Monday Music

Sigur Rós – The Rains of Castamere

in celebration of joffrey finally meeting his demise last night on game of thrones, i figured this somehow seemed appropriate.

a somber melody, for sure.


Dark Spotify

Spotify Launches a New Design on Desktop and Mobile

Spotify launched its biggest ever revamp that spans browsers, desktops and smart devices. Here’s what it looks like.

It’s been six months in development, but music streaming giant Spotify has now rolled out its new “dark” redesign across desktop and mobile platforms. On the surface, the new Spotify delivers revamped typography, rounded iconography and a stylish theme that’s all intended to give your music some visual pop. It’s not all bells and whistles, though.

i use spotify almost daily, and to be honest i haven’t really thought about the design of the app in a longgggg time… probably since i never really had any problems with it, but that being said, i’m digging the new “dark” look.

Inside the Redesign: Why Spotify Went Black

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Monday Music

The Strypes – What A Shame

stumbled across this one the other day, and there’s just something catchy about it that i dig… artic monkeys did come to mind, and can’t help like the 50′s guitar sound — and from a bunch of kids, no less… amazing… i love seeing younger kids rock’n out, though i’m not sure about that band name, though.

Big Data – Dangerous (feat. Joywave)

this one’s been getting a lot of rotation lately, too.



Visualized Radiohead

A Stunning App That Turns Radiohead Songs Into Dreamscapes

There’s something about a good Radiohead song that lets your mind roam. And if you could visualize what a world in which Radiohead were the only soundtrack, it would look a lot like the world Universal Everything created for the band’s newly released app PolyFauna (available on iOS and Android). Which is to say, a world that’s full of cinematic landscapes and bizarre creatures that only reside in our subconscious minds.

“I got an email out of nowhere from Thom [Yorke], who’d seen a few projects we’d done,” says Universal Everything founder Matt Pyke. Radiohead was looking to design a digital experience for its 2011 King of Limbs session that departed from the typical music apps available, which tend to put emphasis on discography or tour dates. Instead, the band wanted an audio/visual piece that was more digital art than serviceable app.

Pyke met with Yorke and Stanley Donwood, the artist who’s been responsible for crafting Radiohead’s breed of peculiar, moody aesthetics. “We had a really good chat about how we could push this into a really immersive atmospheric audio/visual environment,” says Pyke. What they came up with was PolyFauna, a gorgeously weird interactive experience based on the skittish beats and melodies of “Bloom,” the first track off of King of Limbs.

been a Radiohead fan for years, so when i saw this i was like “oh cool man” — but i think they could’ve spent a little more time on it and really made it something special… dig the general idea, though.


Achy Breaky 2

Seriously, worst song of 2014?!?

no! no no no! just… no.

(hat tip: jeremy)


Monday Music

Floppy Music | Soft Cell – Tainted Love (13 fdd + 1 hdd)

geeky and cool, how awesome is that?!



NIN Tension 2013

speaking of music, checkout this NIN Tension 2013 video.

good stuff to crank up on my awesome iMac speakers while working from home today.

oh yeah.

(hat tip: jim)

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Macklemore Sucks

Don’t Hate Macklemore Because He’s White

On Sunday night Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, a white hip-hop duo from Seattle, won the Grammy awards for Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Album. The second and third were for their hit single “Thrift Shop,” a playful critique of conspicuous consumption in hip-hop; the last was for their platinum debut LP, The Heist. Macklemore and Lewis then performed “Same Love,” an anthem for marriage equality that contains a not-so-playful critique of homophobia in hip-hop. Madonna and Queen Latifah were there. Thirty-four couples got married. After the awards Macklemore sent a tortured apology text to Kendrick Lamar, who to Macklemore’s mind should have won Best Rap Album, then posted a photo of said text to Instagram.

