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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

well gang, it’s about that time once again… it’s friday afternoon and still fucking raining here… ugh… think i might stay in tonight and watch me some Luke Cage on netflix, which is a damn fine idea i’m thinking… but before i bounce, here’s something to ponder long and hard on.

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.


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Personal Schweeeet

I Miss You, Summer

it’s pretty much been raining for the entire past week… not exactly missing the 95-100 degree hot as sweaty balls days we were having not long ago, but this is getting kinda ridiculous.

yeah, definitely kinda missing summer mang.

#cutie  #sigh

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This could be us but you playing…

p.s. interesting watch dude.

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Video Game

Horde 3.0 Is Awesome

Fresh Gears of War 4 Horde 3.0 Footage is Brutally Awesome

just watched a few multiplayer and gameplay vids of the upcoming Gears 4, and hot damn… got me all jazzed and excited to play.

hell, think i might actually take off a day or two.


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News Political

The Force Is Strong With Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Says His Favorite Foreign Leader Is Obi-Wan Kenobi

DURHAM, N.H. (The Borowitz Report)—Asked at a town-hall meeting on Wednesday to name his favorite foreign leader, the Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson seemed stumped at first before finally responding, “Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

The host of the town hall, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, initially appeared taken aback by Johnson’s answer, but the former New Mexico governor went on to defend it vigorously.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Jedi Master, Chris,” Johnson said. “More than anyone else, he taught me that the Force is already strong with me.”

he’s definitely kinda crazy and wacky, but sometimes you just gotta luv the guy… especially with an answer like that!


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Online/Web Science

I’m Now A Sagittarius? Seriously, What The F*ck?!

No, NASA hasn’t changed the zodiac signs or added a new one…

Seriously? This again?

Over the weekend I started seeing links to articles claiming that NASA has changed the signs of the zodiac. I knew immediately what this was about, even as I was scratching my head about a) how this is news, and b) how short people’s memories are.

I found a few articles about this NASA “news” here and there; there’s one on Yahoo that has the headline, “Your Astrological Sign Just Changed, Thanks To NASA”. The first paragraph alone is burdened with quite a few scientific errors:

“We don’t want to be dramatic, but NASA just ruined our lives. For the first time in 3,000 years, they’ve decided to update the astrological signs. This means that the majority of us are about to experience a total identity crisis. Apparently, these changes are due to the fact that the constellations are not in the same position in the sky that they once were, and the star signs are about a month off now, as a result. To further confuse things, there is now a new, 13th sign, called Ophiuchus, which those born between November 29 and December 17 are lucky enough to have to learn to pronounce.”

Cripes. No, no, and no. First off, NASA did not “update the astrological signs”. Second, the constellations haven’t changed. And third, Ophiuchus is an ancient constellation, identified by the Greeks thousands of years ago.

So what’s the deal? Well, before we even get started, keep this in mind: astrology isn’t science; it’s nonsense. It’s been tested 10 ways to Sunday and every time it fails. Even astrologers have come up with tests for it, and it has failed those. Astrology doesn’t work.

Despite that, lots of people believe in it. That’s why I wrote a lengthy and detailed debunking of astrology.

to be honest, i was kinda freaking out a little bit last week too, over this whole “new zodiac!” thing… which is odd, since i’ve never really given two shits about my zodiac sign or put much stock into it anyways — but the fact is, i’ve been a Pisces my entire life.

until last week, when my sister pinged me about it and asked, “Hey bro, how’s it feel to be a Sagittarius now?!”

Ummm… yeah… what… the… fuck…

been trying to ignore it ever since.

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Those Stupid White Working-Class Zombies

The Construct of the White Working-Class Zombies

One of the strangest transformations in the era of Obama has been the overt and often gratuitous stereotyping of so-called white people — most often the white working classes who have become constructed into veritable unthinking and unrecognizable zombies. For progressives especially these were not the sympathetic old foundation of the Democratic party, who were once romanticized as the “people” pitted against the industrialists and the bluestockings, but rather have become monstrous caricatures of all sorts of incorrect race/class/and gender behavior and speech.

