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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

it’s friday afternoon and happy hour is definitely singing it’s sweet song, so think i’ll wrap things up around here… but before i bounce, here’s another quickie to munch on and get the weekend started off ;)

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.

PS. i haven’t had a cig in almost 2 weeks!


Online/Web TV

The Defenders, Today!

i dunno about you guys, but i’ve been looking forward to the release of The Defenders for quite awhile now — and it’s out today on Netflix ;)

so yeah, guess what i’ll be doing this weekend?

PS. just hope it’s better than Iron Fist, mang!

#BingeWatch  #ThumbsUp

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Online/Web Personal TV

Vue You Later

i got an email a couple weeks back about how my Playstation Vue subscription was going up from $35 to $45 a month… sure, it’s only 10 bucks but i wasn’t overly happy about it, especially since i’m already another $15/mo for HBO and was thinking of adding the Sports package ($10/mo) — which starts to add up, since now i’m looking at $70 a month for Vue/Sports/HBO… and that’s not including Amazon/Netflix/Crunchyroll y’know?

then yesterday i saw this post on engadget about a deal going on with Directv Now and thought “hmmmmm, interesting”…

since i had some running around to do, i decided to stop by the AT&T store near me and asked them about the promotion, getting more info etc… long story short, i ended up signing up for it — had to prepay $105 for the next 3 months, and since i’m an AT&T subscriber with my phone, they upgraded my plan to the “unlimited” one and saved me another $4/mo… also found that i was eligible for another promotion they have going for AT&T users, where for a limited time you can get the $35 Diretv Now package for only $10 a month — so they gave me that as well, so after 3 months i’ll only pay the extra $10 a month on my phone bill for it.

oh, and i also walked out of the store with a brand new Apple TV (32gb)…!

soooooo…. net net… my phone bill dropped by 4 bucks, and in three months it’ll increase by $6 for Directv Now.

pretty sweet, huh?


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Dunkirk’s National Identity

Dunkirk and Our Crisis of National Identity

Tyler Cowen, economist at George Mason University and curator of the blog Marginal Revolution, linked to an interesting piece a few days ago: an alt-right review of Dunkirk that is precisely as distasteful as you would expect. Leftists, writes the reviewer, “fear Dunkirk because it gives white men a glimpse of a nice white country we could someday restore, and the virtues we must find again if we are to defeat the real enemy this time.”

Perhaps it is unsurprising that the alt-right would like Dunkirk. It is not an ideological film, but it is a patriotic one: a celebration of England, and of Englishmen helping other Englishmen. Arguably, its central theme is that of obligation to country, not out of ideological concerns — Nazism is never once mentioned — but out of duty to one’s countrymen. Its most moving scenes are powered by the attachment the English soldiers feel to their homeland: a general declaring to a subordinate that he can almost see Britain from the beaches of northern France, soldiers gazing at the White Cliffs of Dover from a rescue boat returning home.

It’s not hard to understand how this celebration of national attachment, through no fault of Christopher Nolan’s, could be taken as “a glimpse of a nice white country we could someday restore” by alt-righters. The sentiment is racist and obnoxious, but it does get at the film’s unique patriotic zeal, which has not gone unrecognized by liberal critics, either. At The New Republic, Christian Lorentzen complains that “in Britain the pious death cult around the World Wars remains a feature of daily life, memorialized on each anniversary of a heroic slaughter” and that for Nolan “Dunkirk is akin to checking a patriotic box and securing a pass to its permanent pageant of nostalgia and weepy self-congratulation.”

I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with nostalgia, let alone with Britain celebrating its role in the defeat of the Nazis, but Lorentzen is at least analytically correct: Britain’s national identity is, even now, tied to its performance in World War II. Perhaps this is why the patriotic impulses behind Dunkirk, generally so noxious to the trans-Atlantic liberal elite, have gone so widely unremarked, a bad review or two at The New Republic notwithstanding. You don’t have to lay on the Anglophilia particularly thick to wring patriotic sentiment out of the evacuation of Dunkirk; it comes with the territory, just as it does with Shakespeare or C. S. Lewis or even The Shire.

damn man, and here i thought it was just a damn good WWII movie from Christopher Nolan… along with a little history, since i’m sure most people (including me) knew little about “Dunkirk” before seeing it — got me curious, so i read up on it a little bit… and i figure if it makes some people read, and maybe learn something, then that’s a good thing in my book.

#geeeeshhhhhhh  #blink

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Silicon Valley Billionaires

Silicon Valley Billionaires Are the New Robber Barons

Progressives forget their history of breaking up mega-corporations as they lionize tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Progressives used to pressure U.S. corporations to cut back on outsourcing and on the tactic of building their products abroad to take advantage of inexpensive foreign workers.

