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Weekend Project: Put Together That Pergola

i (finally) finished putting on a new fresh coat of deck paint down on my back deck the other weekend… and man, what a shitload of work that ended up being — seriously, hopefully i’m good for the next 5-7 years because i really don’t want to do that again anytime soon…

for this past weekend, i had the company BBQ on saturday, and then really wanted to get this pergola i bought at Lowe’s put together… so i enticed a couple friends to come over and gimme a hand with some beer/pizzas, and got this badboy assembled.

took the above pic today, and since it was almost dark by the time we finished yesterday, here’s a couple snaps i took last night.

have to say, the whole thing came together really damn nicely… took quite a bit longer to assemble, not to mention running the lights around the top edging… drilling and installing an ibolt to hang the outdoor fan from, and running the extension cords — ended up drilling two holes in the deck and running it underneath, along with installing a new “bubble” outlet with a cover so it’s protected from the weather and doesn’t short out all the effin time, etc…

lots of work, mang!

…but g’damn, it was worth it :)

#SuperHappy  #OutdoorChilling


Get Psyched for Game of Thrones, Season 7

Get Psyched for Game of Thrones Season 7 All Over Again with Epic Trailer Mashup

The next season of Game of Thrones is looking more like a movie franchise than a season of television. With fewer episodes and longer runtimes, including a record 81-minute season finale, it promises to be a groundbreaking cinematic experience on the small screen. If you want proof, all you have to do is watch this three-minute trailer mashup that looks like it belongs in a movie theater.

YouTuber Sebastian Hughes has combined all the trailers and promos for Game of Thrones season 7 into one (mostly) seamless trailer, throwing together related scenes and stories to give us even further insight into where these characters are and where they’re going.

It’s hard not to watch something like this and marvel at the fact that it’s not actually a feature film, but rather a television series. It shows how far television has come as a medium that it can produce something this big and beautiful. You can check out the trailer mashup below. Game of Thrones returns July 16.

hot damn, my excitement and anticipation meter is already kinda off the charts… but after watching this trailer mashup, i’m soooooo fucking ready for some new Game of Thrones action!

PS. really wish it was on netflix though, so i could binge it.

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Monday Music

heard this song quite a few times over the past couple weeks, and didn’t even realize it was by Imagine Dragons until the other day when i heard it on XM while driving around in the miata.

damn man, doesn’t even sound like them does it?

dunno, surprised me mang.

#GoodMusic  #CrankItUp

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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

well gang, it’s about that time once again… been a long and kinda weird/stressfoo week and i’m super ready to chill out… got our annual company BBQ tomorrow, so that should be fun… some running around, maybe a few beers along the way, and dunno what else — but no worries, there’s always something isn’t there?

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.



Food Porn

now that looks like some tasty fucking ramen :)

i’m not even a vegetarian, and that looks pretty damn good to me.

#ramen  #yummy

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News Political WTF?

Johnny Depp Jokes About Assasinating Trump

Johnny Depp: ‘When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?’

Last month, it was comedian Kathy Griffin’s infamous beheaded Donald Trump photo that pit the president’s supporters against Hollywood.

Now it appears that another Tinseltown figure, actor Johnny Depp, has entered the fray, making controversial comments about assassinating the commander in chief.

While at the Glastonbury Festival on Thursday in the English county of Somerset, Depp brought up the president prior to introducing his 2004 film, “The Libertine.”

“Can we bring Trump in?” Depp says to the crowd, which responds with widespread boos, according to videos of the remarks. “No, no, no. You misunderstand completely. I think he needs help. And this is going to be in the press and it’ll be horrible. But I like that you are all part of it. When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? I want to clarify: I’m not an actor. I lie for a living however it’s been a while. Maybe it’s about time.”

he’s so freak’n cool and edgy, isn’t he?

#RollsEyes  #whatevs

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Op/Ed Political

Trump & His Generals

it’s friday morning and i just got my first cup of coffee, so let’s see what victor hanson is writing about this week — Trump and His Generals

Donald Trump earned respect from the Washington establishment for appointing three of the nation’s most accomplished generals to direct his national-security policy: James Mattis (secretary of defense), H. R. McMaster (national-security adviser), and John Kelly (secretary of homeland security).

In the first five months of the Trump administration, the three generals — along with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the former Exxon Mobil CEO — have already recalibrated America’s defenses.

At home, illegal immigration is down by some 70 percent. Abroad, a new policy of principled realism seeks to reestablish deterrence through credible threats of retaliation. The generals are repairing old friendships with allies and neutrals while warning traditional enemies not to press their luck.

Trump has turned over most of the details of military operations to his generals. According to his critics, Trump is improperly outsourcing to his generals both strategic decision-making and its tactical implementation.

But is Trump really doing that?


another good read, as usual… didn’t realize that illegal immigration was down by 70% already — damn.

and we haven’t even built the wall yet! ;)

emmmmm… coffee…….

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Keep The Tank Filled Up

Why You Shouldn’t Run Your Car Low On Gas

Sometimes it’s tempting to try to eke out as many miles from your tank of gas as possible. But you shouldn’t do it. This video showing the innards of a fuel pump will help you understand why.

