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‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 New Trailer

‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 New Trailer: Humankind Faces Off Against Flesh-Eating Beasts

Funimation has released another trailer for Season 2 of the manga series, ‘Attack on Titan,’ in which giant beasts attack the city of Shinganshina and threaten to wipe out humankind. Here’s the official description of the series from IMDb.

After his hometown is destroyed and his mother is killed, young Eren Jaegar vows to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid Titans that have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Protecting what’s left of humanity are three walls — Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sheena — and after breaking through the first wall in season one, it appears that the second wall will also be breached in season two.

speaking of trailers, i was super stoked to see the first one for season two of ‘Attack on Titan’, which i’ve been eagerly awaiting for what feels like forever… loved the first season and thought it was pretty kickass, so can’t wait for this one to finally get here.

i usually like to chill and binge watch my anime, but this one might be a weekly tune-in show for me… damn you jayden for getting me hooked on some of these anime shows!


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Robots Will Replace Us

Robots will take a third of British jobs by 2030, report says

A third of existing British jobs are at risk of being taken over by robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) within 15 years, a report reveals.

As many as 30pc of existing roles in the UK could be automated by 2030 with the most at risk industries being waste management, transportation and manufacturing, according to an analysis by PwC. However, the report stressed that automation won’t result in rocketing unemployment.

“The UK employment rate is at its highest level now since comparable records began in 1971, despite advances in digital and other labour-saving technologies,” said John Hawksworth, chief economist at PwC.

Mr Hawksworth anticipates that manual and routine tasks will be susceptible to automation, with social skills and creative roles being more protected. “That said, no industry is entirely immune from future advances in robotics and AI,” he said.

feel like we all have a feeling that this not only coming, but it probably inevitable… between all the recent advancements in AIs and robotics, half of us are probably gonna be out of a job.

thankfully, they still need coders/designers… at least for now, and if that ever changes in the future, hopefully i’ll be retired by then.


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ISPs Can Now Sell Your Web History

The Senate Just Voted to Let Internet Providers Sell Your Web History

Today, the US Senate voted 50-48 to overturn broadband privacy rules that would have required internet service providers get consumer consent before selling their web browsing data to advertisers or other data companies.

The rules, which passed in October of last year, govern the collection and selling of private data by ISPs like Verizon, Comcast, or AT&T. Those rules would have required internet providers to ask for permission before selling data about your usage, like web browsing history and location, as well as data about finances, health, app usage, and more. The Senate just voted against it.

interesting read… still kinda mulling it all over in my head, but i appreciated reading some of the history leading up to the vote, etc… to be honest, i just figured they were already doing that shit in the background and don’t really care too much.

on the flipside, i’m not overly keen hearing about my TV “watching” me and gathering / selling my viewing habits to advertisers… so i guess i can get confusing and be a bit of a mess.


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First Trip to Japan?

A Perfect 2 Week Itinerary for Your First Trip to Japan

It doesn’t matter how long you plan to stay in Japan. It will never be enough. After your first day you’ll want more. More food, more interesting (and often quirky) culture, more beautiful sights, more cities, more nature. And life will never be the same again after using those high-tech toilets for two weeks. You wonder if you should ignore your return flight and add another week / month or two. That’s Japan. Be prepared.

So if this country has so much to offer, how are you going to fit everything in two weeks? Well, you’re not. After my first Japan experience, I’m ready for round two. But I’m very happy with this 2 week-itinerary as a first introduction to Japan. It has a bit of everything: food, culture, sights, cities and nature. And it will definitely make you fall in love with this beautiful and fascinating country.

You might as well jump right in and get ‘lost in translation’ in Tokyo. Depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll probably also need some time to recover from your jet lag. So take a couple of days to explore the different areas of the city and get a taste of Japan. Continue…

i have a friend in India who’s getting married sometime in the next year or so, and really wants me to come out… so might have to start saving my pennies for that, since it’s not exactly super cheap flying halfway around the globe — but if i do end up going, i’d love to take off some extra time and visit japan for a week or two since it’s been on my list forever.

An Inside Peek at Kyoto’s Secretive Geisha Culture

#excited  #thumbsup

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Post London Attack Questions

What Britain Must Ask Itself after London Attacks

U.K. authorities have been preparing for a terrorist attack of this kind for years.

At 2:40 p.m. London time, a terrorist drove a vehicle into pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge. Then, reaching the north side of the bridge over the River Thames, he smashed into the gates of the British Parliament. Leaving his vehicle, he fought with police officers just inside a Parliamentary checkpoint. He was then shot and killed by armed police. Regrettably, before he died, the terrorist murdered one police officer and two other individuals and injured at least 20 others.

By utilizing a motor vehicle and knife and by targeting police (though this may have been pursuant to a desire to enter the Houses of Parliament), this assault follows Daesh (a.k.a. ISIS) methodology. And coincidentally or not, today is also the first anniversary of the Daesh attacks in Brussels. It is so far unclear whether the attack is linked to or inspired by Daesh — but I would bet very strongly that it is.

Regardless, British officials must now answer three pressing questions.

