Most Influential Person In The World? Beyonce.

Beyonce Is the Most Influential Person in the World

As print magazines continue to circle the toilet bowl, you’re going to see them increasingly imitating Buzzfeed and other online sites that tap into the mental porn loving faculties in the brain. Lists. Rankings. Countdowns. Things that seem intriguing on their face, like a painted harlot, only to deliver little satisfaction and steal your wallet in the process.

Because Time is still somewhat Time, they elevated their completely arbitrary list of influential people (wait, Jeff Bezos and Vladmir Putin are influential people? Thank you, Time magazine!) by getting other important people to write blurbs about why the important people on the list were important in the first place. It probably sounded genius in the editorial meeting. Beyonce, who made the cover because she sells about a billion times more copies than Hillary Clinton’s butchy maw…

so beyonce has more “influence” than the pope? the president? ummm… zuckerberg?


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Oppo PM-1

Oppo PM-1 Headphone Review: Are These $1,000 Headphones A Bargain?

too rich for my blood, mang… would love to give a pair a good listen, though.

i have a pair of Pioneer HDJ-2000′s at work, and they’re good enough for my listening habbits.

what pair are you rock’n?


Audi TT Offroad Concept

Audi TT Offroad concept packs 408 hybrid horsepower, yet returns 123 mpg

Proving that hybrid power never has to be a compromise, the TT Offroad Concept packs a 292 horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder under the hood. The combustion engine is assisted by two electric motors (rated at 40 kW at the front and 85 kW at the rear) to provide a total system output of 408 horsepower and nearly 480 pound-feet of torque. With all-wheel drive, the concept hits 60 mph in 5.2 seconds and tops out at 155 mph – while returning a provisional fuel efficiency of 123 miles per gallon equivalent.

whoa… 408 horsepower @ 123 Mpg?!?

if this is a glimpse into the near future, me likey.

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Responsive Tables

man, it’s turned out to be a pretty busy day here… and after having lunch with some of my work mates, all i feel like doing right now is curling up somewhere and sleeping for a bit… anywho, was messing around with something earlier and ended up just looking around online and found this:

which is perfect for what i need.

figured i’d just go ahead and post it real quick before i forget, since i have a feeling this might come in handy again at some point.


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Racist Hello Kitty

Avril Lavigne Facing “Racist” Backlash Over “Hello Kitty” Music Video

Avril Lavigne has found herself on the receiving end of criticism, following the release of her latest music video.

The 29-year-old pop star released the music video for her single “Hello Kitty” on Tuesday but the clip was taken down almost as quickly as it was uploaded, presumably, due to the controversial content, which has received a considerable amount of backlash with many calling the singer “racist.”

buddy of mine just IM’d me a youtube link to this video, saying it was “best song of the week dude, gotta hear it!”

i should know better.

i really don’t know if it’s “racist” or not, seems to me like everything is becoming “racist” these days which is a shame (fucking PC police), but whatevs… it’s just bad. period.

i still think friday by rebecca black is worse. *shudder*


Damn Murder Tattoo

Man on Trial for Murder Worried “MURDER” Tattoo Might Hurt His Case

A Kansas man facing first-degree murder charges is trying to convince the government to let him do something about his giant “MURDER” neck tattoo before the trial begins.

The first-degree murder case against Jeffrey Chapman is scheduled to begin next week. Prosecutors say Chapman killed a man in 2011, leaving the body behind in a roadside ditch for hunters to discover.

According to the AP, Chapman’s defense attorney is now seeking to have the state bring in a tattoo artist to obscure or remove the giant mirror-image “MURDER” tag. Prosecutors say no, pointing to the fact that Kansas tattoo artists can only work in licensed facilities, a list that does not include jail cells.

hate to say it, but the irony here is almost funny… but i found myself stare’n that that mug shot of the guy wondering if he did the tattoo himself while looking at a mirror, because it’s fuckin backwards.

oh, i’m sure the jury won’t notice the teardrop tattoo either.


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Happy Hump Day

well ladies and gents, we’ve plowed through to another humpday — woohoo — so let’s sit back, take a few moments, and enjoy the booty.


a few more random booties because… well… da booty > bewbs — that’s just science, mang.

happy hump day!


Watching HBO With Your Parents

HBO Knows How Awkward It Is to Watch HBO With Your Parents

Game of Thrones: First Cousins

Girls: Your Body, Your Choice

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Happily Married Parents

oh man, these are great. *chuckles*

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Site of the Day

i don’t know how long this will actually last, or how legit it is, but you can sign-up right now for unlimited cloud storage over at right now.

