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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

oh yeahhhhhhhh… it’s definitely about that time again… seems like half the guys/gals at work have already logged off for the day, and i think i’ll follow suit… gotta dinner date tonight, so time to rollout and get cleaned up ;)

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.



How to Hide iMessage Apps in iOS 11

Here’s how to hide iMessage apps in iOS 11

With Apple’s big iOS 11 update now rolling out, many users are discovering one of the update’s more pesky features: a persistent app bar in the Messages app that seemingly doesn’t go away.

While iMessage apps have been a thing since last year with iOS 10, iOS 11 for some reason tweaked the interface slightly so that these app shortcuts always appear underneath your chats by default. It looks like this, though the apps you see change based on what apps you have installed.

Though some of these apps can be fun additions to you conversations, having to look at them constantly is distracting. It becomes even more annoying if you accidentally tap one of them when you’re trying to do something else.

The good news, though, is that there is a way to hide the pesky app list. As pointed out by a few Redditors, all you have to do is swipe down on the gray App Store icon to make all those app bubbles go away.

omg… i had no idea it was so easy to remove / hide that g’damn “app bar” in imessages!

thank gawd, that shit was sooooooo annoying.

#ugh  #cooltips

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Video Game

The Switch Is DOOM’d!

Doom on the Switch is real Doom … on the Switch

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Doom — a game defined by its speed and precision, not to mention its gleeful application of gore — running on the Switch is that it’s not surprising. It’s right there: Doom on the Switch. It’s the campaign, the enemy placements and behaviors, the arcade mode. While I didn’t play the multiplayer component, it will be available as a separate download for those who want it. It’s a modern, cutting-edge, game of the year-winning shooter and it’s running on a Nintendo handheld.

jayden was talking about this yesterday, saying that he’s been kinda undecided on the Switch up to this point, but after hearing that DOOM was coming to it… and that he could throw it in his backpack and play it (and a handfoo of other games) on the go — yeah, he now wants a Switch.

can’t blame him, because i’m pretty much the same way.

also, DOOM was probably the best damn FPS i’ve played in the past decade… lots of great games out there, especially over the past ten years, but hot damn if that game wasn’t awesome and just seemed to scratch that itch.

PS. kinda wanna go back and play it again now.

Hackers Say Nintendo Switch Contains A Game That Unlocks On The Date Of Satoru Iwata’s Death

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Hillary Still Blaming The Russians

Allegations of Foreign Election Tampering Have Always Rung Hollow

On her current book tour, Hillary Clinton is still blaming the Russians (among others) for her unexpected defeat in last year’s presidential election. She remains sold on a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump successfully colluded with Russian president Vladimir Putin to rig the election in Trump’s favor.

But allegations that a president won an election due to foreign collusion have been lodged by losers of elections throughout history. Some of the charges may have had a kernel of truth, but it has never been proven that foreign tampering changed the outcome of an election.

In 2012, then-president Barack Obama inadvertently left his mic on during a meeting with outgoing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. Obama seemed to be reassuring the Russians that if they would just behave (i.e., give Obama “space”) during his re-election campaign, Obama would have “more flexibility” on Russian demands for the U.S. to drop its plans for an Eastern European missile defense system.

Medvedev’s successor, Vladimir Putin, did stay quiet for most of 2012. Obama did renege on earlier American promises of missile defense in Eastern Europe. And Obama did win re-election.

But that said, Obama would have defeated Mitt Romney anyway, even without an informal understanding with Russia. Continue…

ahhhh hillary… at least she’s consistent and staying true to form… should hear what some of my liberal friends say and think about hillary now, especially after losing to one of the most unpopular presidents in the modern age… should hear what bernie sanders thinks of hillary these days. lol

The Progressive Liberal’s Agenda

PS. time for that morning coffee run to wawa…

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Ctrl+Alt+Del Regret

Yes, Bill Gates regrets Ctrl+Alt+Delete

At the Bloomberg Global Business Forum today, Carlyle Group co-founder and CEO David Rubenstein asked Microsoft founder Bill Gates to account for one of the most baffling questions of the digital era: Why does it take three fingers to lock or log in to a PC, and why did Gates ever think that was a good idea?

Grimacing slightly, Gates deflected responsibility for the ctrl+alt+delete key command, saying, “clearly, the people involved should have put another key on to make that work.” Rubenstein pressed him: Does he regret the decision?

“You can’t go back and change the small things in your life without putting the other things at risk,” Gates said.

But: “Sure. If I could make one small edit I would make that a single key operation.”

only took twenty years… but hey, personally i’m happy he did it because it’s always been fun to run that geeky “joke” on computer noobs that are pissing you off or annoying ya…. am i right, or am i right?


