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The Defenders, Today!

i dunno about you guys, but i’ve been looking forward to the release of The Defenders for quite awhile now — and it’s out today on Netflix ;)

so yeah, guess what i’ll be doing this weekend?

PS. just hope it’s better than Iron Fist, mang!

#BingeWatch  #ThumbsUp

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Vue You Later

i got an email a couple weeks back about how my Playstation Vue subscription was going up from $35 to $45 a month… sure, it’s only 10 bucks but i wasn’t overly happy about it, especially since i’m already another $15/mo for HBO and was thinking of adding the Sports package ($10/mo) — which starts to add up, since now i’m looking at $70 a month for Vue/Sports/HBO… and that’s not including Amazon/Netflix/Crunchyroll y’know?

then yesterday i saw this post on engadget about a deal going on with Directv Now and thought “hmmmmm, interesting”…

since i had some running around to do, i decided to stop by the AT&T store near me and asked them about the promotion, getting more info etc… long story short, i ended up signing up for it — had to prepay $105 for the next 3 months, and since i’m an AT&T subscriber with my phone, they upgraded my plan to the “unlimited” one and saved me another $4/mo… also found that i was eligible for another promotion they have going for AT&T users, where for a limited time you can get the $35 Diretv Now package for only $10 a month — so they gave me that as well, so after 3 months i’ll only pay the extra $10 a month on my phone bill for it.

oh, and i also walked out of the store with a brand new Apple TV (32gb)…!

soooooo…. net net… my phone bill dropped by 4 bucks, and in three months it’ll increase by $6 for Directv Now.

pretty sweet, huh?


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F-14 Love Letter

A Love Letter To The F-14 Tomcat

The F-14 Tomcat was a Cold War fighter first deployed in the 1970s. For over 30 years it served the US Navy with distinction, yet its greatest legacy is perhaps found not on the battlefield, but in the hearts of kids like me who grew up with certain cartoons, movies and video games.

There’s a weird point where military hardware and popular culture can sometimes intersect. On the one hand, in intent, tanks and jets and guns are supposed to kill and/or protect. Sometimes though, a vehicle or weapon can strike a nerve and move beyond their original design to become something else. Something suggestive, something poetic, something entirely outside the realm of military matters altogether. Take the AK-47: it was originally a firearm for Soviet infantry, but thanks to film and music (rap especially) it’s now as much a symbol of resistance and crime as it is the Red Army.

For a generation of kids who grew up in the 80s, this also applies to the F-14 Tomcat.

Perhaps known better in the West by its collected series name, this opening act of the Robotech saga has a cast full of weird and wonderful creatures, both human and otherwise, but they’re all outshone (and outloved) by the series’ transforming Veritech Fighter.

Heavily based on the design of the F-14, Macross’ designers clearly fashioned the VF-1 as a homage to Grumman’s fighter, taking not just all the jet’s visual trademarks—including its double engines and swept wings—but even actual squadron insignia, with Macross’ Skull Squadron lifting the colours and insignia of the US Navy’s VFA-103.

oh man, he’s totally right… between Robotech/Macross and Top Gun, how could you not get a bit nostalgic over the F-14 Tomcat, especially if you grew up in the 80s?!

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Pantone For Prince

Prince Gets His Own Purple

Prince was multi-chromatic; a comedian who said as few words as possible, an androgynous sex symbol, a devout mischief-maker, an artist who fused disparate styles — soul and rhythm and blues and rock solos and reedy electronics — into one squarely his own, painted with a palette no one had even noticed.

Regardless, we call him The Purple One for good reason. And now, thanks to a deal between his increasingly license-happy estate and the Pantone Color Institute, he has his own, specific, kingly shade.

“While the spectrum of the color purple will still be used in respect to the ‘Purple One,’ Love Symbol #2 will be the official color across the brand he left behind,” a statement reads. The color was inspired by the hue of a piano he’d planned to take on tour, before passing away on April 21, 2016.

think that’s great… man, can’t believe it’s been over a year since he passed.


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Historical Pics

NASA before Powerpoint. 1960’s.


just reminded me of that movie “Hidden Figures“, which i thought was great… oh, and… ummm… powerpoint? seriously?


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ISPs Monitoring Your Porn?

