That Oklahoma Teacher

Oklahoma Teacher Shows Up Drunk and Pantsless to Her First Day of Work

There are innumerable ways to screw up your first day of work, but some of them have a little more panache than others. A new teacher in Wagoner, Okla. was arrested on her first day after showing up at the school both drunk and without pants.

School officials called Wagoner police around 9 a.m. on Monday morning to report that Lorie Ann Hill, 49, seemed out of sorts and also was missing the lower half of her clothing. Police arrived to find her in an empty classroom, and determined, presumably without too much trouble, that she was under the influence of alcohol.

“She was found in a room kind of disoriented,” Police Chief Bob Haley told the Tulsa World. “By the time we got there she was in a room and wearing shorts.”

feels like it’s been awhile since i’ve seen another fucked up teacher story… and by “awhile”, i mean at least a week or two… heh.

Georgia teacher fired after students post her naked selfies online

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Homeless Coder

After Just Four Weeks, The Homeless Man Learning To Code Has Almost Finished His First App

When I first read Patrick McConlogue’s post on Medium about a month ago – titled “Finding The Unjustly Homeless and Teaching Them to Code” – I’ll admit I was skeptical.

McConlogue wrote about the homeless man he sees on his way to work each day. He has drive, McConlogue assures the reader. So the 23-year-old Manhattan-based programmer comes up with this:

The idea is simple. Without disrespecting him, I will offer two options:

  1. I will come back tomorrow and give you $100 in cash.
  2. I will come back tomorrow and give you three JavaScript books, (beginner-advanced-expert) and a super cheap basic laptop. I will then come an hour early from work each day – when he feels prepared – and teach him to code.

Who is this guy? I thought to myself, scanning the rest of the article. It would make more sense to give them food, or housing options, right? Than code?

Sure enough, I wasn’t the only person who felt that way. The masses were quick to scoff at McConlogue’s idea. “Homelessness Solved“, was Valleywag’s headline.

I called McConlogue on the phone.

mirror’s a convo i was having with a co-worker earlier today, but just thought this was pretty cool… homeless, to coding, to getting something out there in a month? fuck yeah.

See Every Single Facebook Profile Pic On One Site


X, Y…. NetGen?

interesting stuff….. so much going on, so many changes the last decade and it only promises to get better… i often wonder what the world’s gonna be like for my son, who’s currently an easy going hyper 8 yr old who luv’s his vid game’age… heh.

Text Generation Growing Up Online

“With almost every girl and boy in Australia using the internet – 93 per cent, according to the latest reckoning – a new ‘kid society’ is blooming.

Internet messenger services, email, text and mobile phones are broadening children’s social networks and making them virtually inseparable from one another.

As far as the online industry is concerned, internet use among young people is at saturation point. It is such a part of family life that 6 per cent of households report that they keep their computer in the dining room. A further 25 per cent have it in the living room, according to a new survey of internet attitudes by RedSherriff….

And while children may log off, they never leave. Their circle of internet friends gets bigger with the inevitable transition to mobile phones in the early teens. And that is when the messaging starts….

Internet and messaging exchanges between children and teenagers are inevitable and mostly positive, Associate Professor Nightingale said.

‘The kids also quite like little digital cameras and use the cameras to introduce themselves to each other,’ she said.

Teenage Generation Is Biggest Ever

“Today’s teenage generation is now the biggest the world has ever seen, according to a UN report released Wednesday. One in five people on Earth are adolescents between 10 and 19, and about half the world’s population is under 25….

However, if their healthcare and social needs can be met, the adolescents could develop into the largest, most vibrant workforces ever seen when they reach adulthood.



Sick Flash/Design Werk

houser hit me with another awesome site earlier today – …now this is some kickass Flash werk, not to mention the designs and paintings he’s done as well…. *drools with envy* i also dig the music he’s got going in the background… i feel all indie tribal now.

“In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in an clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth.”
–Mahatma Gandhi


FooAdmin: Adding Comments

all week long it seems like i’ve heard and read about spammers hitting peoples blog comments and leaving their crusty skidmarks in their wake…. until recently, i didnt even know it was a problem… guess i’ve been lucky *knocks on wood* so yesterday i went ahead and took the first step towards some preventative maintence around here, distastefoo as i find it to be…… *shakes head*

FooAdmin: Comments

i just added a comment listing below the Edit Blog page in my FooAdmin, allowing me to at least delete an offending jackhole spammers leavings if the need arises…. still think it sucks i even need to do this. after more than 2 years (not sure how long i’ve “blogged”) i’ve never had to manage blog comments in any way, shape, or form…. i think i manually edited one user comment once per his urgent request.

i still think that hackers should get off the virus bandwagon and be really kewl – hack the spammers, dammit!


