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Hasselhoff’s Guardian Rap

Once You Hear David Hasselhoff Rap About Guardians of the Galaxy Your Life Will Never Be the Same

You kind of need to see the lyrics in black and white to fully appreciate them:

Getting down and dirty with a procyon lotor

Got no people skills but he’s good with motors

That weird thing by his side an infantilized sequoia

The two of them walk by, people say “Oh Boy-a”

They ask me why I’m bringin’

A baby into battle

“Thats really irresponsible”

And getting them rattled

I say “Give me a break

Get off my back dammit”

I didn’t learn parenting

My daddy was a planet

In these times of hardship

Just remember:

We are Groot

holy shit man, i feel like i’m the twilight zone right now after listening to that… it’s so bad and yet, totally awesome… right?

#BlankStare  #ListensAgain

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Movies Music

Awesome Mix, Vol. 2

Here Are the Songs in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s ‘Awesome Mix’

awesome, might have to google/youtube around and see if there’s already a playlist with all the songs… can’t wait to go see the movie, and might as well chill out and listen to some guardians “awesome mix” while working.

PS. David Hasselhoff…. David Hassel… hoff?!

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Recent Worst Movies?

read a comment earlier this morning about “Interstellar” being one of the worst movies (ever?), and it’s had me thinking / wondering about what the worst movie i’ve seen this past year or so… sure seems like there’s been quite a few, but right off the top of my head i’d have to go with these two — the only question for me is:

Which is worse?

damn man, tough one!

i honestly don’t know which one i was more disappointed in… “Superman v. Batman” or “Suicide Squad”? hmmm… shit.

okay, i’ll go with suicide squad.



Interstellar vs. The Martian

this past weekend, a buddy was talking about movies and said something along the lines of “watched Interstellar again… so fucking good… blah blah blah… better than The Martian…” — and that’s where my ears perked up a little, and thought about it for a moment… personally, i liked The Martian better.

loved the science and seeing beautifoo martian landscapes… matt damon was a much better character, and it definitely had a better soundtrack that’s for damn sure… also had some good one liners, like “gonna have to science the shit outta this” and “take that Neil Armstrong!”.

i dunno, what do you guys think?


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Official Teaser

holy shit! okay, i just had my own official nerdgasm.

and yes, i’ll probably have to watch this another dozen times or so… still don’t know who the “Jedi” in The Last Jedi refers to… though that last part with Luke saying that it’s time for the Jedi to end?

goosebumps, mang.

PS. shit, what a tease! i want more damnit. ugh.

PS. grey jedi’s anybody? hmmm.


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I ♥ Fast & Furious

I Love the Fast and Furious Movies, and I’m Not Ashamed

I’ll just come out and say it: Furious 7 is my favorite film so far this year, and I love the series it’s a part of. If that makes me a philistine, I couldn’t care less.

Evidently, moviegoers and film critics nationwide agree. Not only did Furious 7 have the largest-ever box-office opening weekend in April (and the ninth-largest ever, period), it’s expected to keep its place at the top this coming weekend and holds an 82 percent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie is incredibly fun. In this latest installment, we get to see street racer Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) & Co. parachute cars out of cargo planes, drive them mid-air through one Abu Dhabi skyscraper into another, and dodge the attacks of a rogue predator drone on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. I’ve never been in a screening where the audience has cheered and burst into applause throughout more than in Furious 7 — in addition to its electrifying action, it’s chock-full of priceless one-liners delivered by stars like Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at just the right moments, and in just deadpan enough a fashion that they don’t come off as too ridiculous. Continue…

i pulled up NRO as i typically do on friday mornings, but my eyes immediately focused on this one… not something you’d typically see on there, so of course i was curious… not only that, but i’ve been a fan of the movies — mostly since Fast Five, which i thought was surprisingly good.

haven’t actually gone to the theater to see one, but to be honest i’m kinda curious about this new one that out today in theaters… not sure if it’s worth it, but i might go.

anybody else going to see it in the theater this weekend?

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Humor/Funny Movies

Honest Trailers: Rogue One

Honest Trailers – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

man, i love these honest trailers and have been looking forward to seeing what they came up with for Rogue One… good stuff! though that last bit with “Suicide Squad – An Unnecessary Star Wars Story” was a bit harsh… i mean… damn.


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Thor: Ragnarok Teaser

just stumbled on this, and holy shit… a Thor movie that actually looks pretty effin awesome?

who the hell is that chick that caught Thor’s hammer in her hand and then fucking crushed it?! what the hell happened to his hair? how did Hulk end up there, and suited up as some kind of gladiator? not that i really care, it looks pretty epic…

…can’t wait! although november sure seems like a looooong ways away right now.