First, was the suspect operating alone or as part of a larger cell? Here, we must recognize that Britain’s terrorism environment is diverse. There are the loser-lone-wolfs in the vein of Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, but also skilled, multi-member cells. Daesh has previously planned highly compartmented, multi-stage attack plots in Europe. And in January 2016, it specifically threatened London’s Tower Bridge (not Westminster Bridge) and the then-prime minister, David Cameron. Authorities must quickly identify the suspect’s connections and learn whether (as with Daesh plots in France) he was advised by operatives abroad.

This leads us to the second question: Was the suspect known to the authorities? I suspect he was. British counterterrorism authorities retain a highly advanced database of jihadists and their sympathizers. This is helped by the fact that U.K. spy agencies have great latitude to identify and monitor terrorist suspects. The challenge, however, is that the number of terrorist suspects in Britain reaches into the thousands. Correspondingly, counterterrorism investigators must prioritize resources on those individuals they believe to pose the most significant threat. They cannot monitor everyone all the time. That said, if the suspect does turn out to be a known threat, political pressure will grow for a reintroduction of the now-defunct “control orders,” which imposed electronic tagging on terrorist suspects in lieu of prosecution.

Third, the U.K. must consider how well it responded today. While the Paris and Brussels attacks led the British to improve their response capacity to so-called roaming attacks, more must be done. Until now, the specific focus has been on investment in improved SWAT counterterrorism capabilities. But those efforts have been prioritized for London. Two immediate issues for the British are that the physical security of Parliament and the personal security of the British prime minister and the Queen are inadequate. Continue…

there’s always plenty of questions in the aftermath of these types of aggression / attacks… and sadly, we’ve become quite used to asking and hearing all the responses over the past decade or so… with so many terrorist attacks, after awhile i wonder if most people simply kinda tune it out?

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Stranger Things 2

not sure how the hell i missed this ‘Stranger Things 2’ trailer that apparently was shown during the Super Bowl… but i did, somehow.

still a ways off, sure… but i’m looking forward to it!

PS. still can’t get jayden to watch it. damnit.


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Ev Williams, F*cking Nuts

Ev Williams has lost his goddamn mind…

Ev Williams is a brilliant man. His vision for online publishing offers up a near-utopian vision of what a democratized internet looks like in Medium. He also once ran a couple of other businesses you may have heard of: Twitter, which he co-founded, and Odeo, a popular podcast app that may have actually launched before the public was ready for it, and years prior to the new podcast boom.

And then he lost his goddamn mind.

Earlier this year, Williams laid off 50 staff members. He also announced Medium would be removing ads from the site until the company found a better way to monetize its content. Ads, he said, “[are causing] increasing amounts of misinformation…and pressure to put out more content more cheaply — depth, originality, or quality be damned. It’s unsustainable and unsatisfying for producers and consumers alike… We need a new model.”

He’s right. All of those things are spot on, and we need a new path forward, a path that pays journalists and publications for their hard work, and one that rewards sites consistently putting out great content.

No argument there.

But I have my doubts as to whether this is it. Today, Williams took to Medium to announce a subscription model. For just $5 a month, you can get a handful of extras, including: exclusive content, early access to a new UI, and an offline reading list — which most of us already have, in Pocket.

If Ev Williams truly believes this is the “something better” to turn the corner from ad-supported publishing, then I stand by my original statement: he’s lost his goddamn mind.

i’ve been digging Medium since it was launched, and think that Ev Williams is one helluva guy… he’s definitely got my respect for what he’s managed to do and accomplish over the past decade or so, especially in the online space etc…

…but damn, i’d have to agree — he’s lost his g’damn mind.

i’m sure as hell not paying $5 a month to view Medium.

#FuckThat  #weaksauce

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‘Walking Dead’ Pin-Up Girls

The Women Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Reimagined As Sexy Pin-Up Girls

haven’t even watched the show in ages, but you know me and pin-ups… gotta luv it ;)


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There’s A New iPhone!

Stop Everything, There’s a Red iPhone 7 Now!

SOME MORNINGS—NOT MANY, but some—you wake up to a new iPhone. Surprise! This is one of those mornings. And while today’s new iPhone acts just like the old one, it adds a certain special something. It’s red.

Yes, red, a bright, brilliant, gleaming red, a shade so bright it makes rose gold blush. The case is read. The buttons are red. The fiddly little nano-SIM tray? It’s red, too. The Apple logo? Not red. Sorry! But it really pops against all the rest of the red.

Inside, of course, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have all the same internals as their space grey (and so on) counterparts. But that’s okay! New gadgets don’t have to be functionally different to make a difference. The new iPhone looks like a direct line between Commissioner Gordon and Batman. It looks like it’s been doused in Big Apple Red nail polish. It looks like it was made from Iron Man’s shoulder pads. It’s red, you know?

And like the rest of Apple’s RED (the brand) products, a portion of the proceeds to toward the Global Fund, a group committed to fighting AIDS around the world. It’s available Friday, March 24, starting at $750 for a 128GB model.

hold the presses!!! but seriously, i gotta say it does look purdy… though i kinda wish they’d gone all out and made the front red as well.

speaking of apple, looks like they have a “new” iPad they released this morning as well.

