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Black Panther Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Official Trailer

whoa… sucks that we have to wait until february 2018 for this to drop in the theaters, but i’ll definitely have to go see this up on the big screen for sure.

this isolated wakanda sure seems pretty sci-fi to me :)

PS. thor… star wars… then black panther…

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Baby Driver, Baby

i stopped by redbox on the way home last night and picked up “baby driver”, since i’ve really wanted to see it after hearing so many raving reviews online and from friends…

…and holy shit, they were right!

what a kickass movie… was almost tempted to watch it again, but was getting kinda late… think i might have to just snag the bluray, and add it to the collection.

#WorthWatching  #GoodMovie  #ThumbsUp

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New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer

The Internet Can’t Stop Joking About The New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer

breathe. just… breathe……

i was off yesterday and pretty much spent most of the day chill’n out and playing Destiny 2… started a second character over the weekend (hunter) and already got him up to level 282 ;)

anywho, that being said, i’m sure you’ve seen the new Last Jedi trailer at least a half dozen times by now… but just in case you haven’t, here ya go.

been seeing stuff pop’n up in my twitter stream about it for the last day or more now… seriously, it’s almost impossible to avoid spoilers and whatnot at this point.

PS. looking forward to december, mang.


Blade Runner Tonight!

anybody else going to see the new Blade Runner tonight? …huh huh?!?

there’s only been a few movies i’ve been looking forward to, and this is one of ’em — along with the new Thor and Star Wars movies, of course.

going with a big group of friends later tonight, so should be fun ;)


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Movies TV

Black Out 2022

BLADE RUNNER 2049 – “Black Out 2022” Anime Short

i watched this on crunchyroll last night, and wow… the anime style and production on this sort film is fucking awesome… love these little short “films” they’re releasing in the build-up for the new Blade Runner movie… helps fill in some of the gaps in the 30 years between the first and this one, but without spoiling anything which is great.

#GoodStuff  #ThumbsUp

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Honest Trailers: Blade Runner

oh man, i just can’t seem to get enough of these honest trailers…

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Blade Runner’ Before You Peep the Sequel

When that first Blade Runner 2049 movie teaser hit, I was amped. Because I’m #residentold at Complex, I grew up with Ridley Scott’s original Blade Runner being a revered piece of cinema. Hell, even President Obama fucked with the sci-fi classic. Thing is, as more information and trailers came out about the movie, it didn’t seem like my compatriots cared. Was this film, which found Harrison Ford returning to his now-iconic role of Deckard, replicant hunter, something that people didn’t give a fuck about? Even with Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Jared Leto, and Dave Bautista being thrust into this world, it just didn’t seem like this movie was connecting like I thought it would, and when I got around a crew of like-minded individuals, it felt like I wasn’t alone: it just didn’t feel like people were giving a shit about a sequel of a 35-year-old niche sci-fi film.

i don’t know about you guys, but i can’t wait to go see the new Blade Runner in the theater this coming weekend… especially after seeing some of the reviews, though to be honest i would’ve gone to see it either way — if you loved the first one, how could you possibly not be curious?!

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Anybody Hip On MoviePass?

With its $10-a-month service, MoviePass has totally changed my relationship to movie theaters

It’s been a busy two months for MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe, but he’s relaxed and friendly as we discuss what it’s like to be thrust into the spotlight overnight.

In August, his startup caused a frenzy by dropping the price of its subscription, which lets you see one film a day in theaters, to $9.95 a month.

The public went nuts, MoviePass struggled to keep up with more than 100,000 new subscribers, and the theater giant AMC began squawking in the press, vaguely implying it might take legal action.

The $9.95 price point had captured people’s imagination. But critics questioned whether the MoviePass model, which relies on MoviePass paying theaters the full price for tickets, would collapse under its own weight (even after $27 million in fresh capital).

That critique still hangs in the air. But as someone who signed up on the day of that price drop, and who has been using MoviePass for a few weeks, I can confidently say it has already changed how I think about movie theaters in a fundamental way.

i remember hearing about this a few weeks back, and thinking that there was probably no way it would last more than a month or two… but looks like it’s still around, and i’ll admit to being pretty curious… if you like going to the movies, then it seems almost too good to be true… hell, just going to the movies once or twice a month more than makes up for that $10 a month, y’know? last time i went to the theater i think my ticket was like $14 or something.

so anybody hip on this, or been using it?

