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Titty Tuesday

Titty Tuesday

just remember, titty tuesday is all about saving the tata’s :)

the world would be a poorer place without ’em.

#DamnStraight  #AmenBrutha

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Video Game

Overwatch Anniversary!

Overwatch’s anniversary event offers some amazing new skins

it’s been awhile since i played Overwatch, but damned if i don’t love their videos.


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Tabby’s Acting Weird Again

The ‘alien megastructure’ star is acting weird, again, and it’s exactly what astronomers have been waiting for

Tabby’s Star — officially known as KIC 8462852 — is acting weird, again. Recent reports indicate it has started to dim in brightness. That’s what Tabby’s star does — it dims.

Astronomers were ready for the event — they have pointed telescopes from around the world at the star and are currently collecting as many different wavelengths of light as they can.

The thing that makes Tabby’s star unusual, is how much it dims — sometimes up to 20%. That’s an enormous amount. If our sun dimmed that much, life on Earth would be very different from what it is today.

In fact, Tabby’s star is so unusual that none of the regular explanations can describe it. That’s what led one astronomer to suggest that aliens might be the reason.

A type of alien megastructure, called a Dyson swarm, could — in theory — explain Tabby’s unusual dimming behavior. Most experts agree that aliens are always the last possible answer to any weird observations seen in space.

But until they can disprove this theory, Tabby’s star will remain an enigma. These new observations could be exactly what astronomers need to solve the mystery.

nothing really new or even “news” worthy here really… but i’m a sucker for Tabby’s Star and the whole notion of some advanced civilization out there harnessing the power of their sun.

feel like i’ve been keeping tabs on this one for the past couple years now, and it never really gets old.

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Robocop In Dubai

Robot cop begins patrolling the streets of Dubai tomorrow night

A robotic police officer is making its debut on the streets of Dubai tomorrow night — and I hope everyone there has watched Robocop.

The uniformed bot greeted visitors to the Gulf Information Security and Expo Conference. After the conference wraps on Tuesday, it will be deployed to the streets of Dubai.

The robot rolls around on wheels. It can salute, bow, speak in multiple languages, and recognize hand gestures from up to 1.5 meters away, according to the Khaleej Times. It also has a tablet lodged in its chest which civilians can use to report crimes, according to The Daily Mail. It was designed by the Dubai police, with assistance from IBM’s Watson and Google.

not exactly the Robocop from the 80’s, and it really does seem rather silly to me… more of a publicity stunt than anything, but still kinda cool in it’s own way… personally, i’m just surprised the dubai beat japan to the punch.

‘Westworld’-style robots could live among us by 2027

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RIP Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore, Who Portrayed James Bond as a Playful Superspy, Dead at 89

Sir Roger Moore, the third actor to take on the legendary mantle of James Bond, has died of cancer at the age of 89.

A star of the TV screen during the mid 20th-century—in starring roles such as Ivanhoe, Maverick, and most famously as Simon Templar in The Saint—Moore achieved global fame when he replaced George Lazenby as the new star of the James Bond franchise. Moore played the hero—a suave, more humorous bent on the iconic British spy in comparison to his predecessors—across seven feature films between 1973 and 1985, covering franchise classics like The Man with Golden Gun and The Spy Who Loved Me.

well damn, today’s really shaping up to be a rather depressing one isn’t it?

can’t even tell you how many times i must’ve watched and rewatched the 007 movies as a kid growing up… kinda feel like an old childhood friend just died or something.

#SadPanda  #Sigh

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Suicide Bomber Attacks Ariana Grande Concert

Manchester Arena Suicide Bombing: 22 Die at Ariana Grande Concert

MANCHESTER, England — Children were among 22 people killed in a suicide attack after an Ariana Grande concert at Britain’s Manchester Arena, police said early Tuesday.

The bomber also died when he detonated an improvised explosive device near one of the venue’s exits at 10:33 p.m. local time (5:33 p.m. ET) on Monday, according to authorities.

Eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos was among the fatalities, according to her school.

Officials said 59 other people were wounded, including some who suffered life-threatening injuries. Many others remained missing.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack but produced no evidence. Earlier, a 23-year-old man was arrested in Manchester in connection with the attack.

The pop star’s fan base is primarily girls and teenagers, so the venue was packed full of families. Continue…

heard about this on the news this morning on the drive into work, and man… fucking horrible… bunch of parents and kids at a concert… fucking animals… actually that’s an insult to animals, and i’m not really sure what the best word to describe these evil assholes anymore.

damn man.

