Babe vs. Babe

well gang, it’s about that time again… it’s friday afternoon and the weekend is calling my name loud and clear right about now, so time to wrap-up and get outta here… but before i bounce, here’s another quickie to munch on — left or right?

** don’t be douchebag, make a choice.

have a great day weekend, mang!


BK Goes Black

Burger King in Japan goes black

The black burgers, one a Kuro Pearl at 480 yen, has black buns and cheese smoked with bamboo charcoal and black sauce made of squid ink. The other, the Kuro Diamond at 690 yen, comes also with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise.

The burgers are available from September 19 through early November in Burger King restaurants throughout Japan.

dude, that’s just so fucking cool.

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The Apple Line In London, Today

the line at the Regent Street apple store in london is simply ridiculous!

we’re all used to seeing and hearing about the crazy lines outside of apple stores when new iphones/ipads are released… but it never ceases to amaze me.

glad i just went ahead and pre-ordered my iphone 6, even if i have a wait a few weeks for it to show up at my door… there’s simply no way in hell that i’d wait in one of these lines for my phone.

iPhone 6 Plus Review: The First Truly Well-Designed Big Smartphone


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The Jihadi Logic

is it just me or did this week literally fly by? almost can’t believe it’s already friday morning… but alas, it is, so here’s the lastest from the venerable krauthammer — The Jihadi Logic

What was the Islamic State thinking? We know it is sophisticated in its use of modern media. But what was the logic of propagating to the world videos of its beheadings of two Americans (and subsequently a Briton) — sure to inflame public opinion?

There are two possible explanations. One is that these terrorists are more depraved and less savvy than we think. They so glory in blood that they could not resist making an international spectacle of their savagery and did not quite fathom how such a brazen, contemptuous slaughter of Americans would radically alter public opinion and risk bringing down upon them the furies of the U.S. Air Force.

The second theory is that they were fully aware of the inevitable consequence of their broadcast beheadings — and they intended the outcome. It was an easily sprung trap to provoke America into entering the Mesopotamian war.


Because they’re sure we will lose. Not immediately and not militarily. They know we always win the battles, but they are convinced that, as war drags on, we lose heart and go home.

They count on Barack Obama’s quitting the Iraq/Syria campaign just as he quit Iraq and Libya in 2011 and is in the process of leaving Afghanistan now. And this goes beyond Obama. They see a post-9/11 pattern: America experiences shock and outrage and demands action. Then, seeing no quick resolution, it tires and seeks out leaders who will order the retreat. In Obama, they found the quintessential such leader.

As for the short run, the Islamic State knows it will be pounded from the air. But it deems that price worth paying, given its gains in propaganda and prestige — translated into renown and recruiting — from these public executions.

Understanding this requires adjusting our thinking. A common mantra is that American cruelty — Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, “torture,” the Iraq War itself — is the great jihadist recruiting tool. But leaving Iraq, closing Abu Ghraib, and prohibiting “enhanced interrogation” has had zero effect on recruiting. In fact, jihadi cadres from Mali to Mosul have only swelled during Obama’s outstretched-hand presidency.

damn good read for this fine autumn-feeling morning… especially over a McD’s iced-coffee, which i’ve been getting slightly addicted to of late.

Where Is Obama’s ‘Broad Coalition’?

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Anybody Thirsty?

i suddenly feel kinda thirsty for a cold bottle of… water.



New Game Trailers

oh man, this new Silent Hills game trailer is look’n pretty creepy.

never really been into the “horror” type games all that much, except for maybe Deadspace — which i freak’n loved… hell, i’m really hoping they come out with a new one for the XB1/PS4 — no idea if it’s even in the cards, but it really should be.

again, not a bit FF fan but ya gotta luv the graphics.

speaking of graphics, the new MSG trailer looks fucking awesome.

…and the live action “Shadow of Mordor” game trailer, in case you missed it.


Will Scotland Do What William Wallace Couldn’t?

Will Scotland do what William Wallace couldn’t? Will Britain shuffle off this mortal coil and cease to be? Will the Scots save Scotland from the Scots because the Scots f*cked it bloody well up?

EDINBURGH, Scotland — Voters from across Scotland streamed into polling places Thursday to have their say in a historic referendum that could create the world’s newest independent nation, while breaking up one of the West’s oldest and most consequential political unions.

With polls showing an exceptionally tight contest, the pro-breakaway nationalists and the status quo unionists made frenzied appeals that extended right up to the moment voters cast ballots.