Stranger still, this disparagement was concurrent to the release of a variety of recent studies that have shown that the white working class has been “losing ground” in far more dramatic terms than have other ethnic groups, especially in key areas such as health and life expectancy. Such news might once have earned liberal sympathies rather than derision. Odder still, the so-called one percenters — that includes high percentages of whites, who have benefited from globalization and changes in the U.S. economy — are often precisely those who damn the less fortunate for supposedly enjoying racially based privileges that are largely confined to themselves.


Obama himself had long ago made popular the idea that there are not individual white people, good and bad, lazy and industrious, but more generally a collective Borg of racist and culpable “white people.” Or, as he characterized his own “effective” tricks over clueless whites in his admittedly fictional memoir Dreams from My Father, “it was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned: [White] People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves.” Continue…

always fun to sit down with my cup of coffee and see what victor hanson has to say this week, as i usually do most friday mornings… and man, this was a good one worth the read if you have the time — a little deep for the first thing in the morning, i know… but that’s part of it’s charm i guess.

Another Obamacare Bailout Is Declared Illegal

#stretch  #yawn

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My New iPhone 7

my son stopped by the other day and gave me his “old” iPhone 7… and yeah, by “old” i mean that he’d had it for a whole week — how fucking awesome is that?!

surprised the shit outta me, too… he had the larger iPhone 6+ and even though he really liked the new 7, the difference in size was kinda killing him… so he got a new iPhone 7+ through work, and as soon as he got it — the pink one again, since “pink is the new black!” as he keeps telling me — he rolled on over to my place and dropped this new sexy black iPhone 7 on me.

what a great son, huh? :)

digging it so far, though to be honest i really kinda miss the home button… don’t care what they say, it’s just not quite the same, though i guess i’ll just get used to it with time.

p.s. even better, it’s the 256gb version.

#fuckyeah  #awesomesauce


Wonder Woman Is Bisexual

Wonder Woman Is Bisexual, DC Comics Confirms

In a move that would never have occurred when they created her in the 1940s, DC Comics has declared that their most acclaimed heroine is attracted to both men and women. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Wonder Woman is officially bisexual.

well duh… everybody already knew that, right?

just kidding, never even occurred to me to be honest… but in the world of comics, can’t say it’s really all that surprising… though on the flipside, does this mean that maybe we’ll see some hot sexy wonder woman lesbo action up on the big screen?


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Movies Personal

Holy Sh*t, Blake!

it was cold and raining, and there wasn’t jack shit on tv last night, so i ran out to redbox and grabbed a copy of The Shallows to watch… hot chick, surfing, bikinis, and a shark? hell yeah, what’s not to love about that.

thought the movie was actually pretty damn good, and wouldn’t have been in the least bit surprised if it had been based on a true story… and if i remember right, she’d just had a baby a few months before filming the movie, which is just downright incredible because she looked amazing… wow… i mean, seriously.

i’ve been sick with a nasty chest cold / bronchitis for the past few days… yeah, it totally sucks… and haven’t really eaten much, or certainly not that well… so i figured i’d go ahead and cook something up, and gotta say… hot damn if that didn’t hit the spot!

…and yeah, i’ve been totally addicted to this ‘root beer’, mang.

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From Poland, With Love

speaking of poland… i still think they have some seriously underrated hotties over there, mang.

oh yeah.


Old-Ass Commodore 64

This Old-Ass Commodore 64 Is Still Being Used to Run an Auto Shop in Poland

Hell yeah.

We need to learn a lesson about needless consumerism from this auto repair shop in Gdansk, Poland. Because it still uses a Commodore 64 to run its operations. Yes, the same Commodore 64 released 34 years ago that clocked in at 1 MHz and had 64 kilobytes of RAM. It came out in 1982, was discontinued in 1994, but it’s still used to run a freaking company in 2016. That’s awesome.

To be sure, small businesses around the world often use technology that’s a bit more outdated than what the rest of us use in our daily lives but damn, flexing a Commodore 64 for work in a time when babies are given smartphones before pacifiers is pretty damn bad ass.

dude, how fucking awesome is that?!??!! :)

i have fond memories of the commodore 64, since that was the first computer my dad got back in the day… spent a lot of time playing games on that thing, mang.


