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Robocop In Dubai

Robot cop begins patrolling the streets of Dubai tomorrow night

A robotic police officer is making its debut on the streets of Dubai tomorrow night — and I hope everyone there has watched Robocop.

The uniformed bot greeted visitors to the Gulf Information Security and Expo Conference. After the conference wraps on Tuesday, it will be deployed to the streets of Dubai.

The robot rolls around on wheels. It can salute, bow, speak in multiple languages, and recognize hand gestures from up to 1.5 meters away, according to the Khaleej Times. It also has a tablet lodged in its chest which civilians can use to report crimes, according to The Daily Mail. It was designed by the Dubai police, with assistance from IBM’s Watson and Google.

not exactly the Robocop from the 80’s, and it really does seem rather silly to me… more of a publicity stunt than anything, but still kinda cool in it’s own way… personally, i’m just surprised the dubai beat japan to the punch.

‘Westworld’-style robots could live among us by 2027

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Online/Web Schweeeet

Random Pics

no particular reason, it’s just fun… and it’s monday.

…and it’s raining.

all day.


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Online/Web TV Video Game

‘The Witcher’ Coming To Netflix

The Witcher Is Getting A Netflix Series

The Witcher series is being turned into an English language Netflix drama by CG visual effects company Platige Image S.A.

The Witcher series was spawned by Polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski and has spawned highly successful (and wonderful) video games.

“I’m thrilled that Netflix will be doing an adaptation of my stories, staying true to the source material and the themes that I have spent over thirty years writing,” said Sapkowski, who will service as a creative consultant, in an official release. “I’m excited about our efforts together, as well as the team assembled to shepherd these characters to life.”

The show will be executive produced by Sean Daniel (The Mummy franchise) and Jason Brown (The Expanse). The Oscar nominated visual effects studio Platige Image S.A. is doing the show, but the official release doesn’t specifically state if it’s CG animated or live-action—or a mix of the two. No stills have been release yet, either.

wow, that’s fucking awesome! well to be honest it could either be really effin awesome, or it could turn out to be kinda crappy and a serious letdown — here’s to hoping it’s a whole buttload of the former, though :)

PS. the witcher 3 is fucking bananas, and if you’re into it, then you know it can easily eat up a couple hundred hours of your life.

#chuckle  #heh

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Slack Adds Screen Sharing

Slack adds screen sharing two years after acquiring Screenhero

For when a screen shot just won’t cut it, Slack’s paid users can now share live video of their screens during video calls. The addition of the feature comes a slow two years after Slack bought Screenhero, a startup that offered enterprise screenshare, in a cash-and-stock deal for its tech and six employees. The feature will roll out on Slack’s latest Mac and Windows apps over the next few days.

no particluar reason here, i just happen to be a pretty big fan of Slack and think this will make for a happy addition to the app.

#TwoThumbsUp  #SlackFTW

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Online/Web WTF?

Naked Man F*cks Shark

Social media exposes naked man posing on top of dead shark

It was the photo that stuck in many craws. A few jaws, too.

Here was a large, naked man lying on top of a (presumably) dead shark.

Wildlife TV presenter Anneka Svenska posted the picture just over a week ago, accompanied by the words: “Who is this man? Please RT, find him & ask him why he did this? Where is the humour in humiliating slaughtered animals?”

It incited much reaction.

man, that’s just so fucked up.

i mean seriously, what in the world was this guy thinking? well then again, maybe he was drunk off his ass after spending all day out on the water and thought it’d be funny as hell to strip naked and fuck lay on top of a dead shark.

PS. the crazy shit people do, right? lol

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Amazon IPO, 20 Years Later

20 years after Amazon IPO, here’s what a $1,000 investment would be worth today

It has been exactly 20 years since Amazon.com made its initial public offering of stock, on May 15, 1997, and the company this morning marked the milestone by ringing the opening bell on the Nasdaq.

