Designing the new Foursquare

here’s a nice write-up on the design process behind the new foursquare… this is but a snapshot into all the work that goes into something like this, but nevertheless… pretty damn cool.

i’ve never really gotten into foursquare… dunno why, just not my thing, but i’ve heard some pretty good things about the new app/service of late.

any of you guys use foursquare?

Off To The Races: Getting Started With Design Sprints

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US Journalist Beheaded by ISIS

Executioner ‘with a British accent’ beheads US journalist in the name of ISIS

Graphic footage of the execution appeared in a video titled ‘A message to the US’, in which an apparently coerced Foley, 40, recites a pre-prepared script presumably given to him by his captors which he delivers unflinchingly to the camera.

Kidnapped in Syria on Thanksgiving 2012 while working for the GlobalPost agency, Foley brands the US government his real killers and denounces the country of his birth, while his soon-to-be murderer stands over him dressed in black robes and armed with a small knife and gun.

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, Foley’s voice is strong, but he often pauses to take deep breaths and appears to struggle at times to swallow as he battles against fear.

The executioner, who speaks directly to the camera in what appears to be a British accent, then blames President Barack Obama for Foley’s death before he brutally beheads the respected reporter in front of the camera.

In a chilling warning at the end of the grisly film, the executioner parades another American journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff, who went missing in August 2013, saying: ‘The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.’

oh man, that’s just fucking horrible… psychopathic terrorist assholes… i know obama doesn’t want to go back in, but g’damn dude… if it were me, i would’ve sent in the planes, drones, and special ops months ago with one mission — decimate ISIS, period.

shit, i still vividly remember watching that beheading video of daniel pearl… something i almost wish i hadn’t, because it’s forever burned into my memory now.

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Titty Tuesday

so many great pairs of titties in the world, so little time…

at the very least, i think it’s both good and healthy to take a moment to ponder on the boobies.

funny, read something the other day saying that men spend at least a good year of their lives looking at boobs — and yeah, i totally believe it.



The New Stormtrooper Helmets

The new stormtrooper helmets for Star Wars Episode VII

The new Star Wars hardware keeps trickling out. This is the new stormtrooper helmet, an updated model that looks way more modern but also less menacing than the original one. The left one is an actual unit in a warehouse. The right one is a render. They look nice but I have a question for all of you:

Does it make sense that the imperials have these fancy stormtrooper 3.0 helmets? After the rebels killed the Emperor and Darth Vader, would a decomposing imperial bureaucracy say “let’s talk with Jon Ive and ask him to design new helmets for our troops”?

i just assumed we’d be seeing some new designs across the board… so that shouldn’t come as any surprise, and seriously — that doesn’t look too shabby! heh.

is it 2015 yet?


Thanks Best Buy! Moto 360 Specs

Thanks, Best Buy! Now We Know The Moto 360′s Specs And Price—$250

Motorola plans to launch the Moto 360, the latest and best contender in Android Wear’s army of smartwatches, at a September 4 press event in Chicago. But now we know most of the important details, thanks to Best Buy.

The retailer briefly posted a Moto 360 product page this weekend. Spotted by Droid Life, the listing—which was unceremoniously yanked from the website shortly thereafter—offered several details about the watch, including its $249.99 price and numerous specs.

You can click here to trawl through Google’s cache of the page…

i’m really looking forward to checking out this Moto 360 in person when it’s finally released — still think it’s one of the best looking “smart watches” out there so far, though i still wonder if it’s android only.

anybody else looking forward to it, or already planning on getting one next month? just curious…

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Swing Copters

Dong Nguyen, the one-man show behind the wildly popular ‘flappy birds’, is back with another new game this week.

believe i saw something about it being released this thursday, so will have to fire up the appstore and check in a couple days… i lucked out with ‘flappy birds’ the last time around, so i figure i’d better snag it just in case he changes his damn mind again.

i love having a game or two to fire up on the fly with my phone from time-to-time… keep it fun and simple, and i’m usually in.

The ReddX app brings Reddit to the Xbox One

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Ferguson on Fire, Again…

‘This has to stop’: 31 arrested after fresh confrontation in Ferguson

(CNN) — More violence. More tear gas. No answers.

Stun grenades and tear gas canisters arced through the night sky and into crowds of protesters overnight in Ferguson, Missouri, after police said they had been targeted with rocks, Molotov cocktails and gunfire amid continuing demonstrations over the death of Michael Brown.

Two people were shot — not by police, authorities said. Four officers were injured. Police arrested at least 31 people.

Police and protesters blamed outside agitators for the gunplay and violence.

“We don’t need these antagonizers out here,” said protester Jerrell Bourrage, who earlier grabbed one of the bottle-hurling demonstrators and told him to stop. “We need people who can stand out here to the side and still let your word be known.”

i seriously thought that things would’ve calmed down over there by now… looks like i was totally wrong — might sound kinda dickish, but i’m just glad i don’t live out there.

apparantly obama sent in eric holder, who should fit right in next to jackson and sharpton, so i’m sure this will all be wrapped up by tomorrow… ummm, right? president obama better do something, otherwise he probably won’t win a third election this next time around.

What It Was Like In The Streets On Ferguson’s Worst Night
Obama’s focus on illegals outrages Black Americans…


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Ohio Corpse Lover

Ohio man admits to having sex with up to 100 dead women

An Ohio morgue attendant has admitted having sex with up to 100 corpses.

Kenneth Douglas, from Hamilton, said he had sexually abused three corpses while high on drugs and alcohol in 1991 and 1992.

But he has also admitted having sex with up to 100 dead women over the period between 1976 and 1992, while he worked the night shift.