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Skimmer Scanner App

Someone finally made an app to detect credit card skimmers at the gas pump

In less than 30 seconds a hacker can install a $10 piece of pre-built hardware – easily purchased online – into a gas pump. This device is called a skimmer and it’s designed to get your credit card number when you use it at the pump.

A clever developer came up with a somewhat simple approach to protecting yourself at the gas station. The CEO and Founder of SparkFun, Nate Seidle, along with programmer Nick Poole, built a free, open-source Android app to detect popular skimmers.

The app detects a specific Bluetooth signal and, if found, it tries to establish a connection and send a command that will verify the existence of a skimmer in your general area. The app is looking for Bluetooth networks with an ID of HC-05, which turned out to be the default on devices Seidle tested; if it finds one you’ll be alerted.

SparkFun’s Bluetooth device-detecting app is called Skimmer Scanner and it’s a bare-bones tool that appears to work as intended. It’s free and open-source and the developer says it doesn’t keep or record any information.

this is great, and yeah… it’s about damn time there’s an “app for that!”

i recently had to get a new check card from my bank and reset all my online accounts — which is a pain in the ass — because of a fraud alert from some asshole up in new york buying $330 of crap at walmart… ugh… and i wondered how it all happened, since i have that security chip on my card, and after some thought and talking to people it seemed like the gas pump was the likely culprit… no idea for sure, but still has had me wondering about it.

anywho, they need to bring this over to iOS pronto.

#mutters  #sigh

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Personal Video Game

My Sexy Titan

been playing a lot of Destiny 2 of late, and went on my first “strike” with jayden last night… i was joking around about being a striking virgin, but i guess i popped that cherry.

the grinding for gear and weapons to raise your power level is definitely a thing in this game… kind of addicting, but can also be a bit aggravating… i mean, i’ve been stuck at around 265 or so for the past two days and i’m not sure what i’m supposed to be doing to get past this hump.

it’s just cool to hop online and play some games with jayden… i mean, anime is great and all, but it’s definitely more fun to run around and blow shit up together.


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Did Somebody Say Anime?

oh jayden… getting me hooked on some of these damn anime shows.

he’s also into magic the gathering cards, so i suppose it could always be worse… like, a lot worse.

#blink  #chuckle

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Happy Hump Day

once again, almost completely forgot that today was that beautifoo mid-week hump… so yeah, we’ve made it half way through the week — time to sit back and reflect for a few moments on the important things in life… like that sweet ever lovin’ booty.

happy hump day!

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Design Online/Web

iOS 11 vs. Design Nerds

iOS 11 will annoy the hell out of design nerds

Apple is usually lauded for raising the bar for product and interface design, since way before it launched the first iPhone. But designer Ryan Lau has noticed a number of design issues in iOS 11 which lead him to believe that the company’s software development division is no longer paying as much attention to detail as it once used to.

And he’s right.

i went ahead and downloaded / updated my iphone to iOS 11 last night when i got home, and have to say that i’m not really noticing all these big design issues or mismatches… maybe i just haven’t dug into it and spent enough time with it yet, i dunno.

first thing i noticed was some of the icons being updated, and some of the fonts were more bold than before… digging some of the app updates… not really digging this little “app bar” at the bottom of the messaging app though — i guess it’s cool, but seriously… wtf?

i dunno mang.

Online/Web TV

More Punisher, Please

The First Trailer for Netflix’s Punisher Is Filled with Rage and Bullet Holes

oh yeah, definitely gonna be adding this to my binge list… loved seeing him in Daredevil and can’t wait to see what they do with it… even though i’ve been a little disappointed in the past couple “marvel” shows by netflix.


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Honest Trailers: Wonder Woman

i always look forward to these honest trailers for movies that i dig… and just saw that they posted one for the new Wonder Woman movie.

which reminds me, i should probably go ahead and pickup a copy of it… just not sure if i wanna spend the extra on the 4K version or not… or just wait for the price to drop and grab it later when it hits around that $20 mark.


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iOS11 Out Today

iOS 11 review: 10 things to try

iOS 11 is available, officially, today. It’s coming to every iPhone and iPad made in the past few years, and chances are, you’re going to upgrade. When you install it on your iPhone, you’ll find that some things are very different than what you’re used to, but the core of how you get around and experience the OS will be the same. For example: the Control Center is wildly different and notifications have changed slightly, but you still have that comfortable (and comforting) grid of apps on the home screen. A lot is new, but not so much that you can’t recognize it.

for some reason i thought that iOS 11 was coming out this coming friday, but i guess i’m getting all these damn dates confused or mixed up… hard to keep track of it all sometimes, y’know?

anywho, haven’t downloaded / installed it yet… figure i’ll just wait until i get home and update it later tonight… but if you’ve already gone to iOS11, how ya liking it so far?