“Today you hold Scotland’s future in your hands,” read a leaflet that 50-year-old “yes” campaigner Ivan Mckee was passing out to fellow Scots as they stepped into a community center in the heart of Glasgow.

“We think we are going to win,” Mckee said, noting momentum toward “yes” that has been reflected in the polls.“We have been working at this for two years, and it’s all paying off now.”

But the first vote at the center was a “no.”

i’d be damned surprised if scotland actually — and successfully — seperated and went independence from the UK… and if they do, would they become england’s mexico?

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Post-Threesome Hamburger Meat Taste Test

Post-Threesome Hamburger Meat Taste Test Leads to Bathroom Brawl

Threesomes are a tricky business, especially when you involve things like raw meat and feelings.

According to The Bay City Times, one Michigan man could now be headed to jail after a hamburger meat taste test between three sex friends in a bathtub went awry last weekend.

According to court records, married couple Martin and Daniela Miller invited a homeless man, Michael Chaney, into their home last week to have sex with them. Martin then got his feelings hurt after Daniela and Chaney had some one-on-one time. Perhaps to make up for this indiscretion, Chaney decided to make hamburgers for the Millers.

Things got less sexy after that. The Bay City Times reports.

as everybody knows, threesomes can be tricky… #nods

Airline “Passenger Shaming” is now a thing

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Jon Stewart Eviscerates NFL, Again

Jon Stewart Murders NFL On Air; Goodell Asks Mueller To Investigate

Jon Stewart probably thought he was done with the NFL for a little while when he took them on a week ago, but here we are.

The Minnesota Vikings suspending, then unsuspending, then suspending Adrian Peterson again caught The Daily Show‘s attention, and Stewart spent part of Wednesday night’s show disembowling Peterson, the Vikings, Greg Hardy, the NFL, and just about anybody else within range of his disemboweling equipment. Make sure you stick around for Sean Hannity doing what he does best: saying something that is both offensive and makes no sense.

leave it to jon stewart to sum it all up nicely.


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iOS8 In A Nutshell

iOS 8 and iPhone 6 for web developers and designers: next evolution for Safari and native webapps

Safari on iOS 8 in a nutshell

  • HTML5 new APIs: WebGL (3D canvas), IndexedDB, Navigation Timing API and Crypto API
  • Native hybrids: Improved and faster WebView
  • Scroll events useful for Parallax effects
  • Video playing: CSS layering, Fullscreen API and Metadata API
  • HTML Template element
  • Safari Extensions allowing native apps to be used as plugins inside Safari that can read and modify the DOM
  • Images: Support for Image Source Sets (srcset) and Animated PNG format
  • CSS: Shapes, subpixel layout (hairline borders)
  • Autofill for forms, including credit card scanner with OCR
  • Web and native App integration, including the ability share login data
  • EcmaScript 6 partial support
  • SPDY (I couldn’t find a way to test this, any suggestion?)
  • File Uploads are not working anymore (bug)
  • minimal-ui support removed
  • The Remote Web Inspector works only from Yosemite; if you are still on previous versions of Mac you can use a Nightly WebKit build.

Compared to other mobile browsers, these are the features that didn’t come up on iOS 8:

  • Resolution media queries with dppx unit
  • getUserMedia
  • WebRTC
  • @viewport declaration
  • Datalist
  • WebP image format

too bad Datalist didn’t make it into iOS8, but stil a vast damn good update to the mobile safari browser.

Infographic: Apple’s Evolution From iOS 1 to iOS 8

p.s. still haven’t updated to iOS8 yet.


Happy Hump Day

well at least i got the right day this week, right? *g*

a few more random booties since it’s always fun.

happy hump day!


iPhone 6, Pre-Ordered

iPhone 6 Review: Meet The New Best Smartphone

Apple has outdone itself with the iPhone 6’s design – despite gaining a significant amount of screen real estate, it doesn’t feel huge compared to its predecessor, and it’s still a very easy device to use one-handed. The new, thinner case means it weighs just over half an ounce more than the iPhone 5s, and the even weight distribution across a broader surface area means it isn’t noticeably heavier than the older phone. It manages to make the 5 and 5s feel downright chunky, in fact, which is incredible.

New also to this generation is the all-metal back casing, which replaces the glass top and bottom panels with thin connecting seams instead. This makes for a more unified look when you turn the phone around, and something that gets closer to the unbroken single plane of the iPad mini and iPad Air’s rear shell. The Space Gray version I tested benefits very much from this unbroken look, and the front of the device is no less impressive. It really makes the screen the star, which is crucial because Apple has created a display like no other with this generation, beating back its would-be Android usurpers – but I’ll touch more on that in the dedicated display section below.