“I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down,” Hamilton told a court.

man, the hits keep rolling today…. first the woman fucking the dogs, and then i stumble across this headline — g’damn man.

that’s some seriously twisted shit.


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Woman Caught Love’n The Puppy

New Mexico woman has sex with dogs, tries to poison roommates: police

A New Mexico woman was arrested for trying to poison her roommate and an ex-boyfriend after they caught her having sex with the roommate’s dogs, police said.

Shari Walters, 53, was cuffed after one of her roommates called the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office and reported she had been poisoned, KOAT-TV reported.

The victim told investigators that she was poisoned hours after she spotted Walters in a backyard shed at their Albuquerque home having sex with one of her two dogs, the news station reported.

nothing wrong with a little puppy love, but damn… coming home to find your roommate fucking your dog in the backyard? not sure what my initial reaction would be… bust out laughing? stare in shock for a moment, then whip out my phone and take a pic/video? …or yell at her to get off my fucking dog, and feel like smack’n something?

hmmm, i really don’t even know.

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My New Sony TV

the last week or two has been a bit nerve-wracking, since picking out a new tv is never easy — at least for me, since i always find myself reading through dozens of reviews, cross-checking different sources, and physically going to several stores to put an eyeball and different sets… i’m still fucking bitter about that burn-in on my otherwise awesome Panasonic 65VT60… but Best Buy gave me a store credit, so i had to turn around and pick something to replace it with… ended up going with a Sony XBR65X850B

it certainly felt a little more complicated this time around, since it wasn’t just looking at getting the best PQ on a 1080p set that i could afford… now there are also the new 4K sets, along with a crapload of 1080p sets to choose from — Best Buy sure is pushing hard on the new 4K sets from Samsung and Sony, with big displays that you just can’t miss if you walk into one of their stores and head towards the tvs… was really tempted by the new curved 4k samsung’s, but in the end i opted to go with the sony — the sammy’s had what looked like better blacks, but i really liked the colors on the sony’s… i was torn between the two, until one evening i stumbled across a write-up that had a section about gamers, and that ended up being the kicker for me… the sony had half the input lag as the equivalent samsung, and that sealed it for me.

not sure why the new samsungs are pushing 100+ ms input lag (30ms on the sony), since that seems a bit high, especially for brand new 2014 sets… but they are.

do i like the Sony more than my Panasonic VT60? hell no… the blacks just aren’t there, the edge lighting makes the right/left sides of the screen a bit “lighter” than the middle of the screen so it’s not nearly as uniform, after all these years they still haven’t quite figured out how to get rid of the “judder” on fast motion scenes in movies/sports, and there’s this particular “crispness” to LCDs that i’m still trying like hell to get used to.

can’t believe they’re not making plasmas anymore… seriously, it fucking blows.

the 4K upscaling of blu-ray 1080p movies seems to work okay, but it’s not mind blowing… even so, i have to admit that it’s still pretty damn nice… watched ‘Avatar’ last night and it was like pure eyecandy color porn, mang.

oh, and they had a deal going on at BB with sony, so i managed to get the new Sony 65″ 4K tv, two year extended warranty, and a PS4 (with 4 free games) for the price of my panasonic plasma.

not too shabby.

p.s. never bought a sony tv before.


Sweet MILF Pitcher, Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba First Pitch at Dodger Game Today 8-17-2014

been ages and a day since i posted anything with jessica alba around here, i think… she’s not bent over in a sexy bikini or anything, but damned if she’s still not rather MILFy.

she threw a better ball than 50 cent, too.


Last Week Tonight

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO)

john oliver talking about ferguson last night, in case you missed it or was curious… love switching over to HBO sunday nights to see what he has to talk about.



Obama Back From His Vacation? Wow.

Obama back in to DC in rare break from vacation on Martha’s Vineyard

WASHINGTON (AP) — Taking a two-day break from summer vacation, President Barack Obama returned to work at the White House Monday, replacing images of him bicycling and golfing on an island resort with those of him at the White House huddling over current crises with top advisers.

Obama interrupted his family getaway on Martha’s Vineyard, during which airstrikes in Iraq and violent clashes in a St. Louis suburb intruded on his golf and beach plans.

The exact reason for Obama’s return shortly after midnight remained unclear, though it appeared aimed in part at countering criticism that Obama was spending two weeks on the Massachusetts island in the midst of multiple crises.

After a week of photos depicting the president golfing or riding his bike with his family, the White House was making sure that press photographers would get pictures Monday of Obama in meetings with national security aides discussing Iraq and with Attorney General Eric Holder for an update on the federal response to protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over the police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old.

sure, every president deserves a break… but damn, it sure as hell doesn’t look good when it looks like the world is going right down the shitter (if you watch the news for more than an hour straight) and president obama’s out there playing golf again.

Missouri’s govenor calls in trops, snubs obama…


Google Canary 39

one of my co-workers was talking about some of the new features/tweaks to the google inspector, so i downloaded the lastest chrome canary build (39) and fired it up… and damn, really is looking sweet.

right off the bat, i love how there’s now a little “phone” icon that you can click on to switch into the mobile emulation mode… so damn hany when coding/styling/testing things up as you go — not sure what i’d do without it now.

also dig how it shows you where all the css media query breakpoints are… nice.

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Babe vs. Babe

well, i do believe it’s time to get this weekend started… it’s shaping up to be a busy one, with lots to do before monday inevitably rolls around all too quickly… but before i bounce, here’s another friday quickie to munch on — left or right?

** don’t be douchebag, make a choice.

have a great weekend, mang!


Bill Gates, Ice Bucket Challenge

i saw a crapload of tweets about about Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, taking the ice bucket challenge… but this one with Bill Gates is great.

nice job, bill… oh, and was that comic sans on the blue print? have to re-watch it again now. lol

(hat tip: brad)