During the 2012 election, President Obama attacked Mitt Romney as a potential illiberal “outsourcer-in-chief” for investing in companies that went overseas in search of cheap labor.

Yet most of the computers and smartphones sold by Silicon Valley companies are still being built abroad — to mostly silence from progressive watchdogs.

In the case of the cobalt mining that is necessary for the production of lithium-ion batteries in electric cars, thousands of child laborers in southern Africa are worked to exhaustion. In the 1960s, campuses boycotted grapes to support Cesar Chavez’s unionization of farm workers. Yet it is unlikely that there will be any effort to boycott tech companies that use lithium-ion batteries produced from African-mined cobalt. Progressives demand higher taxes on the wealthy. They traditionally argue that tax gimmicks and loopholes are threats to the republic.

Yet few seem to care that West Coast conglomerates such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Starbucks filtered hundreds of billions in global profits through tax havens such as Bermuda, shorting the United States billions of dollars in income taxes. Continue…

always curious to see what victor hanson is writing about, and yet another good one this week as usual… especially over a fresh cup of morning coffee and bagel w/ cream cheese.

PS. always feel like sneer’n whenever i see photos of zuckerberg…. dunno, maybe it’s just me.

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Video Game

Crackdown 3 Delayed

Crackdown 3 delayed to 2018

Microsoft is delaying the release of Crackdown 3 from Nov. 7, 2017 to spring 2018, the company confirmed to Polygon today.

Shannon Loftis, Microsoft Studios Publishing general manager, said the company is delaying the Xbox One and Windows PC game to give development teams Reagent Games, Sumo Digital and Cloudgine extra time to ensure a quality experience.

“We’re very excited about Crackdown 3, and so are many fans, and so it’s a difficult call to move the release date,” Loftis said in an email interview with Polygon. “However, we want to make sure to deliver the right game, with the right quality, and at the right time. Crackdown 3 is a hugely ambitious game and we want to ensure we deliver the right experiences all the way through every part of the game, whether that’s campaign, co-op multiplayer or our competitive multiplayer mode, Wrecking Zone. Getting the balance right between the three modes is important, and we are going to take the extra development time to ensure that. Gamers can expect Crackdown 3 in Spring of 2018.”

Crackdown 3 was originally announced at E3 2014 and was, at one point, targeting a release in the second half of 2016. It’s clearly a complex project, one that has evolved since its unveiling, and Crackdown fans have learned to be patient waiting for it to come out.

you remember that stupid scene at the very end of Revenge of the Sith with Vader taking his very first baby steps and going, “Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!“?

well, that’s how i felt just now after reading this.

seriously man, i’m about to give up on this game.

#FuckMan  #ThisSucks

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Atlanta’s New Sexy Stadium

Watch atlanta’s soon-to-be-open mercedes-benz stadium roof close in this time lapse…

The city of atlanta, and its football team the atlanta falcons are soon to open one of the world’s most spectacular venues: the mercedes-benz stadium. designed by HOK in collaboration with tvsdesign, goode van slyke architecture and stanley beaman & sears, the stadium will position itself as an iconic architectural landmark for the city. created with functionality and flexibility in mind, the structure has a capacity of 75,000 seats that can be expanded to 83,000. but its signature element is a retractable roof that provides a radical departure from kinetic roofs.

i’m actually looking forward to seeing this new kickass stadium when the falcons play this coming season… and being a broncos fan, i can’t help but wonder when are we gonna break ground and get started on a new sexy stadium? i know we will at some point, so i’ll just have to wait… and when we do, i’ll probably have to get some tickets and fly out to enjoy a game!

oh hell yeah.

The Falcons’ billion-dollar stadium will have a Chick-fil-A that’s almost never open



US Preps Mysterious X-37B

US Air Force Prepping Mysterious X-37B Space Plane for September Launch

The United States Air Force’s X-37B program is readying its next robotic mini-shuttle for launch, this time atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The liftoff is scheduled to take place in early September, according to media reports.

Capt. Annmarie Annicelli, a U.S. Air Force spokeswoman, told Inside Outer Space: “At this time, I do not have the launch date to release.”

[ The Mysterious X-37B Space Plane: 6 Surprising Facts ]

feels like this “mysterious” space vehicle has been orbiting our beautifoo blue speck of dust for years now… curiosity and the imagination is a bitch, so i sure would like to know exactly what it’s been doing up there.


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‘Distracted Walking’ Outlawed?

City Looks To Outlaw ‘Distracted Walking’; Fines For Texting During Strolls…

STAMFORD, Conn. — Drivers aren’t the only ones who could be fined for texting or talking.

Now, there’s a proposal to keep pedestrians safe that could set off a national trend.

Crossing busy Broad Street in downtown Stamford can be a challenge, even if you’re not staring down at text messages on your cell phone.