US ISPs could soon monitor your ‘secret’ porn viewing habits

When I heard last week that Congress had voted to repeal restrictions that would’ve prohibited internet service providers (ISPs) from monitoring and selling users’ browsing histories, locations, app usage, identifying information, and more to whomever was buying, I wasn’t too bothered by the news. Like many people my age, I grew up with the understanding that Google knows everything about me, and that there isn’t much point in getting worked up about it.

And, hey, I’m a porn industry journalist: I don’t have much to hide. I visit a lot of porn sites, and it’s for research, okay? But late last week, as I considered finding a sexy website for more, er, personal reasons, I started to rethink my laissez-faire attitude. As Mike Stabile, communications director at the adult entertainment industry trade association the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) put it when I spoke to him, “Even though I’m open and there’s nothing that I’d be particularly embarrassed about, there’s still stuff that’s very, very private.”

Which basically boils down to a couple of main questions: If President Trump signs Congress’s online privacy repeals into law, as he’s expected to do, can I trust my favorite smutty websites to keep my secrets safe from my ISP? And what’s at stake if I can’t?


well damn… haven’t really paid much attention to this stuff, but when you put it in those terms… ummm, yeah… what the fuck?

sometimes i really do feel rather “old school”, with these silly notions on privacy and whatnot.

#ugh  #sigh

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News Online/Web WTF?

5yr Old Lingerie Show?!

Girls as young as 5 walk in controversial Victoria’s Secret-style lingerie show

Young girls dressed in bikinis and fluffy underwear have been pictured walking the runway at a show in a shopping centre in Chengdu, China’s Sichuan Province.

The child models are also sporting full make-up and their lingerie is accessorised with feathers, jewels and even wings – just like the famous Victoria’s Secret angels.

The girls, some of whom are believed to be as young as five-years-old, take to the catwalk in small two-pieces and headresses as people in the audience take photographs.

man, i’m not even sure what to say…

that’s really fucked up.

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News Online/Web

Google’s Controversial Anti-Diversity Memo

Google fires employee behind controversial anti-diversity memo…

Google has fired the employee who wrote a controversial 10-page internal memo that criticizes the search giant for its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in its workforce, the company has confirmed to ABC News.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent a note to employees about the incident on Monday, saying the staffer violated the company’s Code of Conduct. The post went over “the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace,” Pichai said. “To suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not OK,” he added.

In the memo, which circulated on an internal company network and was first reported by Motherboard and published in full by Gizmodo on Saturday, the writer attributes gender inequality in the male-dominated tech industry to biological differences between the sexes.

“Distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and … these differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership,” the author wrote.

The memo also targeted what it referred to as a “left-leaning” workplace culture at Google and urged the firm to “stop alienating conservatives.”

google… left-leaning..?! alienating conservatives? nahhhhh… not google… no effin way, dude.

i feel like that’s the norm, to be perfectly honest… i mean, doesn’t really matter if you’re working at a big tech company like google, facebook, or apple — it’s all the same in a lot of ways… i’m surrounded by libs in the workplace, you just get used to it (and stay quiet).

as for the gender thing, i dunno… but sure seems like peeps on twitter are having a field day with it.

Julian Assange offers job to fired Google employee who wrote anti-diversity memo…

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News Online/Web

HBO Gets Hacked!

HBO Hackers Release Ransom Note and New Trove of Stolen Data

ONE WEEK AFTER hackers spilled multiple episodes of unreleased HBO shows and scripts online, the same group has dropped its second trove of purported internal data from the premium network. And this time it’s not just nihilistic Game of Thrones spoilers—there’s a ransom note, too.

The latest leak includes another half-gigabyte sample of the group’s stolen digital goods; it claims to have 1.5 terabytes in all. This round includes scripts for the first four episodes of the current Game of Thrones season, as well as the script of the yet-to-air fifth episode, all watermarked with the hackers’ motto, “HBO is Falling.” Beyond those leaked scripts, the spill contains countless HBO internal documents, including emails, financial balance sheets, employment agreements, and marketing-strategy PDFs.

Most strikingly, the hackers have finally revealed their motive: extortion. In a rambling letter published as a scrolling video set to the Game of Thrones score, the hackers have reproduced an ultimatum that they imply they’ve sent to HBO CEO Richard Plepler, demanding an amount of money (redacted from the published version of the letter) as ransom for the stolen data, which they’ll otherwise continue to leak. “Our demand is clear and Non-Negotiable: We want XXXX dollars to stop leaking your Data,” the letter reads. “HBO spends 12 million for Market Research and 5 million for GOT7 advertisements. So consider us another budget for your advertisements!”

fucking hackers, i swear… hope they throw off the gloves and go full Game of Thrones on their asses.

