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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

after thanksgiving and black friday, not to mention it being a short week and all… this week has certainly felt like a loooong one, so i dunno about you guys, but i’m really looking forward to a couple days of downtime to recharge… especially since next week is gonna be a busy one… and on that note, think i’m gonna go ahead and bounce, but before i go here’s another quickie.

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.


Schweeeet Video

Let’s Get Physical

Bella Hadid kicks off Love Magazine’s festive advent calendar

well that just sorta made my day… love the whole 80’s retro aerobics vibe.

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The USB Killer

USB Killer, yours for $50, lets you easily fry almost every device

The USB Killer is shockingly simple in its operation. As soon as you plug it in, a DC-to-DC converter starts drawing power from the host system and storing electricity in its bank of capacitors (the square-shaped components). When the capacitors reach a potential of -220V, the device dumps all of that electricity into the USB data lines, most likely frying whatever is on the other end. If the host doesn’t just roll over and die, the USB stick does the charge-discharge process again and again until it sizzles.

Since the USB Killer has gone on sale, it has been used to fry laptops (including an old ThinkPad and a brand new MacBook Pro), an Xbox One, the new Google Pixel phone, and some cars (infotainment units, rather than whole cars… for now). Notably, some devices fare better than others, and there’s a range of possible outcomes—the USB Killer doesn’t just nuke everything completely.

well that’s just great… why the hell would anybody mass produce this fucking thing? super uncool, mang.

#geeeesh  #wtf


15 Second Gift Wrapping Japanese Hack

Wrapping a Gift Takes Just 15 Seconds With This Genius Japanese Hack

all it takes is three pieces of tape and three folds? yeah, i might have to give this one a try… i’m not super terrible at gift wrapping, but i’m not all that great at it either… hell, i figure you’re just gonna tear it off anyways, y’know?

#shrugs  #chuckle

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Historical Pics

A 5 megabyte IBM hard disk is loaded into an airplane. It weighed over 1000kg, 1956.

oh how far we’ve come, aye?

#wow  #blink

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A Party of Teeth-Gnashers

The broken record of racism/sexism/homophobia plays on and on and on… A Party of Teeth-Gnashers

After the Democratic equality-of-opportunity agenda was largely realized (Social Security, Medicare, overtime, a 40-hour work week, disability insurance, civil rights, etc.), the next-generation equality-of-result effort has largely failed.

What is left of Democratic ideology is identity politics and assorted dead-end green movements as conservation has become radical environmentalism and fairness under the law is now unapologetic redistributionism. The 2016 campaign and the frenzied reaction to the result are reminders that the Left is no longer serious about formulating and advancing a practical agenda. In sum, for now it is reduced to a party of teeth-gnashers.

The Podesta archive, when coupled with the pay-for-play Clinton Foundation, summed up the liberal ideology: progressive platitudes as cover for an elite’s pursuit of power and influence. Examine a coastal Democratic establishmentarian, and there is little discernable difference in his lifestyle, income, or material tastes from those conservatives (usually poorer) whom he accuses of all sorts of politically incorrect behaviors. Self-righteous outrage is a Democratic selling point and a wise career move for journalists, academics, bureaucrats, and politicians.

Without an ideology that even remotely matched the life she led, Hillary Clinton could only run a campaign without consistent positions. She flipped on the Keystone pipeline and trade agreements. She refuted the entire 1990s Clinton economic and social agenda. Indeed, her positions of 2008 — anti–gay marriage, border enforcement, and rural populism — were the very positions that she smeared others for embracing in 2016. In 2008, Clinton damned Obama for his “clingers” speech; in 2016, she trumped him with her deplorables and irredeemables.

She both derided Wall Street and was enriched by it. Her 2008 brief flirtation with the white working classes as a modern Annie Oakley came full circle in 2016, with exultant promises to put coal miners out of work. In the end, Hillary had no ideology other than getting even richer by leveraging the office of secretary of state and pandering to identity politics in hopes that record numbers of women and minorities would vote for a 68-year-old white multimillionaire, much as they had voted for Barack Obama. The more she talked of the LGBT or Latino communities, apparently the more we were to think that the Clintons had subverted their offices and reputations to grift a $150 million personal fortune for the underprivileged.

One of the reasons Trump won without commensurate money, organization, ground game, big-name endorsements, establishment unity, conservative media encouragement, and despite a campaign of gaffes and opposition-planted IEDS, was that half the country felt it would not have survived four more years of the cynicism of left-wing politics. In other words, voters got tired of being accused of thought crimes from a party led by wealthy people who made them poorer while adding insult to injury. Continue…

a little on the heavy side for first thing in the morning, i know… but i just got into the habit somewhere along the way, and i usually enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading whatever victor is writing about this week.

emmmm, coffee…

For Democrats, the Road Back…

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Web Design

Death by Hamburger

Oh, the hamburger menu…

Recently, I was reviewing my work on a mobile app with another designer, when he asked me why I didn’t use a hamburger menu for the app’s main navigation.