Brian Olsavsky, the company’s chief financial officer, rang the bell along with people representing the company’s employees and customers.

Amazon would have been a roller-coaster ride for anyone who bought IPO shares and held onto the stock. However, if you did buy $1,000 worth of shares at the IPO price of $18 a share, your investment would have soared to more than $634,000 today, adjusted for stock splits. (Amazon closed last week at 961.35, and its three stock splits, including one 3-for-1 split, would have turned those original 55 shares into 660 shares.)

speaking of amazon, i saw this yesterday and had one of those deeply reflective “holy shit mang!” moments.

fuck me… if only we could go back in time, huh?

#whoa  #depressed

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Anime Fans Go On Strike

Why Anime Fans Aren’t Falling In Love With Anime Strike

Anime Strike is one of what Amazon calls “Channels,” add-on services that provide additional content to Prime Video for an additional $5 a month. So far, each Amazon Channel focuses on a specific niche. For example, in addition to Anime Strike, another channel is called Heera and is exclusively focused on Bollywood titles.

Five bucks a month is a small price to pay, but some anime fans have protested the model. Anime Strike can only be purchased if the customer already has an Amazon Prime subscription, which costs $100 a year, meaning a person who buys a year of Anime Strike will pay $160 in all.

Meanwhile, a subscription to Crunchyroll or Funimation costs $6.95 a month—and when customers buy 12 months at once, just $60 for a year. Additionally, both services have a free, ad-supported option, as does Daisuki, another streaming service that provides anime.

my son and i have talked and bitched about this off-and-on for the past couple months now… he doesn’t have or really want Amazon Prime, but kinda wants the anime… but he’ll be damned if he’ll shell out $160 a year for a couple anime shows that he’d like to watch… which sucks, because anime fans — especially in his age group — are all over how to pirate the living shit outta anime.

he also pays for Crunchroll, so i totally get it.

#sigh  #damnit

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Online/Web TV

The Hotdog App

The hotdog identifying app in Silicon Valley is real — and it’s pure gold

Much of season four of Silicon Valley so far has circled around the boorish charm of entrepreneur Erlich Bachman and his attempt to make something of the young developer Jian-Yang’s octopus recipes app.

Bachman hastily invested in the app, thinking it had to do with Oculus — not octopus.

With venture capitalists confused as to why anyone would want an app with eight octopus recipes in it, Bachman seized on Jian-Yang’s lack of English by explaining its not a seafood app, but rather you can “see food,” pivoting the app to become the “Shazam of food” to secure funding.

Once the SeeFood app is built, it unfortunately can only correctly identify a hot dog.

Introducing “Not Hotdog.” It’s a hotdog-identifying app that uses your phone’s camera tell if a food item is a hotdog… or not. This very app is downloadable from the iOS App Store (but only in the U.S., it seems.)

cracks me up that there’s actually a “not hotdog” app out there… thought Sillicon Valley would start to get pretty old by now, but here we are in the fourth season and i’m still enjoying it…

…then again, i’m easily amused.

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Sushi Parasites?!

How to Enjoy Sushi Without Getting Infested With Parasites

People are freaking out about a recent story where a man who ate sushi ended up with a stomach parasite. While acquiring a gut buddy is a real possibility whenever you eat something raw, it’s also fairly uncommon and easy to avoid.

The parasite in question, anisakiasis, is a nematode (or worm) larva that attaches to the wall of your esophagus, stomach, or intestine. They live in raw fish and squid, but they rarely cause health problems in humans because they either pass through the intestine without latching on, or they aren’t able to survive in your harsh gut environment. Even if a nematode makes itself at home inside of you, it won’t live longer than 10 days or so. Those 10 days will be very uncomfortable, though. And while it’s true that cases of parasites are on the rise, it’s only because sushi’s popularity continues to skyrocket. The best way to avoid getting them, of course, is to not eat sushi or sashimi, but screw that—it’s delicious. And honestly, you don’t have to worry so much.

ummmm… excuse me?!

i love me some sushi, and while i don’t eat it all the time, i really do get the hankering for sushi quite often… not sure, but probably every other week, at least sort of regularly… though a couple weeks back i just couldn’t seem to get enough of it, and had it probably 3-4 times that week.

anywho, what’s this shit about sushi parasites?!