A Car For $200!

yesterday i left work a little bit early to pickup my buddy Dave from the local train station and drive him over to this VW mechanic shop to pickup his van… it still strikes me as being really odd that after living in this area for about a decade, i still dont really know my way around… other than the basics and a handful of places i know like that back of my hand…. where did the term “back of my hand” come from anyways? like i look and can visualize in minute detail the back of my freak’n hand with my eyes closed and spun around like a pinata-boy…. *blink*

anywho, the old hippy VW mechanic guy talked for like a half hour while we sat there telling stories of old VW Bugs like they were past lovers or something…. lil strange, but amusing… half the time i sat there wondering if he had a stash of pot readily at hand in his desk not 3 feet from me – wouldnt surprise me *chuckle* as we’re finally getting out of there, the tells me that he just got a Mazda RX-7 for $200…. “no shit?”…. “yeah, its right around the corner, man”… go around and yup, there’s a red convertible RX-7 in fine condition and runs just fine… only had some damage to the soft-top. then he shows us another car he got for $200 next to it – a ’97/98 VW Jetta that had only minor damage to the front (white paint on bumper, front grill a lil bent up, and the right headlight pushed in a bit)…. g’damn. i still cant believe it….

Dave, we need to find that place he went to!!!


Horny Goat Weed

i was just chat’n with my buddy justin, when he tells me about some over-the-counter drugs that jackup a gurlies libido… viagra for gurlz, kinda like this *grinz*

then he shoots me this one – Horny Goat Weed …gotta luv it *laughs* naturally, i’m wondering what parties are like with the younger kidz these dayz.. heh.


Prince joins Jehovah’s

forget the Middle East, Britney Spears tits, and the legacy of Janet Reno… this is important news!

POP star Prince is banging on people’s front doors — after becoming a Jehovah’s Witness.

The pint-sized singer tries to recruit people to the religion by calling on homes in his spare time.

But some stunned homeowners have not welcomed unannounced visits from the star, who had hits with Let’s Go Crazy and Purple Rain.

….too funny *chuckle*   (hat tip: houser)


Firebird 0.7 Released

well i’ll be damned…. i heard that Firebird 0.7 has been released, but i couldnt hit the site earlier this morning….

check it, download it, and fondle it all day long.

update: not sure what the dealie is, but i just fired up 0.7 and it looks like crap… hope i got the wrong one or something.


Hijabs Reunited!

Heimer just sent me an email, laced with a touch of gloating fun (punk… lol), to let me know that the Muslim girl can return with scarf…. i know we’ve already been threw this, but i still dunno how i feel about this…. for me the conflict comes from being happy for the girl and respecting ones religious affiliations, yet at the same time i agree and understand the thinking behind the school rule on banning headgear (hats, bandana’s, hijabs, etc)

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (Reuters) — An 11-year-old Muslim girl suspended from an eastern Oklahoma school for wearing a religious head scarf was allowed to return to classes on Wednesday, wearing her head covering known as a hijab.

The girl, Nashala Hearn, will be allowed to wear her head scarf while Muskogee school officials evaluate their dress code policy that forbids any kind of head covering. School officials said the code was to prevent gang activity.

guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens *shrugz* …are they gonna bow to the “PC” movement that sometimes seems so pervasive today, or will the rules be changed to reflect and respect one’s religion… and if so, does that fly in the face of the seperation between church & state? if the rule was drawn up cuz of gang problems in schools, guess what’ll come next…. anywho, i’m happy for the lil gurl…. really, i am.

note: this blog brought to you by W.Bloggar.


XML-RPC is Working!

man, this is sooooooo freak’n kewl… now i can happily blog here or at Got FoO? threw the spiffy’ness of W.Bloggar and XML-RPC… freak’n schweeeeet *g* …kinda weird, but it works using both the MetaWeblog API and the BloggerAPI, but whatever… got if finally working!

Screenshot of XML-RPC in Action!
gotta give a shoutout to my buddy Charon for his help, without which i’d still be banging my head against the puter screen in frustration… thx man! the XML-RPC is working under CFMX and both the API’s, and we’re set… cant wait to test this badboy out with another app, like FeedDemon when the final is released… RSS and blog’n rolled into one app, now that’s what i’m talking about, mang… heh.

k, its late and time to get my sorry ass to bed for some zzzz’s… foooooooooooosh!


Nice eBay, Nice

i think i’m truly ashamed of myself, and i’m not say’n that cuz i’m a sick puppy in need of a full body massage by a hot swedish blonde wearing a Hijab with 2 piggy tails sticking out….

*ahem* i just might be the last soul on planet earth that’s online all the time who didnt even notice that eBay rolled out a whole new design… damn guyz, why didnt anybody mention it? my first impression: a very niiiiiiiiiiiice change… and about time, too!!