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Humor/Funny Online/Web

Thought of the Day

oh my……. wow, will wonders never cease?!

dunno why, but just the fact that some stoner thought of making some cannabis lube to get his girlfriends vajayjay high cracks me up… g’damn.


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Happy St. Patricks Day

if i had to choose between St. Valentine and St. Patrick, i know which one i would go with… speaking of which, i’ve been kinda surprised for the past few years now that not more liberal people hit the streets and protest valentine’s or st. patty’s day on anti-religious grounds.

then again, i don’t think that most people really identify the two holidays by their religious backgrounds… hell, i doubt most kids even know the history behind either of them now that i’m thinking about it.

either way, i’ve always enjoyed St. Patty’s and love to go out for some good food and lots of guinness.

#StPattys  #FuckYeah

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AI is ‘a Fascist’s Dream’

SXSW 2017: Microsoft Research executive warns AI is ‘a fascist’s dream’ and could be abused

Artificial Intelligence has grown exponentially in the past few years. However, its advancements also bring with it the risk of abuse. Microsoft Research’s principal researcher Kate Crawford warned of the possibilities of AI and its subtly coded human biases likely being abused by authoritarian regimes. Speaking at SXSW in a session titled DARK DAYS: AI and the Rise of Fascism, Crawford cautioned that machine intelligence could possibly be used to further fascism.

Crawford also highlighted the “nasty history” of people using facial features to “justify the unjustifiable, warning that AI could incorporate the primary aspects of phrenology and other types of discrimination and mask it in a “black box” of algorithms.

“Just as we are seeing a step function increase in the spread of AI, something else is happening: the rise of ultra-nationalism, rightwing authoritarianism and fascism,” she said, the Guardian reported.

She also warned that AI could be used in creating registries which could be exploited by governments to target certain groups of the population. She outlined historical cases of such registry abuse, including IBM’s role in supporting Nazi Germany to reportedly track Jewish and other ethnic groups with the Hollerith Machine.

hmmm, well damn… that’s one way of looking at it.


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National Nap Day

somebody just told me that it was national nap day…

…didn’t even realize that was a thing until just now, though i probably shouldn’t be surprised since there’s a national “day” for just about everything it seems.

#stretch  #yawns

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The World’s First AI Creative Director

A Japanese ad agency invented an AI creative director — and ad execs preferred its ad to a human’s

LONDON — In 2015, ad agency McCann Japan’s creative planner Shun Matsuzaka set himself a task he called the “creative genome project”: he wanted to create the world’s first AI creative director, capable of directing a TV commercial.

And last week, Matsuzaka showed off his creation at the UK advertiser trade body ISBA’s annual conference in London.

Matsuzaka and his team in a newly-created division called McCann Millennials first began their project by breaking down a TV commercial into two parts:

The creative brief: The type of brand, the campaign goal, the target audience, and the claim the ad should make.

The elements of the TV ad: Including things such as tone, manner, celebrity, music, context, and the key takeout.

They then assembled a database of deconstructed ads from all the winners of some of Japan’s biggest award shows from the past 10 years — mapping and tagging each of the elements of the ads to help determine what made them successful.

Confectionery giant Mondelez was the first client willing to put the AI creative director to the test. Continue…

man, what a bizarre ad the AI created..!

ummmm…. yeah.

PS. the AIs are coming!


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Random Sexiness

personally, i think everyday needs some random sexiness…

sexy bitches ;)

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Food Porn

emmmm… oh yeah, i could totally go for some sushi right about now.

damnit, now i’m hungry.


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Provacative ‘Degrading’ Ads

People Call Out Provocative YSL Ads For Being ‘Degrading’, Want Them Gone

In one of its latest campaigns in France, YSL features the print of a reclining lady, clad in tight fishnet stockings with her legs spread open. In another, a model dressed in a leotard and roller skates is bent over a stool with her face pressed against the seat.

Both visuals have been described as “degrading” and “sexist”. Twitter users called for the prints to be taken down via hashtag ‘#YSLRetireTaPubDegradante’, translated to read ‘#YSLRemoveYourDegradingAd’.

to be honest, i don’t really understand how these are super “degrading” or anything, especially with this coming out of france of all places?!! c’mon man… talk about feel’n a bit contrived, especially with this fake “outcry” coming out on womens day yesterday… ummm, yeah. okay.


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Thought of the Day


WEB DESIGNER: (wakes up in lava) Wh… why am I in hell?

SATAN: You know.

WD: Was it the autopl—

SATAN: It was the fucking autoplay videos, dude!


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Ping Pong Trick Shots

oh man, i’d love to pull off some of these ping pong shots here at the office… that’d be awesome, haha

i’m easily amused.


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The Daily Life of Darth Vader

The Daily Life of Darth Vader

flipping through my twitter feed and this one caught my attention… gotta love it, heh.

speaking of Vader, my son got me a pretty slick darth vader lightsaber for my birthday yesterday… and yeah, stuff like that always geeks me out :)