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Long(er) Wait For The New iPhone 8

Apple might make you wait unusually long to get the new iPhone

All signs seem to suggest Apple might be about to break tradition and make you wait unusually long for the next-generation iPhone.

Esteemed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities has predicted the Cupertino heavyweight could begin mass production for the upcoming OLED iPhone with a slight delay, 9to5Mac reports.

The analyst claims production will likely be pushed back to October/November as opposed to the standard August/September timeframe. However, he still expects the iterative 7S models to land on time.

Kuo cites supply chain difficulties with several new components – including custom OLED panels, new 3D Touch modules and 3D sensing cameras – as the main cause for the delay.

oh man, i know it’s still super early to be making these kinds of forecasts, and you never really know with Apple — even though this wouldn’t surprise me in the least — but i’m already pretty eager since i’m up for a new iphone this year and really just looking forward to these new iPHone 8’s to land.

PS. dig’n the concept pic above by the way.

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Pic of the Day

Miss Universe pageant, 50s

my word, the times have changed huh? on the flipside, would be kinda awesome to see these same girls, in this exact same photograph, but in 2017… nahmean?


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Food Porn

Buffalo Chicken Fries

holy shit that looks good.

PS. or maybe i’m just really hungry? lol

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Quote of the Day

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Tiny Ear Tattoos

Stunning, Tiny Ear Tattoos For The Unconventional Minimalist

Tattoos above the neck are often disparaged as unprofessional, particularly in the slightly less liberal corporate world, but these beautiful minimalist ear tattoos prove that not all of them deserve to be treated the same way.

i didn’t even know that ear tattoo’s were a thing… but apparently they are — dunno why, after all the tats and piercings i see, that this would surprise me.

#blink  #chuckle

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Apple’s New Danish Data Center Is Awesome

Apple’s new Danish data center will supply heat to nearby homes, fertilizer to farmers

Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability is well established, but the company is going one step further in its new Danish data center. In addition to powering the center entirely from renewable energy, the company is capturing the waste heat generated and feeding it into a district heating system, to warm local homes…

As MacWorld spotted, that’s not the only example of Apple’s desire to combine environmentalism with being a good neighbour.

The data center in the Jutland region will be partly powered by recycling waste products from farms. Apple is working with Aarhus University on a system that passes agricultural waste through a digester to generate methane, which is then used to help power the data center. The digester reaction turns some of the waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer, which Apple returns to local farmers to use on their fields.

The center should also be making a worthwhile contribution to the Danish economy. The government said last year that the $950M project represented the largest foreign capital investment in the country’s history. Coupled to the Irish data center – which has had something of a rough ride – the two add up to Apple’s biggest ever investment in Europe.

oh wow, that’s actually pretty damn cool..! i love the fact that Apple and other big tech companies are looking more and more into being not only environmentally friendly, but on the whole just more efficient… gives me hope for the future.


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Google Ad Blocker?

Google is reportedly building an ad blocker for Chrome, and it’s not the dumbest idea ever

Google is working on a built-in ad blocker for its Chrome browser and could release it in a few weeks, reports The Wall Street Journal. While that seems counter-intuitive for a company that makes most of its money through advertising, it’s actually not the worst idea ever.

The feature will block certain types of ads that ruin users’ browsing experience, such as pop-ups, auto-playing videos with sound, sticky ads that take up a lot of screen real estate and prestitials that count down before you can get to the content you meant to see.

These are defined as unacceptable by an industry group called the Coalition for Better Ads, which includes members like Google and Facebook.

Google might alternatively choose to block every ad on sites that include any offending ads at all – making site owners responsible for ensuring that the ads they host are up to code.

saw this yesterday on twitter and was like “huh?”, since ads is really the core driver of most of google’s income the last time i checked… but still sounds cool, and i’m all for it.

i absolutely hate hitting websites on my phone, mostly because of the disruptive ads that completely fuck up the whole experience and make it pretty much unusable.

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Random Sexiness

thursdays tend to be a pretty heavy meeting day, and today’s no different… been in-and-out of meetings since around 9:30am, and my last one is around 4:30… whew… i don’t mind though, as long as there’s a nice break around lunch i’m usually pretty good… only downside is it doesn’t leave much time to actually get any work or design/coding done — anywho, here’s a few random pics that caught my eye at one point or another.

sexy bitches ;)

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Snapchat for Nudes

Pornhub launches ‘Snapchat for nudes’ so you can put filters on your genitalia

Pornhub wants to help you step your sexting game up and turn your dirty NSFW selfies into totally SFW nude pics – which is why the adult entertainment giant is launching its very own ‘Snapchat for nudes.’