LIST: Recent Major Terror in Europe…

3,500 suspected terrorists in UK…

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Monday Music

just stumbled across this song the other day and really dig it.

of course, every time i find or dig a song, i naturally pop open spotify and add it to one of my playlists.

gotta luv spotify, mang ;)

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Will Winter Ever Come?

new season of Game of Thrones in 55 days! not that anybody’s counting or anything…

PS. i’m assuming this is some fan art, because i saw this and just kinda stared at it for a good long moment… ummm, the dragon?! am i missing something? fuck man.

New Game of Thrones Season Seven Photos…

#GoTS7  #WaitingSucks

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Online/Web Schweeeet

Random Pics

no particular reason, it’s just fun… and it’s monday.

…and it’s raining.

all day.


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Babe vs. Babe

Babe vs. Babe

well gang, it’s late friday afternoon and there’s a happy hour right around the corner singing it’s sweet song, so think it’s time to start wrapping things up for the day… but as usual, here’s a quick BvB to get the weekend started.

Top or Bottom?

have a great weekend, mang!

** don’t be a dbag, make a choice.



Alien Covenant, You Going?

speaking of movies, anybody planning on going to go see Alien Covenant this weekend? i’m still on the fence… none of my friends, or my son, really seem to have any interest in seeing it in the theater, so i’ll probably just wait for it to come out on bluray.

i might go see Guardians Vol.2 again tomorrow though… buddy asked if i wanted to go re-see it again in 3D with some peeps, and that sounds good to me since i wouldn’t mind seeing Guardians again :)

anwho, if you do go see the new Alien movie, lemme know what ya thought of it k?



Wonder Woman’s First Reactions

The First Reactions for Wonder Woman Are Spectacular

The release of Wonder Woman is just a few short weeks away and DC’s latest film is currently screening for the media. Full reviews are still under embargo—but tonight, Warner Bros. allowed non-spoiler reactions on social media, and they were almost overwhelmingly positive.

#WonderWoman is hands down the best DCEU Film to date! Film is SO GOOD. I absolutely loved it! Bravo

i’m pretty stoked to hear that the first reactions to the movie are so positive… lots of people and lots of tweets about how good the movie is, which is fucking great! been really hoping they finally did a good job on at least one of these DC movies… was flipping through the channels a few nights back and ended up watching most of “The Black Knight” again since it’s been quite awhile, and holy shit — really puts it into stark perspective, y’know?

PS. i love the opening theme song

#GoodNews  #WonderWoman

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Lessons from the Battle of Midway

Lessons from the Battle of Midway

Seventy-five years ago (June 4-7, 1942), the astonishing American victory at the Battle of Midway changed the course of the Pacific War.

Just six months after the catastrophic Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. crushed the Imperial Japanese Navy off Midway Island (about 1,300 miles northwest of Honolulu), sinking four of its aircraft carriers.

“Midway” referred to the small atoll roughly halfway between North America and Asia. But to Americans, “Midway” became a barometer of military progress. Just half a year after being surprised at Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy had already destroyed almost half of Japan’s existing carrier strength (after achieving a standoff at the Battle of the Coral Sea a month earlier).

The odds at the June 1942 battle favored the Japanese. The imperial fleet had four carriers to the Americans’ three, backed up by scores of battleships, cruisers, and light carriers as part of the largest armada that had ever steamed from Japan.

No military had ever won more territory in six months than had Japan. Its Pacific Empire ranged from the Indian Ocean to the coast of the Aleutian Islands, and from the Russian-Manchurian border to Wake Island in the Pacific.

Yet the Japanese Navy was roundly defeated by an outnumbered and inexperienced American fleet at Midway. Why and how? Continue…

these are the type of posts from victor hanson that got me hooked, and really how i sorta fell into this friday morning blogging routine of mine… love the history posts, victor! keep ’em coming dude.

PS. kinda addicted to this guatemalan coffee from wawa lately.

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Video Game

Destiny 2 Revealed

Everything We Learned Today About Destiny 2

i sat down and watched the Destiny 2 reveal event after lunch today, and have to say… looked pretty damn good! then again, all the hype and hoopla feels oddly familiar — i remember getting pretty pumped up about Destiny, especially since it was from Bungie and being a long-time Halo fan… but i kinda fell outta love with it, for a whole slew of reasons… and even though they fixed a lot of things and it apparently got a whole lot better, i just never got back into it.

anywho, i’m curious enough to keep tabs on it and maybe download/checkout the beta later this summer.

PS. it did look puuuurtay.


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The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery

The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Is Here to Boldly Go to Beautiful New Worlds

okay, i almost hate to say it after all the jibes and jokes about this show being delayed over and over… not to mention the whole CBS streaming bullshit — but damnit, it actually looks pretty awesome!

well, shit.

