Iron Robben vs. Messi

hopefully the Netherlands vs. Argentina game today is better than yesterday’s brazil blowout… have a feeling it’ll be pretty good, and curious to see the dive happy robben playing on the other side of messi and his quick feet.

so who do you think will win?

Happy Bungie Day

been a fan of the guys and gals over at bungie for over 10 years now… so happy bungie day!

also, just saw a tweet that the Destiny beta will open for Xbox One players on july 23rd… so basically a week after the beta opens on the PS4, but i don’t care — really want to play it, but not enough to run out and drop $400 on a PS4.

i’ll still probably wait another year or so until there’s more exclusives, then think about it.

Babe vs. Babe

thought i forgot, didn’t ya? well, been a pretty busy day… back from hanging out with the family all afternoon and have little break to relax (and digest) before heading back out for some fireworks, but before i bounce out again, here’s another quickie for ya.

** make choice or forever be labeled a dbag around here.

have a great 4th of July weekend, mang!

American Apparel F*ckup

American Apparel Apologizes for Using Challenger Disaster Photo Instead of Fireworks

American Apparel has apologized after posting a photo of the space shuttle Challenger disaster on its Tumblr account, mistaking it for an image of fireworks.

The Challenger exploded just 73 seconds into its flight on Jan. 28, 1986, killing all seven people aboard. It was a moment the space exploration industry would never forget.

that’s just sad, man.

(hat tip: jick)

Happy 4th of July!

just wanted to drop a quick post to wish everybody a happy independence day!

time to fire up the grill, throw a bucket of beer on ice, and break out some kickass BBQ sauce — cause it’s time to hang out with family & friends and celebrate a little.

oddly enough, i’m practically the only one in my family that’s trying to watch some world cup matches today — my brother in law was already giving me some shit about it being “un-american” to watch soccer on the 4th… ugh, whatever.


How Obama Lost

How Obama Lost the Middle East

In his first term, Barack Obama all but declared victory in America’s Middle East struggles.

As he precipitously pulled out all U.S. peacekeepers from Iraq, the president had his own “Mission Accomplished” moment when declaring the country “stable,” “self-reliant,” and an “extraordinary achievement.”

Those claims echoed Vice President Joe Biden’s earlier boast that Iraq somehow would prove Obama’s “greatest achievement.”

After the death of Osama bin Laden, and during Obama’s reelection campaign, the president also proclaimed that al-Qaeda was a spent force and “on the run.”

But what exactly was the new Obama strategy that supposedly had all but achieved a victory in the larger War on Terror amid Middle East hostility? Read more