Your car’s fuel pump sends gasoline from the tank to the engine. It’s a crucial component in getting your car running, but it has a tendency to fail and leave you stuck on the side of the highway—especially if you like to run your car low on gas.

my son seems to be in the habit of driving around until his car is basically running on fumes before turning into the nearest gas station and filling up… been telling him for years that it’s just a bad habit to get into, and one day he’s not gonna be so lucky — and getting stranded somewhere, even a few miles from the nearest exit or gas station really, really effin sucks.

so yeah, i sent him this link though i doubt he’ll pay much mind to it… damn kids… lol

PS. he’ll learn one day though, i’m sure!

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That’s One Tasty Burger

i don’t know about you, but doesn’t that burger look very juicy, filling, and… satisfying?

might have to hit Red Robin for lunch.

#chuckle  #hungry


Happy Hump Day

been watching soccer in the background all day while working, and gotta say — i’m loving it! not too many soccer fans at work, but that’s okay… not a lot of sports to watch right now, so it’s totally welcome in my book… aside from that, and some running around, it’s heads down working on some code… but i think it’s time for a quick break for some booty.

happy hump day :)

Design Personal Work

The Artechouse

speaking of our little fieldtrip yesterday, here’s a few quick snaps…

we usually bounce outta the office and head into DC to checkout some art exhibit or whatever, every couple months or so, which i think is pretty cool.


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Feel’n Like Summer

this past week has been pretty damn brutal… glad i’m not on the west coast, cuz if you live out that way or have seen any news about it, you know how fucking hot it’s been… so yeah, it’s mid-june and feels like august lately.

feel like with the weather, you just can’t win mang.

PS. had a great time hanging out with my workmates in DC yesterday… that interactive art tech was pretty cool, and we ended up going to the W. for food and drinks afterwards… place is pretty damn posh, and felt super under dressed, but whatever — the food and drinks were effin awesome… also went and hung out on the roof, and it looked like the White House was literally like 100 yards away… crazy shit.

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Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

i’m out all afternoon so i thought i better snag a few random pics and schedule this one in real quick before we bounce… going on a little field trip with the design group into DC to check out this slick interactive museum exibit (got tickets last week for it), and afterwards going out for some food/drinks… i mentioned the Beer Garden, but dunno where we’ll end up — either way, it’s all good!

save the tata’s, mang :)

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Movies Video

Rogue One Vader Virgin

Girl loses her mind to Rogue One Vader Scene

sent this over to my friend kelly since it totally reminded me of her when i finally got her to sit down and watch Rogue One with me the other night.

#Awesomesauce  #FeelTheForce

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Adriana’s Still Got It

been a looooong freak’n time since i posted some adriana lima around here… she kinda broke my heart when she finally shacked up (and lost her virginity) with that big doofus, but i’ll always have a soft spot for her.

damn she’s still look’n good ;)

#grin  #thumbsup

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Monday Music

Queens Of The Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu

an oldie but goodie…


#heh  #thumbsup

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C’mon Girl, Whatchu Ya Got

for all the dad’s out there, hope ya had a great Father’s Day yesterday :)

i got a lot of text messages and a few calls from family & friends wishing me a happy father’s day, which is all i really wanted or care about to be perfectly honest… but i was happily surprised when my son showed up at my house and wanted to take me out to the Outback for lunch, remembering that i’d mentioned it a few weeks ago… feels like it’s been forever since i went there, and forgot how much i like their steaks / bloom’n onion! g’damn, talk about hitting the spot.

kinda wished my dad could’ve joined us, so it always trips me out to have all three (generations) out… used to go hit the movies together every now and then, and i do miss that… but my dad’s still recovering from the neck/back surgeries, so totally understandable… after lunch, jayden and i headed over to his place and hung out with him for awhile which i could tell he was happy about.

anywho, hope it was a good one m’friends ;)

PS. time to settle into “work” mode and get this week started…

Video Game

New Atari Console?!

Atari to make first console in over 20 years

Atari has confirmed it is making a video games console for the first time in more than 20 years.

The iconic gaming company, known for classic titles such as Pong, released its first home console, the 2600, in 1977.

It went on to launch several generations of consoles before it was overtaken by Nintendo, Sega and Sony, and its last full release was the Atari Jaguar in 1993.

daaaaaaamn..! talk about some serious nostalgia factor :)

kinda surprised by this, to be honest.. but guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens or comes out of all this.

#curious  #hmmmmmm

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Web Design

Nasty UX Truths

Nine Nasty UX Truths

Four truths about design:

It’s actually not that hard, and you’re not half as clever as you think.

  • Color is meaningless
  • Position matters most
  • Nobody reads
  • Navigation is failure

“Design is making the tough choices so your user doesn’t have to.”


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Online/Web Web Design

New Twitter Design

apparently twitter is rolling out a new look…

funny, but i don’t use twitter on my phone all that much, unless i actually want to post a tweet or something… most of the time i just open flipboard.

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