Babe vs. Babe

well gang, it’s the end of yet another slightly crazy week… and next week looks to be pretty damn busy as well (might have to burn some midnight oil), but that’s all the more reason to get outta here and get my weekend started… so here’s a quickie before i bounce — left or right?

** don’t be douchebag, make a choice.

have a great day weekend, mang!


Windows 9 Start Menu

Windows 9’s new Start menu demonstrated on video

for those of you looking forward to Windows 9, here’s a video showing off the “new” star menu… dunno why, but it still kind of cracks me up just how gung-ho some people are about having the start menu back… but at least microsoft has seen the error of it’s ways and are re-including it for the people.

hey, the customer is always right… right?


Pic of the Day

awesome shot of the Rosetta spacecraft nearing the comet it’s studying…

on a sidenote, anybody pre-order a new iphone 6 yet?


Middle Easts Maze

it’s now friday morning, which means it’s time to sit back with a cup of coffee and see what victor hanson is writing about this week — The Middle East’s Maze of Alliances

Try figuring out the maze of enemies, allies, and neutrals in the Middle East.

In 2012, the Obama administration was on the verge of bombing the forces of Syrian president Bashar Assad. For a few weeks, he was public enemy No. 1 because he had used chemical weapons on his own people and because he was responsible for many of the deaths in the Syrian civil war, with a casualty count that is now close to 200,000.

After Obama’s red lines turned pink, we forgot about Syria. Then the Islamic State showed up with beheadings, crucifixions, rapes, and mass murders through a huge swath of Iraq and Syria.

Now the United States is bombing the Islamic State. Sometimes Obama says that he is still seeking a strategy against the jihadist group. Sometimes he wants to reduce it to a manageable problem. And sometimes he says that he wants to degrade or even destroy it.

The Islamic State is still trying to overthrow Assad. If the Obama administration is now bombing the Islamic State, is it then helping Assad? Or when America did not bomb Assad, did it help the Islamic State? Which of the two should Obama bomb — or both, or neither?
Iran is steadily on the way to acquiring a nuclear bomb. Yet for now it is arming the Kurds, dependable U.S. allies in the region who are fighting for their lives against the Islamic State and need American help. As Iran aids the Kurds, Syrians, and Iraqis in the battle against the evil Islamic State, is Teheran becoming a friend, enemy, or neither? Will Iran’s temporary help mean that it will delay or hasten its efforts to get a bomb? Just as Iran sent help to the Kurds, it missed yet another U.N. deadline to come clean on nuclear enrichment.

Hamas just lost a war in Gaza against Israel. Then it began executing and maiming a number of its own people, some of them affiliated with Fatah, the ruling clique of the Palestinian Authority. During the war, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian state, stayed neutral and called for calm. Did he wish Israel to destroy his rival, Hamas? Or did he wish Hamas to hurt his archenemy, Israel? Both? Neither?

good stuff as always, and he’s right — the middle east is a fucking mess.

that’s why we should be working hard on energy independence… open up the keystone pipeline, ease some of those draconian regulations as needed, and get the best minds in the world together to work on alternate energy sources… but of course, even with all of that we’d still be involved over there — just not reliant.

The Problem with Obama’s ISIS Strategy


Freedom Tower

it only seems appropriate to post a few photos of the Freedom Tower in NYC, a place i’ve been meaning to visit for the past year or so but haven’t quite made it yet…

Freedom tower 920 3

…one of these days i’ll get up there.


9/11 – Never Forget

it’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since the 9/11 terrorist attack on these united states of america… in the past, i would replace my normal blog and put in a tribute page for the day, but i figure it’s been long enough now that i’ll just blog about it instead.

it’s definitely a day that’ll forever be burned into my memory, and i’ll never forget driving up 395 towards DC and seeing the cloud of smoke right ahead of me… then switching to the radio and how stunned i was to hear people calling in saying that a plane hit the pentagon… turning around, driving straight back home, and stopping in a gas station and watching the tv showing the news/footage from NYC with a group of people and how shocked we all were.

i was glued to the tv for the rest of the day at home.



Jerry Jones Accused of Sex Assualt

Jerry Jones accused of sexual assault in lawsuit

A 27-year-old woman from Ardmore, Okla, has accused Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of sexual assault and is seeking more than $1 million in damages in a lawsuit that an attorney for Jones has decried as an extortion plot.

