, mang ;)

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The Annual Christmas 2 Minute Drill

spent the whole day yesterday running around like a mad dog getting all my christmas shopping done… i’m usually pretty good about it, and mostly just go a little nuts on amazon… but i still ended up having to do some running around to get stuff like various gift cards, wrapping paper/tape, xmas cards, etc… then after hours of driving around dealing with all the traffic and people, getting home and having to get all the stuff out and wrap it all up — which is exactly what i ended up doing last night — no paper cuts! put the football game on, got a beer, and sat down to wrap christmas gifts… fun fun fun.

might head up to new york tomorrow for a couple days, so i really wanted to try and get everything done and ready to go… least i already got all the christmas decorations out the other week, so i don’t have to worry about that.

if i do go up, then i plan on coming back on friday, since i have the family invading my house as usual this christmas eve… i bitch and moan, but the truth is i really don’t mind, and really just look forward to seeing all my family together, since that only happens a couple times a year if we’re lucky.

also, lots of football this coming christmas weekend, which is a little weird… i love football as much as the next guy, but it sure feels like it’s getting a bit outta hand… which reminds me, the Broncos v. Chiefs game is sunday night which is perfect — even though i’m sure we’ll end up losing that one too. damnit.

p.s. fuck the NES Classic! i give up, mang.

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F*ck The Polar Vortex!

It’s official: the polar vortex is back with a vengeance

Stay warm, guys: newly released NASA images show the brutal polar vortex that’s descended upon North America this week, and is predicted to bring record low temperatures to the US and Canada. […]

Here’s what those temperatures are going to feel like on the ground, with wind chill factored in. Yep, that’s a nightmarish –29 degrees Celsius (–20 degrees Fahrenheit) over the northern Plains:

“Forecast highs are expected to be 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit [11 to 17 degrees Celsius] below average over the north-central tier of the US,” said National Weather Service’s prediction service on December 15.

holy hell man, i had no idea was going to be this fucking cold today..! seriously, i mean… wow… stepped outside this morning and quickly stepped back in the house, checked the temp, and it was like 20 degrees out there… and not only that, but it’s windy too.

by the time i left for work, it warmed up to around 26 degrees.

ummm, yeah.

really not a fan of this polor vortex shit.

#blink  #shiver


Last Night’s Dinner

i’ve been making these personal pizza’s for quite awhile now… pretty much ever since my buddy dave made them one day, and not only did they taste awesome… but would’ve never guessed or thought of using these indian naan bread for a pizza.





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