The question caught me off guard. I paused for a second as I asked myself, ‘Why didn’t I do that?’ It almost felt like a trick question. I briefly explained that the hamburger menu obscured navigation and made it harder for users to find what they’re looking for. For the specific app I was working on, the content was not complex enough to warrant a hamburger menu.

After this conversation, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Was I wrong? The designer reviewing my work was more experienced than I was, but I felt certain that a hamburger menu was the wrong way to go.

The Pros and Cons

A hamburger menu is great because it saves a lot of screen space, which allows for a simple, clean design. On the other hand, this requires that the user do more work to move between sections of the app, increasing the interaction cost to the user. Though a hamburger menu can visually simplify a design, it complicates the app structurally because it obscures information behind three little lines that provide no information scent.

With any project, your design choices should be informed by a strong understanding of the people you’re designing for. Do they understand that three horizontal stacked lines means menu? Have they interacted with a hamburger menu before and is that experience extensive enough for them to quickly understand what it means?

The hamburger menu is one of those trends that designers often don’t question often enough; they just do it without further ideation. It’s dangerous to implement any design trend without considering if that choice makes sense in context of the app experience and its users. This is especially so if the trend in question applies to primary navigation.

So, I did a little investigation to see what other major companies use a hamburger in their mobile apps. Spoiler alert: there aren’t as many as you’d think. Continue…

not the first article about the hamburger menu, and it won’t be the last… still found it interesting enough to read through.

What’s New in HTML 5.1

#nods  #thumbsup

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Online/Web Schweeeet

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Sucked

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Sucked With Non Models

I have no clue what the hell Victoria’s Secret is doing. Used to be, their annual fashion show was a huge deal. But they just held the 2016 version in Paris last night, and for some reason, they decided to stock the runway with rich kid/fake models like Bella and Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. And if you want to see why that’s totally nuts, just look at this shot of Gigi posing with real model Adriana Lima. One of these things is not like the others… Anyway, point is, with all that fake filler, the show was barely worth posting this year. In fact, in my professional recommendation, you’re probably better off just checking out the previous years’ shows instead. It still looks pretty much the same as the 2016 version, only with actual real supermodels.

i usually like tuning in and watching the VS show when it rolls around… but i gotta say, it has definitely lost a little something along the way… for whatever reason, it’s just not as awesome or cool as it once was y’know?

p.s. i’ll still watch it though.

#chuckle  #stupidgrin

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Happy Hump Day

been a weird week so far, almost can’t believe it’s wednesday… also weird is the fact that it’s 71 degrees here at the moment, but they’re calling for a high of 48 on friday, which is quite a swing… no wonder everybody seems to be getting sick of late… anywho, think it’s time for a bootie break.

happy hump day!

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Deviously New Mac Calendar Spam Problem

Apple’s Calendar app has a spam problem. Here’s how to get rid of the annoying invites

An increasing number of iPhone users are being spammed through calendar invites for deals and sales believed to originate from Chinese spammers.

The invites began appearing last week and reports have been rising since.

The invites look like traditional iCloud calendar invites that are automatically put into your calendar, and which require you to accept or decline the invitation. They not only appear in your calendar, they can also appear as pop-up and in-app notifications.

You may be inclined to reject the invite. Don’t. That will let the spammer know the email account associated with the app is active and will encourage even more spam. While we wait for Apple to issue an official fix, there are a number of workarounds to reduce the intrusion – although each come with their own inconveniences.

speaking of mac apps… g’damn, that really is just deviously wrong… fuck man, luckily i haven’t been hit with all this calendar spam going on (knocks on wood)… which i’m super thankfoo for at the moment, since my calendar already looks kinda crazy.

p.s. fucking spammers.


Spark for Mac

Spark email arrives for the Mac

Spark, a sleek and customizable email app for iPhones and iPads, is debuting on the Mac today. The free app supports a variety of email services, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange, and other IMAP services. It boasts an intelligent organization system that automatically categorizes emails into different groups and will only notify for emails you actually want to see. It also has integrations with Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and Evernote.

In addition to intelligence, Spark is highly customizable, letting you choose which features to display or use, depending on your workflow. Emails can be snoozed for later or batch archived or deleted easily. If you use Spark on iOS, customizations and snoozed emails will sync over to the Mac version of the app.

feel like i’m always down for a new shiny email app… i mean, the default Mail app on the mac is okay, but it could use a few tweaks / updates to make it really shine… feel like Apple kinda half-asses it on some of these apps, especially when you consider how much time, money, and resources they have at their disposal.

