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iOS11 Out Today

iOS 11 review: 10 things to try

iOS 11 is available, officially, today. It’s coming to every iPhone and iPad made in the past few years, and chances are, you’re going to upgrade. When you install it on your iPhone, you’ll find that some things are very different than what you’re used to, but the core of how you get around and experience the OS will be the same. For example: the Control Center is wildly different and notifications have changed slightly, but you still have that comfortable (and comforting) grid of apps on the home screen. A lot is new, but not so much that you can’t recognize it.

for some reason i thought that iOS 11 was coming out this coming friday, but i guess i’m getting all these damn dates confused or mixed up… hard to keep track of it all sometimes, y’know?

anywho, haven’t downloaded / installed it yet… figure i’ll just wait until i get home and update it later tonight… but if you’ve already gone to iOS11, how ya liking it so far?


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Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

i’m up in the office today and kinda slammed between meetings, but thought i’d take a moment in-between them to drop a quickie…

PS. shit, what a tease…


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Movies Online/Web

Petition To Fire JJ Abrams

Fans petition Lucasfilm to fire J.J. Abrams from Star Wars: Episode IX

Fans are petitioning Lucasfilm to discharge J.J. Abrams from his post as director of Star Wars: Episode IX, just one week after his appointment to the role.

Last week, following the news that Colin Trevorrow was no longer directing the film, it was announced that the Star Wars: The Force Awakens director would step in to replace him.

Under Abrams’ direction, the seventh film in Star Wars‘ Skywalker saga became the third highest grossing film ever made. Despite its success and positive reviews, one unhappy fan has created a petition for Lucasfilm to “Remove J.J. Abrams as director of Star Wars Episode IX”. It currently has 1,811 signatures.

The petitioner, Matt Vela, argues Abrams’ direction of The Force Awakens resulted in a film that was too similar to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. “There was virtually no creativity,” he writes, “and no risks taken.”

damn man, what’s with all the nerdrage over JJ Abrams?!

sure, i get it and even agree to a point… but setting up a petition to fire him from a movie you haven’t seen, and won’t even be out for a few more years? ummm…. yeah.

c’mon man.

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Monday Music

Post Malone – Rockstar (ft. 21 Savage)

my son just hit me with this and i gotta say, it’s pretty damn chill…

i can dig it, mang.

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Online/Web Web Design

Material Design Awards 2017

Material Design Awards 2017
Recognizing best-in-class designs from around the community

A design system only comes to life when it’s used to create meaningful experiences. The Material Design Awards recognize best-in-class achievements in employing the Material Design system, and honor the makers behind each design.

For this, our third annual Material Design Awards, we decided to do things a little differently by opening the nomination process to the public. We wanted to reach back out to the community to help us find the very best, because there is so much excellent work being created. After reviewing hundreds of submissions, we’re proud to announce the winners, who will be joining us to celebrate at the SPAN Pittsburgh conference on September 14-15. Read on to learn what makes each of these experiences great.

i still prefer the iOS interface, but the “designer” in me really does like the stuff i’ve been seeing with google’s Material Design — especially over this past year or so, as it seems to get a little more solid and mature.

good stuff, google.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Icon System

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CSS: The Notch

“The Notch” and CSS

Apple’s iPhone X has a screen that covers the entire face of the phone, save for a “notch” to make space for a camera and other various components. The result is some awkward situations for screen design, like constraining websites to a “safe area” and having white bars on the edges. It’s not much of a trick to remove it though, a background-color on the body will do. Or, expand the website the whole area (notch be damned), you can add viewport-fit=cover to your meta viewport tag.

with the iPhone X rolling out next month, it’s probably a good thing to start planning ahead… i mean, i didn’t realize until i saw this that the screen was basically cutout on the sides (landscape) like that — c’mon man, what the hell?

#sigh  #ugh

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Online/Web Science WTF?

Brain Linked To Internet

Researchers Have Linked a Human Brain to the Internet for the First Time Ever

Researchers from Wits University have linked a brain directly to the internet. Data gathered from this project could help fuel the next steps in machine learning and brain-computer interfaces.

ummm… yeah, that just happened.


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Denver Broncos Crush Cowboys, 42-17

Siemian, Broncos crush Elliott, Cowboys 42-17

DENVER (AP) — Aqib Talib’s 103-yard interception return for a touchdown with 53 seconds left was the final indignity for the Cowboys in the Denver Broncos’ 42-17 blowout of Dallas and its vaunted offense on Sunday.

It was Talib’s 10th pick-6, just two shy of Darren Woodson’s NFL record.

“No. 10,” relished Talib. “It’s just mind-boggling.”

Sort of like Denver’s defensive dominance of Dallas and its vaunted offense.

Ezekiel Elliott had the worst game of his career with nine carries for 8 yards, Dallas managed just 40 yards rushing and one first down on the ground. The Cowboys (1-1) went 3-for-14 on third downs and failed three times on fourth down, looking nothing like the team that dominated the Giants in their opener.