#WTF  #FeelsBadMan

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Online/Web Political

Giving Trump Fake News

Trump’s Staff Literally Gives Him Fake News That’s Printed From the Internet

Have you seen that 1977 Time magazine cover proclaiming that you need to prepare for the coming Ice Age? It’s popular on right wing sites that claim climate change is a hoax. But the magazine cover itself is 100 percent fake. Good thing nobody printed it off and showed it to the president though, right?

Yes, according to Politico, Trump’s staff regularly prints articles from the internet and hands them to the president. Sometimes, they hand him internet hoaxes that they believe are real—which explains so much.

In the case of that fake 1977 Time magazine cover about a coming Ice Age, it was handed to Trump by K.T. McFarland, the deputy national security adviser. Allow me to repeat that if you missed it the first time: The deputy national security advisor, one of the most powerful people to have the ear of the president, is handing Trump internet hoaxes printed from the internet.

hmmmm… are you effin kidding me?!

okay, back when he was a candidate, and still a non-elected official of the US government, you might be able to get away with crap like that… but what’s kind of worrisome is the fact that he’s actually being fed given “fake news” in the oval office as the President of the United States.


i mean… just… wow.

#blink  #unbelievable

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Random Sexiness

i dunno about you guys, but i’m really kinda looking forward to tomorrow… been a weird week so far, and really just want it to end and chill out for a bit… whew… anywho, it’s always fun to snag some random photos and post ’em — not quite on the same level as Halo/COD/Doom blow shit up for an hour or two, but it’s therapeutic in it’s own way.

sexy bitches ;)

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Go FCC Yourself!

John Oliver tackles net neutrality again, encourages viewers to ‘go FCC yourself’

feels like it’s been awhile since i posted one of john oliver’s funny musings… but this one from the other night about net neutrality was fucking great!

hopefully gofccyourself.com is getting a shitload of traffic.

#GoFCCYourself  #FuckYeah

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Online/Web Video

Hobby Horsing?!

Hobby Horsing: New Female Sport

ummm, yeah… what the shit?!

PS. wonder how long before this becomes an official olympic sport…

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New Surface Phones Incoming

Microsoft ‘Confirms’ Plans For Its New Surface Phone

Once more Microsoft is teasing its new Surface Phone hardware. Previously CEO Satya Nadella declared that 2017 would see Microsoft launch the ultimate mobile device: “We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today’s market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device.”

This week saw Nadella talk to Molly Wood about a range of topics (including Visas, the push into the education market, and data privacy). He also address mobile devices with another bold statement: “…when you say we’ll make more phones, I’m sure we’ll make more phones, but they will not look like phones that are there today.”

That’s an interesting quote, and combined they make it clear that Microsoft has plans for a hardware launch this year in the mobile space.

well, on the one hand, i’ve heard nothing but great things about microsoft’s new Surface laptops… overheard one of the guys at work talking about it and how he’s gonna pick one up — something i haven’t heard anybody really talk about around the office in years it feels like, to be honest.

on the flipside, seems like one helluva uphill battle by this point, so why bother?

How to Get Stock Android on a Galaxy S8 Without Rooting


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Happy Cinco de Mayo

i love me some mexican food, so this is always a fun excuse to go out and have some good food and drinks… so happy cinco de mayo!

i’ll admit though, sometimes it can be a bit of a pain in the ass, since everybody and their dog is out hitting every mexican restaurant in the area… must be one helluva great, if busy as hell, day for all the mexican restaurants though.

i could really go for some horchata or tequinos right now.

