Netflix In A Box

This Box Can Hold an Entire Netflix

You’ve probably heard about Netflix peering issues recently, the pissing contest between Netflix and ISPs arguing over who should pay who for what, with us poor binge-watchers caught in the crossfire. But at the heart of all the arguments is mundane yet spectacular piece of hardware. An unassuming box that holds approximately one (1) Netflix.

What’s in the box??!?!

Each one of Netflix’s Open Connect Appliances (OCAs) is basically a badass connected hard drive. But we’re not talking in GBs of storage here. No, OCAs are measured in TB. The most basic unit, known as a Rev. A, is a 100TB device.

How much storage is that in practical terms? According to Netflix, HD video streams use 3GB of data per hour, so if you do a little math you’ll find that a 100TB device holds some 34,133 hours of HD video. That’s 1,422 days, or 203 weeks or just under four years of HD video. And for all that, it’s a mere 7″ x 17″ x 23″, about the size of an old-school PC tower, and weighs just 100 pounds. Heavy, sure, but liftable. It’s hard to lift four years of video; go figure.

it’s cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at the hardware running Netflix… it still almost boggles my mind just how much traffic netflix sucks down on average, and it’s only going up.

p.s. why we need “real” broadband, damnit!

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Sad-Eyed Kitten

This sad-eyed kitten would like a word with you…

i’m not really into the whole cat thing that sometimes seems to have taken over the internet at times… i remember somebody once saying it was 90% porn, 6% cats, and 4% for everything else — or something like that.

anywho, felt the sudden compulsion to post this pic.

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My First Porn?

#Love: My First Experience With Internet Porn

Pornographic media has existed since the dawn of time, but it has never been as widely available and accessible as it is today. That’s largely due to the internet, which provides a launch pad for our curiosity no matter the topic. But with sex, a topic relatively more private and intimate, the internet can serve as an important resource for sexual exploration, understanding, and yes, enjoyment.

That said, we collected seven peoples’ stories from all walks of life about their first experience with porn on the internet. Some are funny, some will horrify, and some are oddly nostalgic.


Oh, I downloaded so much porn on Napster. Gay porn. Straight porn. Just, so much porn. I probably started looking for it when I was 13 or 14, using the family computer in the office next to my parents’ bedroom. I would search for stuff, download it, and then delete everything from the computer. I would sometimes re-download the stuff I liked, and search for other stuff, too. Continue…

kinda funny to read through some people’s first impressions or experience with online porn… got me thinking, or trying to remember my very first online porn, and i can’t remember it for the life of me — i do remember trying to load a seemingly huge JPG of some playbody chick on a 1400 baud modem and waiting… waiting… waiting… forever before it loaded enough to actually show her tits.

oh man, those were the days.


Simon Cowell Declared Gay in UK

Simon Cowell Declared Gay in Court

A music manager in British X-Factor Judge Tulisa Contostavlos’ drug trial was heard on an audiotape played in court saying that Simon Cowell was gay. It had nothing at all to do with the drug trial, but the judge allowed it to be heard so the media could freak the fuck out. The music manager quickly came out and admitted he was lying on the audiotape to impress his cohort, but that has not stopped people from speculating on Cowell’s sexuality since it’s very difficult to distinguish if British men are gay or merely British. In America straight guys spill barbecue sauce on their football jerseys and bitch about not getting blown. In England, straight guys dress snappy and talk about art and culture and then blow each other.

Since Cowell’s main project over the past twelve months was fucking around with his married friend’s wife then knocking her up and taking her away from him, he’s either gloriously heterosexual or the cruelest gay dude ever. I know, I can’t make up my mind yet either.

the last i remember hearing anything about this guy was that he finally knocked up some chick and was having a kid, which for some reason was all over the internet for a whole day (like, omg)… but seriously, who cares or is surprised anymore? gay or straight, whatever… it’s boring and nobody really gives a shit anymore.


One Windows To Rule Them All

Microsoft will merge separate versions of Windows into one unified operating system

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed that his company will amalgamate all major versions of Windows into one operating system. Speaking on the company’s quarterly earnings call today, Nadella told analysts Microsoft will “streamline the next version of Windows from three operating systems into one single converged operating system.”

Describing the implications of the change, Nadella said “this means one operating system that covers all screen sizes.”

Previously, under the management of Steve Ballmer, Microsoft had multiple teams producing different versions of Windows working separately from each other. “Now,” Nadella said, “we have one team with a common architecture.” The Microsoft boss didn’t clarify exactly how Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox will be unified, but noted the benefit for users and developers — while Microsoft will still sell different editions of Windows, the new unified platform will allow the creation of universal Windows apps that work across all devices running the OS.

great in concept, and they’ve definitely been moving in this direction for quite awhile now (Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox One), but it really has always been easier to preach… actually doing it, and doing it well is another thing.

curious to see how it shakes out, though.