#hmmmmmm  #curious

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Blade Runner 2049 Prequel Anime

You Can Now Watch the Blade Runner 2049 Prequel Anime From the Director of Cowboy Bebop

Shinichirō Watanabe is one of the most iconic anime directors in the business, thanks to his work on the beloved Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop. But his latest work is an intriguing sidestep: a 15-minute short film set in the world of Blade Runner.

The third and final prequel movie set between the events of Blade Runner and the upcoming sequel, 2049, Watanabe’s Blade Runner Black Out 2022 covers a period hinted at in the previous two shorts. It’s the year when a gigantic EMP blast knocks out power to the cities across the world, leading to a rise in anti-Replicant sentiment and eventually a complete prohibition of Replicant creation—one lifted in the years before Blade Runner 2049 through the actions of the movie’s new villain, Niander Wallace (Jared Leto).

too bad it’s only a 15-minute short anime film, especially since it’s from the guy behind Cowboy Bebop (one of my favorite anime shows)… but i’ll happily take it… will have to logon to cruchyroll and check it out later tonight.

speaking of the new Blade Runner movie…

Blade Runner 2049 first reactions: critics call film a ‘sci-fi masterpiece’ and ‘better than the original’


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Kingsman Refused Sex?!

This ‘Kingsman’ Actor Refused To Film An Awkward Sex Scene With Poppy Delevingne

Even if you haven’t yet caught the latest Kingsman instalment, The Golden Circle, you might have heard rumour of an especially awkward sex scene involving Cara’s sister, Poppy Delevingne.

In the scene, leading spy Eggsy (played by Taron Egerton) has an intimate encounter with Clara who he is trying to track. Although the sex is consensual, during the act he places a tracking device inside her vagina without her knowledge.

Somewhat unsurprisingly Egerton was a little weirded out at having to simulate this situation, it turns out so much so he refused to film the scene.

bit of a spoiler there… but damn, can’t say that i really blame him… although… well, nevermind.


PS. anybody go see it?

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Kingsmen Anal Sex Joke

Does That Stupid Anal Sex Joke Really Ruin The First ‘Kingsman’ Movie?

Kingsman: The Secret Service — the 2015 movie that featured Colin Firth and Taron Egerton as mentor and trainee in a secret British spy organization that relied heavily on bespoke suits and over-the-top violence — was a reasonably divisive movie. It was no mother!, but it definitely had its partisans and its detractors. Director Matthew Vaughn had to be used to that, since the last time he created a world where heroes who were very concerned about their clothes engaged in ultra-violence, it was 2010’s also-divisive Kick-Ass. But while the cartoonish violence, overly slick packaging, and the decision to have Samuel L. Jackson play the villain character like a riff on Russell Simmons are the elements most often cited by Kingsman detractors, there is one moment that draws the hottest ire: the stupid, nonsensical, probably-offensive-but-that’s-not-even-the-point scene at the very end where Eggsy (our newly minted hero, played by Egerton) has sex up the bum with the Swedish princess, who had promised said bum to him as his reward for saving the day.

It’s crass. It’s stupid. It makes the hero look like a womanizing dickwad when up until this point he was a rough-around-the-edges decent bloke. And it makes a mockery of any other well-drawn female characters in the rest of the movie, because in the end, women are there for fucking. And in the least comfortable manner possible!

Isolated from the rest of the movie, the scene almost works, because Egerton is just that charming. But coming at the tail end (no pun intended) of a movie that bludgeoned its audience with violence that it tried to pass off as artful but which was honestly just excessive, the cheekiness (again, no pun intended, honestly) of the moment comes across as swaggering rather than subversive. What’s allegedly being subverted in this moment is the James Bondian womanizing that runs through all those British secret-agent type movies. The suave hero taking the virginal princess as his just reward. Making it anal sex is supposed to up the absurdity of the moment enough to make it satire. A commentary on the shit we used to let heroes get away with.

i didn’t think that was all that bad… hell, never really thought about it and until just now to be honest… figures that there are people that would be somehow offended or something… but c’mon man, it’s a movie!

btw, did anybody go see the new one this past weekend?