#punkass  #douchebags

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Stunning Long Exposure Shot

Stunning Long Exposure Shot at Night by @brnwills

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What’s New in High Sierra

What’s New in macOS High Sierra!

i know it’s been quite awhile since it was announced, but i still have trouble thinking of macOS — much less remembering it — as “High Sierra”.

dunno why, but out of all the names they’ve come up with and used over the past decade or more, this is the weakest of ’em… i seriously, high sierra?

PS. still looking fwd to the upgrade, as always.

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iPhone 8 ‘Won’t Be Cheap’

iPhone 8 ‘won’t be cheap’, says Foxconn executive

A senior executive at Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics giant that assembles the iPhone, has said Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 “won’t be cheap”.

Luo Zhongsheng said the high manufacturing costs for the new phone, which is expected to feature a radical design overhaul, will push up the price of the iPhone 8.

The price of producing a special new screen is expected to be responsible for much of the extra cost, Zhongsheng said in a now-deleted post on Chinese social network Weibo.

Design leaks have suggested the iPhone 8 will feature a redesigned edge-to-edge screen, with a gap at the top for the front-facing camera and other sensors. While this will allow for a bigger screen, it is also a very unusual shape, and could be difficult for manufacturers to produce in high quantities.

won’t be cheap, huh? shit man, when has the iphone ever been concidered “cheap”?? that being said, makes you wonder how much of an increase we’re talking about here… one of my friends, who just got back from california this weekend, mentioned how he was looking forward to getting a new iphone and that he was definitely gonna get the higher end or “premium” version — even if it costs $1,400.

yup, that’s what he said, or at least what he heard out there as far as prices go… i was like “hell yeah!”, then “hey wait a sec… did you say $1,400 for the new iPhone?!”

g’damn man.

iPhone 8 facial recognition will unlock your phone even when it’s lying down…

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No Original Ideas Anymore

that’s right, here’s some more irrefutable proof that there truly are no more original ideas anymore…

damn lazy spinners.

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Online/Web Schweeeet

Random Sexiness

is it just me, or do thursdays typically seem like the longest day of the week? seriously man, dunno what it is exactly, but i’m guessing it’s some psychological thing in my head… probably because it’s the day before friday, which usually makes me think of the weekend… hmmm, damnit.

hope everybody’s doing well… been in some quasi wordpress hell for the last two days, and feel like i’m just starting to dig myself out of it… ugh, fucking wordpress i swear.

#deepbreaths  #mumble

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Try’n Out Terrarium

was having some issues with Kodi/Exodus on my Fire TV the other night, so started to google around and after clicking around for a bit, ended up giving Terrarium TV a spin.

aside from liking the UI a little better, so far it seems like i’ve been having better luck finding 1080/HD streams… just to test, i re-watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, then ended up spending the next two hours of my life watching Rick & Morty — hard to resist, sooooo good (lol)

another streaming app i downloaded/installed was Mobdrop App, which has a crapload of live TV stations… not quite as slick on the UI front, but looks like a standard android app… clicked around and tried out a few tv stations and everything worked and they came right up, though i did notice that it seemed like a couple of them were kinda low quality — totally watchable, but not awesome that’s for sure.

PS. why pay $35 a month for PS Vue when you can watch it for free?


Tesla Model 3 Impressions

Tesla Model 3: Drive impressions roundup…

Wired emphasizes the design and build quality of the Model 3. The author notes the attention to detail in the minimalist interior, as well as the giggle-inducing (if not ludicrous) acceleration. Wired goes on to describe the car as feeling “solidly built, rattle-free, and there’s no noticeable whine from the motor. All you hear is wind and tire noise.”

The Verge begins its review by saying “I felt like I was driving an Eames chair,” and again emphasizing the clean, minimalist interior. A bonus for those who will actually use the rear seat, the author notes ample rear leg room and space for a car seat. The driver says of the few right turns she made, “Cornering was decent, and when I turned the wheel, I saw no sign of understeer.”