/goes to download from the app store…


Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

had to get up early for a site release, it’s cold and rainy here, and i’m still waiting around on the HVAC guy to show up… throw in a handfoo of meetings, and yeah… been kind of a crappy day so far — think i need to make another run to wawa for some coffee, and maybe take a bit of a boobie break.

today’s feeling like monday, part 2…

#stretch  #sigh

update: yesssss! finally got heat back… man, it really is easy to take things for granted, y’know?

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First Snow In Tokyo

Is There Anything More Beautiful Than Tokyo’s First November Snowfall Since 1962?

oh man, i’d love to be walking around in downtown tokyo while it’s snowing… must be gorgeous.

p.s. adds to bucketlist

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Oh Bella..!

looks like bella hadid has been getting into shape for the victoria secret show that comes on in a couple weeks — can’t wait for that!

whatever she’s been doing, it’s working.

p.s. two hot sisters in angel wings? now there’s a fantasy in the making right there… oh yeah, damn straight.

#grin  #sigh

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Online/Web Video

Joanna Krupa Does The Mannequin Challenge, Nude

yeah, i’m soooooo over this stupid “mannequin challenge” that’s been all the rage the past few weeks… i mean, you know it’s over and run it’s course when you see politicians doing it up on capital hill… i mean, c’mon.

then i turn around and see this — joanna krupa taking the challenge, but nude… and then i’m thinking to myself that maybe it’s not really a bad thing, and that maybe i’d be okay with seeing it hang around a bit longer if more hotties start doing it in the nude.

p.s. if you watch closely, you’ll see her blink. lol

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Faux Hate Crimes

faux hate crimes: “sh*t that never happened land”

glad i subscribed to her channel, cuz she cracks me up.

so much news and crap going on, but to be honest, i can’t keep up with it anymore and barely give a shit… then again, kinda hard to when i’ve been freezing my nuts off for the past day or two.

“shit that never happened land” — indeed!

#ugh  #sigh

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Harry Potter Christmas Tree

A Harry Potter mega-fan decorated her tree in Potter paraphernalia and it’s amazing

Christmas is always a magical time of year and for the past two years, one dedicated English woman has made it even more magical than usual by decking out her Christmas tree in nothing but Harry Potter-themed ornaments and decorations.

Buzzfeed has all the details on this incredible Potter tribute tree. One look at it and it’s clear that, had the tree’s creator, a 29-year-old Harry Potter superfan from northern England, attended Hogwarts, she surely would have helped her classmates win the House cup.

that really is pretty damn awesome… sent the link over to a friend who’s a certified harry potter nut, and she kinda flipped out.

#Riddikulus  #Expelliarmus  #Chuckle

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Woke Up Shivering

woke up this morning shivering, and probably looked like Rudolf or something… apparently my heating unit decided to break down or stop working sometime during the night, and it was 58 degrees in the house when i woke up.

well that’s just great… stayed up watching my Broncos play, only to see them lose at the very end against the fucking Chiefs… then wake up freezing my balls off.

yeah, it’s already shaping up to be one of those mondays.

just called half a dozen HVAC companies in my area and all of them say that they’re booked and the soonest they’ll be able to get out to me is maybe tomorrow — if i’m lucky… two of them said the earliest would be this thursday or friday, and it’s been getting down into the upper 20’s or low 30’s at night around here of late.



Broncos OT Gamble, And We Lost

Broncos pay for OT gamble as Chiefs win on last-second field goal

DENVER – Gary Kubiak bet on his kicker and lost, and now the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos find themselves with an uphill battle to make the postseason over the final five weeks of the season.

Kubiak called on kicker Brandon McManus to attempt a 62-yard field goal to try to win Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs in the final minutes of overtime. McManus’ right foot slammed into the grass and the line drive kick was low of the uprights. That left the Chiefs with a short field and plenty of time to set up Cairo Santos’ 34-yard game winner as time expired in overtime.

Santos’ kick, which bounced off the left upright before going in, gave the Chiefs a 30-27 win at Sports Authority Field at Mile High and keeps the Chiefs within one game of the AFC West-leading Oakland Raiders. The Chiefs return home with the trump card of already recording road wins against their two toughest division rivals before December.

“It’s a big win, and as the season goes on, they just get bigger and bigger,” Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith said.

yeah, that really sucked… actually, it was one helluva good game, with both the Chiefs and Broncos going at it — especially the defenses… i mean, wow… holy shit balls.

still not sure about the decision to kick that 62-yard fieldgoal in OT to try and win the game… even in denver, that’s one helluva kick.

ugh, whatever.

p.s. kinda all bummed out today, but hope everybody had a great thanksgiving weekend!

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My First Sweet Potato Casserole

well, just finished my very first sweet potato casserole… here’s a pic of it, fresh outta the oven.

no idea at the moment if it even tastes good or not… but whatever, guess we’ll find out shortly enough! sure does smell good… and looks good… that’s all that really matters, right? :)

happy thanksgiving everybody!

#Gobble  #Gobble

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