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‘Ghost in the Shell’ Flopped @ Boxoffice

Ghost in the Shell Projected to Lose at Least $60 Million

With a poor opening weekend the movie adaption of popular anime and manga series, Ghost in the Shell, is looking at an overall loss at the box office.

Deadline reports that film finance sources state the movie will lose at least USD $60 million based on the global projected revenue for the film, which comes in at USD $200 million (on an estimated combined promotion/production cost of around USD $250 million). With speculation production costs may have been as high as USD $180 million, these numbers could mean that Ghost in the Shell is coming in at a loss of over USD $100 million.

These poor numbers indicate that despite big names behind the production, the chances of seeing a sequel in this series are highly unlikely and the large production cost could be in part to blame.

As for the results, potential missteps in the marketing campaign, delays, and the obscurity of the IP are all factors that experts say are contributing to the poor performance.

i heard somewhere that it “flopped”, but didn’t really know how badly until i just happened to stumble across this article about it… g’damn, that’s pretty bad… i mean, i went to go see it in the theater with jayden since it was his birthday, so no regrets there… as a fan of the anime, i was kinda disappointed and can’t help but think it could’ve been sooooo much better!

damnit… but i also figured that not everybody is a GitS big anime fan, and was curious what other people thought of it… still sorta surprised it did that badly at the boxoffice, especially with ScarJo in a skintight bodysuit headlining it.

oh well, guess there won’t be a sequel.

#smirk  #sigh

Studio Admits ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Whitewashing Was A Mistake

Humor/Funny Movies

Alert: Man Down!

Shia LaBeouf Thriller ‘Man Down’ Sells Just One Ticket at U.K. Box Office

Man Down, a war thriller with Shia LaBeouf, grossed just £7 ($8.70) when it premiered in a single U.K. theater over the weekend, according to ComScore. That’s the equivalent of selling a single ticket, given that the U.K. Cinema Association puts the average movie admission cost in the country at £7.21.

“Poor Shia,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore. “That opening could be in the Guinness World Records or something.”

The film played in one location, Reel Cinema in Burnley. It was simultaneously released digitally on demand, making the theatrical release something of an afterthought. It launches on DVD and Blu-ray next month, according to the Guardian.


that really might be a new record or something.

#blink  #gdamn

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It’s Rogue One Day!

i pre-orderd this on amazon probably a month or two ago, so all i know is it better be waiting on my front porch for me when i get home later tonight.

daddy wants to watch ‘Rogue One’ again, damnit.



Planet Earth Movie Night

majornelson — “The recipe for a great movie night: Watching Planet Earth II in 4K HDR on my Xbox One S”

sounds like a pretty good movie night to me! if i’m gonna sit down and watch me some new planet earth, i’d definitely prefer to watch it in 4K HDR in all it’s delicious high-res glory :)

speaking of movies, ‘Rogue One’ comes out tomorrow… looking forward to picking that one up — it’s been awhile, and really want to just chill out and watch that badboy again.

#FuckYeah  #FeelTheForce  #VaderGoesHAM

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‘Ghost In The Shell’ Tonight, F*ck Yeah!

being a long time fan of GiTS, i’m not really sure if i’m going to like the movie or not… but i still can’t help but be excited, and can’t wait until i’m sitting in the theater munching on some popcorn (only time i eat it) and i finally get to sit back and watch it on the big screen.

it’s also jayden’s birthday today — hard to believe he’s already 22…. wow… talk about time flying by, it’s unreal mang.

got him and his girlfriend movie tickets, so will meet up later tonight and have a beer / appetizers before heading into the theater… so should be fun, especially since it’s only been pretty recently that i’ve been able to sit down and share a beer with my son in public :)

PS. anybody else planning on seeing it this weekend?


New Justice League Trailer

The new ‘Justice League’ trailer is here, omg, omg, breathe, please everyone just breathe, akjsdhfgkas;

here’s the new Justice League trailer that droppped over the weekend, in case you haven’t seen it yet… and some people are understandably freaking out a bit, which i get… i’ve watched this trailer at least 3-4 times now, and yeah it does look pretty awesome — but i also thought the trailer for Batman v. Superman looked pretty damn good… same with the first trailer for Suicide Squad…. ummm, so yeah, think i’ll cautiously reserve judgement until it hits theaters and read some reviews.

at the moment, i’m just waiting for the new Guardians movie to come out :)

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18 More Years of Star Wars? Oh Hell Yeah!