OS X Yosemite to Launch in Late October, 12-inch Retina MacBook and 4K Desktop in the Works

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Uncanny 404 Page

Probably the most uncanny 404 page…

speaking about some of the crazy / cool stuff people come up with, here’s another interesting 404 page…

that reminds me, i really need to add one i think.

(adds to list of stuff to do when i have time)


‘The New Yorker’ Unveils A New Responsive Website


Ivy League Schools Are Overrated

Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere.

“Super People,” the writer James Atlas has called them—the stereotypical ultra-high-achieving elite college students of today. A double major, a sport, a musical instrument, a couple of foreign languages, service work in distant corners of the globe, a few hobbies thrown in for good measure: They have mastered them all, and with a serene self-assurance that leaves adults and peers alike in awe.

A friend who teaches at a top university once asked her class to memorize 30 lines of the eighteenth-century poet Alexander Pope. Nearly every single kid got every single line correct. It was a thing of wonder, she said, like watching thoroughbreds circle a track.

These enviable youngsters appear to be the winners in the race we have made of childhood. But the reality is very different, as I have witnessed in many of my own students and heard from the hundreds of young people whom I have spoken with on campuses or who have written to me over the last few years. Our system of elite education manufactures young people who are smart and talented and driven, yes, but also anxious, timid, and lost, with little intellectual curiosity and a stunted sense of purpose: trapped in a bubble of privilege, heading meekly in the same direction, great at what they’re doing but with no idea why they’re doing it. Continue…

a bit longer than most articles i either browse or skim through, but actually found myself reading through the whole thing… good stuff.

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US: Why’s The Internet So Damn Slow?

Why Is Internet Still So Slow And Expensive In The U.S.?

Most people in the United States can’t get a decent Internet connection. That seems like a simple enough problem, but there is no easy solution. To make matters more confusing, most information floating around about broadband availability is confusing and contradictory. A lot needs to be sorted out before we get decent connections at an affordable price.

Take the National Broadband Map. Many of us in the industry define true broadband as a symmetric connection with at least 100Mbps.  If you believe the National Broadband map, 97% of North Carolina (where I live) has access to 100Mbps.  Yet, almost no one that I know either in North Carolina or across the United States can download at at that speed. (Check my earlier article for a chart of speeds that my technology aware friends shared with me last fall.)

Meanwhile, the FCC’s minimum standard for broadband is set as 4Mbps download and 1Mbps upload, but no one I know considers that true broadband.

interesting read on the current state of “broadband” here in the US… can you imagine how great it’d be if 97% of the country had a 100Mbps connection?



Destiny Beta on Xbox One, Today

saw a tweet last night from bungie and got all excited, so kept checking my email until i got one from them, then went to redeem the code and started downloading the Destiny beta on my Xbox One.

was hoping to fire it up and at least play it for a bit, but the download was taking forever… so finally just went to bed and figured i’d play it later today… damn glad to hear bungie got it running at 1080p @ 30fps like the PS4 version, too.

got a chuckle from this one… never thought of it, but some user asked the guys at bungie if we could get Serenity in the game, and i guess not — awesome idea though! heh.

No skin thick enough: The daily harassment of women in the game industry


LG’s 18-Inch Flexible Display

LG’s 18-Inch Flexible Display in Action Is What the Future Looks Like

holy hell that’s awesome! been hearing about flexible displays for years now, but i didn’t know they had working prototypes — especially in this size… niiiiice.

just read an article the other day about how 3D was dead, and it was all about 4K… interesting, but at the same time i was like “well, duh”… saw some super slick curved 4K HDTV’s in best buy the other day and just had to pause and watch for a bit… still not sold on the whole curved display thing going on, but the picture really is amazing.

Beard Husks On Sidewalk Indicate Start Of Hipster Molting Season


Titty Tuesday

no reason needed… it’s tuesday, mang.


HK: New Prison Cell Sized Apartments!

Asia’s richest man is building Hong Kong apartments barely bigger than a prison cell

Hong Kong property mogul Li Ka-Shing, who recently said that inequality keeps him awake at night, is building his next property venture for Hong Kongers who are willing to buy even the tiniest apartment imaginable.

Li’s development company Cheung Kong will start selling “micro-apartments” for between HK$1.94 and HK$2 million ($250,000 to $260,000) a unit on July 26. The 196 mini flats, part of a larger development (pdf) of 1,071 units, are among the cheapest in Hong Kong and less than 200 square feet, or around 18 square meters. The smallest of the apartments come with usable area of just 177 sq. ft, including a 97 sq. ft living room, a 13 sq. ft kitchen and a 31 sq. ft bathroom. That’s only about 50% bigger than a Hong Kong prison cell, as the South China Morning Post helpfully pointed out.

i just can never really seem to get over just how fucking small these hong kong apartments are… i know there’s a whole “live small” movement going on in some places, but… damn that’s small.