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Honest Trailers: Wonder Woman

i always look forward to these honest trailers for movies that i dig… and just saw that they posted one for the new Wonder Woman movie.

which reminds me, i should probably go ahead and pickup a copy of it… just not sure if i wanna spend the extra on the 4K version or not… or just wait for the price to drop and grab it later when it hits around that $20 mark.


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Movies Online/Web

Petition To Fire JJ Abrams

Fans petition Lucasfilm to fire J.J. Abrams from Star Wars: Episode IX

Fans are petitioning Lucasfilm to discharge J.J. Abrams from his post as director of Star Wars: Episode IX, just one week after his appointment to the role.

Last week, following the news that Colin Trevorrow was no longer directing the film, it was announced that the Star Wars: The Force Awakens director would step in to replace him.

Under Abrams’ direction, the seventh film in Star Wars‘ Skywalker saga became the third highest grossing film ever made. Despite its success and positive reviews, one unhappy fan has created a petition for Lucasfilm to “Remove J.J. Abrams as director of Star Wars Episode IX”. It currently has 1,811 signatures.

The petitioner, Matt Vela, argues Abrams’ direction of The Force Awakens resulted in a film that was too similar to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. “There was virtually no creativity,” he writes, “and no risks taken.”

damn man, what’s with all the nerdrage over JJ Abrams?!

sure, i get it and even agree to a point… but setting up a petition to fire him from a movie you haven’t seen, and won’t even be out for a few more years? ummm…. yeah.

c’mon man.

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J.J. Abrams To Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

It’s Official: J.J. Abrams Will Write and Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

saw mention of this earlier today on my twitter feed, but g’damn… didn’t realize that the internet / fanboys were their collective shit over it… wow… i wasn’t a huge fan of Force Awakens, but i really don’t blame JJ for it — it did what it was supposed to do, and really did have some great scenes… can’t wait to see some new star wars this december, and hopefully JJ will deliver a kickass ending to this new trilogy.

say what you will, but everone know’s he’s a huge star wars fan… so take a few deep breaths and chill, it’s still a couple years away afterall.

PS. as long as JJ doesn’t stand for “Jar-Jar” ;)


Blade Runner 2049 Prequel

Blade Runner 2049 prequel starts to fill in the gap between the two movies

We’re still a few months away from the October 6th release of Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049. Until then, though, fans will be able to tide themselves over with a series of three short films looking to fill in the 30-year gap between the original Blade Runner — set in 2019 — and the sequel.

The first is 2036: Nexus Dawn, posted over at Collider, which takes place 13 years before Villeneuve’s film kicks off. In the world of Blade Runner, the government instituted a prohibition on new replicant production in the year 2023 following an EMP attack that was blamed on replicants. The new short picks up Niander Wallace — presumed to be the villain of Blade Runner 2049, largely based on the fact that he’s played by Jared Leto and looks incredibly evil — petitioning to have that prohibition overturned so that he can create new replicants of his own.

As seen in the short, Wallace has created a new model of replicant, the Nexus 9, which he claims is superior to those built by Eldon Tyrell. It’s a good introduction to the bold arrogance of Wallace’s character, but it also serves to fill in a crucial question left after the original film: basically, where are all the new replicants in the sequel coming from?

didn’t know about these blade runner prequel short films, but am pretty happy i just stumbled across it… i keep going back ‘n forth on the fact that there even is a new blade runner movie coming out… but i’m curious enough to go see it in the theater when it’s released, damn it.

so if you’re a fan, then might be worth checking out these short prequels they’re posting online.

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Guardians Vol. 2 (4K UHD)

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Cinematic Universe Edition’ review (4K UHD)

Marvel’s famed cosmic superhero team’s blockbuster return to theaters earlier this year finally arrives on ultra high-definition in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Cinematic Universe Edition (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, rated PG-13, 137 minutes, 2.40:1 aspect ratio, $42.99).

This release should not only satisfy fans looking to absorb the film’s rich comics pop culture, but it marks the first time Disney has delivered a film in the 4K UHD disc format to home entertainment connoisseurs.

It also helps that writer and director James Gunn’s latest effort is not only as great as his first Guardians’ film, in both grandiose action scenes and humor, but also arguably transcends the original thanks to its emotionally charged plot.

yeah, i totally picked this one up… stopped by Best Buy yesterday and decided to go ahead and snag the 4K version, since i figure if i’m gonna buy a physical copy of a movie that i really like (and will re-watch a lot), then might as well get the 4K UHD version.

watched it last night, and have to say… g’damn, it does look fucking good… i mean, there were a few scenes were i was like “whoa, that really does looks awesome!” ;)

personally, i think HDR has a bigger impact that 4K.