Disney is looking at creating ‘another decade and a half of Star Wars stories’ after Episode IX

According to Variety, Iger reaffirmed that Disney would not digitally re-create Carrie Fisher’s General Leia as they had done in last year’s Rogue One, but also stated no other changes were being made to the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi in light of Fisher’s passing earlier this year. “Her performance remains as it was in [Episode] 8,” he said.

The CEO also dropped some hints about the upcoming standalone Han Solo film, confirming some long-standing fan expectations that it would explain how the character came to possess the Millennium Falcon. According to reports, Iger also said that the film will show how Solo met his Wookiee sidekick Chewbacca, and that audiences will “also discover how he got his name,” an unasked question if ever there was one.

Most importantly, Iger spoke about Disney’s further plans for the future of the Star Wars franchise. When Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, it announced that it would produce Episodes 7, 8, and 9, as well as look into releasing new films beyond that. Those additional films ended up becoming the three standalone films that have already been announced, and which kicked off in earnest with last year’s Rogue One. But Iger reportedly revealed that Disney is looking at what comes well beyond that, exploring “what could be another decade and a half of Star Wars stories.”

damn, kinda crazy to think that they’re sitting around and thinking / mapping out the next slate of Star Wars movies and that it’ll go into the 2030’s.

no complaints here, though!



Let’s Reboot The Matrix!

Yes, Of Course Warner Bros Is Going To Reboot The Matrix

It’s often said that’s nothing is certain in life except death, taxes, and movie studios rebooting their biggest properties in a desperate attempt to stay relevant within the franchise dominated media landscape. I think Ben Franklin might have said it, but who knows for sure.

In any case, I always kind of assumed that The Matrix would end up getting a reboot at some point in the future. The fact that the trilogy grossed over a billion and a half dollars nearly 20 years ago is just too tempting for any money hungry studio (i.e. all of them) to leave untouched. And despite the pretty negative reaction to the sequels, The Matrix remains a culturally relevant, “known” brand with a world that is ripe for exploring. And so why wouldn’t WB exploit that for all its worth?

feel like i read something about a possible Matrix reboot quite awhile back, but i thought it was more like some internet wishfoo thinking / rumors… but i guess not.

they’re actually going to “reboot” the Matrix.

Escape from New York Reboot Plans Grow…

#ummmmm  #blink

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No Avatar Sequel in 2018

James Cameron Says No Avatar Sequel in 2018

In an interview published by the Toronto Star, James Cameron reveals that the sequel to the groundbreaking 3D movie Avatar will not hit theaters in 2018. Of course, Cameron notes that he is not merely making Avatar 2. Three sequels to the original are in concurrent production, which represents an epic eight-year undertaking for the director of the top grossing movie of all time.

Avatar’s influence on the movie and the TV industry cannot be overstated. Even though 3D for home viewing is becoming a niche format for AV enthusiasts who are into front projection—major TV makers totally abandoned 3D in 2017—it persists as a popular choice in commercial cinemas and 3D movies continue to be released. […]

Regardless of what the ramifications are of delaying the first sequel—Cameron notes that there never was a firm release date—one thing is for sure: When these sequels arrive, there’s no telling what sort of innovations they will serve as catalysts for. After all, with Avatar and Titanic, Mr. Cameron is responsible for the #1 and #2 top grossing films of all time—quite an accomplishment.

to be honest, i’m kinda tired hearing about these vaporware new Avatar movies or sequels… after all this time, i wished they’d just stop talking about it… if he ever actually does come out with a sequel, cool beans… otherwise, why even bother talking about it?


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Are You Seeing It?

my son’s taking me to go see ‘Logan’ this weekend for my birthday, so looking forward to that… wanted to see it anyways, so this works out nicely… plus, since he moved out of the house, i look forward to just hanging out with him.

so anybody else going to go see it this weekend?



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer

NEW Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer

oh man, i just watched this trailer 3-4 times, and i’m loving it… crazy thought, but i almost wonder if Guardians will give Star Wars a run for it’s money this year? i know, pure heresy to star wars fans around the world… but maybe give it a run for the best space movie of the year then??

also, not sure… but that looked like a bit of a plot spoiler there a the end… damn it… lol


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Honest Trailers, The Oscars

Honest Trailers – The Oscars (2017)

i honestly can’t remember the last time i sat down and actually watched the oscars… but every year i end up hearing about it one way or the other, from friends… co-workers talking about it… and of course, seeing people talk about it online the next day… either way, got a chuckle from this ‘honest trailer’ take on it.


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