“I want to emphasize today, this is not what we’re about in my view,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “I feel strongly about that. On the other hand, this is what Denver is about.”

The only big blemish in Denver’s fifth straight 2-0 start was the apparently serious injury to their top draft pick, left tackle Garett Bolles, who left the stadium on crutches and with a boot on his left foot after getting hurt in the third quarter.

forget about those damn Emmy’s, more hurricanes on the way, or the latest Trump idiocy on twitter… the most important, news worthy thing for today is the fact that the Broncos kicked the Cowboys ass yesterday — and it was a beautifoo thing to watch :)

on the flipside, the injuries we’re sustaining only 2 games into the season is a bit worrisome… i mean, damn.

Broncos’ Bennie Fowler Collapses Twice After Hit To The Head

#GoBroncos!  #FuckingPatriots

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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

well amigos, i think that’s enough coding for one day… time to wrap things up, shutdown the ‘ole computer, and head out… grab a beer (or two), and get the weekend started… dunno about you guys, but it feels like it’s been a helluva week, y’know? but before i bounce, here’s a quickie as usual ;)

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.



Discus Toxic Censorship

Disqus Assisting In Toxic Speech Censorship

Disqus, the leading third party provider of blog commenting systems you see omnipresent on the Internet, has added a “toxicity” feature that will allow site owners to censor comments based upon an AI learned speech or content pattern the site owner finds “toxic” to healthy conversation. This is above and beyond the foul language or keywords or links or spam or photos of other such existing Disqus features for keeping story comments and responses in reasonable stage of public decency. This is about keeping language or ideas you find hateful or harmful off your site.

The reason comments sections exists, outside of the fact advertisers goo upon them as a prisoner upon a conjugal visiting wife, is to provide a reader response to the content of an article. In many cases to provide a counterpoint, disagreement, or differing opinion than the one published and promoted by the author and site. Occasionally simply to find new phonetic ways to spell “fuck”. It’s the Internet’s best attempt at debate.

In a concession to the times and the fear of unpleasant thoughts or frightening ideas, the “toxic speech” feature will allow you to train your comments section to censor all things unfriendly or foreign to your sensibilities. To train out the bad or hurtful speech, under your own definition of such. As the AI learns what you find offensive, it will trim off those edges that might make people feel uncomfortable. Things like counterpoint. Ugly facts of life made less ugly by omission.

“Toxicity” certainly sounds like something nobody wants. Who wants to be poisoned or drastically made ill? It seems high time to keep comments to stories within properly aligned and lightly to fully supportive agreements. Does it further degrade the ideals of free speech and healthy debate? Naturally. But imagine all the feelings that won’t be hurt. This is the new America. Disqus is merely the messenger.

oh man… seriously, this is exactly the kinda shit that freaks people out… and something a few have been worried about, as far as things like 3rd party comment systems etc…

censorship sucks.

#damnit  #sigh

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Web Development

Safari Worse Than IE?

Safari is the new IE

Working with CSS these days is way better than few years ago thanks to the new specs as well as the commitment towards W3C standards from browser vendors.

Unfortunately, it’s not perfect. Indeed, we’re far from living in a perfect world.

I can feel a pattern everytime I work with CSS and layout: Safari is the last step, the “give me a break, eventually, I’ll fix Safari issues”.


just stumbled across this one and the headline alone caught my attention, so naturally i clicked on it to check it out… interesting read and examples, especially since i don’t think i’ve ever really thought or said that the safari browser is “worse” than IE — i mean, nothing can possibly be worse than IE, right?

PS. it’s always gonna be IE, no matter what microsoft says.

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Bucket Bomb On London Tube

Rush-hour chaos in London, passengers run for lives…

What happened: An improvised explosive device was detonated on a London Underground train, injuring 23 people during rush hour Friday morning. A security source told CNN there was a timer found on the device, a sign that the intent was to cause greater damage.

The investigation: A manhunt is underway and police are treating the explosion at Parsons Green station on the District Line as terrorism.

Latest reaction: Prime Minister Theresa May said her thoughts were with those injured and the emergency services, while London Mayor Sadiq Khan told CNN there would be an “enhanced police presence” across London. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump tweeted: “Another attack in London by a loser terrorist. These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!”

damn man, another terrorist attack in london today?!

fucking bastards.

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If South Korea Acted Like North Korea?

What If South Korea Acted Like North Korea?

Think of the Korean Peninsula turned upside down.

Imagine if there were a South Korean dictatorship that had been in power, as a client of the United States since 1953.

Imagine also that contemporary South Korea was not the rich, democratic home of Kia and Samsung. Instead, envision it as an unfree, pre-industrialized and impoverished failed state, much like North Korea.

Further envision that the U.S. had delivered financial aid and military assistance to this outlaw regime, which led to Seoul’s possessing several nuclear weapons and a fleet of long-range missiles.

For effect, the United States would occasionally issue declarations of regret and concern over the situation — even as it warned China not to do anything to provoke America’s provocateur ally.

