Can You Walk On Water?

seriously, is this one of the coolest “banking” commercials you’ve seen in awhile or what? surprised me when i saw the banking blurb at the very end.

…and yeah, i’ll admit, the opening scene is what got my attention at first… thought it was going to be a bunch of bra-less chicks in white tee’s trying to run across water, with some nice hi-def slowmo shots.

silly me.

p.s. speaking of water, my front yard looked like a damn lake this morning. holy rain.


  1. 2-4″. Inches. Of rain. WTF


  2. dude, i believe it… hell, it already feels like we’ve had 4″ of rain here at least.



  3. Why do you get all the rain? Here in sf, they said temperatures were reaching 90 and that may not be that much for you but for us it is really hot. Over here, we still do need more rain cause we are basically in a drought. Hope this heat wave passes quickly.


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