I found that last bit to be the most moving, because it was the first time I ever wondered if maybe Macklemore might hate Macklemore and Ryan Lewis as much as I do. But of course that would be difficult. I don’t hate them as people, obviously: I’ve never met them, and their politics seem generally aligned with mine, even if their articulation of those politics makes me want to stare at my feet and shuffle into another room. And I certainly don’t hate them because they’re white. After all, some of my best friends are white! Some of my favorite rappers are white! I’m white! I don’t even hate them for winning Best Rap Album over Kendrick, Kanye West, and Drake, all three of whom made records light years better than The Heist (good lord, that title). The Grammys are one of culture’s greatest mistake-factories, and anyone wanting to see smart decision-making Sunday night should have been watching Sherlock.

No, I hate Macklemore and Ryan Lewis because I think their music is terrible at best, and worse than terrible at worst. It’s the lowest sort of middlebrow, an art-like commodity that shallow people think is deep and dull people think is edgy. The city that blessed us with Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana has now cursed us with the rap game Upworthy: a man hawking hip-hop that switches out faked emotion for real intellect and faked intellect for real emotion and has no discernible goals other than to congratulate its makers for making it and its listeners for purchasing it.

i know jayden and some of his friends dig Macklemore, but to be honest i think it’s mostly crap… of course, i’ve never really been a big “rap” fan, but what little i’ve heard sounds like shit.

just an opinion.

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Monday Music

here’s a song that jayden hit me up with the other day, cracked me up listening to some of the lyrics mang.

not sure why he thought of me when he heard this one.


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Congrats, Daft Punk

Daft Punk wins album of the year at the 56th grammy’s

didn’t watch the grammy’s (never really do), or the Pro Bowl either… took my son out for dinner lastnight to celebrate him getting a job – finally.

then got home and watched ‘True Dectective’ on HBO.

p.s. fires up ‘get lucky’ on spotify


Eclipse TD-M1

i was looking around at some computer speakers – i had a 2.1 set that i bought years ago, but jayden hijacked it for his computer which was fine since he plays video games on his PC a lot more than i do… but i find that when i’m working at home, it’d sure be nice to have some better speakers for music than the one’s my iMac are pack’n by default… here’s a pair that i just stumbled across, the Eclipse TD-M1

they sure do look pretty tasty, and have all the features i’d love to have… only problem? it’ll be around $1,300 for a pair when they’re released next month.



Beats Music, Today

Beats Music service debuts for iPhone, Android

seems like there’s so many streaming music services/apps out there already — pandora, spotify, rdio, itunes, xbox — kind of surpised there’s yet another one… but hey, competition is good, and obviously they think there’s a market for yet another one.

i guess “beats” is a pretty strong brandname.

p.s. i still fire up spotify daily.

p.p.s. already tired of sherman.


5 Worst Christmas Songs

it’s finally almost here… tomorrow brings christmas eve, and as usual, this really is probably the busiest time of the year… i’ll be doing a lot of running around as always, but here’s a few of the worst christmas songs… heh.

1.) Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmas Time

2.) Do they Know it’s Christmas ~ Band Aid 1984

3.) Bruce Springsteen – Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town

4.) Wham! – Last Christmas

5.) John Lennon – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

so do you think these are the worst christmas songs of all time?

p.s. been looking around for some new tunes to add to my christmas playlist… always open to new suggestions, mang.


Happy Hanukkah!

i know it’s been going on this past week now, but since i’m not jewish i tend to nearly miss it every year… then somebody invariably mentions it and i’m like “oh shit, happy hanukkah dude!”

so to my jewish friends, happy hanukkah mang… and i hope you got some good swag this year. heh.

oh, that reminds me, learned something new today that i’ve never heard before – i didn’t know that Elvis’s maternal mother was jewish.

i’ll be damned.

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Monday Music

i watched RIPD the other day — thought it was pretty good, jeff bridges and kevin bacon? hard to mess that up… anywho, here’s a song from the end of it that caught my ear.

so whatcha guys listening to of late?

p.s. cool video of bob dylan’s “like a rolling stone”

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