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Honest Trailers: Guardians 2

Honest Trailers – Guardians of the Galaxy 2

comes out on bluray next week… thinking i might have to pick this one up on 4K/UHD though, because… well shit, it’s guardians of the fucking galaxy, mang!

saw it twice in the theater — both in 2D and 3D — and i’m actually looking forward to sitting down and watching it again.

#SoGood  #ThumbsUp

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Strikes Back

Rian Johnson Is Fully Aware The Last Jedi Might Sound Like Empire Strikes Back, and He Doesn’t Care

One of the most popular refrains used to critique The Force Awakens was “It’s just a remake of A New Hope!” And even before we got a look at The Last Jedi, people were ready to declare “It’s just gonna be a remake of Empire Strikes Back!” But Rian Johnson is more than happy to admit ESB’s influence on the movie, and thinks that in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

Speaking as part of a larger piece for Entertainment Weekly about Finn and Rose’s journey in the Last Jedi—which will see a reluctant Finn, with a star-struck Rose at his side, go on a mission to the luxurious casino city of Canto Bight in the wake of troubled times for the Resistance—Johnson acknowledged that yes, it might all sound a little bit like Han and Leia visiting Cloud City, especially since Rey is off getting taught the Jedi ways by her curmudgeonly old mentor. But for Johnson, those structural parallels don’t matter as much as perhaps some fans would like to think they do:

I just tried to kind of ignore that aspect of it and have the story take the shape that it needed to. But look, Rey is off in a remote location with a Jedi master, and the Resistance is in a tough spot, and we’re intercutting those stories. By its very nature, there are some structural parallels. But these are new characters, they’re dealing with new things, and that ultimately is what defines the movie. So I think that’s going to be unique.

Somehow, I doubt that’s going to stop anyone from saying that The Last Jedi looks similar to a movie often recognized as one of the best scifi movies of all time like it’s a bad thing, but yes: Johnson is fully aware of the comparisons—he just thinks what’s new about The Last Jedi is going to be much more important.

hmmmm… well, i really hope that the similarities are super basic and generalized, and not like the smack-ya-in-the-face near carbon copy that The Force Awakens was… i mean, you didn’t need to be some star wars nerd to walk out of the theater feeling like you just watched a remake of A New Hope or something.

i’m still hopefoo and look’n forward to it :)

Man Demands US$8,000 Following Women-Only ‘Wonder Woman’ Screening

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Honest Trailers – Alien: Covenant

after hearing so much crap about the new Alien: Covenant movie, i never got around to seeing it in the theater… and i was okay with that.

i did finally get around to watching it the other night, and pretty much everything (non-spoiler) i heard about it was pretty much dead on… namely, it wasn’t “scary” at all and hell, i think i kinda laughed at one scene… there was some cool stuff in it, a few little gems, but otherwise it wasn’t all that great — which is really saying something after Prometheus.

speaking of which, at least they explained some stuff from where that one left off, so we were left completely hanging.

definitely worth the watch, but not really worth running out and grabbing the 4K UHD blu-ray, since it’s just not something i’m gonna rewatch a lot… but that’s just me.

“watch me, i’ll do the fingering…”


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Kindsman: The Golden Circle

not really sure how, but i completely missed checking out the trailer for the new Kingsman movie… and after seeing this, i think i’d be down to go see it up on the big screen.

especially since i loved the first one, and remember being pretty surprised since i guess i wasn’t really expecting all that much or something… i mostly remember that kickass fight scene in the church, and remember sitting in my seat going, “holy shit mang!”

PS. puts it on the list.

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Moog’n Blade Runner

Blade Runner theme-s made at the Moog Mother64

i watched Blade Runner for the first time in years the other night, and man… hard to believe that movie is like 30+ years old… i mean, after all that time, and it still holds up.

figured i’d go ahead and watch it again since the new one is coming out later this year, which i still have high hopes for… though at the same time, i’m really trying hard not to get my expectations up too much so i don’t walk outta the theater all disgusted and pissed.

PS. the original theme song was done with a Yamaha CS-80

Blade Runner 2049 Will Be Missing One Much-Hated Element From the Original

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