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Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

i’m up in the office today and kinda slammed between meetings, but thought i’d take a moment in-between them to drop a quickie…

PS. shit, what a tease…


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Movies Online/Web

Petition To Fire JJ Abrams

Fans petition Lucasfilm to fire J.J. Abrams from Star Wars: Episode IX

Fans are petitioning Lucasfilm to discharge J.J. Abrams from his post as director of Star Wars: Episode IX, just one week after his appointment to the role.

Last week, following the news that Colin Trevorrow was no longer directing the film, it was announced that the Star Wars: The Force Awakens director would step in to replace him.

Under Abrams’ direction, the seventh film in Star Wars‘ Skywalker saga became the third highest grossing film ever made. Despite its success and positive reviews, one unhappy fan has created a petition for Lucasfilm to “Remove J.J. Abrams as director of Star Wars Episode IX”. It currently has 1,811 signatures.

The petitioner, Matt Vela, argues Abrams’ direction of The Force Awakens resulted in a film that was too similar to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. “There was virtually no creativity,” he writes, “and no risks taken.”

damn man, what’s with all the nerdrage over JJ Abrams?!

sure, i get it and even agree to a point… but setting up a petition to fire him from a movie you haven’t seen, and won’t even be out for a few more years? ummm…. yeah.

c’mon man.

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Monday Music

Post Malone – Rockstar (ft. 21 Savage)

my son just hit me with this and i gotta say, it’s pretty damn chill…

i can dig it, mang.

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Online/Web Web Design

Material Design Awards 2017

Material Design Awards 2017
Recognizing best-in-class designs from around the community

A design system only comes to life when it’s used to create meaningful experiences. The Material Design Awards recognize best-in-class achievements in employing the Material Design system, and honor the makers behind each design.

For this, our third annual Material Design Awards, we decided to do things a little differently by opening the nomination process to the public. We wanted to reach back out to the community to help us find the very best, because there is so much excellent work being created. After reviewing hundreds of submissions, we’re proud to announce the winners, who will be joining us to celebrate at the SPAN Pittsburgh conference on September 14-15. Read on to learn what makes each of these experiences great.

i still prefer the iOS interface, but the “designer” in me really does like the stuff i’ve been seeing with google’s Material Design — especially over this past year or so, as it seems to get a little more solid and mature.

good stuff, google.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Icon System

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CSS: The Notch

“The Notch” and CSS

Apple’s iPhone X has a screen that covers the entire face of the phone, save for a “notch” to make space for a camera and other various components. The result is some awkward situations for screen design, like constraining websites to a “safe area” and having white bars on the edges. It’s not much of a trick to remove it though, a background-color on the body will do. Or, expand the website the whole area (notch be damned), you can add viewport-fit=cover to your meta viewport tag.

with the iPhone X rolling out next month, it’s probably a good thing to start planning ahead… i mean, i didn’t realize until i saw this that the screen was basically cutout on the sides (landscape) like that — c’mon man, what the hell?

#sigh  #ugh

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Online/Web Science WTF?

Brain Linked To Internet

Researchers Have Linked a Human Brain to the Internet for the First Time Ever

Researchers from Wits University have linked a brain directly to the internet. Data gathered from this project could help fuel the next steps in machine learning and brain-computer interfaces.

ummm… yeah, that just happened.


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Denver Broncos Crush Cowboys, 42-17

Siemian, Broncos crush Elliott, Cowboys 42-17

DENVER (AP) — Aqib Talib’s 103-yard interception return for a touchdown with 53 seconds left was the final indignity for the Cowboys in the Denver Broncos’ 42-17 blowout of Dallas and its vaunted offense on Sunday.

It was Talib’s 10th pick-6, just two shy of Darren Woodson’s NFL record.

“No. 10,” relished Talib. “It’s just mind-boggling.”

Sort of like Denver’s defensive dominance of Dallas and its vaunted offense.

Ezekiel Elliott had the worst game of his career with nine carries for 8 yards, Dallas managed just 40 yards rushing and one first down on the ground. The Cowboys (1-1) went 3-for-14 on third downs and failed three times on fourth down, looking nothing like the team that dominated the Giants in their opener.

“I want to emphasize today, this is not what we’re about in my view,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “I feel strongly about that. On the other hand, this is what Denver is about.”

The only big blemish in Denver’s fifth straight 2-0 start was the apparently serious injury to their top draft pick, left tackle Garett Bolles, who left the stadium on crutches and with a boot on his left foot after getting hurt in the third quarter.

forget about those damn Emmy’s, more hurricanes on the way, or the latest Trump idiocy on twitter… the most important, news worthy thing for today is the fact that the Broncos kicked the Cowboys ass yesterday — and it was a beautifoo thing to watch :)

on the flipside, the injuries we’re sustaining only 2 games into the season is a bit worrisome… i mean, damn.

Broncos’ Bennie Fowler Collapses Twice After Hit To The Head

#GoBroncos!  #FuckingPatriots

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