Windows 9 Concept

just stumbled across this interactive Windows 9 concept, and thought it was pretty cool how he went the extra mile to code it up instead of simply posting some concept shots on behance as i would typically expect.

i have no idea what microsoft has in mind for Windows 9, though we all know that they’re working on it… and even though i’m more of a mac guy these days, i still hope that MS keeps pushing forward and comes out swinging with something really nice and tasty… competition is good, and one could argue that they’re being a bit more innovative than Apple of late.

that being said, i was in a Best Buy last night and ended up playing around with a Windows 8 laptop for awhile — even after a year or so, i still can’t decide if i like it.

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Two More Mysterious Siberian Holes

Two more mysterious holes discovered in remote Siberia

Researchers investigating a mysterious hole in the remote Siberian tundra might be busy over the next few weeks.

Two more formations, which are similar in appearance to the first, have been discovered in different parts of northern Russia. One of new openings, which has a diameter of around 15 metres, has been found in the Yamal Peninsula, a permafrost region where the first hole appeared. The second vast opening in the ground was discovered hundreds of kilometres away in the Taymyr Peninsula, to the east.

According to the Siberian Times, both of the holes were discovered by reindeer herders.

speaking of russia, thought news of that first hole was pretty damn strange… then they turn around and find two more out in bumbfuck nowhere by siberian reindeer herders?

yeah, reindeer herders.

a video clip of russia’s mysterious hole…

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Russia Violates Nuclear Missle Treaty

‘Very Serious Matter’: White House Accuses Russia Of Conducting Tests In Violation Of 1987 Nuclear Missile Treaty

speaking of nukes, saw this headline and was like “huh?” …so just in the past few months they invade crimea, send troops into and around ukraine, shoot down a 747 with 298 souls onboard, ordered to pay $50 billion in the Yukos oil case, and now we learn that they’re violating the nuke treaty as well.

yeah, sure seems like the old “bear” is waking again.

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New Hobbit Trailer

i don’t know about you guys, but i’m looking forward to finally seeing the final Hobbit film later this year… looking good jackson.

doesn’t seem that long ago to me, but i still remember when i heard the news about the Hobbit being spread over two… and then three movies, and how crazy that seemed… but in peter jackson i trust, and it’s turned out great so far.

p.s. Simarillion trilogy? Beren and Luthien? hmmm…

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Monday Music

heard this one the other day and had to shazam it.

i’ve been hearing this one more and more of late, but never watched the music video until today… yeah, it’s a little on the creep side but goes with the lyrics i guess.

…and here’s a cover of “crazy” that i heard on last weeks episode of Suits — awesome show, and one of the few i actually watch week-to-week.



Hello, Roboto

Wired mag off-​​base on Roboto typeface

Wired magazine’s puff-​​piece on Google’s Roboto typeface revisions is really bothering me. I thought if I held off, I could just do a few sarcastic tweets and be done with it, but no.

I am not a huge Roboto-​​hater like some folks in the type community. I just object to uncritically publishing quotes that make blatantly false statements.

“UIs [user interfaces] are crafted from images and type,” Matias Duarte, Android’s head of design tells WIRED. “But the idea of having a typeface that’s thought out as a UI typeface—that’s not been done before.”

Well, that’s pretty much simply false. Apparently Duarte is unfamiliar both with an obscure operating system called “Windows” and it’s typefaces Segoe UI (introduced in Windows 7) and Tahoma (introduced in Windows 95), both of which were specifically designed/​intended for UI usage. Not to mention Chicago, developed for the original Mac OS back in 1984. Continue…

good find, and a good read… personally, i don’t have any problems with Roboto or the revisions google made to it… i’ve used it on my blog before, though for this lastest design i opted to roll with “Lato”.

(hat tip: eric d.)

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MLB: Net Neutrality

The best argument yet for net neutrality comes from Major League Baseball

Among the more than one million comments about net neutrality received by the US government this year was a submission by… Major League Baseball (MLB).

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently reviewing new rules that could allow internet providers to charge content companies for a more direct connection to customers. Some big content distributors (most notably, Netflix) have come out hard against these so-called “fast lanes,” arguing that they effectively amount to an internet tax or toll.

But MLB has become an important player in streaming video. As I wrote last month, an offshoot of the league, MLB Advanced Media (or BAM as it’s known in the industry) is now America’s largest distributor of live video on broadband networks.