In such a fantasy, American security experts and military planners would gleefully factor a roguish nuclear South Korea into U.S. deterrent strategy. The Pentagon would privately collude with the South Korean dictatorship to keep the Chinese occupied and rattled, while the U.S. upped shipments of military weaponry to Seoul and overlooked its thermonuclear upgrades.

The American military would be delighted that China would be tied down by having an unhinged nuclear dictatorship on its borders, one that periodically threatened to kill millions of Chinese. South Korea would up the ante of its bluster by occasionally test-launching missiles in the direction of its neighbor.

Question: How long would China tolerate having weapons of mass destruction pointed at its major cities by an unbalanced tyrannical regime? Continue…

well, in this what-if scenario i’m pretty damn sure china would act… almost without question, if you really think about it… hmmm, interesting thought on this beautifoo friday morning.

PS. emmmmmmm, coffee…….

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Throwback Thursday

heard this song for the first time in freak’n ages earlier today and it’s been stuck in my head every since…

no seriously, i can’t stop humming this song.

PS. serious throwback action, mang… lol

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Online/Web WTF?

Married With Sex Bot

Married Father Defends Sex Robot as ‘Part of the Family’

Most people hide their sex toys in a drawer or closet. Arran Lee Wright hangs out with his on the sofa.

The married father of two co-created smart sex doll Samantha, who, despite her dead eyes, cold skin, and general aloofness, has become part of the family.

“My children [aged three and five], they say, ‘Where’s Samantha?’” Wright told This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby during a recent appearance on the ITV program.

“She can talk about animals, she can talk about philosophy, she can talk about science,” he said, describing the AI’s prudent “family mode.” “She’s programmed with a thousand jokes.”

Flip a switch, though, and she’s ready for action.

i mean, damn… preview of things to come?


Web Design

In A Creative Rut?

In A Creative Rut? Try MIT’s Mad Libs For Designers

It’s easy to get into a slump at work. But a tool from MIT Media Lab offers a simple way to spark inspiration through random–and often nonsensical–design prompts. The game offers up problems that you’d never see in the real world as a bit of mind-opening creative exercise. Think of it as Mad Libs for designers.

Called design(human)design, the game has physical and digital manifestations as a deck of cards and a website, each providing a different interface for the same idea. According to the game’s structure, there are five categories that make up the basic components of a design: the artifact, the inspiration, the experience, the attributes, and the medium. In the card version, each of the these categories has its own deck of cards, and you pick five randomly to give you a new design prompt. On the website, you just hit refresh and the interface will present you with five usually unrelated concepts that together make up something like a brief.

oh man, it’s actually kinda cool… feel like i’ve seen similar things before, but to be honest i can’t really think or remember one off the top of my head.

#interesting  #bookmark

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Hello Aliens, Anybody Out There?

Scientists set to send messages to aliens…

oh sure, what could possibly go wrong…

yeah, i went with the Battleship movie poster because it’s the first movie that popped in my head when thinking about sending a strong signal out into space, and then having some aliens show up years later.

#ShakesHead  #DeepSigh

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Video Game

Meanwhile, In Destiny…

Meanwhile, In Destiny 1…

The video game industrial complex wants you to play Destiny 2 right now, but spare a moment for the first Destiny. It’s on its way to becoming a ghost town.

Destiny 2 Clan Beats Raid In Six Hours, A World First

Destiny 2’s first raid, Leviathan, went live at 10am pacific today. Immediately, hardcore clans got to work. Hours later, a team of players cracked it.

Raids, as many of you know, are tough dungeons with elaborate puzzles and challenges. You can only take them on if you’re at a high enough Power, and even then, you still have to figure out how to progress through the area. Raids are the toughest PvE attractions that Destiny 2 has to offer.

i’ve been playing a little bit of Destiny 2 here and there, but nothing like some of these kids and twitch streamers… but then again, i’m more of a casual gamer that likes to pickup the controller and play a few matches, or just run around and blow shit up… saw something this morning where a group of 6 guys played the new Destiny 2 raid that came out yesterday, and it took them 14 hours to complete.

yeah, 14 fucking hours.

when i hear stuff like that, the whole idea of hunkering down and playing through one of these raids just doesn’t seem all that appealing to me… a couple hours? yeah sure, maybe… but 14 straight hours? ummmm, yeah… fuck that.

PS. grinding for gear in destiny can be a downright chore.


Happy Hump Day

well damn, almost can’t believe it’s already wednesday… this week is already fly’n by at warp speed it feels like, but no complaints here because i like it like that… anywho, think it’s time to take a break from staring at this ‘puter screen and go for an afternoon walkabout.

happy hump day!

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Humor/Funny Online/Web

Jony Ive, The Poo Emoji

In Case You Missed It, Here’s Jony Ive As The Poo Emoji

Today, the world witnessed Tim Cook as a talking alien emoji, Craig Federighi as a clucking chicken emoji, and Jony Ive as smiling poo emoji. This new bit of AR magic is called Animoji, and it’s more than a little unsettling.

jony ive as an animated poo emoji? now that’s some silly shit right there, mang.


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