Jana Weckerly, a former stripper, said Jones assaulted her in May or June 2009 and conspired with the Cowboys to cover up the alleged incident, according to the lawsuit filed late Monday night in Dallas County, Texas.

The woman alleges that Jones and the Cowboys also threatened her to keep her from reporting the incident to police, the suit says. She left Texas as a result and is living at an undisclosed location because she fears for her life based on threats made by Jones and the Cowboys, said her attorney, Thomas D. Bowers III.

“Nobody’s perfect but she’s consistent and she’s credible, and I believe her,” Bowers said.

man, it just keeps getting better and better with the NFL of late, doesn’t it? first ray rice — did you see that message from his wife that was all over the place yesterday? and now this… keep it clean guys, and just give us some good football.

Manchester United profits plunge 84%

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Ebola Death Toll Rises

Ebola death toll rises to 2,296 as Liberia struggles to keep up

The death toll in the worst Ebola outbreak in history has climbed to at least 2,296 in West Africa, the World Health Organization announced Tuesday. The new figures are current through Saturday and showed a staggering spike of nearly 200 new deaths recorded in one day, according to WHO data.

West Africa now has 4,293 total cases of confirmed, probable and suspected Ebola infections, according to the WHO — a number that could rise as high as 20,000, the organization has warned.

damn, i remember how freaked out people were getting when it was a couple hundred and i figured that they’d get a handle on with it quarantines and the like… but the death toll keeps rising over there.

i’m sure we have nothing to really worry about, though.

queue’s up ‘World War Z’ intro…

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New Apple Watch

the new intimately personal and incredibly powerful Apple Watch.

so it looks like they really did come out and announce the new Apple Watch today — almost surprised me after hearing about the damn thing forever now… seems pretty cool, though that $349 pricetag was a bit of a surprise… just figured they’d try really hard to get it below the $299 mark at the very least.

dunno, not all that excited about the watch… but i’m all about maybe getting a new larger iphone, and looking forward to upgrading to yosemite when it’s released.

so what are you the most excited about? Apple iPhone 6? iPhone 6 Plus? Apple Pay? Apple Watch?


Apple Livestream Disaster

well it’s official… today’s apple livestream is a fucking disaster.

it’s not working at all on the apple tv… hell, after a few error messages, i seemed to lockup and left my tv with a blank black screen that i couldn’t even get out of.

went over to my imac and the website is all fucked up too… live stream quits, errors out, refresh brower… repeat… check twitter, okay it’s not just me… try it on my iphone, nope it’s fucked there too.

what a serious disappointment.

guess i’ll just get the highlights from the verge’s live blog…

oh, and who the hell is that chinese lady talking in the background?!?

September 17: The Day Apple’s Server Farms Exploded.


Happy Hump Day

well my brilliant plan to cancel my original pre-order and instead go with the digitial version of Destiny hasn’t gone exactly as i thought… i got up this morning, checked my email and got the game code from amazon, and promptly fired up the PS4 to start downloading… two hours later, i’m still downloading… not sure if it’s my internet connection or the servers, or a combination of both, but daaaaamn… this waiting around is killing me — i could’ve gone to gamestop and picked up the game by now… oh well, hopefully i’ll be playing it shortly, but in the meantime here’s a few photos for the booty lovers in all of us.

because it’s fun and never gets old, here’s a few more…

happy hump day!


Destiny Unleashed!

well the day has finally come, and we have two big things going on today — Destiny is finally here, and of course there’s the Apple event to look forward to in a few more hours.

to be honest, i’m not sure which one i’m more excited about… feel like i’ve been eagerly awaiting both for a long time now… but the kid in me is probably more excited about Destiny, if i’m being completely honest… the beta was great and gave you a taste, but left me wanting more.

on the flipside, i’d love to get a larger iphone.

p.s. i took off today just to play the game all day. *chuckle*

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Ray Rice Punches Out

Ray Rice terminated by team, suspended by NFL after new violent video

just in case you missed it, ray rice was fired from the baltimore ravens this afternoon after video from inside the elevator was released by tmz… it was one thing to see the previous video, but after seeing this? shit, i don’t blame them in the least — though i still find it rather “curious” that the coaches and management of the ravens (and the NFL) didn’t see this video at all until today… dunno, just seems rather suspect if you ask me.

anywho, good for the ravens.


A Volcano Eruption

Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea

holy shit, that was awesome!

mothernature’s a bitch.