#emmmmmm  #yummy

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News Online/Web

Millennials Living @ Home

Here’s how many millennials live with their parents in each US state

Nearly one in three millennials lives in their parents’ home.

The US Census Bureau recently released a study on how young adulthood has changed between the 1970s and today. One of the main topics covered in the study was living situations.

In 1975, a 57% majority of young adults aged 18-34 lived with a spouse, while just 26% of adults lived in their parents’ home. In 2016, only 27% of young adults lived with a spouse, while the proportion of 18-34 year olds living with their parents went up to 31%, becoming the most common living situation.


i knew that more kids millennials were living at home these days that like every before… but seeing it broken down by percentages at the state level really hits home — pardon the pun.

#yikes  #surprised

Online/Web TV

Marvel’s The Defenders

Marvel’s The Defenders, Official Trailer

to be honest, after watching ‘The Iron Fist’ on netflix, it kinda soured me on all the hype for this new show with all four of them… but i have to admit, after watching this, i can’t help but be curious… especially when i saw Sigourney Weaver!

okay, who am i kidding, i’ll probably binge watch the shit outta this when it’s released in a few months.

anybody like super excited for this?

please don’t suck… please don’t suck… please…


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Online/Web Web Design

Youtube Material Design

YouTube now lets you officially opt-in to its revamped Material Design interface

Over the last year, YouTube has been A/B testing a revamped interface on the web for some users. An official preview of that Material design, along with its dark theme, is now available for all users to enable and test.

This new interface is built using the Polymer framework. Besides speed, Google notes that it will allow for “quicker feature development from here on out.” The dark theme is one of the first features and aims to “cut down on glare and let you take in the true colors of the videos you watch.”

To enable the Material interface, head to youtube.com/new and follow the instructions.

dig’n the “material” design update, and definitely like it better… i’m only kinda surprised that it took them so long, to be honest.

#thumbsup  #chuckle

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Sex Doll Brothel

A sex doll brothel is coming to the UK

We’re well aware that sex with robots is going to be a thing pretty soon, but it could be sooner than we imagined as a brothel staffed entirely by sex dolls is coming to the UK. Yeah, it sounds like something out of a creepy, dystopian sci-fi novel (or HBO’s Westworld), but it turns out we’re really close to making regular human/robot sex a reality.

Lumidolls, who opened Europe’s first sex doll brothel in Barcelona, ended up having to close the operation down because there was so much backlash from local sex workers. There’d also been loads of people pointing out on social media that it was pretty grim, and that the ethics surrounding the unusual business were unclear. But Konbini reports the company aren’t giving up that easily.

Lumidolls are now looking to open a sex doll brothel in the UK where it would be legally legit thanks to a loophole in the law. Their ‘erotic robots’ will be available soon, and available to rent. Hourly ‘appointments’ with one of their dolls could cost around £100.

oh man, just kinda trips me out to think that their might actually be sex doll brothels in the near future… especially after watching Westworld, it should give you pause i should think.

Frozen brain transplants coming soon..?!


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Movies Online/Web

Doritos Awesome Mix

New Doritos Promo Bag Plays the ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Soundtrack

Ahead of its anticipated 5 May premiere, Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is teaming up with Doritos for a special promotion: a limited edition chips bag featuring a built-in cassette deck that will play the movie’s complete soundtrack.

Fans will be able to plug into the retro-looking cassette deck’s headphone jack while enjoying their snacks and recharge it for repeat listening. The 14-track album features a wide range of ‘60s and ‘70s pop, R&B, country and rock tunes.

Some of the songs are ‘Flash Light’ by the Parliament, ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac, ‘Fox on the Run’ by Sweet and ‘Surrender’ by Cheap Trick.

oh man, how fucking awesome is that?!

went ahead and looked it up on amazon, and not really surprised to find that it’s unavilable… guess they already sold out.


PS. can’t wait to see it this friday!

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