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Video Game

Battlefield 1 Trailer

Watch an extensive trailer for Battlefield 1’s bloody single-player campaign

holy shit, this game looks bananas! haven’t really been a fan of the Battlefield games, but if it looks this good and has a nice kickass single player campaign then i’m all over it… too many games on my list right now it feels like, but with the holidays coming in next couple months, maybe i’ll get around to it.

at the moment, i can’t wait to get my hands on the new Gears.

p.s. any game you’re super excited about?


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Babe vs. Babe

Blonde or Brunette?

since it’s just been one of those kinds of days, here’s a little extra… so if you absolutely had to choose — left or right?



Happy Hump Day

well it’s been a crazy busy day and i just haven’t been around much… finally got a few minutes here, but to be honest, i’m ready to call it a day here… but before i go, here’s a few random booties to sit back and reflect upon.

happy hump day!

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Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

seriously, who the hell doesn’t love boobies? *g*

happy tuesday!

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Video Game

Haydee Has Terrible Breast Physics

Steam Top Seller With ‘Sexy’ Protagonist Has Terrible Breast Physics

Haydee is a hardcore puzzle platformer that’s currently tearing up the Steam charts. It also doesn’t know how breasts work.

haven’t heard or played it… those animated bouncing boobs just caught my attention while scrolling through my feed.


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News Online/Web

$30 DIY EpiPen

Medical hackers create $30 DIY EpiPen in defiance of corporate greed

This summer, news of price hikes affecting the EpiPen went viral. Since 2007, the cost of the drug has risen sharply from $57 a dose to $318 – an increase of 461 percent. This kind of price hike would be outrageous for any medication, but it’s particularly galling in the case of the EpiPen. The epinephrine autoinjectors are a lifesaving drug of last resort meant to halt anaphylactic allergic reactions long enough for people with severe allergies to seek emergency care. Now, a group of medical hackers has figured out how to create a DIY replacement from common drugstore parts for just $30.

well that’s pretty awesome… and hopefully, it’ll be easier for people to either get or make their own — cuz that bullshit with EpiPen can’t help but piss you off… especially as somebody who’s been allergic to bee’s his entire life, which just sucks.

#ugh  #fuckers

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Why Stand When You Can Sit In Line, Right?

Nissan’s autonomous chair is your line waiting buddy

Nissan’s ProPILOT tech might mostly be used to help provide its cars with autonomous driving features, but a new project puts it into a chair. Yes, a chair.

The chair propels itself, detecting the chair ahead of it and keeping a fixed distance between itself and its neighbor, as it moves along a predefined path. It’s less flexible than the chairs in Wall-E (kudos to Megan for noticing the similarity), but perfect for alleviating the pains of an age-old human tradition – standing in line.

yeah, definitely seems like some marketing plot to me too… though i gotta say, this just seems soooooo japanese, doesn’t it?


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Most X-Rated Anime Ever?

Five of the most X-rated anime films ever

Last week, five ‘viral teasers’ were unleashed for the upcoming live-action adaptation of anime classic Ghost in the Shell. True to their name, the teasers razed the internet. People lost their shit. New trailers were cut together by fans with the original anime’s bleating soundtrack. The short clips were quickly dissected by film geeks everywhere. Every second painstakingly analysed. To now call Rupert Sanders’ version starring ScarJo as The Major highly anticipated would be an understatement.

Although the fanbase for the original anime is cautiously approaching the remake, there are still those who may be coming to these teasers without background knowledge of what they represent, kind of like those kids who wear The Smiths t-shirts and have no idea what “How Soon Is Now?” sounds like. Underneath anime’s surface layer of cheery Studio Ghibli lies a much, much darker side. For those casual fans just discovering the mature underbelly of anime via these new Ghost in the Shell teasers, here is a crash-course in X-rated, high production anime to adequately prepare yourself for the cyberpunk adaptation.

man, what a colossally misleading headline! seriously, none of these anime movies belong or were ranted “x”, so what the hell is this guy even talking about?! ghost in the shell, akira, ninja scroll…? geeeesh, all of these are classics… but rated-x my ass.

#pfffft  #whatevs