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Access Error… Doh!

i’ve been off for the past two weeks, so haven’t really been around… and even though that’s the case, i usually would’ve at least thrown up a blog post or two wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years — speaking of which, i hope everybody had a good one ;)

anywho, for some reason i suddenly haven’t been able to access my site here for the past couple week at home… not sure why, but i kinda assumed it was either down or something else was going on… but then today i roll into the office and was able to bring it up just fine.

hmmm… what the hell?

no idea what the dealio is, or why i suddenly can’t access it from my home iMac like i’ve been doing for years now… wonder what changed? is it some oracle vpn / proxy thing blocking access to my site? not sure, but that’s the only thing that readily jumps to mind… and i’m not even really sure how to go about checking if that’s the case, and if so, what to do about removing it.


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