Roadshow appreciates the low position and comfort of the power-adjustable premium seats. The mouse-like thumbwheels in the steering wheel are intuitive to use, and control a number of things in conjunction with the touchscreen menus (such as adjusting the steering wheel or side mirrors). Flat cornering and decent acceleration make the Model 3 feels nimble and composed. The lack of a traditional instrument panel helped the driver feel less distracted, but the author thinks that Tesla ought to offer a HUD for those who have trouble with it.

Electrek says the Model 3 still feels like a Tesla despite its lower price point, looking and driving like a smaller Model S. On the outside, its glass roof stands out in person, but the 15-inch touchscreen dominates the interior. It offers “sharp” handling, especially in sport steering mode, and has a solid feel, though the regenerative braking is weaker than the author anticipated. Furthermore, the author notes that Tesla was still calibrating its autopilot sensors when he drove it, so he couldn’t use that feature. Those of you who say these first 30 customer vehicles are basically still testers might be onto something.

Motor Trend compares the firm ride to that of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Quick steering and extremely minimal body roll help provide “scalpel-like” precision in the handling. The interior is “light and airy,” and the lack of an instrument cluster in front of the driver is easy to get used to, especially since the speedometer isn’t partially hidden behind the steering wheel spokes. The author also digs the function-assignable thumbwheels on the steering wheel, as well as the large opening to the rear cargo area.

feel like i’ve been talking about this damn car for at least that past year or so, mostly due to my neighbor/buddy Fletch having pre-ordered one and loves talking about it… i’m excited about the damn thing, and haven’t even seen one yet.

speaking of the tesla model 3, read a post about how it’s very very unlikely that you’ll actually see any that hit that $30K pricepoint… said that the average (with options) will probably be around $45K — didn’t know that and to be honest, kinda winced when i read that.


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Snaappy Masturbating Bears App

Snaappy is the chat app with masturbating bears — and not much else

New messaging apps need a gimmick to set them apart. And, as far as chat apps go, there aren’t many things as gimmicky as Snaappy’s masturbating bear emoji. I got the chance to try it out, and while I liked its character, I struggled to find anything fun or unique about it.

Snaappy is a new messaging app, sort of a hybrid of Whatsapp and Snapchat — with none of the appeal of either.

yup, that’s exactly what we need…

a masturbating bear emoji.

The men committed to replacing women with AI sex dolls


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Online/Web Science

Skyscraper Hanging From Space

Skyscraper Hanging From An Asteroid In Space

what an interesting concept… i think that eventually we’ll see some kind of “space elevator” that climbs from the ground all the way up into low orbit space, but not too sure about how feasible or plausible this one is… definitely feels a bit sci-fi to me, but hey — so many things were scifi at one point, right?

either way, cool idea.

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Humor/Funny Online/Web

Pic of the Day

dunno why, but i got a chuckle when i saw this just now…

probably because there’s quite a bit of “fantasy v. reality” going on here, y’know?

on the flipside, if i think about it for more than 5.34 seconds, i’m not sure whether to laugh or cry now…

#chuckle  #blink

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News Online/Web

Too High To Work

Many Americans are too drugged-out to work

A slew of reports finds a fresh reason for the chronic inability of American companies to fill skilled jobs: not a lack of skills, and hence a training-and-education crisis, but a surfeit of drug abuse. Simply put, prime-working age Americans without a college diploma are often too drugged-out to get the best jobs. Opioids remain at high levels, but the surge in drug use is now heroin and the powerful contaminant fentanyl.

The reports suggest a circularity to the crisis in America’s rust and manufacturing belts: the loss of jobs and wage stagnation has led to widespread disaffection, alienation and drug abuse; and drug abuse has led to joblessness, hopelessness and disaffection.

But the numbers are all over the map. Some employers and economists say up to half of job applicants do not clear drug tests; others say it is 25%. In the chart above, Indeed economist Jed Kolko, using data from the U.S. Current Population Survey, found that 5.6% to 5.7% of working-age adults didn’t work last year because of illness or disability, an unknown percentage of which were because of drug use.

from what i’ve heard and seen over the past few years, it sure as hell seems like opioids have become a serious drug problem… i’m good at keeping secrets and confidential, especially talking to friends / neighbors / people in general… but damn, i can’t even begin to say how surprised or shocked i’ve been to find out some of the drugs people are using or into… i mean, marijuana seems downright harmless compared to some of the shit people are doing on the regular, y’know?

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