Available for free on the App Store and Google Play, Trickpics is a simple image manipulation tool that lets you cover up your genitalia with various Snapchat-esque stickers and graphic animations. The app currently offers over 15 filters to choose from, but Pornhub promises more are coming very soon.

somehow, i’m totally not surprised… if anything, i’m more surprised that it took them this long to come out with something like this.

Finally a robot that can turn you on…


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Google Earth Porn

The new Google Earth puts stunning Earth porn right in Chrome

Google Earth has been reborn.

Google unveiled a completely redesigned Google Earth and it does away with the single worst thing about the previous version of the software. Out now for desktop and Android, it no longer requires a separate download — it’s available directly in Chrome.

The redesign also comes with a few new features. For one, Google has integrated its Knowledge Graph, the technology that powers the bite-sized chunks of information that are surfaced directly in search. Likewise in Google Earth, this means every location you search for comes with a “Knowledge Card” of location informations so you can dive into for more details about a particular place.

man, google earth really has come a loooooong way since it was first introduced… i still remember the beta, and how buggy it was, but now it’s just pretty awesome — always was, really — and love how it works in chrome now.

nice work, google :)

Customize AI Sex Robot For $20/Year

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Humor/Funny Online/Web

North Korea Successfully Nukes Scientist

North Korea Successfully Detonates Nuclear Scientist

PYONGYANG—Hailing it as a significant step forward for their ballistic weapons program just hours after suffering a failed missile launch, North Korean leaders announced Monday they had successfully detonated a nuclear scientist.

“It was with great satisfaction this morning that I witnessed the detonation of a 156-pound nuclear scientist,” Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un said in a recorded statement, which appears to corroborate U.S. intelligence reports that a 0.7-magnitude tremor and large explosion had been detected at a bunker outside the city of Kusong at 9:42 a.m. local time, marking the nation’s first detonation of a major scientist since the days following a catastrophic rocket malfunction in 2012.

“With this glorious achievement, our laboratories have begun to move much faster toward completing our goal of building an indomitable nuclear arsenal capable of annihilating all cowardly Western aggressors. We are prepared to detonate multiple scientists every month as a demonstration of our might and determination.” Intelligence analysts have reportedly warned top American officials to take Kim at his word, noting that the North Korean regime has already built up a stockpile of nuclear scientists’ family members it is prepared to detonate at a moment’s notice.

is it wrong that i got a chuckle from this?

PS. gotta luv the onion.

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Online/Web Personal

Happy Easter

for whatever reason, i almost completely forgot/missed the fact that today was easter… thank goodness somebody mentioned it yesterday and i had one of those “oh shit” moments, then ran out and got a bunch of easter eggs & various chocolates for my nieces.

so happy easter! hope everybody’s having a good time and enjoying this fucking hot summer weather we’re having right now… fired up the grill yesterday and cooked up some BBQ chicken (south carolina style, super yummy) and sweated my ass off.

hell, think i lost 5 pounds just cooking.

PS. speaking of hell, my allergies have been killing me.

#FuckPollen  #BBQ  #WorthIt

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Movies Online/Web

I ♥ Fast & Furious

I Love the Fast and Furious Movies, and I’m Not Ashamed

I’ll just come out and say it: Furious 7 is my favorite film so far this year, and I love the series it’s a part of. If that makes me a philistine, I couldn’t care less.

Evidently, moviegoers and film critics nationwide agree. Not only did Furious 7 have the largest-ever box-office opening weekend in April (and the ninth-largest ever, period), it’s expected to keep its place at the top this coming weekend and holds an 82 percent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie is incredibly fun. In this latest installment, we get to see street racer Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) & Co. parachute cars out of cargo planes, drive them mid-air through one Abu Dhabi skyscraper into another, and dodge the attacks of a rogue predator drone on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. I’ve never been in a screening where the audience has cheered and burst into applause throughout more than in Furious 7 — in addition to its electrifying action, it’s chock-full of priceless one-liners delivered by stars like Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at just the right moments, and in just deadpan enough a fashion that they don’t come off as too ridiculous. Continue…

i pulled up NRO as i typically do on friday mornings, but my eyes immediately focused on this one… not something you’d typically see on there, so of course i was curious… not only that, but i’ve been a fan of the movies — mostly since Fast Five, which i thought was surprisingly good.

haven’t actually gone to the theater to see one, but to be honest i’m kinda curious about this new one that out today in theaters… not sure if it’s worth it, but i might go.

anybody else going to see it in the theater this weekend?