PS. what the hell did they do to the klingons?!

Music News

RIP Chris Cornell

Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell has died

Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, has died aged 52. The singer’s representative Brian Bumbery confirmed the news to the Associated Press, describing the death as “sudden and unexpected”, The Guardian report.

According to Bumbery’s statement, the grunge icon passed away in Detroit on Wednesday (May 17). His family will work closesly with the medical examiner to determine the cause of death and have asked for privacy at this time.

oh man, what sad news…

i got home last night just in time to sit down and watch the “I Am Heath Ledger” that i was looking forward to seeing… really good by the way, and kinda left me both amazed at just how much he accomplished, and even more sad at his passing — learned quite a bit about the guy that i didn’t know as well.

then i turn around and hear about this on the radio while driving over to Wawa for my morning coffee fix (i’m hopelessly addicted)… and was like “oh shit man, really?!”… they guys on the radio said something about it being a possible suicide?

#WTF  #SadPanda

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Happy Hump Day

holy hell, i had no idea it was gonna be so damn hot today… it’s like 95 out there right now! geeeesh… love me some sun and blue skies, but it went from raining for three straight days to full-on summer heat — welcome to virginia, right?

anywho, after watching the Google I/O keynote, think it’s time for a quick break to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes :)

happy hump day!

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One Sequel Alien

Alien Only Ever Needed One Sequel

No one argues that Alien and Aliens are the best films in the Alien franchise. It’s an objective, undisputed fact. After that, though, nothing is certain—is Alien 3 a good movie? How bad is Resurrection? Do the Alien vs. Predator movies count? Did you like Prometheus? The debates go on and on.

They’ll continue this week, too, with the release of Alien: Covenant. Reviews (except ours) have been mostly positive but almost universal in their claims that the film goes a bit too far in explaining the wonderful mystery of the vicious alien who first scared the crap out of us in 1979.

I believe that’s true, but I also believe we’d all be better off if things had never gotten this far. The Alien franchise should have stopped at Aliens. One original film, one sequel. Yes, Sigourney Weaver appeared in the next two; yes, Ridley Scott directed the last two. But those first two films represent the near-perfect marriage of original and sequel into a cohesive, amazing story. There was never a need to see what happened next. The only desire was to make more money.

yup, the debates on this one seem to go on and on forever… but it’s always a fun one… personally, i totally agree — really didn’t need any more after “Aliens”, which is my personal favorite out of them all to be honest.

Transformers: The Last Knight – International Trailer

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Online/Web TV Video Game

‘The Witcher’ Coming To Netflix

The Witcher Is Getting A Netflix Series

The Witcher series is being turned into an English language Netflix drama by CG visual effects company Platige Image S.A.

The Witcher series was spawned by Polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski and has spawned highly successful (and wonderful) video games.

“I’m thrilled that Netflix will be doing an adaptation of my stories, staying true to the source material and the themes that I have spent over thirty years writing,” said Sapkowski, who will service as a creative consultant, in an official release. “I’m excited about our efforts together, as well as the team assembled to shepherd these characters to life.”

The show will be executive produced by Sean Daniel (The Mummy franchise) and Jason Brown (The Expanse). The Oscar nominated visual effects studio Platige Image S.A. is doing the show, but the official release doesn’t specifically state if it’s CG animated or live-action—or a mix of the two. No stills have been release yet, either.

wow, that’s fucking awesome! well to be honest it could either be really effin awesome, or it could turn out to be kinda crappy and a serious letdown — here’s to hoping it’s a whole buttload of the former, though :)

PS. the witcher 3 is fucking bananas, and if you’re into it, then you know it can easily eat up a couple hundred hours of your life.

#chuckle  #heh

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Web Design

Making Sketch Fluid

How to Make Your UI Design Fully Responsive With Sketch

Or How to Use the Fluid Plugin to Make Your UI Design Automatically Resize to Its Content…

I think you all know the following situation: You create a design for a one pager or an app and you have to change the height of the second module because you added text or an element. On top of this you want to change the header image size. What happens? You have to have in mind all the margin values between each module, select them and move them up and down accordingly to the adjusted module heights.

No, I don’t like that! I’d rather like to hit “Update” and all the elements move automatically according to the changes. And that’s what can be done with the Fluid plugin. Continue…

i was just playing around with this fluid plugin in Sketch the other day, and have to say… was happily impressed! seriously, been doing this the “old” or hard way for the last couple years i guess, making multiple sizes and manually designing/laying out the various screens… not sure you can still get completely around that, at least for all projects, but it sure is handy.

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