American Apparel F*ckup

American Apparel Apologizes for Using Challenger Disaster Photo Instead of Fireworks

American Apparel has apologized after posting a photo of the space shuttle Challenger disaster on its Tumblr account, mistaking it for an image of fireworks.

The Challenger exploded just 73 seconds into its flight on Jan. 28, 1986, killing all seven people aboard. It was a moment the space exploration industry would never forget.

that’s just sad, man.

(hat tip: jick)


  1. For fucking real?? Maybe they could do the twin towers while they’re at it.


  2. Wow, what jerks, whoever designed that shold get fired!


  3. Not sad, stupid. Don’t forget, American Apparel has come under fire repeatedly for bullshit like this. They’re also a big Lefty outfit that almost went bankrupt – but then got bailed out by George Soros to the tune of $80 million. Fuck them.


  4. If their purpose was to get people talking about them, it worked? ( disgusting though!)


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