Streem - Unlimited Cloud Storage

i just signed up and it said their were over 20K people in front of me, so we’ll see.

speaking of the cloud, i updated the addthis blog yesterday to use the S3 Amazon Cloud web service to store the blog images… never did that before, so was pretty cool.



‘Palcohol’: The Powdered Alcohol Of The Future Is Here

PalcoholPalcohol may soon be at a liquor store near you. The product was recently approved for consumption by the Federal Government, which means society could well be on its way to snorting itself into oblivion. But that’s NOT HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE USED, PEOPLE.

Palcohol, which is used by adding water to a powder packet, also seems to have been caught with its e-pants down because SB Nation, Gawker and other sites found verbiage used on the company’s now-changed homepage that seemed to advertise the product as a solution to the hassle of trying to sneak booze into venues.

“What’s worse than going to a concert, sporting event, etc. and having to pay $10, $15, $20 for a mixed drink with tax and tip. Are you kidding me?!” the text read. “Take Palcohol into the venue and enjoy a mixed drink for a fraction of the cost.”

oh man, not sure how i feel about this one… on the one hand, it seems almost genius and they make a damn good point about dropping $10-15 for a drink… at the same time, i can’t help but see a shitload of teens & college kids taking getting drunk to a whole new level.

p.s. almost sounds like a roofie. lol

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Google Design Minutes

google has started a new series of videos titled Google Design Minutes — here’s a few they posted with some of the lead designers over at google talking about the challenges behind the projects they’re working on.

Search: The beauty of speed

Maps: Putting the user front and center

Glass: Make it simple

i’ve really liked the direction that google as been going in over the past couple years on the design front, so it’s interesting to see and hear some of the people behind it all.

Google Street View Now Lets You Go Back In Time


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HBO On Amazon

HBO Shows Will Soon Stream on Amazon, in Blow to Netflix

Soon you’ll be able to get Tony Soprano with one click.

In a surprise move on Wednesday morning, Amazon announced that it had acquired the rights to stream HBO shows like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under as part of its Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription service, a huge acquisition in its ongoing battle against Netflix.

The agreement will make HBO shows available to stream to non-HBO subscribers for the first time ever.

i’ve always kind of wondered why HBO didn’t broaden access to their shows via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc… though i guess it makes sense from a business standpoint since they obviously want you to sign-up and pay for HBO.

this is great news though — i don’t see any mention of Game of Thrones though… i’d happily cancel my HBO subscription if i could watch it for free on amazon.



A Nonprofit In Queens Makes A Difference

A nonprofit in Queens taught people to write iPhone apps — and their incomes jumped from $15k to $72k

There’s a booming tech scene in New York City with over 70,000 open jobs, but it’s always been somewhat insulated from the city itself — a problem that’s led to only one in four of those jobs getting filled.

Student Grid

That situation led the non-profit Coalition for Queens to start Access Code, a unique training program that teaches people from the Queens community to code iOS apps, while receiving mentorship and guidance on career development and entrepreneurship from notable figures from the New York startup scene. Six months after the first Access Code class of 21 students completed the 18 week course, the 15 graduates who accepted job offers have seen their income rise from under $15,000 to an average of $72,190; the other six students are either still in college or have chosen to launch their own startups. And the class as a whole is commendably diverse in an industry that has been struggling to attract women and minorities: it’s 50 percent women, 50 percent underrepresented minorities, and 40 percent immigrants.

i just thought this was a pretty good story about what a non-profit in NYC is doing to help… and not to get overly political here, but it also falls inline with “teach a man to fish…” philosophy versus just handing them some food stamps.

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Titty Tuesday

thought i’d take a quick moment out of my day for a funbag moment.

my twitter feed’s been overrun with mentions of “earth day”, which is apparently today… so… ummm, yeah… dunno why, but does Earth Day seem a little cheesy at this point or is it just me?

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VW R400

CONFIRMED: VW’s Burly-Ass, 395-hp Golf R 400 Concept Will Be Built!

love’n the sound of a 395-hp golf, sure does sound pretty tasty… on the flipside, i’m sure it’ll be over $30k and at that pricepoint, i think most people would start looking at BMW’s or Audi’s — i know i would.

p.s. not sure about that yellow trim either.