Requirements for Avalon

i downloaded the Avalon Tech Preview awhile back, and kinda forgot about it until earlier this evening when i saw the folder i downloaded it to… so i fire it up, think it was yer typical install… nope, it merely decompacted it to a new directory with instructions to write a CD from the ISO image, along with a few other steps… including:

  1. Install Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 Beta 1.
  2. Install Microsoft “Avalon” Community Technology Preview.
  3. Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 from the Visual Studio 2005 CD Set.
    Note: You must install Visual Studio 2005 Beta before installing the WinFX SDK in order to use Visual Studio to develop “Avalon” applications.
    Install Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Beta or Visual C# 2005 Express Edition Beta. We recommend that you install to the default location. Otherwise, you will have to edit the batch file, ConfigureAvalonForExpressSKUs.cmd, and set the variable used in the batch file to the install location.
  4. Install the Microsoft WinFX SDK, “Avalon” Community Technology Preview Edition.
  5. If you have installed Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Beta or Visual C# 2005 Express Edition Beta, run the provided batch file, ConfigureAvalonForExpressSKUs.cmd, in the Command Prompt. Do not run this batch file if you have installed Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 as this step is unnecessary.

all i really wanted was to install the damn thing and spank out a quick “Got FoO?” with some XAML, and my trusty ‘ole copy of Homesite… think i’ll wait until a production build comes out, or a copy of Avalon with a clean install proggie.