Monday Music

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Hammond Organ Cover By Pleasure Beach

just thought it was an interesting version that i haven’t heard before… that, and for some reason the old school video foot’age cracked me up.


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RIP Tommy Ramone

RIP Tommy Ramone: your band captured the sound in my head

i’ve been pretty behind of late, still catching up after being off the past week and only occasionally getting online or checking email/twitter feed on my phone — really tried to cut back and it felt pretty damn good to unplug (for the most part) for a bit… i really need to start doing that more often, i think.

anywho, i can’t believe i missed the fact that tommy ramone passed away… fuck man, totally bummed me out just now.

i’m going to listen to the ramones all day today.



Dig’n The Amazon Prime Music?

i know everybody’s been talking about the new amazon phone — which spec-wise looks okay, though it still sounds like a “shopping phone” to me, and i was a little surprised at the $199 price tag — but i was more interested in the amazon prime music they released.

Amazon prime music 1394

i still tend to fire up spotify every day, but it’s nice to have an alternative that’s free for prime subscribers — if nothing else, makes me feel like i’m at least getting a better value for my membership since they raised the price on it.

just installed it on my iphone, and need to check and see that i can stream music in my library in my car… think i’ll do that on the way home tonight.

anybody else using it?

p.s. Amazon Fire Phone vs. iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One M8


Buzzcut Season

my son jayden shot me a link to one of his friends, julia, who does her own music… instruments, edits using her ipad, vocals, the whole thing — which i found pretty damn impressive for such a young lady.

Buzzcut Season (Lorde Cover)

check it out and let me know what you think — i ended it listening to it 3-4 times in repeat, personally.

need to talk to her about getting a youtube channel setup, i think… hmmm.


‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Song

More Babies Were Named ‘Khaleesi’ Than ‘Stacy’ or ‘Sally’ Last Year

another good episode lastnight in Game of Thrones, with Tyrion’s trial for being awesome in which he gets totally sandbagged by everyone… loved his little explosion there at the end, too.

looking forward to seeing how the fight between The Mountain and Prince Oberyn plays out in the show… should be pretty cool, mang.

‘Silicon Valley’ Episode 6 Recap: Let’s Control-Alt-Delete Some Subplots

p.s. was surprised by the “khaleesi” name being used.


Monday Music

Girlband ADAM Gets Orgasms While Singing

this one was making the rounds last week — somehow seems appropriate after the eurovision winner, and it is monday after all… heh.

(hat tip: jim)

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Eurovision 2014

Eurovision 2014: A night of surprises as Conchita wins

whoa… and the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 goes to the bearded chick from austria.

i don’t even know where to start.



Monday Music

i don’t always throw up some music on mondays, i know, but i’ve been on a SOJA kick of late and figured i’d post a quick vid to checkout in case you’ve never heard ‘em before.

great live band, and the bassist kills it with that 6-string bass… good chill music to work to, mang.


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Oppo PM-1

Oppo PM-1 Headphone Review: Are These $1,000 Headphones A Bargain?

too rich for my blood, mang… would love to give a pair a good listen, though.

i have a pair of Pioneer HDJ-2000′s at work, and they’re good enough for my listening habbits.

what pair are you rock’n?


Racist Hello Kitty

Avril Lavigne Facing “Racist” Backlash Over “Hello Kitty” Music Video

Avril Lavigne has found herself on the receiving end of criticism, following the release of her latest music video.

The 29-year-old pop star released the music video for her single “Hello Kitty” on Tuesday but the clip was taken down almost as quickly as it was uploaded, presumably, due to the controversial content, which has received a considerable amount of backlash with many calling the singer “racist.”

buddy of mine just IM’d me a youtube link to this video, saying it was “best song of the week dude, gotta hear it!”

i should know better.

i really don’t know if it’s “racist” or not, seems to me like everything is becoming “racist” these days which is a shame (fucking PC police), but whatevs… it’s just bad. period.

i still think friday by rebecca black is worse. *shudder*


Monday Music

Sigur Rós – The Rains of Castamere

in celebration of joffrey finally meeting his demise last night on game of thrones, i figured this somehow seemed appropriate.

a somber melody, for sure.


Dark Spotify

Spotify Launches a New Design on Desktop and Mobile

Spotify launched its biggest ever revamp that spans browsers, desktops and smart devices. Here’s what it looks like.

It’s been six months in development, but music streaming giant Spotify has now rolled out its new “dark” redesign across desktop and mobile platforms. On the surface, the new Spotify delivers revamped typography, rounded iconography and a stylish theme that’s all intended to give your music some visual pop. It’s not all bells and whistles, though.

i use spotify almost daily, and to be honest i haven’t really thought about the design of the app in a longgggg time… probably since i never really had any problems with it, but that being said, i’m digging the new “dark” look.

Inside the Redesign: Why Spotify Went Black

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Monday Music

The Strypes – What A Shame

stumbled across this one the other day, and there’s just something catchy about it that i dig… artic monkeys did come to mind, and can’t help like the 50′s guitar sound — and from a bunch of kids, no less… amazing… i love seeing younger kids rock’n out, though i’m not sure about that band name, though.

Big Data – Dangerous (feat. Joywave)

this one’s been getting a lot of rotation lately, too.