“I see mothers pushing their babies, they’re texting and I’m like how do y’all do all this at this intersection? That scares me,” Dawn Thompson said.

“There been many times where I looked down on my phone and then notice that there’s a car coming right at me, and I feel like a moron whenever that happens,” Nicole Neurohr said. Texting or even talking on an electronic device may soon be illegal in Stamford if a proposal to outlaw ‘distracted walking’ is approved.

“They’re oblivious to cars,” Stamford City representative, John Zelinsky said.

Zelinsky said the Pedestrian Safety Ordinance is modeled after one approved in Honolulu late last month, and would carry a $30 fine if police catch you in the act.

at first blush, sure does seem rather silly to be going after people who are talking/using their phones while walking… is it a thing? sure, we all do it… but i might actually lose my shit if some cop stopped me while walking down the sidewalk and gave me a damn ticket — i mean, are you fucking kidding me?!

now dipshits driving down the road while using their phones is a whole ‘nother thing… i swear, it’s gotten worse… i probably lose my shit at least once or twice a week due to some distracted driver swerving around on the road, only to pass them and see that they’re using (or playing a fucking game?!) on their phones. grrrrr…

#dipshits  #exasperated  #sigh


Happy Hump Day

made it to another mid-week hump, and i dunno about you guys… but it’s going pretty good so far — the weather’s beautifoo, car is clean & shiny, bills are paid, and feel like i’ve finally dug myself outta this WP hell i’ve been stuck in for the past few days… so yeah, can’t complain too much ;)

happy hump day!

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Honest Trailers: Guardians 2

Honest Trailers – Guardians of the Galaxy 2

comes out on bluray next week… thinking i might have to pick this one up on 4K/UHD though, because… well shit, it’s guardians of the fucking galaxy, mang!

saw it twice in the theater — both in 2D and 3D — and i’m actually looking forward to sitting down and watching it again.

#SoGood  #ThumbsUp

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F-14 Love Letter

A Love Letter To The F-14 Tomcat

The F-14 Tomcat was a Cold War fighter first deployed in the 1970s. For over 30 years it served the US Navy with distinction, yet its greatest legacy is perhaps found not on the battlefield, but in the hearts of kids like me who grew up with certain cartoons, movies and video games.

There’s a weird point where military hardware and popular culture can sometimes intersect. On the one hand, in intent, tanks and jets and guns are supposed to kill and/or protect. Sometimes though, a vehicle or weapon can strike a nerve and move beyond their original design to become something else. Something suggestive, something poetic, something entirely outside the realm of military matters altogether. Take the AK-47: it was originally a firearm for Soviet infantry, but thanks to film and music (rap especially) it’s now as much a symbol of resistance and crime as it is the Red Army.

For a generation of kids who grew up in the 80s, this also applies to the F-14 Tomcat.

Perhaps known better in the West by its collected series name, this opening act of the Robotech saga has a cast full of weird and wonderful creatures, both human and otherwise, but they’re all outshone (and outloved) by the series’ transforming Veritech Fighter.

Heavily based on the design of the F-14, Macross’ designers clearly fashioned the VF-1 as a homage to Grumman’s fighter, taking not just all the jet’s visual trademarks—including its double engines and swept wings—but even actual squadron insignia, with Macross’ Skull Squadron lifting the colours and insignia of the US Navy’s VFA-103.

oh man, he’s totally right… between Robotech/Macross and Top Gun, how could you not get a bit nostalgic over the F-14 Tomcat, especially if you grew up in the 80s?!

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Design Music Online/Web

Pantone For Prince

Prince Gets His Own Purple

Prince was multi-chromatic; a comedian who said as few words as possible, an androgynous sex symbol, a devout mischief-maker, an artist who fused disparate styles — soul and rhythm and blues and rock solos and reedy electronics — into one squarely his own, painted with a palette no one had even noticed.

Regardless, we call him The Purple One for good reason. And now, thanks to a deal between his increasingly license-happy estate and the Pantone Color Institute, he has his own, specific, kingly shade.

“While the spectrum of the color purple will still be used in respect to the ‘Purple One,’ Love Symbol #2 will be the official color across the brand he left behind,” a statement reads. The color was inspired by the hue of a piano he’d planned to take on tour, before passing away on April 21, 2016.

think that’s great… man, can’t believe it’s been over a year since he passed.


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Web Development

Bootstrap 4 Beta

feel like this new version (v4) of bootstrap has been in the making or development forever… but if you’re curious, looks like they released the official Bootstrap 4 Beta.

Two years in the making, we finally have our first beta release of Bootstrap 4. In that time, we’ve broken all the things at least twenty-seven times over with nearly 5,000 commits, 650+ files changed, 67,000 lines added, and 82,000 lines deleted. We also shipped six major alpha releases, a trio of official Themes, and even a job board for good measure. Put simply? It’s about time.