Earlier this month, BAM quietly submitted its own letter to the FCC, where it was equally scathing about internet fast lanes (hat tip to Multichannel’s John Eggerton). It’s a shame that BAM’s comments have been overlooked, because they amount to one of the most coherent arguments in favor of net neutrality we have come across. For example:

“Fast lanes would serve only one purpose: for Broadband ISPs to receive an economic windfall. American consumers would be worse off as the costs of fast lanes are passed along to them in new fees or charges where there were none, or higher fees or charges where they existed.”

part of me is getting a little tired hearing about this, and yet it’s kind of important and i think that most reasonable people that’ve read up on it a litttle bit know it’s not in their best interest… hopefully the FCC is listening.

p.s. when the hell do they decide on it, anyway? c’mon man.


Mad Max: Fury Road

Watch the explosive first trailer for ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

it definitely feels like a movie monday around here today… love me some Mad Max, but i wasn’t overly excited when i first heard they were doing a remake.

i just re-watched it for the third time and g’damn it really does look pretty fucking awesome.


This is what Wonder Woman looks like in ‘Batman v. Superman’
Deadpool movie test footage has leaked…


For The Love of Zeus!

Angry Nerd: For the Love of Zeus, Enough With the Greek Myth Movies

i really have no interest in seeing the new “hercules” movie with the Rock… sure seems like hollywood keeps trying to make a good ancient Greek movie, but continue to come up short — dunno why, but they all kinda suck… and that really stinks, since i love me some good greek mythology.

one of the reasons why i loved playing God of War on the playstation so damn much.

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i went with my dad and jayden to see Lucy over the weekend — always dig going to the theater with my dad and son, since it’s like 3 generations of us going to do something… just us guys, a big tub of popcorn, and a movie… i was on the fence about going to see it in the theater, but my dad called and wanted to go.

anywho, i don’t want to give away any spoilers here or anything… let’s just say that overall i liked the movie, and thought the first half was pretty badass… i thought that scarjo was great, and the transformation in her from what she was at the start of the movie to what she became was done pretty well.

i just walked out of the theater with a lot of questions floating around in my head, though… really wish they’d gone into some more detail, a few scenes to really help expand on what was really going on in her head — easier said than done sometimes, i know, but it would’ve been ever better if they had.

sorry, trying to be kinda vague here.

p.s. anybody else go see it?


Babe vs. Babe

well gang, it’s about that time again… should be a beautifoo weekend, so definitely want to take advantage of it… but before i bounce out of here, here’s another quickie — left or right?

** don’t be douchebag, make a choice.

have a great weekend, mang!


Appleseed: Alpha

feels like it’s been kind of a geeky sorta day, maybe because i keep seeing/reading stuff from comic-con… anywho, i’m a little excited to sit down and watch the lastest Appleseed, which according to amazon should be on my front porch this afternoon.

i know not everybody is into it, but i’ve been a fan for quite awhile now… that, and i’m digging the new ghost in the shell: arise, though i’ve only got the first two episodes on amazon video… really wish they’d just release the whole thing at once, instead of dribble’n out the episodes like once a year (ugh) — loving the reboot, though.

anybody else into amime? any suggestions?


Random Sexiness

feels like it’s been awhile since i posted one of these, so here we go… a few random shots that caught my eye at some point during the week.



Halo: Nightfall

Comic-Con 2014: ‘Halo: Nightfall,’ set to blast off despite Xbox Entertainment Studios closure

i was wondering if the online Halo tv show was still coming, after hearing that microsoft was shutting down the Xbox entertainment devision — but thankfully, the Halo show is still a go… niiiiiice, looking forward to firing up the XB1 and tuning in when it comes out.

on a sidenote:
the next halo game is “Halo 5: Guardians”… the good guys in bungie’s latest game, Destiny, are “guardians”… and the movie i’m most looking forward to at the moment is “Guardians of the Galaxy”

lots of guardians going on of late.

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Nuclear Fusor

Nuclear Fusor: Build yourself a star in a jar.

Nuclear fusion is the process of squeezing two atoms together so tightly that their nuclei fuse, creating a heavier atom and releasing a blast of energy. Fusion creates the inferno inside the sun — and the hydrogen bomb — but no one has yet harnessed its enormous power for peaceful uses.

They’ve tried, however, often with skepticism. In 1989, physicists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced they’d achieved “cold fusion” of hydrogen into helium at room temperature, only to face withering scorn when others failed to replicate their results.

Luckily, DIY nuclear engineers can achieve honest-to-goodness “hot fusion” right at home by making a Farnsworth-Hirsch fusion reactor, or fusor for short.

now this would make for a cool hackathon project!

(hat tip: paul)

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