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A Tribute To Carrie Fisher

Watch Star Wars Celebration’s Touching Tribute to Carrie Fisher and Cry All the Tears

Today, Star Wars Celebration kicked off in Orlando—but one very special member of the Star Wars cast, the dearly missed Carrie Fisher, could not be there to stand alongside her fellow actors. Instead, we have this beautiful tribute to a mother, a princess, a general, and a hero beloved by all.

Played at the end of this year’s 40th anniversary panel, the tribute, accompanied by messages from George Lucas, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, and Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd, the special video concluded with a heartwrenching live performance of “Leia’s Theme,” conducted by John Williams.

it’s been almost a year now(?), and… well, damn.



Watch Porn

love me some watches, and went through a “watch” phase where i stared to buy and kinda collect them… probably got a couple dozen watches, though to be honest all i really wear nowadays is my apple watch.

sexy bitches ;)

Online/Web Schweeeet

Japanese Zodiac Lingerie

Japanese Artist Turns Your Zodiac Sign Into Sultry Real-Life Lingerie

If you’re not one to take time off to look up and appreciate the sky, perhaps this anime artist’s lingerie collection may convert you into a stargazer.

Japanese illustrator ‘papao_pao’ reimagined the 12 zodiac signs as a mystical lingerie collection—and to bring the fantasies of star-struck fans to life, lingerie manufacturer Izumi has turned the sketches into actual undergarments.

Based on the illustrator’s ’12 Signs of the Zodiac’ Twitter series, the lingerie pieces intricately feature astrological elements such as the colors of signs and the symbols that represent them. They’re split into four categories: fire, earth, water, and air. Currently, Izumi has released a piece from each group.

niiiiiiiiiice :)

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Unemployed Video Gamers

Are Video Games Keeping You Unemployed?

Video games keep getting more complex and visually appealing, so it’s no wonder more people are drawn to them nowadays. But this new era of compelling digital entertainment could have a dark side for unemployed young men.

It might sound like something an old man shouts from his rocking chair, but kids these days appear to be more interested in escapism than diving into the job market. A preliminary report from economists at Princeton, the University of Rochester and the University of Chicago, suggests a strong link between electronic leisure activities and unemployment rates for men in their 20s.

According to their data, the employment rate for young men without a college education has dropped considerably since 2000, and a lot of these unemployed men aren’t married and live with their parents or other family members. No work and no responsibility means they have more time for leisure activities, and gaming takes up 75% of that time. In fact, the report suggests that up to 1/3 of the decline in work hours done by men in this group can be attributed to the increased use of technology for entertainment. Essentially, a lot of young, non-college educated men are living in their parents’ basement playing video games all day. But why? Continue…

this just reminded of an article i read awhile back — maybe a year or two? i dunno — about how younger guys in their late teens and twenties not being all that interested in sex… that video games was near top of the list of girlfriends complaints, since they felt they were competing with a game for attention, etc… that between online porn and video games, girls were feeling pretty shafted.

dunno, found it both surprising and understandable in a way… though to be honest, i’m not sure why you can’t have both.

…but that’s just me ;)


The New Thrawn Novel

The New Thrawn Novel Is Forcing Star Wars Wiki Writers to Work Overtime

Thrawn, the most anticipated Star Wars book since Disney bought Lucasfilm and declared the old Expanded Universe novels to no longer be canon, is out today. And the things being introduced in it already have Wookiepedia entries.

Full disclosure, I am only on page five but as semi-familiar names started popping up, I did what any good nerd would and popped over to Wookiepedia to see if these things were being recanonized from what is now called the “Legends” line of books and, if so, to see how they’ve changed.

oh man, i totally forgot about this new Thrawn book until just now when i saw this… i’ll have to fire up amazon and put in an order, for sure :)

love me some thrawn, mang.

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Pic of the Day

now that’s my kinda girl… just seeing this little girl all decked out in her broncos gear warmed my dorky polish heart, mang.



Random Sexiness

for whatever reason, thursdays seem to be my “meeting day”, so most of the day is spent in back-2-back meetings and not a lot on the design/coding side gets done… if i can, usually try to make up for it in the evening if i can swing it… anywho, since i’m between meetings at the moment, figure i’d go ahead and post a few random pics just for the helluva it.

sexy bitches ;)

PS. also going to pickup my dad from the hospital later today, which is pretty awesome… it’s been a long tough rode for him, and he’s just super excited to finally be going home.

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