…and no, i dont do eBay while i’m hard at work everyday


Nasty Aftertaste

i really dunno what the dealie is, but this med i’m taking for my slight case of bronchitis leaves the absolute worst fucking aftertaste!!!!!!!

i’m not kidding either… all yesterday i was smacking my lips, drinking everything from iced tea to cokes to coffees… and alternating it with spearment flavor’d candies – pointless. its like this nasty vomit inducing kronic cotton mouth from the 3rd dimension of Janet Reno’s belly button…….. yeah, its not pretty. *shudder*

i wish i knew why some medicines did that…. you always hear about some whack side-effects of meds and plenty of squinty eyed readings of the small print at the bottom of the label…. but you rarely (i sure havent) hear about “might incur an upleasant aftertaste….” anywhere, y’know? grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. punks, i tell ya…. punks.

anywho, just felt like whining some more… heh


Hating Weblogz

wow…. this guy really really hates weblogs… not just a little bit, but really fucking hates weblogs!

i wont even pretend to have read more than the first few paragraphs of it, but it did have me laugh’n a bit…. even if the reasoning behind it could be applied to many things, not just blogs… *chuckle* makes ya wonder sometimes, though….. “why do i blog?”

who knows…. who cares. personally, i think it’s great… just as chatting was really kewl, cuz i could sit down and chat with peepz from all over the world about weird or stupid shit, same goes for blogging… you write about things of interest to you and it’s out there, whether or not peepz leave comments or participate… its a hobby of sorts, i guess… hell if i know.



i dunno if you’ve heard about it or seen it, but there’s this show on FOX/FX that i’ve been getting into the last couple weeks….. and thats Nip/Tuck (tuesday nights, 10pm)

drama series with 2 plastic surgeons and some crazy shit going on…. first time i caught the show, the doc’s son walks into his girlfriends bedroom to find her on the bed making out with another cheerleader (yes, both were wearing their cheerleader outfits… heh) and i was like “whoa….”

should check it out sometime… might be something ya dig.


Staying Home

i took off work today to stay home and lick my wounds…. these meds make me drowsy, and all this cough’n and hacking is doing wonders for my abs, lemme tell ya… who needs to workout? just get sick and cough yer brains out for 48 hours straight!

i just downloaded and am running with this XP Visual Style at the moment – System 7, which i’m dig’n… slim and simple, and i like the StartMenu, too… might have to update the FooDESKTOP with this style or sumthin…. we’ll see.


Blogger API Blows

oh, and before i forget……. i just wanted to say that threw recent experiences with the XML-RPC, W.Bloggar, and Blogger API roundup…. the Blogger API effin blows.

i guess it was kewl and good enuff at one point, but for cry’n out loud… it doesnt even have a spot for a Title (or blog subject) defined… how many freak’n blogs do you know of that doesnt have a Title? *shakes head*

got most of it done, only to figure out the short-comings… so if yer interested or at some point might rollout some XML-RPC blogging goodness to yer site, take my advice and dont even bother with it… go with the METAWeblog API as defined over at, brought to you by the same guy behind RSS.

at least now i have Authentication, Error/Fault Codes, and Error Tracking built-in and working. heh.

oh yeah, another thing… started on another FooSKin today, using Houser’s nifty ArticleColumns HTC – but the skin is a lil buggy at the moment and needs some tweaking… not done, but worth a mention, i guess *smirk* k…. monday nite football for the sick invalid tonight.


Quick, I’m Getting Sick!

oh boy…. i dunno what it is or what’s going around, but yesterday i started to feel a little under the weather… and by the time i woke up this morning i was really feeling like total ass… all day long i’ve been cough’n and my throat is sore… my nose hurts from all the blowing, my head hurts, and i have this sore spot in the center of my back (i think from all the coughing)

in short……….. i feel like shit.

and yes, i’m whinning, too…. i’m a lil pollock and i dont like being sick…. ummm, yeah, like who the hell does, right? i dropped by the store and picked up some over-the-counter meds, so i’m hoping that’ll help… lots of liquid, lots of pissing, and lots of sleep… might have to call out tomorrow. suck to go to work cough’n and hack’n, only to get everybody else sick, y’know? hate it when peepz do that…. if yer sick, dont be retarded – stay the hell at home!

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Go Broncos!

i just felt like gloating a lil bit, since muh boyz beat the Stealers with a fieldgoal with 5 seconds left in the game…. Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Colts lost, which i was a lil bitter about – but Carolina is shit hot right now, so its not overly surprising… the Raiders lost to the Browns, which made me laugh *evil grin* hmmmm, oh yeah, the Chief Rednecks won which i was really bummed to hear…. g’dammit. i was really hoping that Favre would spin his majic and crush ‘em… cant wait to see them lose….. *muahahahaha*

least the Washington Foreksinz lost…. that almost makes up for it.