Long story short, shipping a beta means we’re done breaking all your stuff until our next major version (v5). We’re not perfect, but we’ll be doing our best to keep all the classes, features, and docs URLs as they appear now in this release. We can always add more things, but we cannot take away.


soooooo many frameworks, so little time….

still, looking forward to checking out and using the new bootstrap whenever it’s finally released… but at this rate, maybe by the end of 2018?


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Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

time to stretch and enjoy some scenery, i do believe…

save the tata’s, mang ;)


Broncos & Drew Brees

Denver Broncos Should Trade For Quarterback Drew Brees

If the Broncos had to play a real game tomorrow, Siemian would be the starting quarterback. Lynch is going to get one last chance, but it’s going to take a really stellar outing for him to secure the quarterback spot. Based on what Lynch has shown up to this point in his career it is far-fetched to think that the light is somehow going to come on and he’s all of a sudden going to look like a starting quarterback.

What is more likely is that the quarterbacks are going to be a lot more of the same Saturday night. If this is the case, John Elway has got to look elsewhere. This roster is Super Bowl “Ready” now. If the Broncos added a veteran that could play at a high level, the top-to-bottom talent on this roster will surpass New England. The guy to take them there? Drew Brees.

hmmm, now that certainly is an interesting option..! hadn’t even heard or thought of drew brees, since i just figured there was no way in hell that they Saints would let him go… but if that’s true, and we all know how Elway can roll… well shit, i can see him actually making some calls and making a deal happen if he really wanted to.

the way things are now, i’d be almost bouncing off the damn walls if this happened… holy shit, that’d be awesome… all we really need is a damn (good) quarterback, damnit.

#hmmmmmm  #interesting

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Humor/Funny Video

Corgi vs. Chicken

A Corgi And Chicken Square Off In The Least Brutal Fight You’ll Ever See

dunno why, but i got a chuckle from this one…

PS. corgi’s are fucking awesome.


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Last Night’s Dinner

even though i don’t cook as often as i used to, i still enjoy hitting the grocery store and picking up some fresh veggies/meat for a meal every now and then… i mean, i like pizza and subs as much as the next guy, but sometimes ya just gotta switch it up y’know?

getting everything cut up and ready…

start with the mushrooms / onions, then layer in the yellow squash, leaving the spinach for last…

grab some bowls…

…and dig in! g’damn it was good too.




One Sweet Loadup

a buddy gave me a tip yesterday about BJs having these new boxes of “not your fathers root beer”, so i literally jumped in the car and drove over…

…and yup, after a bit of searching and walking around, i found ’em… fuck yeah! seriously man, felt like a little kid or something… went ahead and snagged two cases, and i’ll have to swing back over in another couple weeks to see if they still have them — since i’m curious if they’ll be keeping it in stock or not.

sure hope so ;)

#NotYourFathersRootBeer  #delicious


Game of Thrones: Eastwatch

On Game of Thrones, the Cracks Are Beginning to Show

If Game of Thrones started its sprint to the season seven finish line in “Stormborn,” then “Eastwatch” is the episode where the show stumbled, fell down, and scrambled madly in an attempt to maintain its top speed. It was often sloppy and it was frequently shoddy, but man did it still move the story along as quick as it possibly could, no matter what the cost.

And there were costs. There were several interesting things in the episode that it would have been wonderful if the show could have explored in more depth, as it has in the past. Daenerys has listened Tyrion, Varys, and even Jon Snow’s pitches to lead the world and make it a better place for all people (i.e. peasants). Daenerys’ plan to do this is to take all the Lannister prisoners from the battle, and ask them if they want to bend the knee and help make the world a better, kinder place for everyone with her or if they want to die horribly. (Sam Tarly’s horrible father and reasonable-seeming brother Dickon choose dying horribly.)

After failing to convince his Queen that a more merciful, less deadly approach may be called for, Tyrion—already shaken by the sheer destructive power of the dragons, seen while he walks through the ashes of the battlefield—heads straight for the wine, and even Varys takes a drink, as they contemplate Dany’s “join me or die” approach. They don’t think she’s a new Mad King, but the fact they feel the need to bring it up at all is telling. But they have hope Dany can be advised to become a more merciful, less murder-y queen—but they’re a hell of a lot less sure than they were before they left Essos. Is Daenerys really the savior the people of Westeros need? Continue…

shit man, i didn’t think it was that bad… sure, i’d like more battles, especially with the dragons… but we still saw Drogon roast a couple guys, not to mention Daenerys being a badass… speaking of which, that scene with John Snow and the dragon? g’damn.

PS. feel like i might have to re-watch it.

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