The iPhone 6 is a much more comfortable device to hold vs. the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5s, all of which preferred straight edges and right angles to the 6’s sloping curves. Its rounded edges call to mind the iPhone 3GS and earlier, in fact – and its closest design analogue might be the metal-backed original iPhone, which also had edges that rounded to a flat rear shell. Regardless of its inspirations, it fits more naturally in your grip, and will rest there more comfortably for longer periods, too.

The rounded edges all along the display help contribute to the near-seamless look that Apple was going for, but they also serve an ergonomic purpose. Using Apple’s swipe-back and swipe-forward gestures, which it began to use to replace back and forward button navigations in iOS 7, is much easier and more natural with the iPhone’s new front glass design, and when the device’s screen is darkened, these catch and bend light in a way that’s sure to appeal to a design fan’s eye.

last friday morning i jumped online to see about pre-ordering a new iphone 6, but when i started to fill out the form and entered my phone number it told me that i wasn’t illegible until november — serious bummer — but i went ahead and stopped by my local AT&T store today on my lunch break to see if i could pre-order it on my son’s phone line… turns out my plan was kind of old, so they were able to update my phone plan going from 4gb a month to 10gb, is $20 cheaper a month, and got me a pre-order in for the iPhone 6.


only downside is that after all of that, the guy told me that it’ll be at least 21 business days before i get it.



We’re Getting Fatter

Americans’ Bellies Are Expanding Fast, Study Shows

CHICAGO (AP) — The number of American men and women with big-bellied, apple-shaped figures — the most dangerous kind of obesity — has climbed at a startling rate over the past decade, according to a government study.

People whose fat has settled mostly around their waistlines instead of in their hips, thighs, buttocks or all over are known to run a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and other obesity-related ailments.

Fifty-four percent of U.S. adults have abdominal obesity, up from 46 percent in 1999-2000, researchers reported in Wednesday’s Journal of the American Medical Association. Abdominal obesity is defined as a waistline of more than 35 inches in women and more than 40 inches in men.

During the 12-year period studied, the average waist size in the U.S. expanded to 38 inches for women, a gain of 2 inches. It grew to 40 inches for men, a 1-inch increase.

well this trend is a bit worrisome… i really need to start going to the gym, but then again — been saying that for quite awhile now. sigh.

uber fact:
“Over 95% of all Americans will be overweight or obese in two decades.”


CD-Loving Japan

CD-Loving Japan Resists Move to Online Music

TOKYO — Around the world, the music business has shifted toward downloads and streaming. But in Japan, the compact disc is still king.

On a drizzly Sunday afternoon recently, Tower Records’ nine-level flagship store here was packed with customers like Kimiaki Koinuma. A 23-year-old engineer in a Dee Dee Ramone T-shirt, Mr. Koinuma said that, unlike most men his age around the world, he spends little time with digital services and prefers his music on disc.

“I buy around three CDs a month,” he said, showing off a haul of six new albums, including the Rolling Stones’ classic “Exile on Main St.” and an assortment of the latest Japanese pop hits.

Japan may be one of the world’s perennial early adopters of new technologies, but its continuing attachment to the CD puts it sharply at odds with the rest of the global music industry. While CD sales are falling worldwide, including in Japan, they still account for about 85 percent of sales here, compared with as little as 20 percent in some countries, like Sweden, where online streaming is dominant.

wow, i found this to be pretty damn surprising… how odd, since i would’ve thought that japan would’ve been at or near the forefront of everything being digital — i know they have crazy fast internet speeds in south korea, and they stream tv shows and even the news online over there… which is pretty awesome.

i honestly can’t even remember the last CD that i bought.


Titty Tuesday

nothing like a nice pair of chesticles, huh?

nothing else really to say.

Venezuela faces breast implant shortage… *sniff*

been swapping between php, jsx, and css all day long.


Oktoberfest, Already?

damn time really flies by… hard to believe it’s already time for some good beer loving oktoberfest action over there in germany — lucky bastards.

some quick oktoberfest beer facts:

Only beer conforming to the Reinheitsgebot, at a minimum of 13.5% Stammwürze (approximately 6% alcohol by volume) may be served at Oktoberfest. The beer must also be brewed within the city limits of Munich.